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My Heart (Was Right About You)

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The wedding was beautiful; everything Aurora and Alie had slaved over came to fruition in a lovely ceremony. Octavia and Lincoln were off on their honeymoon without a care in the world, all their guests departing and scurrying back to their respective corners of the earth with fond memories and smiles.

Clarke and Lexa were back to their normal routine of long work days, seeing each other only in the evenings. Clarke missed Lexa, but she knew it was what was best, for the growth of the business, and along with it, Lexa’s dream.

“Clarke? Baby, why are you up?” Lexa’s voice softened as Clarke shuffled out of the warmth of their bed over to where Lexa was quietly reaching for a tie by the closet, to accompany her attractively trim, fitting suit. “It’s five-thirty.”

“You…” Clarke grumbled, tugging the edges of her tank top down to cover her exposed midriff, “-Have been leaving earlier, and earlier.” She huffed, blinking the sleep from her cobalt gaze. “I barely see you anymore. I forget we’re engaged.”

A frown tugged at Lexa’s plump lips as she eyed Clarke apologetically. “Clarke, I-”

Clarke shook her head, holding up a hand. “Don’t apologize. I just miss you.” She grumbled tiredly as she plucked her favorite black tie, glancing up at Lexa with an unasked question.

“Thank you.” Lexa murmured, her hands falling to her side as she allowed Clarke to smooth over her crisp shirt before sliding the tie around her neck, hands effortlessly at work to create the ever difficult eldredge knot, her signature, predatory sort of claim on Lexa’s dapper look.

“Why do you look so good?” Clarke grumbled as she took in Lexa’s perfume with each fluttering motion of her hand. “Why are you so attractive? It’s not fair. I bet your clients are all in love with you.” She mumbled sleepily, slurring her words slightly, but keeping her motions crisp.

Lexa chuckled, the vibrations from her throat jolting through Clarke’s hand. “Thank you, Clarke. But I’m spoken for.” She blushed slightly, and Clarke wanted to roll her eyes fondly because she still blushed at little compliments and they were going to be married soon.

As Clarke finished the knot with a little tug, her eyes widened when she felt Lexa’s arms snake around her waist, lifting her up, her thighs immediately wrapping around Lexa’s waist.

“I love you.” Lexa murmured, leaning in to place a soft kiss to Clarke’s lips. “So much, Clarke.”

Clarke grinned tiredly, kissing her, and then burying her nose in the crook of Lexa’s neck. “I love you more, nerd.”

Lexa softly kissed Clarke’s head, sighing as she held Clarke close for a moment, taking in her warmth, her scent, the comfort of her bedroom. “Game night tonight?”

“You better believe it.” Clarke grumbled into her shoulder. “I don’t care if you’re some hotshot C.E.O, now. Game night is game night, and you’re a nerd, so bring your chess set and don’t be late.”

Lexa snorted. “My chess set is already in the living room-”

“Shh.” Clarke hushed her. “I might be up for sex after, so don’t kill my mood by bringing up chess.”

“But you brought it up-”

“Shh.” Clarke grinned into her skin teasingly. “Ugh. We’re so sappy. Since when did leaving for work become so dramatic?”

“Well, considering your mother said we lacked intimacy...I’d say it’s a positive.”

“You mentioned my mother, and wow , my sex drive is gone. Bye, Lexa.” Clarke teased, leaning up to kiss Lexa’s jaw.

“Clarke.” Lexa’s eyes softened.

“I know, I know.” Clarke smiled supportively. “You’re late for work.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” Lexa murmured, kissing Clarke between each pause. She gently set Clarke down on the edge of the bed. “Please go back to sleep.”

“Oh, I plan to.” Clarke lied easily, feeling guilty for how naturally it came to her. “And I’ll stop sending you those sexy texts in the afternoon.”

Lexa pouted, and Clarke relented, a wry smirk on her features.

“Just teasing, Lex.”

“I’ll leave early. I will see you back here at six in the evening, Ms. Griffin.” Lexa saluted.

“And not a minute later, Alexandria.” Clarke mocked, narrowing her eyes. “Or I’ll get suspicious and accuse you of having an affair with…who are you meeting with today, again?”

“Walsh Brothers Marketing Firm.” Lexa informed her with a cocked brow, amused smile dancing on her lips.

Clarke rolled her eyes. “Okay, maybe not. But still. You better not come home with…ink stains…on your collar and… tax receipts… in your pocket, Woods.”

“Never.” Lexa promised, pecking Clarke before turning to grab her briefcase. “Sleep, Clarke.”

“Yeah yeah.” Clarke waved her off with a grin, tucking herself under the covers.

As soon as she heard the door shut, she whipped out her phone from the nightstand, shooting a text over to Raven.

Rae, as soon as you get this, message me back. I need you to come over for help with a huge, secret operation. And don’t you dare tell Anya, because she’ll tell Lex, and it’s a secret. Got it?

Two minutes later, Clarke received:

Fuck you, what the fuck?! Five AM, Clarke?!

Clarke smirked. Her plan was officially beginning to fall into motion.


Raven arrived promptly at noon, three hours later than Clarke had invited her, but of course, what had she really expected?

“What’s the big news?” Raven grumbled as Clarke yanked her into the apartment with a huffed “You’re late.”

