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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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"Where are you going?" Blaine had the gall -- that had been a word of the day on one of Kurt's calenders over the course of their brotherhood, and Finn was fairly certain he was using it correctly -- to demand. "Surely you aren't going to tell him?"


He felt his temper rise, his fists clenched with rage. "And why shouldn't I tell my brother about his cheating boyfriend?" Finn had been cheated on before, and those had been non-serious high school relationships. He had also been the cheater. Finn was still fairly certain that his actions with Quinn when she had been dating Sam were nothing compared to Blaine cheating on the person he had been dating for -- Finn mentally counted -- five years. "The hell, Blaine?"


"It's not cheating if it's a girl," Blaine informed him, and Finn contemplated his words for approximately half a second, before deciding that it was the dumbest thing Finn had ever heard. And he had heard a lot of dumb things. "Really, Finn, we have different parts. So it's alright!" There it was again. Blaine's light, airy, condescending tone, which he wore when he was trying to make Finn feel like he was a total moron. 


"You're full of it," he said darkly, shoving Blaine roughly. "You have no right!"


"No right for what? To be happy?" His former pseudo-future-brother-in-law demanded. 


"I don't care if you're happy or not!," Finn exclaimed,  getting an uppercut in on Blaine's jaw, satisfied when the smaller man (though Finn didn't think he deserved that descriptor) let out a howl of pain, clutching his hand to his face. The crack of his jaw had proceeded that action. "You lied to my brother and you lied to him about something that you shouldn't have lied to him about, and that's not Kosher, forget about the fact that you cheated."


"And forget about how you treated me!" He decided. "Forget that! Just...just go fuck yourself."


"I don't need to!" Was Blaine's response. The coward beat a hasty retreat.


Luckily for the sanity of Blaine's neighbors, Finn was able to quickly hail a cab, though he wanted to kick the hell out of their public fire box.


Finn Hudson was the maddest that he had ever been ever in his 21 years on this planet.


When Kurt had come home in tears from his date with the deserting Blaine, Finn had immediately gone into protective older brother mode, even putting on his knee brace so his assault on the former Warbler wouldn't be marred by his chronic pain. He had stormed over to Blaine's apartment, having the sense to take a cab, rather than walk to Greenwich Village, though only because Rachel had suggested it on his way out the door. His wonderful wife had settled down on the couch with Kurt, and she had convinced him to watch a Project Runway marathon. 


Kurt had been crying. No, not crying. Kurt had been sobbing. And since he had come into the loft sobbing those horribly loud wails, Finn was certain that he had been crying the entire way there. 


Considering that his brother had been that upset about what he thought was a simple case of being stood up? Well, Finn would have killed Blaine with his bare hands if he hadn't remembered about the baby. He wouldn't do her any good in a prison cell on a murder charge.


He was so focused on his anger that he barely acknowledged that he had arrived back at the loft, though he was mindful enough to pay the cabbie and not storm angrily up the stairs. 


He managed to get the key in the lock and opened the door, surprised when he saw both wife and brother sound asleep, curled up together like cats. Despite his angry mood, he couldn't help smile. 






Rachel awoke to find herself stretched out on their couch, head pillowed on Finn's lap and her feet resting on Kurt's, and she blinked in surprise, eyes widening at the time on her cell phone. Somehow she had slept the entirety of the night on the sofa! And she had no idea when Finn had come home, but how on earth had he let them sleep until 10:45? She was beyond appalled with herself, and she had missed the majority of her classes. Plus, the baby was pressing on her bladder, so she desperately had to pee. She gently extracted herself from the Furt sandwich, pressing a kiss on her husband's forehead before she went to the bathroom. Finn made a content snuffling sound, his nose scrunching up in the most adorable manner. 


She made quick use of the bathroom, deciding that she could play hooky from school for one day, hoping to catch a few more minutes of shut eye. 


"You left," her husband noted, voice filled with sleep, upon her return. "Where'd you go? Don' leave, mama."


She blushed at his latest nickname for her, obliging him by settling back in her previous spot, though she snuggled closer to him. 


"Your daughter was kicking my bladder," she informed him, shooting him a pout. His hands found their way into her hair. "I promise, I'm not going to leave. Why didn't you wake me last night?"


"You an' Kurt were knocked out, babe," he said. "I tried to move you but you wouldn't budge. So I put on my pajamas and joined you."


She wrapped her arms around his middle, staring up at him. "Something's wrong," she declared. "Did you have a good night?"


