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Lawson Has His Fun

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Being a fifth grader was hard work. Especially after whomping some fourth graders at kickball. When both grades were fighting, he decided to slip into Third Street Elementary to get away from that ruckus and get himself some much deserved victory water from one of the fountains.

Sure that call may have been bullspit, but it'll go down in those history books as a win, and there ain't nothin' those fourth graders can do about it. Lawson's face spread in a toothy grin.

"LAWSON!" That voice sounded particularly familiar. He knew it was one of them girls but he was trying to remember which one of them sounded like that. The four eyes girl? His answer came when that girl in the pigtails and one of them beanie hats rounded a corner coming full bore at him. Lawson would have jumped if he didn't remember that she was all bark but no bite.

"Oh. One of dirtweiler's friends. Have you come to bask in my glory?" he said, finishing with a high-fallutin' pose.

Lawson was caught off guard worse than a ball to the face because at least them fourth graders don't throw so hard. He was clocked right in the jaw. Just where she could reach him. Lawson almost lost his step. Years of sports like soccer gave him the right foot work to stop from falling or trippin'.

Spinelli had ignored it at first but after that punch she had to start rubbing her fist. The pain was too much. "You know whompin' well that if it wasn't for that 'in cahoots with you five graders' referee call, we would have won that game!" Lawson wasn't paying attention to what was being said. His chin and mouth were still sore and he was checking to see if anything came loose. It really rattled his teeth together. What she so rudely referred to is maybe he was touched by the ball before being declared safe.

"Now that may be the case and all, but guess what? You and your friends are still LOSERS! L-O-S-A-R-S!" Oh heck did I just spell it like that? He shook his head. Ah heck who cares? Not like anybody that mattered heard him.

"What are you gonna do Spinelli? You think hitting somebody bigger and stronger than you's gonna solve somethin'?" He lowered his jaw at her, goading her on.

"It just might!" She swung again with the less sore left hand. Lawson was ready this time. Catching her fist in his right hand. Lawson was gonna laugh at the lack of power in this one. He realised though that she was using the wrong hand.

"Aw. Did the poow wittle baby hurt her itty bitty hand?" He squeezed her small hand which resulted in a loud groan of pain.

"Ah! Can it Lawson and let me go!" She lunged forward but Lawson kept her at bay by still holding her fist in a death grip and pushing her back with it.

"You know what I think would be a treat for you? A trip to the boys room." Spinelli's eyes opened wide. Her fear was tender to him. So, so tender.

Spinelli tried to clamp her boots down and hold steady. Wasn't working. "Lawson come on you know I was just kidding. Right?" Lawson's smile grew bigger as he dragged her with him to that little insignia stamped door with the stick figure. "I'll do your homework for a week... a month! Please Lawson!" Her desperation was like having some gatorade after a game. Delicious.

And like that, the door swung open. Spinelli put up a fight with her sore hand. Gripping at the side of the entrance. It didn't take long for her strength and stamina to wear out and soon she was flung inside.

Spinelli was exhausted. Not like she had been doing anything strenuous. With just this and what happened, it wore her out.

Seeing Spinelli like this. On all fours. Panting for air. It gave the red haired boy a feeling he hadn't felt in a memory he had long forgotten. When him and his cousin Mary experimented together when he was about in the third grade. Those were good times. Memories he kept himself warm with at night. Mmhmmm. She was the youngest and prettiest thing. Still is.

Spinelli on the other hand? Geeze. Look at her. No sense of bein' a girl. Tangled hair held together with some string. The leather jacket. Not to mention the boots. She reminded him of his aunt who still wasn't married. He remembered something somebody called her when they were out eating. A dyke I think. Whatever the heck that meant. Whatever it was, Spinelli reeked of it.

"Hey Spinelli. What does it feel like to be with a real man for once?" He paced around her. "I bet Dumbweiler never even got to first base with you!"

Her breathing was long and paced before she gasped and replied. "I. Don't. Like. Him. Like. That."

Lawson was audibly disgusted. "Oh don't tell me it's that gussler kid you got the hots for." Spinelli, even in this moment of ultimate shame, had to give Lawson a dirty look for that. "Who am I to judge?" Lawson just shrugged his shoulders with a cocky smirk.

Spinelli knew when to call it quits and let out a sigh. "Alright Lawson. You win." She started pushing herself up off the disgusting boy's room floor. "I mean this was fun and all but uh..."

"Not so fast... Ashley." Lawson really bit into the fruit that was saying that name. "You still owe me one for that sock of marbles to the face." Furthering his point, he rubbed his fingers underneath his chin.

"You already did by dragging me in here and... and..." Spinelli removed her hands from the ground, sitting up on her covered knees "Making me touch and sit on hundreds of pounds of boy cooties." She thrust her hands forward to Lawson to show him the school yard germs.

"Oh I think I'm gonna be sick." He feigned. Spinelli was only able to think for a second that Lawson might lay off. That's when he bust out with his gut laughing, unable to hold it back. He had to hold his sides together before he fell apart. Spinelli wasn't exactly surprised but her mouth still was gaping. "No no no. You still owe me for not addressing me as your lord and master Earwin Lawson The Greatest of all time at Kickball!"