Clarke sat her down on the couch, clasping her hands together with a sigh. “Rae, I’m-”

“Oh, fuck.” Raven’s eyes widened. “You’re pregnant? Aren’t you? Oh my god, how the hell-”

“What?” Clarke scoffed. “Rae, no, I’m-”

“Cheating on Woods.” Raven guessed again, kicking her feet onto the coffee table, a habit Lexa absolutely abhorred. “That’s why it’s a secret from her, right?”

“Huh?” Clarke gasped at that, a look of disbelief on her face. “No, Raven, I love her, how could I ever-”

“You finally got a real job?” Raven smirked, and Clarke hurled a pillow at her.

“Hey, will you shut up? Also, art is a full time job!” Clarke snapped.

“Right, yeah, I busted my ass for a degree in mechanical engineering so little miss Bob Ross and I could make the same salary.” Raven snorted.

Clarke rolled her eyes. “Not my fault you aren’t gifted.” She winked at Raven’s playful teasing, knowing full well Raven was one of her biggest supporters, perhaps a step down from Lexa.

“So.” Raven clicked her tongue boredly. “What’s the big surprise?”

Clarke smiled, leaning back in her chair. “I want to find Lexa’s parents.”

Raven cocked a brow, visibly shocked by the news. “Whoa, hold up. You what?”

“I want to find…or find out what happened to…Lexa’s parents. Her biological parents.” Clarke confirmed slowly, as if explaining to a toddler.

“Okay, well…” Raven sighed. “Aren’t they, like, dead?”

Clarke narrowed her eyes. “Rae, this is a delicate subject, so can you try not to sound so casual?”

“Sorry.” Raven snorted, putting her hands up apologetically. “It’s just…there’s a reason why good ole’ Lexa was…placed…into the system, Clarke. They didn’t want her.”

“You don’t know that.” Clarke argued softly. “What if they couldn’t afford to keep her? What if it wasn’t safe?”

Raven sighed, shaking her head. “I don’t know, Clarke. Most of the time…it’s druggies, and-”

“Okay, stop.” Clarke cut off her path of thought with a shake of the head. “I can’t afford to think like that.”

Raven silenced herself, pursing her lips together for a moment before asking, “Well…Why now? Why would Lexa want to find them now?”

Clarke leaned forward, nervously toying with her thumbs. “I didn’t know at first, either. But when Lexa told me…it kind of made sense. Now that we’re…starting a family together…”

Raven cocked a brow at that. “Baby talk already?”

Clarke shook her head, then paused. “Well, no, I just meant getting married but…Yeah, someday. It’d be good to know her roots…so to speak.”

Raven shifted slightly. “You care about that stuff?”

Clarke immediately shook her head. “I care about her. And…if this is something she wants, but she’s fearful of…then I’ll help her.”

“But are you?” Raven leaned forward, eyeing her friend with a look of caution. “Are you helping her? Isn’t this something she needs to do herself?”

Clarke bit her lip. “I…considered that. And yeah, when we find them…if we find them…She’ll make the final decision to meet. If they want that. I’ll tell her, when we get to that point. For now, she’s so wrapped up in work, and then the wedding…I don’t want this extra burden on her shoulders, okay?”

Raven nodded. “Alright, Griff. I hear you. But…shouldn’t we tell Anya?”

Clarke’s eyes narrowed. “Something tells me she can get anything out of you.”

Raven rolled her eyes, but a rosy blush found her cheeks. “Um, yeah. And she can help! She’s Lexa’s best friend!”

Clarke almost growled slightly.

“Whoa there.” Raven smirked, putting her hands up. “Besides you. You’re lovers. I don’t think Anya has that advantage.”

“She better not.” Clarke grumbled, leaning back in her seat with a sigh. “Fine. You can tell her. Just make sure she doesn’t tell anyone else.”

“Aye aye, Griff.”

“So…I call it operation FAP.” Clarke announced with a grin.

Raven burst into tears, sliding off the couch as her shoulders shook and she heaved for air.

“What the…” Clarke sighed, reaching down to steady Raven. “The fuck, Rae?”

“Fap! What are we, five?” Raven snorted, tears streaming down her high cheekbones. “Oh my god you’re too funny, Griff.”

Clarke frowned, releasing Raven as if she’d bitten her. “What? Why is that funny? Fap. F. A. P.”

Raven grinned, shaking with the effort of containing her laughter. “You don’t know?”

“It stands for Operation: Find Alexandria’s Parents.” Clarke grumbled. “Why, what does Fap mean?”

Raven chuckled some more. “Oh, it’s so obvious you grew up going to private school.”

“Why?” Clarke demanded wryly. “Tell me, Rae.”

Raven grinned. “Look it up on urban dictionary. What’s next, huh? Oh, this is too good. Operation A.S.S.? Alexandria’s secret surprise, maybe?”

Clarke growled to herself, rolling her eyes. “I hate you.”

“This is too good! Lexa’s ASS.” Raven grinned. “I’m inviting Anya, and that’s definitely what I’m calling the group chat.”

“The Lexa part is excessive.” Clarke sighed, wondering how on earth she was going to pull this off with a sidekick like Raven Reyes.


Clarke Griffin was furious. She was storming around the apartment, most unkind to her neighbors below, raging about as she kept glancing at the clock.

