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Charatale (An original Undertale fanfiction)

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Sometimes, Fate have an odd way of making itself known.

It could be calm and subtle, letting you know what will happen in the distant future and allowing you the time you need to prepare for it. Or it could hit you in the face and say, "This is what you should do. Now do it!" and just leave you on the ground in complete confusion while you hold your now damaged face while it saunter away like the prick it is.

And that was just how Chara felt as he laid there on the ground with his hand over his left check, eyes wide as he stared at the boy who towered over him like a giant. He could hear laughing ringing in his ears as he slowly got up only to be pushed back down with a thud.

"Aww, look at the poor baby. He can't get up!"

"Yeah! What a freak!"

"Just look at his eyes! He must be the devil himself with those things!"

Again and again the voices of the people who tormented him echoed around his ears as he tried to block out the awful noise. Then he felt the front of his shirt being grabbed by the person who knocked him to the ground, and Chara visibly pale at the sight of him. He was tall, with broad shoulders and a head of tangled red hair; grinning down at him like a wolf who found his prey.

Letting out a soft whimper under his breath, he watched with painfully wide eyes as the bully raised his fist behind him before slamming it to his face. The pain that went through his head was like getting hit with a hammer. Or a sledgehammer, in his case. Stars almost seemed to be circling around him as he felt his body falling back to the dirty floor with another thud.

They left him there in the now abandoned hallway, their footsteps echoing loudly in his ears as their shadows grow along the walls before disappearing down the corner. Chara willed himself not to cry as he shakily got up with legs that felt like complete jelly; washing the blood that trickled down his face land on his hands.

It was the same color like his eyes.

Crimson red, just like the blood that flows through our veins. Sometimes he imagine himself with brown eyes, maybe like the same color like a chocolate bar. That would have been better than this. Anything would be better than what he have to go through everyday. He could handle the name calling, after all, he could just ignore them like he used to, but now? It was all too much. It was all too much for him to handle, and he can feel himself start to crack.




"Good for nothing."


Chara didn't notice the shaking of his body or the tears that welled up at the corners of his eye until after he felt something wet sliding down his face that wasn't the blood. Something small broke inside him as he started to brawl his eyes out; his voice bouncing off the walls and echoing through the school like a wailing banshee.

* * * *

It was raining by the time he finally came home.

Unlocking the front door, the boy shrugged off his bag before heading upstairs, only to be stopped when he heard a male voice called out his name. Letting out a soft curse under his breath, he turned around and faced his father who stood on the bottom step with his arms folded across his face in stern fatherly concern. It didn't take a genius to know what happened to him, and the fact that the look didn't waver once only made him feel more uncomfortable. The only thing he wanted to do was curl up in his bed and sleep this whole thing off.

"What happened to you, Chara?"

The brunet felt his body stiffen like he was caught red-handed for a crime he was committing. He avoided making eye-contact with his father, who was still watching him with a patient yet stern gaze that didn't wavered once. This wasn't supposed to happened. He wasn't supposed to see him like this; he wanted to hide it and avoid something like this. Fate was being a real jerk to him at the moment, he decided.

"N-nothing, dad. I just fell during the walk back home."

Praying that he didn't notice the slight stammer in his voice, Chara watched as his dad let out a slow "Hmmm" of understanding before taking a closer inspection. The adult took notice of the broken nose that was still caked with dry blood, and when he told the boy of his observation, he visibly redden. Welp, there goes that boat. Chara couldn't quite tell what his dad was thinking at the moment; his face was like a veil that blocked any trace of emotions away and left nothing but a blank image.

"I, uh, fell pretty hard since the streets was all, um, wet because of the ra-" There was the sound of a large crack that interrupted his sentence, and Chara let out a pain-filled hiss under his breath. The pain was already starting to subside on the fairly long walk home, but now? It felt like he was smashed into a ball wrecking ball style. He could already feel the hammering throb of a headache forming in the back of his head while his dad placed a hand on his hip and raised the other one up like he was going to slap him.

