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Relax, Shihou

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Shihou had a long day. First, he had morning classes that he needed to go to. It was close to the end of the semester, and he was thankful for that, but it was a lecture class so he had to sit through that for about an hour and a half—before finally, his professor decided that giving them a pop quiz to finish in five minutes about a lesson they vaguely talked about. Then, after class he had to work. He had almost lost gas in between the trip and some asshole has almost hit him when he pulled into a gas station. He was a bit late for work, and, while he usually was fine working at the small dinner close to his school and apartment, today was really hectic. The customers—who, by the way, were tourist—decided to complain about all the food because they didn't “understand” the “cuisine” of their small town, even without giving it a try. There were a lot of complaints coming to him about the food and the customers were giving him, along with a lot of the staff, crap. His break was cut short because the other cooks hadn't showed up so he hand to cook a majority of the food and even had to do a bit of overtime because of it. He hasn't even get to eat lunch like he wanted.

Once the day was over, he was extremely exhausted. He felt as if his eyes were trying to glue themselves together, and he feet ached from having to stand for so long. He debated on whether he should go home or go back to campus because he knew immediately that as soon as he got to the house, Mirai would be his responsibility because his parents figured he wouldn't mind. (He didn't most days, but he was tired and he wasn't sure his parents would care to give him a break.) On the other hand, if he went back to his dorm room, his dorm mate probably wouldn't give him a break either.

He took a deep breath, deciding he would go to his boyfriend's apartment. It was closer than both his dorm room and his parents house were, not to mention he was sure Yoichi would let him crash there since he was so tired. Yoichi was always understanding like that, ever since Shihou had met him when he first started college. Shihou had gotten lost and mistaken Yoichi for someone his age, asking him if he had his map so they could get unlost together, only to be shocked when Yoichi gave him directions to his class before leaving him to go to his own. A week after, Shihou had found out that Yoichi was three years older than he was and went to find Yoichi and apologized to him. Their relationship had stream from there, and now they'd been dating for about two years.

Yoichi had moved into his apartment after he graduated and let Shihou come over whenever he needed to, and right now, Shihou definitely needed to.

Shihou sluggishly trudged to Yoichi's apartment after driving about ten minutes to get there. He knocked on the door, sighing when he heard Yoichi yell, “I'm coming!” from somewhere inside. When Yoichi opened the door, he was shocked to see Shihou standing in front of him, and Shihou was suddenly reminded that he hadn't called or texted Yoichi before deciding to come.

“Shihou? What are you—”

“Can I stay here tonight? I've had a really stressful day and I just wanna relax.” Yoichi tilted his head before nodding, opening the door more so Shihou could walk in. Shihou walked in and immediately walked to the couch, plopping down and throwing an arm over his eyes.

Yoichi looked down at him from over the back of the couch, rubbing Shihou’s arm. “Would you like some tea?”

“No. Just sleep.”

“On the couch?” When Shihou didn't answer, Yoichi sighed fondly at the taller before leaving to handle his own devices.

An hour later, Shihou was woken by Yoichi shaking him, whispering his name. Shihou looked over at him. “Wha?”

Yoichi giggled at his boyfriend's grogginess. “Come on, Shihou. I don't think I'll be able to sleep with you sleeping on this uncomfortable couch.” Shihou sat up groggily, slightly upset that he was woken up.

“Where do you want me to sleep then?”

“In my room.” Shihou laid his head down on the cushions, rubbing the back of his neck as Yoichi pulled him up, only to look down at Yoichi with wide eyes as he registered what he said.

“W-wait, your room?” Yoichi giggled, pulling Shihou to his room.

“Yeah, that’s the only room with a bed in it, Shihou.”

“O-oh.” It wasn't as if Shihou had a problem with it. He'd spent the night over Yoichi's house multiple times and had shared a bed before. It had just... been a while time since Shihou spent the night, and considering the last time Shihou spent the night—

“I think I have some clothes here for you if you want to change.” Yoichi said, interrupting Shihou's thoughts as he opened his bedroom door, going to the drawers to get some clothes for Shihou. Shihou stood at the door, analyzing the room, running his eyes over everything before landing on—

“New bed?” Shihou found himself asking. Yoichi looked up from the clothes he'd gathered, looking over to the bed before walking over to Shihou, handing him the clothes before answering.

“Oh, yeah. I finally got enough money to get a new one.” Yoichi smiled up at him. “It's a bit bigger than the last one, so I hope you don't mind.”