It was seven thirty. In the evening. Lexa was an hour and a half late, a new record for her, after she’d promised to make it on time.

Clarke was nothing but supportive of Lexa’s work, and she’d have been happy to come over and coax Lexa out of the office, but no.

Lexa was ignoring her calls. And texts. And messages.

Either that, or she was in danger, or hurt, or worse. Clarke felt chills run through her as she glanced out the window, watching the thick rain beat down on the streets below, the darkened sky gray and void of life.

Clarke picked her phone up once more, hitting Lexa’s contact number, watching her fiancée’s gorgeous face fill up the screen.

It rang, and rang, and rang.

There was no breathy, “Hi baby” or “Hey, Clarke” or “Griffin, for the love of god, I’m in a meeting.”

There was silence.

Clarke felt the phone vibrate slightly as the tone rang out, the monotonous, automated voice telling her to leave a message after it.

Clarke sucked in a breath. “Alexandria Woods.” She croaked weakly, starting to feel incredibly uneasy. Charlotte had said she’d left the office almost an hour ago.

The office was almost within walking distance, though the storm certainly wasn’t encouraging Clarke.

“If…When you get home, I’m going to murder you.” Clarke continued shakily. She glanced at the clock, brows furrowing, trying to keep it together. “It’s…stormy, outside, and you drive like a grandma, but still…Babe, I’m worried. I-”

Clarke’s head whipped around when she heard a knock echo against the wooden door to the apartment. Her eyes widened slightly as she cautiously made her way over, knowing it couldn’t have been Lexa, because Lexa had a key. And a backup key in her car. And probably one in her briefcase, because she was always a little too well prepared.

Forsaking any sense of cautionary measure, Clarke threw the door open, phone still in hand when her icy blue gaze fixated on the love of her life, soaked head to toe in her trench coat, holding her messenger bag at an awkward angle.

Clarke dropped the phone, ignoring the way it clattered to the ground. “Woods.” She ground out, though her voice was just dripping with relief. “If you ever do that to me again-”

Lexa put a hand up, apologetically smiling, almost sheepishly. “Clarke.” She huffed. “My phone died, and as I was walking out to my car, I thought I’d pick up some takeout for you, and-”

“Woods.” Clarke snapped again, arms itching to wrap around her. “You better have a damn good reason.”

“I do.” Lexa sighed, moving her coat to reveal a soaked, fluffy little head sticking out of her bag, whining softly. “This is Fish. I found him in the rain at-”

“Oh my god!” Clarke shrieked, launching herself at the golden puppy, gently reaching into Lexa’s bag to pull out his little body, holding him close as she felt herself shake with laughter. “A puppy?”

“Clarke, I-”

“Oh my god, he must be freezing!” Clarke gasped, turning towards the bedroom with the puppy in her arms, Lexa following as she shucked off her coat.


“Oh my god, he’s so cute!” Clarke cooed, wrapping him in a towel, watching the way the small golden puppy nuzzled into the warmth of her arms, the towel warming him considerably.

“Clarke!” Lexa snapped, and Clarke’s eyes darted up to Lexa. She stepped forward, pressing her lips to Lexa’s in greeting as she looped her free arm around Lexa’s neck.

“Hi.” Clarke murmured against her lips. “I was so worried about you.”

Lexa chuckled, shaking her head. “And now you’ve moved on, I see.”

“You…are infuriating.” Clarke sighed. “I want to hate you for being late…and you bring me a homeless, adorable puppy.”

Lexa sighed, wrapping her arms around Clarke’s waist, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Sorry I’m late. I was walking down the alley to cut across, you know the shortcut.”

“Yeah.” Clarke nodded, sitting on the edge of the bed with a huff as she watched the puppy’s eyes droop, nuzzling further into her arms.

“I heard whining coming from behind the dumpster.” Lexa frowned. “I decided to check it out, and…here he was. Pawing at some old cans. I call him Fish, because it was next to the old seafood place, but…He’s not ours, so we’re not going to name him.” She huffed childishly.

Clarke bit her lip to keep from commenting on how adorable Lexa was. “So you brought him home?”

Lexa rolled her eyes. “Wasn’t my first choice, obviously.”

Clarke hid her smile at Lexa’s proclivity towards cleanliness and not having pets in general. “But you did, you big softie.” Clarke smirked, setting the puppy down on the bed, watching him slowly drift to sleep. “You’re a hero.”

Lexa smiled, pulling Clarke up and back into her arms. “I’m sorry I’m late, and that my phone died. I did, however, manage to buy some dog food.”

Clarke’s eyes widened. “We’re keeping-”

“For now.” Lexa cut her off curtly. “And, before you argue, I brought you some takeout as well.”

Clarke raised a brow. “Have I told you how much I love you?”

Lexa smirked, leaning in to kiss Clarke softly. “So, am I forgiven? Is game night still on?”

Clarke nodded, pulling Lexa forward by her tie, placing a hot kiss on her lips, though her arms wrapped tightly around Lexa’s waist. “You’re doing an awfully good job of impressing me, Woods.”

Lexa chuckled, holding Clarke for a moment as she closed her eyes, taking in her scent, the feel of her arms wrapping around her, the feeling of home, burning through her heart.

“Now, go get changed, nerd.” Clarke murmured, pushing her chest softly. “I’ll grab the takeout from your car.”


