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Points on a Circle

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A few months later, after the beach, after the dragons had been reunited, after a quiet agreement between himself and Hanzo when it came to sharing living quarters, Jesse found himself in part of a different story.

(If Jesse had better cognitive awareness of the whole narration he would have been happy to hear that he wasn’t one of the main characters in this one. He would be thrilled, honestly. Let someone else take the reins, he would say before heading off to spend some quality time with Hanzo. But Jesse would always think of himself as the main character even if the spotlight was on someone else.)

After a brief but vocal meeting between the Old Timers of Overwatch, it had been decided that Jesse would be the one to show the newest agent, Orisa the intimidating yet polite omnic, the ropes. Not only was Jesse good with the kids--Jack’s words--but it would be a great test to see how the new recruit worked with wanted criminals with a combined bounty big enough to buy a small country--Ana’s words. Which was how Jesse ended up as team leader on a mission to escort a large amount of munitions that were stolen from a gang so it’s technically stealin’ but it is the right thing to do--Jesse’s words. Orisa didn’t seem to believe him, but Efi made her pinky-promise to follow his orders anyway.

“Okay Orisa, let us try again,” Satya said as a sparkling white screwdriver appeared in her hand out of thin air. She was elbow-deep in the large omnic yet somehow didn’t have a spot of grease on her. “Million dollars.”

“A million dollars,” Orisa repeated.

“It’s a lot of money, is it not?”

“I still do not know what currency the imagined money is in, Miss Vaswani, so I cannot confirm if it would be, ‘a lot of money--’”

Jesse waved from his spot on the couch. “Orisa, sweetie, just agree that it’s a lot of money.”

The mission had been a success. A messy success thanks to a rival gang showing up to steal the munitions at the same time, but a success nevertheless. With the payload secured they settled into an old Overwatch safe house until their pickup arrived in the morning. Hanzo and Jack were sent on a very important mission to find grub. Satya and Lúcio were on fix-up-Orisa duty since she did take the brunt of the gang’s attacks. Team Leader Jesse took it upon himself to test out of the safe house’s couch for potential naps.

Luckily for him and his love of firm couches, the safe house was one of the old ones that had been gussied up to resemble a regular old house. Even the insides gave the appearance of a normal family dwelling decorated by someone allergic to the idea of matching furniture. The living room they were in, for example, had a real every-item-was-found-abandoned-on-the-curb vibe going on.  But the walls were reinforced, the windows bullet-proof, and there were enough rations in the basement to last through another Omnic Crisis. Assuming you were a fan of freeze-dried food.

Orisa’s eyes flickered and changed from shape to shape before settling on happy-upside-down-V. “As you wish, Commander McCree.”

“Not a Commander,” Jesse said with a grumble. “But go ahead.”

“Million dollars,” Satya repeated. “But you must use a grappling hook to travel instead of your feet.”

Orisa’s upside down V’s turned into confused dots. “I do not understand.”

Lúcio, who was trying to pry a large rock out of Orisa’s knee with his far-less-sparkly screwdriver, looked up from his work. “I’m with Orisa on this one. How do you use a grappling hook to get around?”

A smile played on Satya’s lips as she mimed what could only be described as a grappling hook throw with her empty hand. “You throw it, hook it on something, and pull yourself across the room.”

“Can I use my legs at all?” asked Jesse. “Or do I gotta drag myself?”

“You have to move your body by arm muscle alone. Or robot muscle in Orisa’s case.” Satya pointed at Lúcio, adding, “And no cheating by wearing skates.”

“I’m out,” said Lúcio before jabbing his screwdriver deep into Orisa’s knee right under the stone.

Orisa’s eyes switched back to their normal lines. “I do not understand why the money is being offered in the first place. What would anyone have to gain by an inability to walk?”