But it wouldn't even be considered a slap the way he did it. What Chara felt was more like a soft 'pap' across his right cheek, and when he looked at him with a raised eyebrow, his dad only explained, " No cursing in the house," before leaving. Probably going back to the kitchen to continued . . . . . whatever he was doing before he came. That was just the way how adult acted around the kids. He was stern, yes, but other than that, there was nothing more to say about him. Only rarely does he ever lifted his mouth to show them a smile, and it was the same for any other stuff. Although he tends to know what's going on without even letting it on; how he does that is completely a mystery to him.

Walking sluggishly to his room, he flopped down on his mess of a bed and instantly regretted it since the pounding of the headache attacked with more force than it did on the steps. Letting out a muffled groan, he closed his eyes and willed himself to go to sleep when he heard a knock on the door. The groan returned more louder.

"Come in . . ."

The door creaked opened slowly and the first thing he noticed was a pair of bright golden-brown eyes staring back at into his ruby color eyes. A small head was the first to enter his room, followed by a equally small body that belonged to none other than his sister Frisk. Although, if he had to be honest, Frisk wasn't really her real name; it was just a cute little nickname he gave to her when he was four and messed it up. He'd been calling her that for his entire life, and he couldn't even remember her real name.

In her pale tan hands was an ice-pack that was already dripping water down on the floor and leaving a small trail outside the door. Her face was knitted in confusion and concern as she gave him the pack before playing with her hands in a nervous manner. She brushed away the black strand of shoulder-length hair away from her eyes before she spoke without looking at his direction; instead casting her eyes on the floor like it held the secret of life right there.

"Dad says to put that on your nose to stop the swelling, Chara."

Nodding slowly without talking, he did what he was told and winced slightly when the ice made contact with his face before relaxing back into his pillow. "Thanks for the info, Frisk," he gave her a weary smile as she smiled faintly in return. She was always on the quiet side, whether it was at home or at school, and Chara would sometimes tease her about it. The door closed with a soft audible click, and he was left to the safety of his room once more. Sighing heavily through his teeth, he shut his eyes once more and was slowly lulled to sleep.

* * * * *

 He couldn't see. Everything was just a large body of swirling nothing as he continued to fall.

Down, down, down he goes. Nothing seemed to make any sense for him anymore, and he didn't bothered contemplating on why he was falling endlessly through the abyss. Reaching out a hand, he tried to grab onto something that might stop the fall, but there was nothing to reach. Go figure. But the funny thing is that he isn't afraid.


Just floating here is bliss. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to stay here-


His eyes shot opened in shock from the voice. No, he didn't wanted this! HE DIDN'T WANT THIS! Everything seemed to pick up speed as he clawed at the air frantically to stop. Chara could already see the ground approaching closer to him like that one scene from Coraline. Opening his mouth, he let out a screech before forming a 'x' across his chest with his arms and squeezed his eyes shut when the ground continued to grow closer.




He opened his eyes. Sweat was trickling down his face as he panted heavily and ran a hand through his tangled brown hair. What . . . What was that all about in the first place? Letting out a shaky breath through his mouth, Chara slowly edged himself up and swung his legs at the edge of his bed; taking deep, shaky breaths until he finally calmed down his racing heart.  Already he could feel the ghostly presence of a headache forming from his sudden movements and let out a soft moan of pain.

Hearing the soft patter of footsteps approaching his room, he looked to the side and saw his dad standing in the doorway with a plate of food in his hands. Giving him the faintest of smile, he walked into his mess of a room and placed the dish on the drawer that stood next to his bed and sat down besides him.

"It's about time you woke up. I thought you were dead or something."

Cupping his face in his hands, his dad inspected his nose carefully and wiped away some of the blood with a tissue Chara didn't noticed. Hissing softly in pain, the brunet nodded his head slowly as his dad nodded in satisfaction. Looking at him up close, Chara noticed that he looked a lot like his dad and shared many similarities that made him look like an older brother than a father.

Both had chestnut brown hair that reached to the back of their necks that was always tangled and curled at the end, and was somewhat tall for their age with long, lanky limbs and an awkward sort of stance that made them hunch slightly. Although, that's where the similarities end for them due to Chara's eyes. Ugh, there's that topic again. He absolutely detest his eyes!