Clarke grinned when she saw Lexa pad into the living room wearing a soft looking hoodie and shorts, glasses on, the bundle of fur in her arms.

Clarke had set up plates, arranging their food as she brought it to the couch, where Lexa had gently set Fish on the floor beside them, the puppy still snoozing contentedly.

“You look so cute.” Clarke swooned as she handed Lexa her plate, sitting beside her with a sigh.

“Because of the puppy?”

“Yeah.” Clarke nodded as she popped a noodle into her mouth deftly with the chopsticks. “Don’t you know, kittens and puppies make hot people hotter? Haven’t you seen those calendars of really buff firefighters holding puppies?”

“No, Clarke.” Lexa snorted. “It seems we moved in different circles.”

“Now our circles are touching.” Clarke teased lamely, slipping a free hand under Lexa’s hoodie, scraping softly against her abs.

“Incredible.” Lexa scoffed, though her cheeks burned red and a little fire lit itself in her abdomen.

“What? My charm?” Clarke smirked.

“No, the fact that you call me the nerd, dork.” Lexa countered, though she bumped Clarke with her hip, good naturedly. “We’ve got to be the strangest couple ever.”

Clarke shrugged, digging into her plate. “What makes you say that? I bet Raven and Anya have way kinkier sex.”

Lexa choked slightly on her food, and Clarke smiled to herself proudly.

“We can too, if you want.” Clarke offered, nudging Lexa, watching her fiancée choke embarrassedly before reaching for the bottle of water before her, giving it to Lexa and pressing a kiss to her head.

Lexa rolled her eyes, downing the water and clearing her throat. “Not what I meant.”

“What did you mean?” Clarke queried, attention back to her meal.

“I meant…we still joke like we’re best friends. We call each other names, and pinch each other, and tickle each other…” Lexa rambled.

Clarke smirked. “We are best friends. I think it’s great. I mean…Yeah, a lot of couples say they’re best friends, but they can’t stand actually being with each other. But you? I grin every time you come home from work. I tell you dirty jokes, I gossip with you, and I cuddle with you every night….You know everything about me…I love it, Lex.”

Lexa was thoughtful, smiling softly up at Clarke, shaking her head. “So lucky.” She murmured almost inaudibly before setting aside her plate, Clarke following suit, then leaning back into Lexa’s open arms as Lexa softly stroked her hair.

“So.” Clarke clicked her tongue.

“We’re not keeping the puppy.” Lexa grumbled.

“We are though.” Clarke shot back.

“Yeah?” Lexa teased.

“Yeah. Or so help me…I’ll marry Murphy instead.” Clarke smirked.

Lexa rolled her eyes. “Please do. I’m a catch.” She teased, and Clarke enjoyed her newfound bravado. It meant she was confident enough in their relationship to joke around. They were making progress.

“But baby.” Clarke huffed, leaning down to scoop up the sleepy puppy, placing him between her body and Lexa’s, watching as her curled into Lexa’s side lovingly. “He loves you as much as I do.”

Lexa rolled her eyes, but leaned down to kiss Clarke’s head. “We can see how it goes.” She grumbled.

Clarke smirked, leaning down to press a kiss to Lexa’s chest. “I love you, Lex.”

“You won’t be saying that after I completely destroy you in chess.” Lexa challenged cockily.

Clarke rolled her eyes this time. “God, Lexa. It’s a good thing you’re attractive, because I never want to hear you brag about chess again.” She teased, though the soft kisses she was pressing to Lexa’s hand spoke multitudes about just how much she adored it.

“Queen’s castle.” Clarke smirked, trying to switch over the pieces in question, stopped by Lexa’s long fingers wrapping around her wrist.

“It’s King’s castle, first of all.” Lexa grumbled to herself, mostly.

“Don’t be sexist.” Clarke fired back.

“And second of all, you’re in no position to do that, Clarke.” Lexa smirked from behind her side of the set. “I win. Again.”

Clarke shrugged absently, rubbing Lexa’s hand with her thumb. “You see it that way.”

“What?” Lexa scoffed. “No, I don’t see it that way, I won, thank you very much.”

“You’re so competitive.” Clarke rolled her eyes. “It’s cute.”

“I am not cute.” Lexa defended, Fish curled up in her lap, breathing softly as he stuck to Lexa.

Clarke chuckled at the statement, kissing Lexa’s hand, causing her to blush behind her glasses. She plucked them off Lexa’s face, sliding them up the bridge of her nose. “Baby, you’re a little blind.”

“I hate when people do that.” Lexa grumbled, but her eyes were locked on Clarke’s face, in awe of her beauty, especially wearing her glasses. “You look stunning, as usual.”

Clarke blushed slightly, handing the glasses back to Lexa as she blinked owlishly. “Nah. You though? They suit you.” She arranged her lighter pieces, positioning them for Lexa to demolish once more. “So, how was work?”

“Busy.” Lexa huffed.

“No sexual affairs with the Walsh Brothers?” Clarke quipped, reaching for a piece of fruit from the bowl beside them.

“Hmm.” Lexa’s face screwed into one of thought. “Nope, I’m still incredibly gay.”

“If they were the Walsh sisters-”

“Shut up, Clarke.” Lexa grinned, softly petting Fish almost subconsciously.

“By the way, I think we need to maybe not get married, if you’re planning on counting fruit as dessert, Lexa.” Clarke sighed.

