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Avyanna looks around, her baby brother Xavier was still asleep , the trip to the human world. She came up with fake names, Wilhelmine for Avyanna. Elymas for Xavier. She prepared for this trip, now they leave their family, friends, and everything. Avyanna hopes Xeno wasn't lying about the human world.

It's time to leave their demon pasts forever.

"Avyanna, what are you doing! Come back, Stop!" Mom shouts.

Mom runs towards her.

"I'm sorry..."

Avyanna steps through the portal .



Avyanna sighs.

Her 3 months with her mother ended, and now she's with Isaac. A stupid old person, who believes she should act like a young lady, a perfect little girl who shouldn't fight, disrespect people, be a housewife, and shouldn't fight. Avyanna has a twin brother, Elymas, one adopted sibling, and 3 half siblings. She hates living with Isaac. When she's with Isabel, she just has to go to her room when she’s bad. Here, she’s hit.

Let's talk about her fake family.

Isaac Nguyen, married Aliza Daniels, 2 years before he married Isabel, the closest thing she has to a mother. Issac adopted Sai, who is now 19, with Aliza. They both knew there was something off about him but they still loved them. Aliza and Issac treat Sai like they're more important than everyone else in this house. They don't know that he is a demon. They never know anything.

Two years after father married Isabel, who took Elymas and Avyanna in, father got Aliza pregnant with Izzi and Opali Nguyen. 7 year old, Izzi and Opali have to play, sleep, and eat and they'll be fine.

One year after Izzi and Opali were born, pregnant Aliza became, and gave birth to Quin.

Quin, is a 6 years old boy, who loves having tantrums. If does not get his toy, tantrum. If he does not have his favorite dinner, tantrum. Everything he doesn't get but wants equals a tantrum.

Avyanna wishes that she wasn't so dumb when she was 8.

She wants to go home.

Issac put Avyanna on the pills, Floatek. He said the pills are for calming people down. Avyanna is sure they don't work, when she takes the pills, she feels like floating out the house.

It's time Avyanna gets some rest, who knows what she'll experience tomorrow.

Aliza made Avyanna cook breakfast, because Avyanna cooks better than her. Alice acts like she made the food, only Xavier knows Avyanna makes the food.

“Where the hell,”  Sai growls . “is my food?”

“, I must have forgotten to make you some!” Alice shakes her head.

Avyanna giggles.

Sai scowled. “What are you laughing at?”

“Sorry, looks like your not eating today. Hehe.” Avyanna laughs

“Avyanna!” Issac shouts. “You are fifteen years old, act like a young lady.”

Avyanna gasps “What!?”

She glares at Isaac. “Stop telling me to be a young lady !”

“Stop being a brat Wilhelmine, and be a lady.” He sighs.

Avyanna stood up and ran to her room. She’s always being told to be thi, do this, do that! . She's tired of everything. Hopefully these ‘Floatek’ pills actually work, she needs  to calm down.


Avyanna opened the bottle, she put one pill in her hand. She put the pill and her mouth and swallows it.  She waits 10 minutes, but nothing happens.

‘These pills are a lie,’ Avyanna though angrily ‘ It makes me feel like I’m floating, these pills do not calm me down!’

“Fuck it, I’m going to sleep.”

‘Am I dreaming? Why am I falling?’

Avyanna turns herself around, she can feel the wind on her face.

‘This is not a dream, I’m really about to die.’

Avyanna holds in her scream.

‘I have to accept this.’

She let tears fall, as she hit the ground.


Blossoming Entrance


Avyanna gasped when as she wakes. She let her eyes adjust to the place she's in. She’s lying in Black Lily Primroses, her favorite kind of flower. She picked one, and put it in her hair. She giggles. “I was waiting for you to wake up.”  d.  

“GTGHTTJ, how did you get here?” Avyanna asks

“I took those pills Isaac prescribed for us.” yhfju sighs


“Wait, who was that? Who was I talking to? Who are you?” Avyanna calls out.

Nobody Came.

Avyanna looks around. "Hello?" She walks to an entrance.

As Avyanna walks into the room, she saw a doll.

It stands up.


“Hiya, I’m Katie, Katie the Doll!”