Why couldn't he have been born normal, with black or brown or maybe even blue eyes instead of these?  His dad have always reminded him that he got his eyes from his mother, but he still can't help but doubt it. There was barely any photos of her around the house, since something happened to her when he was still too young to remember the details, but the ones that did show her was either too blurred out or was just plain gone.

The only thing the brunet did have to remember her was an old stuff beaver that was left behind. Anything else was just a blank page in his head. But he still have yet to see anything that show her with red eyes like he have. Sometimes he wonder if she even have red eyes like his dad says, or if he's just making it up so that he won't feel bad. Not even Frisk have red eyes, for Pete's sake!

It seems like he's the only one in the family who have it, and instead of making him feel any better about it, it only made him feel worse. What if they talked behind his back about it? What if his aunts and uncles secretly hate him for having it? What if -?

Snap snap.

Jumping slightly in surprise, Chara blinked and saw his dad snapping his fingers to gain his attention with an annoyed look scrawled across his face. Giving him a sheepish smile that seemed a bit forced in his mind, Chara asked if he was talking to him and the look of annoyance grew slightly before it went away with sympathy.

"It was nothing, Chara. Now, eat your food before it gets cold." Gesturing to the plate that remained untouched, his dad got up and left the room, but not before giving his son a comforting pat on the head once along with a faint smile. The door closed behind him with a soft click as Chara was once again left to his own thoughts. Glancing wearily at the food that beckons him, he reached out a hand slowly, hesitantly, like it was going to attack him at any moment.

Pausing a couple of times and reaching his hand back like it bit him, Chara finally picked up the still warm plate and placed it on his lap before staring into it. It was a burger with fries along with a large piece of chocolate cake- His favorite. The brunet didn't know at what point in his life he deemed chocolate his favorite- Or obsession, as Frisk likes to put it-  but it's been with him for as long as he can remember. Picking up the chocolate cake first, he took a small bite before making a face and putting it back. He didn't feel like eating today.

* * * *

Day turned into night as Chara climbed to the top of the house. The air wasn't as hot as it was for the past few weeks, and he could feel the cool wind on his skin. Going to the roof was becoming a routine for the brunet to do; just to sit there and look at the sky. Tonight was cloudless, and he could see the millions of stars twinkling above him like they were talking to him.

"Everything's going to be okay."

"Just wait one more day."

"It's gonna be okay."

 Chara knew they were lying. No matter how hard they try to tell him that, no matter how hard he tries to believe it, it was never true. Everything will stay the same. He would still be stuck in this hell. And he couldn't get out, no matter how hard he tries to claw his way out of the grave he was buried in. No matter how hard he would scream and yell and kick for the coffin to open and to be free from this nightmare, no one is going to save him. No one will look twice at him. He's just a mistake that deserved to be kill.

Trembling violently and biting his bottom lip so hard he could taste the blood seeping into his mouth, he grip the black turtleneck tighter as he squeezed his eyes shut. He didn't seem to feel his nails digging painfully into his arm; he didn't seem to feel the tears that threaten to spill from his eyes; he didn't seem to feel the wind that picked up and making the trees spasm like they were high; he didn't seem to feel the ice cold rain slamming into him and making him soaking wet once more. All he could do was sit there and cry.

That's all he seemed to do. Just cry his eyes out. He hated this. He hate feeling weak, he hate how the kids at school would look at him, he just HATE IT!






Head snapping up so fast he was surprised that it didn't broke, Chara saw his little sister standing a few feet away from him with an old umbrella in her hands. Even in the blinding rain, he could still see the worry and concern that was visible on her face and felt his heart tighten up with guilt. Without saying anything, he managed to get up and sprinted to her without falling down (Although the thought was tempting . . .). He gave her a sheepish smile.

"Sorry about that, Frisk. Guess I was just . . . lost in thought."

She nodded her head in understanding, and the smile that was still on his face turned into a mischievous grin as he opened his arms wide for a hug. Her eyes widen slightly as she shook her head and backed up away from him. Moving quickly so that she didn't have time to escape, Chara wrapped his arms around her in a wet hug as she squealed with laughter and tried to wriggled out of his grasps.

"No! Chara, let go of me! Ah!"