Finn sighed. "I'm fine," he promised, and she could hear the truth in his voice. "We'll talk more about it, later, okay? You smell good."


Rachel was about to inform her husband that it was certainly not okay, but he nodded in Kurt's direction, and she silently agreed to drop the matter. Finn was stroking her hair, and it felt so nice, why would she ruin that by fighting with him? She sighed with pleasure as her husband's hands left her hair and ghosted down her body, noting the pleased look on his face in response to her sounds. He was being so affectionate, lately, and she loved it. 


"You can say hi to her, if you want," she murmured, pleased when he inched up the loose cotton top that she'd slept in, placing a large, callused, hand on her bare skin. The cool metal from his wedding band was a pleasant surprise, as was the fact that their baby stopped her interest in Rachel's left kidney and focused her attention on the spot just above her belly button where Finn had settled his hand. "The two of you are on the same schedule, I think."


"What do you mean?," he asked, his tone curious. "Really?"


She nodded. "Yeah, she's not usually this playful at this time," she explained. "Usually her daddy is up with the birds and therefore so is she."


"I want to see you before you go to class," Finn murmured, his eyes earnest. "Gotta make sure you're alright before I let you go."


She nuzzled his abdomen, giving him butterfly kisses. "I'm all yours, today," she informed him. "We're all yours."


He beamed, his grin only growing wider when their bumble bee (she thought Finn's nickname for the baby was so sweet) grew more and more active, kicking and punching like there was no tomorrow. 


"I think she likes that, babe," he breathed. "I know I like that." He pressed his palms flat against her belly. Bumble totally approved. "Hi Bee," he whispered. "Whoa."


"I was thinking you and I could go baby shopping for Bumble Bee?," she suggested, pleased when Finn's response was to essentially start wriggling in excitement. 


"Can we really?," he asked her. "She's going to be the most loved little girl in the entire world."


"Yes, especially with her daddy around," she assured him. "I know you love her, Finn. So does she."


"Love her so much," he murmured, lips pressed against her neck, arms holding her as close to him as she could possibly get. "Can't wait to meet her."







Finn was glad to have a happier occasion to wear his knee brace, and he was even happier that he didn't need to use his crutches that day and was therefore able to walk around the baby store with Rachel arm in arm, completely overwhelmed and in awe by the enormity of the place. Okay, so, technically, he had his arms wrapped around Rachel, one around her waist, to protect Bumble Bee, and the other around her shoulders, just because he could. He was so proud of his wife and so proud of being her husband. 


"He didn't just stand Kurt up," he blurted out, and Rachel stared at him, brow creased in worry. 


"What happened, honey?," she asked, confused. "Finn?"


He eyed the ground, very much interested in the state of the floor. "He lied to Kurt, he's been lying to him since after your party during junior year. And that means he lied to you too. And to everyone. But especially to Kurt and you."


Rachel blinked, a thoughtful look gracing her features. "Are you saying he's bi? Finn, how did this come up?"


"There was a woman there," he admitted. "And Blaine said he wasn't cheating because the parts were different. I know that's not true."


She bit her lip (fuck, Finn thought it was so sexy when she did that, no matter how inopportune the venue or the conversation, he was 21 after all, and coming off a deployment), tucking a strand of hair behind her ear before she responded. "You're right, that is cheating," she said. "And yet that troubles me less than Blaine's years of deceit. I mean, why would you lie about that?"


He shrugged. "I think Kurt made some comment about not believing in bisexuality after you two kissed," he admitted. "But he told me that he was just hurt and upset. I mean, it was kind of a douche move, you know? Blaine knew that Kurt had a thing for him, an' --" 


Rachel cut him off. "Wait, Blaine told me that Kurt didn't like him," she said, eyes narrowing. "But you think he knew?"


"Babe," he said, not liking thinking about how she had kissed or dated Blaine, even if it was only for one date. "Babe, I know he knew. Kurt told me about it during one of our milk chats. And he was so upset, babe. I'm sure he didn't mean it, because he totally hoped I was bi, before our parents got together."


She linked her fingers with his, and the simple gesture calmed him immensely. Rachel was good at that, though. She always knew how to calm him down, how to make him realize that he was going to be okay. She was such a good wife. And she was going to be such a good mom. 


"Can we buy her that?," Finn asked, hoping to change the subject, eyeing a giant stuffed bumble bee that was on display. Rachel followed his gaze, and he saw the smile on her face. "Please, it's perfect. A bumble bee for our Bumble Bee."


"Of course," she said, smiling up at him. "We can get her whatever you want."


"I want to get her the bee," he decided.