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Avengers, Sevenfold

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Avengers, Sevenfold

Tony Stark has a souped up heart
In the wrong place on his chest,
It lights and revs like a muscle car,
Iron Man needs no time to rest.

He often dates Miss Pepper Potts,
Assistant extraordinaire
She helps him win some clever plots
Along with Jarvis on the air.

When he puts on the Iron Man suit
And speeds into the sky,
Your chance of beating him is moot,
You needn't even try
A scrawny patriotic geek
4F-ed when trying to enlist
Steve power napped to a ripped physique,
Now Captain America, you get the gist.

Rogers metamorphosized
With secret government assistance
His bestie Bucky isn't wise
Cap fights him -- with resistance.

(I just ignore the plot where Cap’s in Hydra, too
I think that's in just one comicsverse
I don't think it's something most think he'd ever do)
By the way that Twitter cursed.

Natasha Romanov was raised
In dismal circumstances.
Her skills in dance, and dealing death are praised,
And Hawkeye she romances.

Though it looks like The Hulk has similar feels,
Or should I say, Bruce Banner.
If you piss him off, there are no appeals
To how he'll change his manner.

Her moniker’s Black Widow now,
A name that's all too apt,
To her criminal “victims” she will vow,
In her web they'll be trapped

I hear she'll get her own film soon,
Though I don't know the date.
But I would bet The Powers That Be, the moon,
It's several years too late.

Jane Foster is a scientist
Her guy, Thor, has one hot bod.
If you ask, she will persist
In saying “He’s a God!”

The God of Thunder,It’s true, he is,
With a hammer most can't lift.
What he can do with with his penis,
Is miraculous, if you can catch my drift.

Loki’s the second of the Asgard pair,
Who've traversed the Rainbow Bridge,
And came to Earth with lots of flair (and hair,)
He's evil (just a smidge).

Loki's not on the Avengers' side,
More of a nemesis.
But he comes back, like the high tide,
When kicked off of the premises.

But sometimes Thor gives his brother* a pass
*(Not by blood but through adoption.)
They're not like the Winchesters, though like Cass,
They exercise that option.

Iron Man has a crush on Cap
(Slash writers call them Stony)
Some Fic is gold, and some is crap.
Whether smut or PG matrimony.

Some like Tony paired with Bruce.
Would that make them Brony?
Well matched for brains, and strength when juiced
On tech or acrimony.
Would either man declare a truce
To say “ride my ‘little’ pony?”
Stark seems to be MCU's fandom bike
Everyone wants to ride Iron, even Loki
It could be the suit, everyone seems to like,
But my God, that would be rather poky.

Others pair Steve with old pal Bucky,
Who’s been “upgraded”, too.
But “The Winter Soldier” is not so lucky,
and his limbs are one too few.

Coulson many link with Clint,
Barton’s expert with arrow and bow.
Phil’s Superpower? Here's a hint:
He really runs SHIELD’s show.