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Good Boys

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“Fuck off, Lance.”

“...Alllllright, I won’t take notes then.”

Keith glared at the man next to him, before replaying the question in his head and realising that all Lance had actually asked for was a pen. Huffing a sigh, he pulled a pen from his bag, smirking over the fact that the end had fallen off long ago so it would likely give a stuttered line, and handed it over. He watched Lance assess it, come to the same conclusion, and let his shoulders drop in disappointment, even while muttering a sarcastic thanks. Keith chuckled and turned his attention back to the lecture at hand, reabsorbing himself.

At the end of the lecture, Keith made a quick note of where the module notes were on the faculty intranet and noted down where their group tutorial was the following day. To his dismay, he noticed Lance’s name in amongst several others alongside his own, but at least there was one silver lining - this time around, they were being tutored by Shiro, the postgrad teaching assistant who was just about the only person who could keep a lid on Lance’s mouth and let the rest of them actually get a little work done.

Lance was frustrating - distracted and sometimes disruptive during lectures, stumbled when asked questions, last to blaze in and first to leave, but aced every single exam put to him. Their first midterms, Keith had done so well he’d gone right up to Lance to rub his result in his face, to find out that Lance had beaten him by a single percentage point.

Their rivalry had taken off, then.

After two years, Keith could honestly say that he and Lance had built up a grudging friendship, but every so often Lance tested the limits of it by being himself. Keith found Lance’s approach to studying so mind-bendingly opposite to his own that it actually impeded his own ability to learn, so while he tolerated Lance’s company outside of lectures, during school hours he barely kept a lid on his irritation, and during tutorials he was fit to kill the taller man.

“You and me again,” Lance said, nudging his shoulder. “And Hunk. And Pidge. Dream team!” Over Lance’s shoulder, Keith noticed Pidge shake her head as she overhead, but Hunk gave a soft wave as he and Pidge left the lecture theatre.

“Almost,” Keith answered. “You’re in it. I swear to God, Lance, if you-“

“Relax, I’ll be a good boy,” Lance laughed, warm and lewd, painfully suggestive, and Keith closed his eyes.

“You don’t understand the meaning of those words.”

“Of course I do! I know ALL about what boys mean,” Lance said casually, and Keith pinched the bridge of his nose, “And I’ve definitely googled the phrase ‘good boys’ a couple of times. Well, maybe not googled, maybe looked up on pornhub, but-“

“Please, please stop there.” Lance smirked, triumphant, but did as he was told.

“I’ll behave, don’t worry. I think I’ve run Shiro out of all of his patience for this entire year, anyway, so you’ve got nothing to fear, my guy,” he said seriously. “You going to Hunk’s later?”

Keith considered the question. “No, I want to go over the module brief before tomorrow because I understood a liquid seven percent of what we just heard.”

Lance blinked at him, but he accepted the excuse with a shrug. “Sure thing. See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, later.”

Keith’s near-always absent roommate was, once again, otherwise engaged for the evening, and Keith found his mind wandering as he failed to focus on the last journal article. Ever since earlier in the day, the phrase ‘good boys’ had been on his mind, and he was annoyed to six hells at Lance for it.

If it weren’t for Lance’s aggressive bisexuality, Keith probably wouldn’t actually pay attention to his own utter lack of a sex life, but Lance was so infuriatingly turned up to eleven all of the time that, despite having literally never seen Lance with a partner, Keith was sometimes wondering how he found the time to study at all between his reported escapades.

For a long time, Keith had assumed Lance was a braggart, but there was a veneer of exaggeration to Lance that covered a genuine heart, and so Keith wasn’t sure.

Running a tense hand through his own hair, Keith stood to toss his noodle cup in the trash, lock the door to his room and settle back onto his bed, laptop perched carefully on the edge of his chair. He opened an incognito tab and punched in a p and an o, smirking to himself as his browser autocompleted to pornhub and opened the page. He paused for a moment to look at the top few thumbnails of updated and currently watched videos, before shaking his head in disappointment, hitting into the search bar and typing the phrase ‘good boys’, cursing Lance for giving him bad ideas.

Long-jaded to how many videos there were, he changed the search category to ‘most recent’ on a whim, and the first video (dreadfully, terribly titled Amateur Twink Takes A Thick Dick) looked vaguely okay enough. He clicked on it, letting the video load and blurb past a title screen that had blatantly come straight of an iMovie template, and then it loaded a room that was just poorly-lit enough to probably be a genuinely amateur video. Keith didn’t even bother opening his pants yet - he’d been single long enough to know he generally needed a warm-up video to put him vaguely horny before he could actually work out what he was in the mood for and begin the serious business of jerking off.

The video was somewhat out of focus - there was the outline of a figure in the background, already naked (a bad start, in Keith’s opinion). The camera adjusted, as though it was being shifted hastily, and whomever did the adjusting stepped slightly into the screen, insofar as it was immediately clear they were going to play the role of the headless, footless top. They were fully dressed (an improvement, in Keith’s opinion). The background figure had disappeared, but their face appeared suddenly in the frame, gazing mischievously up at their partner, and it was a good thing that Keith had set his laptop aside because he would have dropped it at that moment.



Smiley face

Keith felt like he’d fallen into some manner of alternate reality, because his brain could not accept the incongruity of the fact that it was fucking Lance in front of him, biting his bottom lip in a shockingly-confident seductive manner. Keith was still reeling in shock when Lance reached forward to unbutton his partner’s pants and draw out-

Keith had moved before he even realised it, slamming down the lid of his laptop and pushing it away.

Nope. Not even once.

He lay on his bed, eyes like saucers as he tried to think of anything else, and he cursed softly as he realised that the next time he opened his laptop he was still going to have to see it for at least a millisecond before he could close the window. That didn’t have to be tonight, though, he decided at length.

The worst part was willing away the most awkwardly inappropriate erection he’d ever had in his life.