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===> Be The Homestuck Fandom

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Hello, BlackDevilWhiteDemon here! This is a pick your path story. So you are Homestuck Fandom and at the end of every chapter you need to comment on which choice you want to do. When I feel like updating I will count the comments and the choice with more votes is the action Homestuck will do. I made this out or pure boredom, so sorry if I do not update as much as you like. ^^”


You woke up; as usual your clothes were coved in soper slime. You slept with them on because you were afraid Hetalia might barge in at any given moment. Which, in your defense, he does; a lot. Oh well. Time to see if your brothers are awake.

You step into your hygieneblock and clean all the soper slime off of you. Ending the shower and drying yourself off you put on clean clothes and start to apply your make up paint. Oh yeah! Don’t forget to seal it too. You wouldn’t want it smudging everywhere. Unless it would be smudging all over Supernatural’s oh-so- precious teach coat of his. But then again, that’ll probably just make him mad and throw salt into your eyes…

Getting done with the finishing touches you walk downstairs to see your older brother, Jailbreak. As usual he was staring out the window. With…a piece of toast in his mouth? He’s usually finished with it by the time you’re down here. Whatever. You’re not going to question it. “H3y br0.” You think he blinks two times before turning to face you. He just blankly stares at you and blinks again. Maybe he’s not talking because there’s a piece of toast in his mouth. Well, it’s about time you get yourself some breakfast, go on. Open the box of DOOM.

I mean the refrigerator, open the refrigerator.

You walk past your brother and up to the box-which-holds-food, and grab the handle. Opening the thermal hull you grab…something. I’m not even sure what that is. Is that some type of troll food or something? I’m only human here. Anyway, you…don’t warm up whatever that is that you’re eating? Ok. That’s nice.

You finish up your meal and go back to your respiteblock. You need your jacket still. Walking back upstairs you turn down the hall into your respiteblock. Grabbing a random jacket with a picture of a broken record on it, you slip it on. Heading back downstairs you don't see your brother anymore. You go around the area where the window is and you still don't see him. "Uh, that's w3iird. Usually h3's stiill h3r3 wiith br3adcrumbs on hiis fac3 0r s0m3thiing..." Giving the window a skeptical look as if you were interrogating it, you turn around and check if he's in the front lawnring.

Bad mistake.

Your dad was waiting outside for you. Of course he had traps laid out before him. He was also holding a broom. Well, that’s smart.
"Hello son that I love very much. How was your morning?" You narrow your eyes at him. His greeting and question were making you a tad bit nervous but, the traps laid out reassured you he was only acting.

"Uhhh...hii? Wh3r3's Jaiilbr3ak? H3 was by th3 wiind0w a miinut3 ag0." He just smiled at you. OK, well, not really smiling since he technically doesn’t have a mouth but, you could tell he was smiling by his eyes.

"Oh, your brother? He's fine. Just out with... What's his name?" He muttered the last part. "Oh yeah! Paradox space."

You raise an eyebrow at him. "0k. What’s wiith the traps?"

"Just a test Homestuck, now come to your father."

Yeah, right. As if I’m going to fall for that. You rolled your eyes at him. Although you might as well just run though the traps and see what he wants. Besides, for some reason; you feel really concern for your brother’s safety. But I don’t want to- JUST DO IT.

"Why d0 y0u hav3 a br00m wiith y0u?" You asked, trying to stall the moment you’re gonna have to run though the traps. Your eyes obviously showing dread as what is to come.

"Reasons. Now just your ass over here." Your dad tighten his grip on the broom stick.

You frowned. "Fiine." Then you ran and shit holy, you forgot how crazy your dad was.

Sprinting pass a bear trap, you narrowly miss it. You jump over a pretty large squeak beast trap and stop right in front of a guillotine. You gotta be shittin me. WHERE THE FUCK DID *THIS* EVEN COME FROM??? Nevermind that, Karkat! I’m not-SHUT UP! What I say goes. Just walk around it. Alright, hold you hoof beasts. You walk around the guillotine, still wondering where it came from. You pass the historically old death device, casting one last glance at it before continuing on your journey. Next up, was a pit. Nope, not even gonna look down there. Jogging pass that possibly never-ending abyss, you come face to face with a rope climbing wall. You’re not exactly sure how you didn’t see this earlier, but whatever now; you’ve missed weirder things before. “Ugh! Ar3 y0u s3rii0us?” Not wanting to bother actually using the rope to get up there, you use your claws to quickly get on the other side. Unfortunately there wasn’t any type of cushioning on the other side. “Ack!” Well, besides grass of course. “0k, that’s iit.” You said rubbing your back, slightly frustrated. “II’m d0n3!” You stomp over to your dad like a wiggler, and technically you still are a wiggler. How old are you? About 3.5 sweeps? That’s not very old. Good thing it looks like you’re 6.

You walk up to your dad, ignoring the other traps such as a wall of fire, spikes, and a metal trap door. You’re not even surprised at this point. “Th3r3!  II’m h3r3. What d0 y0u want?”

He looked at you. “Awww you didn’t go thought all of the traps yet. Did you know how early I had to get up to set these all up?”

You rolled your eyes at him. “D0 y0u thiink II car3?” He shook his head and chuckled a bit. As if you just told his some naive hopeful line a small child would say.

“Well,” he began, “you know exactly where this is going…” He held the broom in an offensive way, ready to attack at any moment. You knew exactly what he meant; your dad could make a broom a VERY deadly weapon. You went into a defensive pose, using only your fists as your weapon. Huh…let’s recap, shall we?

Your name is the Homestuck Fandom and your lusace dad is trying to kill you. What should you do?

===> Go to your moirail’s hive house.

===> Fight the Huss. Confront your dad.