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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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"You're just saying that," Kurt protested weakly, not moving his hand as the baby continued to kick. "She's got like a zillion uncles."


Finn stared at him, a guarded look coming over his face, and he regretted the comment. "She knows you're my brother," he informed him, rather flatly. "Therefore, you're her favorite." He watched as Finn slid his hand down Rachel's side, settling it over his. "You come first," he added. "You know that?"


He held back a sigh. "I know," he told him, thinking back to the days when essentially holding hands with Finn would have been enough material for a week of erotic dreams, when it was now simply an act of comfort. "You're a good dad," he added, noting the pleased look that graced Finn's features. Kurt felt confident in saying the statement, since he was certain Finn was a good father. It didn't matter that the baby wasn't born yet. Kurt knew that some people thought that you became a father when the baby was born, but he knew better. Especially with how much Finn loved his impending niece. And how caring he was of her mother. 


Her sleeping mother, Kurt amended, though he was surprised that Rachel could sleep through the movement. 


"She's tired," Finn explained. "Bumble Bee kicks like this a lot."


"Am I bothering the two of you?" He had to ask. Finn shook his head. 


"Nah, bro," he said, smiling at him, a look of pure pride on his face. "I''s alright. We'll be alright." Finn sighed, gaze dropping down to Rachel, who'd shifted in his arms so he could hold her tightly. Finn made a clucking sound as he cradled her close. 


"Of course you will be," Kurt soothed. "Tell me, how did your shopping trip go?"


Shopping -- the perfect thing to distract him from the events of the day. If he couldn't be the one shopping himself, he had the right to live through others. 


Even if the other in question was his shopping novice of a brother. Finn had known what a cape was the day before, and Kurt continued to be proud.


"It was good," Finn supplied, hands smoothing down Rachel's shirt. "We...we got her lotsa stuff," he informed him. "Did you know that babies grow? So Rach said we had to get her things that would grow with her."


The taller man looked at him sagely, and for Finn's benefit, Kurt neglected to inform him that he did in fact know that. Sometimes, benevolence was in order.








"I don't understand," Santana heard Brittany say, and she pulled her closer to her, letting her cuddle close on the bed. 


"What don't you understand, babe?" She queried, kissing the top of her head. Brittany let out a heavy sigh.


"Why did he do it?" Her tone was broken and with that Santana found a piece of her heart breaking -- she did have a heart, thank you very much -- and she matched her girlfriend's sigh. Brittany was more perspective than most people thought, and it hurt Santana when she was upset. "Blaine," she clarified, when Santana didn't respond. 


"He's a dick," she told her, planting a kiss on her forehead. "He's a dick and Lady Hummel deserves better."


Brittany nodded in agreement, her blue eyes squinting in thought. "He should apologize to Kurt and to Finn," she declared, locking eyes with Santana. "He's being so rude to them...I don't like it. Kurt was his boyfriend and Finn is still totally super sad sometimes."


"He wouldn't mean it," she whispered, eyes meeting the bedspread. "He would lie."


"I know," she whined, the pout reappearing. "It's stupid. I wish there was something we could do to help."


An idea entered Santana's mind, and she knew it was one that Brittany would approve of. "We can distract them," she told her, linking pinkies with her. 


Her girlfriend squealed. "Distract them how? With our lady kisses?" The idea was tempting, but Santana shook her head. 


"I think it will have to do with the Frankenteen's spawn," she informed her, smirking at the name. Brittany shot her a pointed look.


"That's not nice, Sanny," she told her. "That's Lord Tubbington's best friend."


The fat cat had taken a shine to Shorter Hudson's bump, Santana had to admit. Perhaps it was because of the baby. At the very least, Finn's Bumble Bee -- what a ridiculous nickname, she thought -- had distracted the cat from watching their lady loving. 


"Sorry, Britts," she said, sincere. "Are you game?"


Brittany giggled, flashing her a grin. "Totally," she breathed.