Lexa snorted. “I bought chocolate ice cream. It’s in the freezer.”

“You’re so sexy when you talk dirty. Tell me something else.” Clarke teased.

“There’s fudge on the second shelf in the fridge.” Lexa whispered, buying into Clarke’s game.

“Mmmm, keep going.” Clarke hummed, grinning.

“Whipped cream in the fridge door.” Lexa whispered, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on Clarke’s neck, watching her girlfriend’s grip tighten on the edge of the table. “…And we can wake up tomorrow and go for a nice, long run in the morning to work it all off.”

Clarke deflated visibly at that, smacking Lexa on the arm as she got up with a huff. “You disgust me.”

“I’m getting good at playing your game.” Lexa shrugged, making the first move while Clarke retrieved the ice cream. She leaned back, cradling Fish as he climbed up, settling onto her chest with a small yawn.

Clarke froze, watching the two with a small smile. She set the carton of ice cream down, eyes wide with adoration as she watched Lexa nuzzle the puppy affectionately. She let out a wistful sigh, watching as Lexa leaned down to softly kiss the puppy’s nose.

They were so keeping him.

“Lexa.” Clarke called as she pulled out a spoon, not bothering with plates as she lazily flopped down beside Lexa, smiling when she felt Lexa shuffle to be closer to her.

“Hmm?” Lexa hummed, laying her head down on Clarke’s lap, Fish on her chest.

“You’re really good with him.” Clarke noted, carving a bite sized scoop of ice cream with her spoon.

“It’s hard to be uptight with a puppy.” Lexa commented weakly.

“Who says you’re uptight?” Clarke grinned.

“You do. Every day.” Lexa smiled when Clarke fed her a spoonful. “Gonna have to work that off tomorrow.”

Clarke rolled her eyes. “Case in point.”

Lexa shrugged loosely and swallowed her ice cream, nuzzling into Clarke’s thigh.

“So…” Clarke bit her lip. “Seeing you like this with Fish…I don’t know. It makes me think of a future, not too far off, maybe…with a baby…”

Lexa’s eyes lit up at Clarke’s hesitance. “Thinking ahead, are we?”

Clarke immediately backtracked. “God, no. I don’t mean now. Or soon. Just…in a few years, maybe. It’s stupid, I don’t-”

“I want kids.” Lexa murmured contentedly, pressing a kiss to Clarke’s thigh before turning back up to glance at her.

“Okay.” Clarke breathed, happiness flooding her tone. “I mean, someday.”

“I’d want to be such a good parent.” Lexa rambled softly, and Clarke knew it was a rare moment in which she was letting go. “I’d want to give them everything you gave me…”

Clarke felt tears pricking at the back of her eyes, and her sniffle gave it away. Lexa gently set Fish off to the side, leaning up to pull Clarke into her arms, hands cupping Clarke’s cheeks. “Clarke?” She murmured, ignoring the puppy’s whines of protest at the loss of warmth.

“Sorry.” Clarke sniffled. “Sometimes you just…You say the right thing and I remember how much I love you.” She laughed weakly, pressing her forehead against Lexa’s. “I love you, Lexa Woods. A lot.”

“I love you too, Clarke.” Lexa whispered as Clarke’s lips met hers in a flurry, Clarke’s arms wrapping around her neck as she crawled onto Lexa’s lap.

“I missed this…” Clarke groaned, subconsciously rolling her hips against Lexa’s lap. “We haven’t…You’ve been so busy…”

Lexa nodded frantically, picking Clarke up in a swift, easy motion as she struggled to keep the kiss, blindly stumbling into their bedroom, falling back on the bed as Clarke straddled her waist, pressing hot kisses to her neck.

Lexa leaned forward, gently peeling back Clarke’s shirt to reveal the soft expanse of her stomach, kissing her tenderly there as she trailed up to her bra clad chest. “You’re so beautiful.” She murmured, feeling Clarke practically purr in contentment. “I love you so much, Clarke.”

“Show me.” Clarke ordered softly, rutting against Lexa’s thigh with uncontrolled desire, Lexa’s eyes glazed as it fixed on the wetness against her thigh.

Lexa nodded, long fingers fumbling with Clarke’s bra as she undid the clasp, tossing it to the floor, unaware that the silent puppy had just made a new home in it, curling in for an evening of rest.


Lexa pushed Clarke to the bed, both of them naked and giggling. One of the things Lexa loved about their relationship was that they could do things like that - mix their love and laughter together. Clarke was never so beautiful as when she smiled, except maybe when she crying out her release. Seeing a mix of both was a gift.

Clarke scooted backwards on the bed as Lexa kissed her way down her chest, stopping to nibble at the generous curves of her breasts. Lexa gently teased Clarke’s sides with her fingertips, evoking a laugh from her fiancée that turned into a gasped “oh” of delight as Lexa’s lips found a rosy nipple and sucked. Clarke wove her fingers into Lexa’s hair as she arched her back into her mouth, enjoying the tender ministrations. But soon it wasn’t enough, and Clarke gently pushed Lexa further down.