“O-oh, yeah. That's fine.” Shihou answered, looking over to the side with a small blush on his cheeks. Yoichi looked at him questionably, tilting his head before looking at the bed and then back at Shihou's shy expression before he smirked

“You don't have to sound so disappointed, Shihou.” He said teasingly. Shihou furrowed his eyebrows, cheeks still pink as he turned to Yoichi with a frown on his face—though, Yoichi knew he wasn't really upset.

“I'm not disappointed—”

“Well, you sure sound disappointed.” Yoichi moved closer to Shihou, raising an eyebrow as Shihou's blush began to grow to the tips of his ears. “What? Are you disappointed that the bed I took your virginity on is gone?”

“T-that’s not…”

“It's not? Then are you disappointed that I've never taken you on this bed? Or maybe you wanted me to fuck you on my old bed like I promised to before?”


“Now that I think about it, we haven't had the chance to have sex on this bed. Maybe we should change that tonight…” Shihou stared into Yoichi green eyes, shivering at the lust and mischief swirling inside them. He didn't want to admit it, but he was feeling a little hard, first with the thought of the last time he was at Yoichi's, then, with Yoichi's words and the reminders of his promise, he couldn't help the feeling of wanting Yoichi to take him. He opened his mouth, bottom lip trembling, trying to answer Yoichi when— “I'm just kidding, Shihou. I know you want your rest.”

“W-wait!” Shihou yelled, grabbing Yoichi's wrist as he began to walk away. Yoichi looked back at Shihou, raising an eyebrow as Shihou began to nibble on his own bottom lip. “I-I want to…”

Who was Yoichi to refuse?


“Y-Yoichi…” Shihou whined, arm laying over his watery, dazed out eyes as Yoichi licked and sucked at his abdomen, two of his lubed up fingers inside of Shihou, slowly working him open. Yoichi pressed against Shihou’s prostate, causing him to cry out and arch his back almost perfectly.

Yoichi moved his lips back up to Shihou's nipple, nipping at it gently before rolling it in between his teeth. “Shihou, relax…” He scissored his fingers, stretching Shihou and causing him to whimper and roll his hips, hoping to get Yoichi's fingers moving more inside of him. Yoichi smiled against Shihou's skin. “You’re always so impatience at this part. It’s adorable.”

Shihou moved his arms away from his face in order to glare at Yoichi, but he didn't see it. He was too busy kissing up Shihou's chest, hurriedly kissing Shihou's lips before he could get a word out. Yoichi kissed Shihou deeply, thrusting his tongue into Shihou's mouth without much warning, but Shihou welcomed the intrusion, moaning as Yoichi's tongue explored the interior of Shihou's mouth. Shihou broke the kiss, arching his back as Yoichi added another finger. Yoichi didn't mind the interruption, going back to kissing and licking Shihou's sensitive neck.

“Yoichi…” He groaned, leaning his head back as Yoichi pushed his fingers farther inside of him. Yoichi kissed down Shihou's body, grabbing his cock with his unoccupied hand and angling it into his mouth. Shihou left out a stiffened moan, thrusting his hips slightly. Yoichi whined a little, pulling back a bit to speak, bottom lip brushing against the tip of Shihou's cock with each stressed syllable.

“Shihou, stop that.” He whispered, licking the underside of Shihou's dick and pulling back when Shihou mildly thruster into the feeling. Yoichi looked at him scoldingly. “Shihou, I'm trying to take care of you.”

“T-take care of me… then.” He panted, looking down at Yoichi with as much of a glare as could muster, but it looked more like a pout to Yoichi, like a child rebelling against his favorite teacher. Yoichi smiled teasingly at the comparison, trying to hide it by wrapping his lips around the side of Shihou's dick, sucking softly. Shihou rolled his hip, fisting the sheets as he whined. “Y-Yoichi… nah… hurry up…”

“You can't rush massages, Shihou.”

“This isn't a massage—ah!”

Yoichi giggled, kissing the tip, wiping it against his now wet lips. “It's basically the same thing.” Shihou groaned as Yoichi continued to tease him, giving him only a little of what he wanted.

“Yoichi, please, I need you...” Yoichi shivered. He loved getting Shihou to the point where he begged, hearing him get so wretched and turned on was so pleasing to him, that he almost lost control and took Shihou right there. But what cool, older boyfriend would he be if he lost control like that? So instead of taking him, like Shihou seemed to be begging him to do, Yoichi pushed his fingers deeper inside him, pressing against Shihou's prostate, and took him into his mouth. “Nnn… Yoichi… t-that’s not what I want…”

“Well, how else am I supposed to keep you satisfied?” Yoichi asked, words muffled around the tip of Shihou's dick. Shihou blushed at his boyfriend’s display.

