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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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Rachel held Finn for several minutes longer, enjoying his strong muscles pressing against her small form, and she was especially enjoying his special smell, providing him with the comfort that only she could give him. She really cherished moments like this, even though the causations of moments like those annoyed her. There was nothing she liked more than holding her husband, second only to the fact that she was able to hold him.


She would have stayed like that forever -- or at least until she'd have to go to the bathroom -- but her heightened sense of smell detected the presence of baking in the loft.


"Finn?" She whispered, murmuring into his neck. "What is Kurt making?"


Her husband immediately perked up, a goofy grin coming to his face. "Chocolate chip cookies," he informed her, tone filled with glee. "He said I could help. I hope he lets me be his official tester, I don't want to actually bake them."


Rachel somehow doubted that Kurt would let Finn do anything besides his prized official tester task, but she patted his head anyways, a pleased look on her face. "Go," she told him.


"Come with me?" He asked, and she melted when he gave her that look. "We can both taste test. The cookies have to meet Bee's seal of approval."


She giggled, allowing him to gently scoop her up, giggling louder -- she even let out a squeal -- when he nuzzled at her belly, the feeling of his stubble and the feeling of the baby's motions combining to make her rather ticklish.


"Of course," she agreed. "Bee likes everything her daddy likes."


This was true, much to the detriment of Rachel's vegetarian -- let alone her vegan -- ideals. Practically from the moment the test had turned positive, she had been craving meat. It had been traumatizing. But, at the time, she had -- once Kurt had calmed her down -- viewed it as an overseas connection between father and child, one that Finn had been all too pleased had developed when he returned home.


"Daddy likes everything Bee likes," Finn said in a rumbling tone, clearly directed to her belly. "'specially Mama, Daddy and Bee love Mama, we love her lots." He grinned at her; the baby kicked.


"You're a very eager girl, aren't you?" Rachel questioned her belly, feeling how active the baby had gotten when Finn had spoken to her. "Mama loves her Bee and Daddy."


Finn grinned at that, face flushed. "Course she's eager, babe," he said. "What else would she be, she's Rachel Hudson's daughter? And Rachel Hudson is the most eager person I know."


She felt her face redden, the color matching his. "Will you be okay tomorrow?" She asked him quietly. "I have class, and..."


He nodded. "And I'll be escorting you there and escorting you back," Finn informed her, gaze serious. "I'll be fine, Rach...I have a group I can go to. I thought I might check out some schools, if I felt up to it." He cleared his throat. "Maybe do some online courses so I can stay at home with Bee an' Mama an' Daddy can make something of themselves?"


"You'd do that?" She asked, pleased with that development.


"Yeah," he said, depositing her on the floor with great care and pressing a kiss on her forehead. "I'm not ready to do classes on campus with all the people, but I think I could take a couple online."


She squealed, wrapping her arms around him. "I'm so proud of you," she told him, pressing a wet kiss to his lips, allowing him to deepen it. "So proud."


"Yeah?" Finn asked, before kissing her again.


She nodded. "Yes. I'm exceedingly proud of you."


His hands found their way to her abdomen, and their little girl kicked. "She's proud, too?"


"Of course," she assured him. "She's always proud of her hero daddy."