Laughing, he did a quick spin before placing her back on the ground as she whined when she saw her now wet clothes and glared weakly at him. "You're mean!" Frisk pouted, already walking to her room as Chara chuckled and quickly followed her. He ran a hand through his dripping hair and gave her an apologetic look that didn't matched with the smile that was still on his face. "I' sorry, Frisk-Kitty, but I couldn't let the moment go to waste."

Frowning slightly at the use of the nickname, she only rolled her eyes before entering her bedroom and closing the door softly behind her. Chara only shrugged as he continued to his own destination; the smile still on his face that faltered with each step he took until it was replaced by a blank shadow. No emotions showed across his features; it was like someone flicked a switch in his brain and made him go dead.

Stepping into his bedroom, he slowly peeled away his soaked clothes and went to get out a fresh new pair. Nothing too fancy- Just a plain blue shirt with a faded pants and socks with little baby ducks on it. Childish, yes, but it was still adorable. Slipping on his shoes, he grabbed a jacket that was hung up next to the door and put it on on the way downstairs where he could smell the heavenly aroma of pastries coming from the kitchen.

"I'm going out!"

No one answered him, but he knew that they still heard him nonetheless. Grabbing the extra set of keys that was hung just a few inches above his reach, he unlocked the door and stepped out into the cruel and unforgiving world, where a steady mist was sprinkling that he mistook it for snow. The weather have been unpredictable the last couple of weeks, either being unbearable hot or pouring down a storm that everyone is forced to stay indoors. Flicking the hood up, Chara started to walk with no where to go, simply going to clear his head from the spiderweb of thoughts he was in.

Streetlights flickering on, he avoided those who passed by and soon found himself in the local park. Despite the threat of another unexpected storm, he could see a handful of children playing and running about like it was the time of their lives while the adults either stayed behind and watched from a far or played along with them. Wandering to a nearby bench that was currently unoccupied, he sat in the shadow of a overhead tree and simply watched. But one batch caught his attention.

They weren't exactly human, although anyone can see that with just a single look. Some were tall with animalistic features while others were just flat out odd. One of them even looks like a Jell-O!

The strange creatures were known as Monsters, and it is quite unknown of how they came to be or how exactly they found the Humans. But despite the lack of information about the two races, Monsters are generally kind and loving towards others, and that was the one thing Chara liked about them. How they can be so nice to anyone without even knowing their name.


Chara looked around in surprise before spotting a couple of kids a few feet away from him. The one who called his name, a tall anthropomorphic bunny with light blue fur and wearing yellow suspenders, pointed at him with a grin on his face.

"Yeah, you! Do you wanna come play with us?"

Chara stayed quiet for a few moments before nodding slowly, much to the children's joy as they almost immediately dragged him up and ran to the center of the playground. One of them, a fairly tall Monster that was completely made of fire, tugged on the sleeve of his shirt and gestured to his eyes. Almost instantly they stopped, and Chara felt a cold wave of fear wash over him. He shouldn't have come out. He shouldn't have left the safety of his bedroom, and now he was out in broad daylight. His entire body started to shake in fear as he felt his heart pounded painfully in his chest.

What if they're afraid of his eyes? What if they do something to him? Feeling the return of a familiar headache, Chara unconsciously started to back away when one of them held up a hand for him to stop.

"That's so cool!"

In that moment, all the fear that he felt turned into complete and utter confusion as they circled around him in excitement, each one adding in their own little comments about his eyes.

"It's such a pretty color!"

"You're like a superhero or something!"

"I wish my eyes were like that!"

Chara felt dizzy with something that he haven't felt in such a long time. It was an overwhelming feeling that made his entire body warm inside, and he was almost certain that he might pass out because of it. The feeling held onto him tight and fast like it didn't want to let him go, and the brunet didn't want this moment to pass.

He actually felt happy.

Lowering his head so that they weren't able to see his face, a smile slowly crept across his face as it grew wider and wider until it could leave the Cherise Cat in shame as he started to giggle softly under his breath until it before it became a loud laugh of relief. The others regarded him strangely while others looked in amusement as he calmed down a short while later and gave them a small sheepish smile.

The apologize he gave them went unheard of as they grabbed his arms and pulled him over to the swing set; and for the next hour Chara completely forgot about everything.

"Hey look! It's the freak!"

Then it all came back like a big slap to the face.