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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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"But, I'm not her hero daddy anymore," Finn told her, his gaze dropping to the ground. "I flamed out."


"You will always be her hero," Rachel promised him, cupping his chin in her hands and forcing him to look at her. "No matter what happens, no matter what you do with yourself, you will always be her hero. Nothing will change that."


"Okay," he mumbled. "I believe you."


She squeezed his hand. "Good," she insisted. "Now I believe you said something about cookies?" 


Finn did indeed perk up at Rachel's reminder, and he took her by the hand, sprinting as best he could to the kitchen, where Kurt was making cookies. He was even wearing a funny apron and one of those cool tall hats that real fancy chefs wore. Finn thought that was kick ass. Kurt never let Finn wear the wonderful hat, no matter how much he begged. Clearly the hat held the magical powers one needed to use the stove and oven without being chaperoned. At least that was Brittany's thoughts on the subject. Finn thought she was Very Wise. 


"What are you doing?" Finn asked, as Magical Cooking Kurt opened the cabinet that contained their liquor and started pouring Mojito mix down the drain. "You said that the drain didn't like food!"


Kurt did indeed pause what he was doing, an appalled look on his face. Finn's pride grew. He had learned some super secret cooking skill after all. At least in his mind. Maybe Rachel was right about the hero thing. He definitely saved them the cost of the plumber. 


"They were Blaine's," his brother explained. "I want to be rid of them."


"Yeah, but remember the time I put baking soda in there?" 


Finn warned, recalling the incident and the shade of purple that Kurt had turned when the explosion had occurred. There had been two explosions that day: one from the plumbing and one very loud worse than his experience with the bomb one from Kurt himself. 


"Boom! And you got really mad at me." 


Kurt let out a wearied sigh, one that Finn knew meant that he was right and Kurt was wrong, despite how deeply that situation pained Kurt. 


"That is correct, Finn," he said, aimlessly setting the bottle down on the counter. "Thank you for reminding me of that costly endeavor of yours."


"You're welcome," he said, tugging Rachel over to wear a tray of cookies was cooling. "Is it time for me to help yet? Rachel wants to help too, she says Bee likes your cookies."


The compliment made Kurt brighten slightly, and he nodded, holding out a plate for the two of them and a spatula. "Please don't use your fingers, Finn," he added, by way of explanation. "The metal is still hot and you could hurt yourself."


"You should have some too," he decided. "Bee would like that."


Rachel had used the baby as a successful way to trick Finn into eating his gross nasty hospital food, and Kurt's cookies were way more awesomer than that, so he was certain he would be able to manipulate his baby brother via the same method, whether it was via Kurt's desire to humor him or his actual desire to please the baby. Finn thought that Kurt looked ridiculously thin all of a sudden, and he didn't approve of it. 


He knew that if he could tell, it had to be super obvious. 


Kurt smiled wryly at him, delicately choosing two cookies from the plate. "Alright," he said. "Fine."


"Can I wear your hat?" He asked, peering at it hopefully. "I promise I won't use it to cook."


Kurt sighed, pressing a hand to his head, before taking off the hat and placing it in Finn's hands. "Just this once," he told him. "I don't want you getting used to it."


"I can get rid of it for you," he offered, placing the hat on his head. "Blaine's stuff."