"... You're not serious."

Lawson had begun circling her. "Do I sound like I'm joking?"

Another sigh. Spinelli wondered to herself about how she got herself into these messes. Lawson had begun tapping his shoe behind her. "Lawson you're... the greatest at kickball." She said it in a whisper. Like trying to say something with ashes in your mouth, nothing good came from it. Without a notice, her face and body smashed against the ground. She felt an intense weight on top of her back. With a smooshed face, she tried to look at and say something to Lawson.

"Sorry Spinster, it's too late for that." Lawson didn't want to bide anymore time and wanted to get to the nitty gritty stuff.

Even with a smooshed cheek against a bathroom floor, she was able to angrily say "Then what'd you make me do that for!?"

"Gee. Why would I want to humiliate you even further than I did? That's a mystery I gotta send into them Y-files folks." Lawson basked in his joke. His older sister used to let him stay up to watch Y-files. Really spooky stuff. Like the guy who had his face eaten by some alien creature. He doubted Spinelli had seen it. She's too much of a baby after all. "Nah. I got something different planned for you." He grabbed the arms that were attempting to flail and strike him, then pulled them to the top of her head, almost making them clap together with the force he used. He clasped them together. His body had instinctively began reacting to all of this and the thing in his pants was begging to get out. It was still a new feeling to the boy but he knew he had to get rid of it anyway he could.

Spinelli had no idea what to do or what was about to happen. A swirlie? Oh no. Not a swirlie That was worse than being sent to the dodgeball wall. And it's gonna happen in the boys room! She could never scrub that away. No matter how many baths she took. That's when she felt something. Something hard. Something stiff. It was poking at her bottom. Did Lawson have something in his pants he forgot to take out? Whatever it was, she was bothered by it. Especially with the way Lawson was rubbing it against her like that. Almost like he was sawing it into her.

This wasn't the first time she had a boy on top of her. Although that was usually during a game of tackle football or after one of TJ's plans backfired. Being here on the bathroom floor with Lawson putting her into this position was something else entirely. She had nothing else to compare it to really. Spinelli just had to ask about it. "Lawson, what the heck is that?"

Lawson couldn't believe how good this felt. Well of course he could. He's done way worse to his cousin in his prime years. This was just the beginning of the fun to be had. So he decided to answer her. "Well Dykelli." Lawson had to internally salute himself on that one. "This is what we men call our manhood. We use it on girls to see whether or not they like guys and stuff. Remember those nature videos with the animals?"

Spinelli had to remember when and where she saw it. Miss Grotke's? Nah she'd remember that. It was Mrs... Spinelli froze. She remembered that part in the video. Her struggles renewed. There was no way he was gonna "mate" with her. "Get the heck off me Lawson! I'll teach your face to mate with your own behind!"

"You were lying about that sore fist huh? Guess I won't have to go easy on you." He mocked casually. Lawson moved one of the hands holding her arms in place to where he had been rubbing his length. The back of Spinelli's red dress. Lifting himself off, he gave the young girl's ass a rub. He had to admire it. It was soft and girly, and at the same time firm. The rod in his jeans was like a well built tent. You could see it across a classroom. There were a few times he really had to think about something to get it to go away just to not get embarrassed. Like Kurst The Worst.

He grabbed the hem of the dress. The feeling was like when his sister did his laundry. Too much starch. He could probably fold it up like a paper airplane. That wasn't a concern anymore when he saw those panties. "Aw gee Spinelli. They're not pink. Guess I can't just stop now and go show them to people." Like he would even stop in that case. His hand grasped at the top of them and pulled them towards him hard enough to snap the elastic.

"Hey. I got pink panties! I can show them to you and we can laugh about it! Just stop, okay?" Lawson's tongue moved crazily around his lips. He rarely had LaSalle on the ropes like this. Let alone Spinelli. This desperation was too moist.

Lawson was always one to gloat. This time however didn't call for that. It called for something within Lawson he never even knew was there. His fingers fumbled for a second or two on his zipper. Even more so on his button.

After a bit of finger fumbling, he was able to let it escape. That gesture almost made him explode in his boxers. He was thankfully able to hold back. Fishing it out of that hole, he finally understood why all his undershorts came with them. He presented it to the cold bathroom air, hovering just above the broken down cotton panties. Soon. Soon she would be wrapped around him like a glove.

With a final pull, Lawson took down her underwear easily, despite the resistance of Spinelli's clapped together legs. He slid them over to where her orange and red striped stockings began.

There it was. Despite her quivering and whining. Spinelli's ass in all of its glory. It wasn't big or nothin'. Just the right size for a fourth grader. Yet it sent shivers up his spine just looking at it. It's funny. Spinelli wasn't even in his sights. Not a single thought or fantasy was dedicated to her. He knew her as that dweeby loser girl that hung out with those other dorks and LaSalle. Yet in this moment, she may as well be his dream girl. The brown hue of her skin. The perfection. Like they were two small Micky Jordie basketballs held together, with little goosebumps everywhere. He wish he could tell her that... oh what the heck why not? "Hey Spinelli. All those sports you played paid off back here on this rump a dump."

