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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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One month previously


The doctors had told Rachel that Finn was well enough to transition from the VA to home the next day, and to say she was a wonderful combination of nervous, relieved, scared, and grateful was putting it mildly. He had been stuck in that hospital for over two months. Frankly, the nausea she got every time she entered the building did not bode well with the fact that she was pregnant. She had already decided that she would sooner give birth in an alley than in any building related to the military. 


Much to her relief, Kurt had somehow given everyone that had been sitting vigil pertinent tasks to do (even Brittany), and, therefore, she and Finn were finally alone. It wasn't that she wasn't grateful for everyone's help -- Rachel knew full well that she'd needed everyone's help -- but she missed it being just her and her husband. 


Still, that didn't explain why she was nervously standing in the doorframe to his hospital room, afraid to disturb him. 


"Rach?" She heard him call over in her general direction. "What's wrong? Is it the baby?" She belatedly realized that standing dumbstruck in Finn's line of sight with her hand on her abdomen would be likely to lead him to thinking those thoughts. 


She decided to simply cross the room to him, sitting beside him in the most comfortable chair. "Nothing's wrong," she promised him, squeezing the hand he'd offered her. "We're fine, you don't have to worry, she is fine."


"Why won't you sit with me?," he asked, as he stared at her with those big brown eyes, a pout gracing his features. "You know, you can, right? I'm not going to break if my pregnant wife lays with me. I promise." 


Rachel really couldn't resist, nor did she particularly want to, especially since Finn so clearly wanted to cuddle with her. She wasn't particularly thrilled with the fact that he had been practically blown up, but she had to admit she wasn't going to complain about the fact that he was being granted a full military pension, or about the fact that his career had abruptly ended. Especially since he now got to experience her pregnancy up close and personal. That made her happy. 


"They say I can go home," he remarked, and she nodded, allowing him to pull her close. "You want me to go home, Rach? You're okay with me?"


"Of course," she assured him, allowing him to rest his hand on her abdomen, though it was incredibly sensitive to touch at the moment. "You're my husband," she promised. "I want to be a family with you."


"An' with Kurt and Satan, right?," he mumbled, into her hair. "They're still there, right? They took care of my girls, right?" 


"Yes," she soothed. "Yes, they took very good care of your girls. And they'll still be there." She kissed him on the cheek. "I think she likes that," she informed him, referring to the baby. The slight motions that she'd been feeling every so often over the past couple days had started up again, with every touch Finn gave. 


Finn smiled like the cat eating a canary, an expression of pure bliss on his face as he traced hearts on her belly, his usual clumsiness erased whenever he was doing anything with their baby. Or, actually, with her. Their walks around the hospital had been completely devoid of her husband's two left feet, and she'd noticed the glares he'd given everyone who came within his Finn-deemed appropriate boundaries. Including his own mother! Rachel had explained that Carole was allowed to say hello to her granddaughter, but she was certain Finn begged to differ. 


"I can't wait," he told her. "Being with you...being with her...being better," he rambled. "Rach, babe, I am so sorry I got hurt. I am so sorry that I disappointed you, everyone. I'm so sorry I'm here."


"You didn't disappoint me," she promised. "Or anyone else. Finn..." She tenderly caressed his side, rubbing her fingers over his healing scars. "You're my hero. You could never disappoint me."


He let out a happy sigh, leaning into her touch, and she kissed him on the cheek. 


"Do you think I'll be okay?," he asked her softly. "I'm so scared, Rach. Sometimes it's like I'm still there."


She looked up at him, really looked at him, and she nodded. "I think you will be, eventually," she promised him, noting his relieved sigh. "And I want you to know that you will always be okay with me."


"You promise?," he whispered. She nodded. 


"Yes, Finn, I promise."


He sighed in response. "Rach?" He asked softly, and she looked up at him, running her hands through his hair. It was longer now, she noted. "Can I see your belly?"


She felt herself flushing deeply, but she nodded encouragingly all the same. Finn was her husband, their daughter's father, he was entitled to see her belly and she knew he wouldn't make fun of her or make her feel uncomfortable, because he was a good guy. So, Rachel lifted up her shirt -- well, Finn's shirt -- taking her hair out of its ponytail so she could tie the shirt up above her bump, wanting him to get the full experience. "Do you like it?," she asked softly, noting that Finn's expression was one of awe. 







Finn nodded, carefully sitting up, his hand reaching out to caress her belly, which had gotten really big -- not that Finn would say that out loud, he knew better -- since the last time they'd video chatted. He'd missed seeing her belly -- that was their baby, their daughter, his little girl -- but he had to admit that he couldn't blame Rachel for not displaying her stomach when they were in mixed company. He didn't know if he wanted anyone to see it, really, he liked it being something between the two of them. Plus, she was blushing, which he thought was super hot.


"You're pregnant," he responded, about to curse himself for the stupidity of the response, when she giggled at him and kissed him on the lips. "Wow, babe. You're pregnant."


"I know," she said, in a dreamy tone, a ear splitting grin on her face. "I'm sorry I didn't show you sooner."


"'s alright," he promised, eying her abdomen reverently. "'m glad you waited until we were alone," he added, choking back the lump in his throat. "When I'm home, can I see it more?"


"Of course," she assured him. "All the time, Finn."


"'s cool, then," he chirped, focusing his attention on her bump, feeling the best he'd felt in awhile. "Hi, baby," he breathed. "'m your daddy, hi. I'm home now, I'm never gonna leave you or Mama again." He grinned up at Rachel. "Promise, babe."


"I know," she told him, blinking rapidly. "I know."


"No, don't be sad," he breathed. "Rachel, don't cry."


"I can't help it," she murmured. "I'm hormonal."


He reached up and wiped her tears away with the pads of his thumbs. "You're exhausted," he stated. "You should nap with me."


Rachel had opened her mouth to protest, but let out a giant yawn instead. She snuggled up against him, her belly flush against his side, and he looped his arms around her, hoping she felt secure. 


"I've missed this," Rachel whispered, snuggling closer. He grinned. "'m tired." 


He pressed a kiss to her temple. "It's okay, go to sleep," he encouraged. "I'll still be here." He felt her snuggle closer to him. 


"Will you sing us a lullaby?," she asked, yawning widely. "I think she'd like it."


Finn nodded. "Yeah, of course." 


Rachel fell asleep midway through the first verse of Baby Mine, which he remembered his mother singing to him when he was a toddler, her legs wrapped around his good one as she snored, her face buried into his armpit. He was glad he had showered, he hadn't realized she would be doing that. He reached out to touch her bump, petting it gently. There was nothing he wanted more than to finally meet their baby. 


"Love you," he murmured, referring to both Rachel and their little one. "Can't wait to meet you."