Lexa smiled as she trailed her lips down Clarke’s stomach until she reached the apex of her thighs. She inhaled deeply, letting out a soft groan as she took in the heady scent of Clarke’s arousal. The only thing better was her taste, so Lexa licked deep into her folds, gently swirling her tongue around Clarke’s entrance before lapping at her clit. She cherished the sound of her fiancee’s whimpered pleas as she sucked lightly on the small bundle of nerves, slipping two fingers into Clarke’s silken heat as she did.

“Lexa…” Clarke breathed as long fingers slid within her, curling to brush that spot against her front wall that made her see stars. “Baby, please…

Lexa hummed against her clit, making Clarke mewl and buck her hips into her fiancee’s mouth. “That’s it, baby,” Lexa soothed as she sped up the movements of her lips and fingers. “Come for me.”

And Clarke did, screaming Lexa’s name as fireworks went off behind her eyelids, raw ecstasy cascading through her body in trembling waves. Lexa eased her through her climax, slowing the thrust of her fingers even as she continued to circle Clarke’s clit with her tongue. Clarke finally collapsed with a shuddering sigh, limp against the pillows. Lexa crawled up to lie beside her and was met with a beaming smile and drunken kisses.

“Sit on my face, Lex,” Clarke requested, and Lexa blinked in shock.

“Um, are you sure?” she asked. She wasn’t unfamiliar with the practice, but it wasn’t something they’d tried before.

“Please?” Clarke pouted. Unable to resist her fiancee’s pouty face, Lexa gave her a smoldering kiss before crawling further up the bed until she was kneeling over Clarke’s face, gripping the headboard. Clarke eagerly grabbed Lexa’s ass and pulled her down until wet heat met waiting lips and probing tongue.

“Oh, fuck,” Lexa gasped, tightening her grip on the headboard as she fought the urge to grind down on Clarke’s face. Clarke took this as a sign that she should continue and lapped up every drop of Lexa’s arousal she could find before sliding her tongue into her fiancee’s center, nose brushing against her clit. “Clarke, oh God, Clarke,” Lexa moaned, finally giving in and pushing herself harder against Clarke’s mouth. Clarke swirled her tongue faster within silken heat, relinquishing her grip on Lexa’s ass so she could rub her clit with her thumb. She smiled against her fiancee’s center as Lexa’s breath started coming in short gasps, her soft curses getting higher in pitch. A moment later, Clarke was rewarded with a shout of her name and the flood of Lexa’s release.

Lexa rode out her climax until her legs were trembling beneath her, and she had to roll to the side so she wouldn’t collapse onto Clarke. Her very smug fiancee only giggled and held her close, pulling the sheet up over their bodies.

“I love you, Clarke,” Lexa gasped as she clung to Clarke, unable to keep the smile from her face. She felt Clarke’s lips curve into a similar smile against the bare skin of her shoulder.

“I love you, too, Lex.”


Lexa curled into Clarke’s tight hold, softly nuzzling into Clarke’s neck as they both laid beneath a thin layer of sheet, hot, spent, and under the beautiful spell of love.

It was almost completely peaceful, with the soft patter of rain against their window, coupled with Clarke’s stabilizing pulse as they came down from their high of bliss, falling into their high of love.

Almost completely peaceful.

Clarke’s phone hadn’t stopped vibrating on the nightstand, going off again and again, slicing through the comfortable silence of the night.

At first, Lexa thought it would cease. She burrowed deeper into Clarke’s warmth, almost purring contentedly at the way Clarke was tiredly stroking her back.

But there it was. Those incessant buzzing vibrations, one after another. They were driving Lexa to the brink of insanity.

“Clarke.” Lexa groaned into her skin, her voice coming out as a sort of whine.

“Mmm.” Clarke mumbled barely coherent, eyelids heavy. “Babe?”

“Phone.” Lexa grumbled, pressing a kiss to Clarke’s skin.

“Kill it.” Clarke demanded, relinquishing her hold on Lexa momentarily. Lexa rolled over reluctantly to the source of the noise, smiling amusedly when she felt Clarke’s arms follow her needily.

Lexa took the phone up into her hand to investigate the source of the sound.

“Clarke?” Lexa blinked at the lit phone screen, eyes widening in surprise, amusement seeping into her tone. “Why do you have a group chat named Lexa’s Ass?”


Clarke awoke to the sound of Lexa’s buzzing alarm clock, and felt the fire of a thousand suns burn within her as the anger built up. She registered Lexa, curled tightly into her, stirring in efforts to reach for the snooze button.

Clarke acted fast, knocking it off the nightstand as it clattered to the floor, effectively silencing it. She smiled smugly as she retracted back into the sheets, wrapping her arms back around Lexa’s waist.

“Did you break my clock?” Lexa grumbled into her chest.

“It’s 2016, Lexa. Use your phone like a normal person.”

“Why? So you can break that, too?” Lexa teased, kissing Clarke’s bare skin. “Good morning, my love.” She added softly.

Clarke smiled warmly at that, stroking Lexa’s back. “Good morning. I can’t remember the last time you and I actually got to wake up together.”

Lexa hummed her agreement, moving as if to get up and stretch.

Clarke whined, tugging her back down. “Alexandria, don’t you dare.”

Lexa grinned at that, chuckling softly as Clarke’s stomach growled. “How about breakfast?”

“You mean…you’ll make it, right?” Clarke clarified, fingertips dancing along Lexa’s back.

“Clarke. The last time you made pancakes, the fire department came.” Lexa informed her with a shit eating grin.

