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Too Loud

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Hoseok had been teasing you all through dinner, letting his fingers ghost up your thigh, past your flowing black skirt and rubbing over the cloth of your lace underwear that was starting to become wetter and wetter due to your boyfriend’s actions.

You were sure your bottom lip was red and swollen because you had been biting it all night, attempting to hold back the loud moans that were threatening to spill past your lips.

Even during the car ride home, when you all piled into the manager’s van, Hoseok was still whispering filthy things in your ear, getting you worked up with promises of what he was going to do to you when you two got back to the dorms.

Just as he had said, he practically dragged you into his room and shut the door, locking it behind him before pressing you up against it and immediately attaching his lips to your neck, sucking deep purple marks into the soft skin.

Finally, you were able to let out a soft moan, but you tried not to be too loud because you didn’t want the boys hearing. You wouldn’t be able to live it down if they were to hear you and Hoseok having sex.

Hoseok snapped you out of your thoughts by getting down on his knees in front of you and pulling down your skirt. He tossed the material across the room and then his focus was back on you. You noticed that his eyes held a certain glint in them that they only had when he was up to something.

Before you could ask him what that something was, the sound of material tearing filled the otherwise quiet room, making you gasp as you watched one of your favorite pairs of underwear being ripped off of you by your boyfriend.

“Hoseok, I liked those,” you scolded with a sigh and he only laughed at you before leaning in and licking a bold stripe up your clit, smirking at the breathy moan you released in response.

He continued at a fast pace, making your hands find their way into his hair, grabbing onto the soft strands for dear life as your head fell back against the door with a dull thud.

“Hoseok,” you breathed, spurring him on even more as one of his hands moved from your thigh up to your heat and slipped two fingers easily inside you, thrusting them in and out along with the pace of his tongue.

“Shit,” you muttered to yourself as you felt your peak approaching faster than you, or Hoseok for that matter, had expected. When he felt you clench around his fingers, you knew you were close and quickly pulled away, causing you to let out a groan of disapproval.

A second later, he was in standing face-to-face with you again, this time crashing his lips onto yours. You could taste yourself on his tongue as it slipped past your own lips and fought for dominance against yours.

You felt him turn you around and start backing you up slowly, careful not to let you run into anything, and once you reached the bed, he pushed you down onto the mattress.

He admired you lying on your back, half naked, as he undid his tie and started to remove his own clothes, taking his time because he knew how much it killed you to wait.

“You’re such an ass,” you muttered as he teasingly removed his boxers, the last thing to go before he was completely exposed.

“You love me, though,” he said as a smile spread across his face, making your heart melt.

“You wish,” you replied, rolling your eyes as he removed the fabric the rest of the way and got onto the bed, hovering above you. His lips met yours again in a kiss that was just as passionate, if not more, than the last. His hands simultaneously worked to get your shirt and bra off.

Once you, too, were fully naked, Hoseok’s lips made their way down your body, teasing every inch of skin before moving back up and sucking more marks in your neck.

You lifted up your hips slightly, making Hoseok’s length brush up against you and you smiled in victory when he let out a low moan.

“Babygirl you’re gonna get it,” he said and you felt a shiver go down your spine at the words whispered in your ear.

Before you even knew what was happening, Hoseok had lined himself up with your entrance and pushed in, causing you to let out a loud moan in surprise. Hoseok only chuckled, your loud noises not embarrassing him at all. He didn’t care who heard you.

He set a fast pace from the very beginning, all the years of dancing making his stamina incredible. You quickly wrapped your legs around his waist, making him hit a new spot inside you that caused you to let out a long string of curses and loud moans.

At this point, the pleasure was so unbelievable that you had completely forgotten there was anyone else in the house and your loud moans were spilling past your lips with every thrust that Hoseok made inside you.

He hit your g-spot every time, making you see stars as your hands made their way to his back, clawing at the skin and causing him to let out his own groans of pleasure.

Because of all the built up teasing, you could feel yourself coming closer and closer to your climax. You clenched around Hoseok and when he looked at you, he knew that you were about to cum.

He quickly pulled out of you and your eyes shot open, glaring at him. “What the fuck did yo-”

“Get on your hands and knees,” he ordered, ignoring your glares as he watched you do as you were told. When you were in the spot he told you to be in, he entered you again and the new position caused him to hit even deeper places inside you. You let out loud moans because you could feel your organsm building again, and Hoseok let out moans too, telling you that you were so tight and you felt so good.

You could feel Hoseok twitch inside you, signaling that he was about to cum.

“Come on baby,” he leaned in and whispered in your ear, “Come for me princess.”

That was all it took for you to clench around him as your orgasm hit you at full force and if it weren’t for Hoseok holding you up, you would have collapsed by now.

He pulled out of you shortly after, getting up and walking into the connected bathroom and getting a warm washcloth to clean you up with.

Hoseok wiped the cum off your thighs and left kisses of the marks he had left across your skin, causing your heart to flutter at the kind action.

It was about fifteen minutes later when you waddled into the kitchen to get a glass of water and maybe a sandwich.

“Ah Hoseok that feels so good don’t stop~” you heard someone moan in a high-pitched voice from the living room. You immediately identified the voice as Taehyung’s and you tried to ignore it as you continued with what you were doing.

“Mmm Hoseok p-please,” Namjoon was the next to moan.

“Oh my god would you guys shut up,” you yelled, causing all them to laugh.

“Your voice sounds a little hoarse, Y/N,” Jungkook said, “I guess it must be from all that screaming you just did.”

You ignored their teasing and went back into Hoseok’s room, standing at the foot of the bed and glaring at him.

“They’re making fun of me,” you pouted and he let out a laugh.

“Yeah I heard,” Hoseok replied, “They’re just jealous, though.”

You blushed at his words, having never thought of it that way, but then Hoseok did something that made your blush deepen even more.

“Oh shit, Y/N, another round??” Hoseok said loudly, “I guess we can if you want to.”

“Jung Hoseok I’m going to fucking murder you.”