Spinelli tried so hard to hide her whimpering and whining, but it was almost no use. "Please Lawson... please. Just stop." She wished the cold air on her butt was the most uncomfortable thing going on right now. Her face mashed against the ground. Her arms held tight above her. The sting when Lawson ripped her underwear on her. The smell. There was no way it could get worse.

It did.

Lawson had begun rubbing himself near what could barely be called an entrance. Despite all that activity she strained herself in, Spinelli was still tight. Just like his cousin. He had hurt his cousin doing this and felt immensely terrible for it. With Spinelli though? He didn't care. Frustrated, he wrapped his free arm underneath her weighty stomach and pulled her up a bit off the ground. That's when he felt an opening. Lawson pushed in like he did on Tuna Tuesdays at the cafeteria, hard and fast.

Spinelli's throaty, scratchy voice let out a scream that could have been heard across the hall if they weren't at the far end of school where there were no classes. Spinelli reacted like any girl in this position would. Kicking and screaming. Her boots smacked hard against the hard tiled floor. Although there were many times in her life where she felt weak and small, there was nothing else like this.

Lawson was having a good thing going and didn't want it ruined. So he flung his hand from her stomach and to her face, and wrapped it around her mouth. He could feel the wet skin and the hot tears coming down now. No sympathy here. Nadda. Zilch. Zero.

Lawson worked himself in her, much in the same way he did when he ground her backside. This time however he used her clasped arm and face for momentum as he worked himself in and out of her again. The hot breath on his hand made him wonder. Why didn't she try to bite him? She must have had no fight in her. Good for him. Bad for her. He thrust in deeper and tightened his grasp on her mouth to make sure no noise escaped.

Spinelli felt nothing but pain and burning. Lawson was barely a feeling to her. Yet everything else he did surrounding it made her grimace in pain. Was that what it was like for everyone else? As much as she'd like to pretend she didn't know about this kind of stuff, this was not how she pictured it happening. There were many. Many. Other ways she pictured it. Including sharing it with a boy in a red-

She was almost literally pulled from her fantasy. Lawson had moved his hands and instead grappled onto her hair, which was easier than imagined due to her knotted hair. Slaps of their skin meeting rang out as he delivered blow after blow to her. Spinelli couldn't help but think Lawson knew that she was broken. He was right. She didn't let out a peep. Just slight mewls every time he impacted her.

Spinelli had tried to think of something else. Anything else. Wrestling. Monster trucks. Kickball. That kid with the baby tooth she had a crush on. None of it was able to pull her out of where she was.

An eruption was building within Lawson. Maybe it was due to the hot dogging earlier or maybe she really was just that tight, but he was going to do it earlier than he wanted to. Darn. Just when he was really getting into it. His face scrunched. "Spinelli. I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." Spinelli asked him what he meant in a scared desperate tone. He grunted and groaned and yanked on her hair harder than before. That's when he let out a guttural, but still very high-pitched, yell in pleasure. He didn't let up for a second. He pushed in deep and pulled hard, his face meeting her neck with a hot and heavy breath, he collapsed on top of her, sending whatever height she had gained back down again.

If you saw them both together, Lawson on top of Spinelli, heavily panting, a mangled body of lust, you'd think they were young lovers who had just expressed themselves.

Lawson didn't disengage right away. He didn't have the mind to. He hung around inside her until that part of him shriveled up. Regaining control and feeling what and who was beneath him, realising what he had done, another part of him shriveled. Lawson raised himself up off his victim and got a better look at her. She was face down in her own tears and spit and whatever else was down there on the boys room floor. Her black tangled hair was even more of a disheveled mess. Apparently pulling on her pig tails knocked off her hat and yanked off her hair ties in the commotion as well.

And there it was. His thick run off along with what he could guess to be blood, were slowly slipping out of her now opened slit. He would have to own up to this, and Lawson knew exactly how.

Lowering himself down to be almost face to face with Spinelli, he started in a most patronizing voice. "Would be ashame for Dirtweiler to find out in the fourth grade that you're already used up. Why would he marry you if he knew about this?" After he thought he destroyed her, saying that really got a rise out of Spinelli. "Maybe I should go tell him. What do you think Spinelli?" Spinelli shook her head and begged and pleaded with Lawson to not do that and promised that this whole thing will just be their secret. Lawson had to do everything in his power to not laugh. It was almost too easy at this point.

Readjusting his cap and zipping himself up, he had probably spent way too much time on this as he probably should have. It was still worth it in the end. "Hey. Get yourself cleaned up already. I don't want to be caught being late for class." She responded in a slow, timid fashion. He was reminded of when King Bob really chewed out one of his subjects. He wanted to hang around long enough just to know she was gonna do it. When she got up, he turned. Something came to mind though. Something extra moist.

"By the way. I got something I need you to do." Spinelli froze.

"What could you possibly want from me now?"

Lawson thought for a second. "Gretchen Grundler."