“They were…crispy.” Clarke rolled her eyes. “Sorry I can’t be the perfect wife and cook gourmet meals for you.”

Lexa smiled even further, kissing Clarke’s jaw affectionately. “You are the perfect girlfriend, fiancée,…and you will be the perfect wife, Clarke, because you’re you.” She whispered, sitting up with a sigh, blushing slightly when Clarke’s eyes unabashedly raked her figure.

“Damn.” Clarke nodded with satisfaction. “…I scored.”

Lexa rolled her eyes, but her dimpled smile was genuine. “Maybe, if you hurry, you can score one more time in the shower?”

Clarke was off the bed in seconds. “Just one more time?”

She grabbed at Lexa’s waist, tickling her softly, both of them in a stumbling laughing fit. They froze in front of the bathroom door, however, as they witnessed something peculiar.

“…Lexa…” Clarke breathed, blinking a few times. “Is that my bra?”

“Yes.” Lexa confirmed, a smirk on her lips.

Fish was a new addition to their home, and slightly forgotten until that moment. “Oh my god.” Clarke rolled her eyes, but smiled affectionately at the puppy, staring up at them from his new home. “Bras are expensive, Nerd! I paid like sixty bucks for that!”

Lexa chuckled, arms wrapping around Clarke from behind. “I’ll buy you a new one.”

“Hmm, I’m enjoying this fine stud side of you.” Clarke teased.

Lexa cocked a brow. “Fine stud?” She repeated amusedly.

“Lex, we’ve been over this. It’s what Rae and O call you when you get your sexy business game face on.” Clarke explained as she dragged Lexa into their bathroom.

“Oh?” Lexa smirked a little proudly, and Clarke rolled her eyes.

“Don’t get any ideas. They don’t know how much of a nerd you are.” Clarke mumbled, starting up the shower. “..Even though you’re like…the pinnacle of physical perfection.” She began practically drooling over her own words, pushing Lexa against the wall as she attacked her abs with her lips. “And you’re the perfect balance of…” She peppered kisses along inches of Lexa’s skin. “-Soft-spoken and then…” she trailed up to Lexa’s lips, Lexa absolutely shocked, breathless, and very awake. “So sexy.” She was full on rambling to herself now, yanking Lexa under the hot stream of water, kissing her senseless.

Lexa wasn’t entirely sure how she’d ever landed Clarke Griffin, but she knew that she had to cherish every second of her affections.

And so she did.


“How do you have energy to be so chipper after that?” Clarke complained, unfortunately fully dressed, watching Lexa flip the pancakes with her deft hands.

“You give me energy.” Lexa hummed happily, watching the golden retriever puppy writhe in Clarke’s hands. “Do not get attached, Clarke.”

Clarke pouted. “Lex. He slept in my bra. How many people can say that?”

“Just you, hopefully.” Lexa mumbled, watching the batter begin to bubble on Clarke’s batch.

The doorbell rang, and Clarke made a motion to answer it, Fish still in her arms. “Hey, Rae.” She smiled, watching Raven gape at the puppy in her arms.

“What the fuck?” Raven smirked, immediately reaching out to touch the puppy. She pinched Fish’s rolls, grinning. “Lexa? Is that you? The commander put on a little weight.”

“Why did we invite her, again?” Lexa called from the kitchenette, rolling her eyes.

“Because the Griffin parents are in town and I’m their honorary adoptive child.” Raven smirked. “They here yet?”

“No, they should be here in…” Clarke glanced at the clock. “Well, really soon, actually.”

Raven nodded closing the door behind her as she cooed over Fish. “He’s so damn cute.” She murmured, leaning forward to pat his head.

“No cursing in front of my children, Reyes.” Lexa grumbled, finishing a pancake, adding it to the pile.

“So…why is there an animal in the commander’s home? And I’m not talking about you in bed last night Clarke.”

Clarke made a look of disgust, shielding Fish from such gross behavior, turning back towards Lexa. “Lex found him yesterday. I’m trying to convince her to keep him.”

Lexa snorted over the sound of the sizzling butter melting in the pan. “Not likely.”

Raven nodded, wolfing down the pancakes meant for Clarke, smiling through a bite when Lexa shot her a glare and tossed her a napkin.

“Like you, Commander tight ass, can say no to this face?” Clarke smirked, wiggling Fish in Lexa’s direction.

“No.” Lexa replied amusedly, watching as Clarke gaped.

“Okay…” Clarke huffed. “What about this face?” She offered her own pout instead, and Lexa leaned forward to kiss it. “Hah! You caved, I win. He stays.” She kissed Fish’s head, cradling him like a teddy bear.

“Clarke.” Lexa began in a cautionary tone. “…A puppy is a lot of responsibility.”

“Ew, can you not sound like my mother? We just had sex.” Clarke rolled her eyes, setting Fish down as he tilted his head up at them adorably. Raven scooped him up almost immediately, settling him down on her lap.  

“My point is, Fish will be a huge dog.” Lexa sighed, stacking the pancakes as she slid them over to Clarke. “He can’t live here.”

Clarke took a breath, nodding dejectedly. “Yeah.” She sighed. “You’re right.”

Lexa took a step forward, pressing Clarke back against the counter as she tilted her chin, their eyes meeting. “Which just means that we’ll have to buy a house.” She murmured with a smile, watching Clarke’s eyes light up.