“Don't talk while my dick’s in your mouth!” Yoichi chuckled but didn't say anything as he ran his lips and tongue down the side of Shihou's cock. “A-and don't sass me again.” He breathed out slowly, rolling his hips to both get more friction against his penis and push Yoichi's fingers deeper inside him to pressing more against his prostate. Yoichi began to stroke Shihou as he licked at his tip, causing Shihou to moan out, back arching once again when Yoichi pressed against his prostate again, sucking him at the same time.

Shihou moaned loudly, one hand moving from the covers to press against his mouth to suppress the pleasured noises leaving his lips.  

Yoichi looked up at Shihou with hazy, half lidded eyes. He watched with admiration as Shihou turned his head to the side, burying half of it in the pillows while his hand covered his mouth and red cheeks, the other twisting in the covers as he tried to keep his calm. Yoichi couldn't believe how wretched Shihou looked. He groaned, pulling his fingers out placing one hand on Shihou's hip and the other moving to Shihou's wrist, pulling his hand off of his face.

“S-Shihou, I need you.” he shivered when Yoichi's voice lowered an octave or so, but nodded his head and watched as Yoichi moved back, grabbing a condom and the lube. Shihou watched as Yoichi rolled the condom on then coat it with lube before hooking his hands under Shihou’s knees, pushing them up and apart before lining up to Shihou's entrance. “Tell me if I hurt you.” Shihou nodded despite knowing Yoichi wouldn't hurt him.

Shihou grabbed Yoichi's forearms, biting his bottom lip as Yoichi began to push into him, moaning out as Yoichi's penis stretched him, gripping tightly at Yoichi's arm. The stretch burned a little bit, but the overall pleasure of finally having Yoichi inside of him trumped the pained. Yoichi paused when he was all the way inside of Shihou, waiting for him to get used to having him inside of him. Shihou rolled his hips, the both of them moaning at the fraction before Shihou gave Yoichi a nod, telling him he was ready.

Yoichi took a deep breath to calm himself, moving a hand to place it on Shihou chest, the other moving to Shihou’s waist as he began to slowly roll his hips into Shihou, feeling his walls basically swallowing him. “Stay still, okay?” Shihou bit his lip, but didn't argue, only nodding his head as Yoichi pulled out, only leaving the tip in before thrusting inside slowly, rolling his hips for good measures.

“A- ah! ” Shihou tightened his grip on Yoichi's arms, breathing out choked moans as Yoichi continues to move slowly against him. Yoichi leaned forward, leaving open mouth kisses on Shihou's neck, sucking hickeys and love bites on it as he started to speed up slowly. “Ah… nnh… Y-Yoichi… Yoichi …” Shihou moved to wrap his arms around Yoichi's back, his blunt nails digging slightly into his skin as Yoichi began to hit his prostate.

Yoichi hissed against Shihou's neck, but made no move to stop him, just continued to thrust into him, slowly over-stimulating Shihou's prostate. Yoichi sped up his pace, Shihou let out moan after moan, his hand running down Yoichi's shoulder blades, leaving angry red streaks in their path as Shihou got closer and closer to coming.

“Yoichi… Ah—mmgh… Y-Yoichi… close—I’m close!” Shihou leaned his head back, unable to stop his voice from getting louder each time Yoichi thrust into him. Yoichi, feeling his own orgasm coming, reached between the two of them, wrapping his hand around Shihou's dick and stroking him just the way he knew Shihou liked. Suddenly, Shihou grabbed Yoichi's arms again, arching his back as he came, squeezing Yoichi so unexpectedly that he couldn't help but come as well.

Shihou huffed as Yoichi cupped his cheek, kissing Shihou's face gently until Shihou managed to come down from his high. Shihou sighed, wrapping his arms around Yoichi's neck as Yoichi pulled out, taking off and disposing of the condom in the waste basket next to the bed. After doing so, Yoichi got comfortable in Shihou's arms.

Shihou sighed. “I came here to relax.” Yoichi giggled.

Sure you did, Shihou. Which is why you seduced me.” Shihou blushed, looking down at Yoichi with a start.

“I didn't—!”

“I'm kidding, Shihou.” Shihou pouted and Yoichi reached up to cup his cheeks, kissing Shihou sweetly on the lips. “I wanted to let you relax, Shihou, but with the way you got so flustered when we got to the bedroom, I couldn't resist!” Shihou rolled his eyes.

“Whatever.” Yoichi giggled again, kissing Shihou once more laying on Shihou's chest, wrapping his arms around him. Shihou kissed Yoichi's head.

“I can't believe you got turned on by my new bed though—”

“Never speak of this.” Yoichi laughed.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”