“Lex?” She questioned, hope laced into her tone.

“I’m thinking a two story house.” Lexa continued thoughtfully. “For the children-”

Clarke’s lips were on hers, pancakes and Raven long forgotten as she pushed Lexa back against the refrigerator, fisting her hands in her shirt as Lexa’s arms slid around her, welcoming the contact.

They didn’t hear the door creak open, Abby and Jake standing in the doorway with looks of apprehension. “So… kids.” Jake cleared his throat, and Raven grinned when they looked like two deer caught in headlights.

“What’s going on?” Abby demanded, brows knitted together.

“Oh, the usual.” Raven grinned, swiveling in her chair to reveal Fish, nibbling on a pancake in her arms. “Clarke and Lexa had a baby.”

Abby paled at the words while Jake’s eyebrows shot up.

Clarke smirked while Lexa glared at Raven.

“You know what?” Abby tutted. “I’m not going to ask. Will someone please tell me why I’m in a group chat called Lexa’s Ass?”

Lexa reddened and Clarke whirled around on Raven. “You added her too?!”

Raven shrugged. “We needed her to see-”

“Whoa, Lexa, the pancakes!” Clarke practically shoved her fiancée back to shut Raven up as she ushered Jake and Abby to the guest room, shooting Raven daggers as she went.

Lexa’s eyes narrowed suspiciously on Raven as she twirled the spatula in her hand.

“Interesting, how you can make a spatula threatening.” Raven gulped, praying for Clarke to return.

“Reyes.” Lexa’s tongue clicked, and Raven cocked a brow when she saw her advancing.

“Think of Anya…” Raven tried. “You wouldn’t want to maim your best friend’s girl, right?”

“Reyes.” Lexa moved forward. “What is on that chat?”

“You wouldn’t hurt Fish, would you?” Raven held up the puppy in defense, muttering “Sorry” as he grumbled a low growl unhappily.

“Are they…pictures, of me?” Lexa demanded intensely.

“Pictures?” Raven scrunched up her face in a look of surprise. “Oh! You mean the ass part, right? No. That’s an acronym. It’s-”

“RAVEN.” Clarke scolded, slipping into the room, eyes narrowing on Lexa. “Put the spatula down, babe.” She sighed, taking Fish out of Raven’s hands with a pointed look. “Really? You were going to use my baby as a shield?”

“Clarke.” Lexa whined softly. “I want to know.”

“It’s a group chat where I discuss how attractive I find you, with my two best friends.” Clarke rolled her eyes, lying smoothly.

“But Abby-”

“Was added by accident.” Clarke snapped, turning to Raven. “Please remove her.”

“On it.” Raven mumbled, brandishing her phone.

Before Lexa could say anything else, Jake and Abby returned, seating themselves at the table as Lexa placed their pancakes before them, still wary.

“Hey, kiddo.” Jake threw an arm around Lexa, pressing a kiss to her head, Abby following suit.

“Hey J- Dad. Mom.” Lexa murmured, and they both grinned triumphantly, squeezing her tightly between the two of them.

“Hey.” Clarke protested, though she herself was grinning at the sight. “Please refrain from breaking my fiancée please, I need her.”

“Sorry, honey.” Abby tutted. “It’s just…we’ve never had a daughter who can cook before.”

Clarke opened her mouth in a hurt expression while Lexa smiled bashfully. “They’re just pancakes, please.”

“Still.” Jake chuckled, squeezing Lexa’s arm supportively. “You know what happened when Clarke tried to make pancakes back when she was living at home?”

“Oh.” Abby waved her hands, grinning over a mouthful of pancake. “The whole fire brigade showed up. She set off the smoke detector-”

“That happened here too!” Lexa exclaimed with a grin, while Clarke stuffed a pancake into her mouth with a roll of her eyes.

“I’m so glad I’m not the object of our family roasts anymore.” Raven smirked as she bumped Clarke on the arm, sliding into a seat beside Jake.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend to annoy?” Clarke grumbled.

Raven smirked. “She’s at work. I’ll settle for your family, thanks.”

“So.” Jake motioned to Lexa’s crisp white dress shirt as she slid into her seat beside Clarke, discreetly wrapping an arm around her waist. “You’ll be showing me around the office today, right?”

“Of course, sir.” Lexa stiffened slightly as she realized her mistake. “-Uh, dad.”

Jake chuckled, and Clarke squeezed Lexa’s hand under the table.

“Don’t leave me for too long.” Clarke murmured, resting her head on Lexa’s shoulder.

“Never.” Lexa promised, lacing her hand with Clarke’s, bringing it up to her lips to kiss it.

Raven made a disgusted noise while she sat Fish on her lap, leaning forward with a smirk. “So, the Linctavia wedding was pretty damn impressive, huh Abby?”

Clarke’s eyes widened as she kicked Raven under the table, whose smirk only grew in response.

“Regrettably.” Abby mumbled with a roll of her eyes, while Jake smiled over the top of his cup. “But, that reminds me, thank you, Raven-”

“No problem Abs.”

“Don’t call me that.”


Abby leaned forward, eyeing Lexa and Clarke with a wicked smile.  “Anyway. That reminds me: What do you all think of picking up where we left off your engagement: A summer wedding?”