“It’s not like a serious question, Orisa.” Lúcio wiggled his screwdriver, only to frown as it refused to budge. “It’s more like a, um…”

“A Million Dollars But is about weighing a large sum of money against actions that may harm, embarrass, or make your life difficult,” Satya said. “It’s also a fun way to pass the time.”

“Think of it as a logic puzzle, sweetheart,” Jesse added.

“Oh!” Orisa’s eyes lit up. “Efi had me solve many logic puzzles when she was working on me! She said my weakness with math was made up by my ability to get animals and food across a river in a timely fashion. Yes, yes I know what my answer is. I would use part of the million dollars to install hoverpads on my feet.”

Satya frowned. “I said--”

“You said wheels were forbidden, Agent Vaswani, not hoverpads.”

“She’s got you there, Sunshine!” Lúcio laughed and slammed his fist down onto the stuck screwdriver. That was enough force to dislodge the rock and send it flying off in the direction of the breakfast nook. Considering Jesse didn’t hear anything break he figured it wasn’t anything to worry about. 

“Of course,” Orisa continued, ”if I needed a large amount of money the most logical choice would be to turn Commander McCree and Agent Hanzo Shimada in for their bounties and Agent Vaswani and Agent Correia dos Santos over to the Vishkar Corporation for their reward.”

There was a long silence after Orisa’s statement only broken by Jesse asking, “Wait, what about Jack? You gonna turn him in for his bounty?”

“No. I will require his assistance as I would not be able to carry all of you at once.”

A single undignified snort escaped from Satya, followed by a wave of giggles. “I’m sorry,” she said as she covered her mouth. “Just the mental image of Jack trying to carry Jesse and Hanzo at once is too much.”

Jesse officially gave up on his nap and sat up. “Don’t laugh, he used to throw me over his shoulder like it was nothin’ back in the day.”

“Was that a frequent occurrence?” asked Orisa.

Jesse shrugged. “More in the beginning after I first joined. If he ever caught me slackin’ off he’d just scoop me up and drop me off at Gabe’s doorstep without a word. Course I was a tiny lil’ thing back then. Hard to believe, I know.”

“Not really.” Lúcio pulled his phone out of his pocket and held it up. “Hana sent me some old photos of you a couple of weeks ago. Dude, you were freaking adorable back then! Look at that patchy facial hair!”

“Is it at least a picture of me lookin’ cool?”

“I believe you are wearing sweatpants that barely fit?” Satya said as she pulled out her own phone to check. “Yes, yes you are. Did they not have a smaller size?”

“I am glad you are no longer severely malnourished, Commander McCree,” chimed in Orisa with that same gleeful tone Efi always spoke with.

Never before had Jesse been so glad to hear the musical ding-dong that let everyone know the front door had been opened. At once the other agents looked Jesse’s way all asking the same silent question. Jesse stood up and brushed a non-existent bit of dirt off his chest. Considering that no alarms were going off and the scent of fried food had filled the air he assumed it meant Hanzo and Jack were back from their super important mission of grabbing dinner. Jesse gave a little everyone-relax wave to the group just as Hanzo and Jack walked in.

Was there a more beautiful, more perfect sight in the whole world than Hanzo, his Hanzo, his life, his heart, his everything, carrying an armful of take-out? No. Not to Jesse. He swooped in to help his beloved with the task of holding enough food to feed five Overwatch agents. And steal a quick kiss while he was at it. “What’s on the menu tonight, honeybunches?”

“Torta ahogada for Lúcio, carne asada tacos for Satya and myself,” Hanzo said as he handed the containers out. “And an order of Dorilocos with extra gomitas for Jesse. Which will also include a future conversation with Angela about your dietary habits, if I am not mistaken.”

“You’re killin’ me, darlin.”

“No, that would be the cueritos you requested,” Hanzo said, but he did so with a gentle smile he wore more often than not those days.

“Just ‘cause of that I’m not sharin’ any of my churros with you. Hey, where’s Jack’s…?” Jesse turned to the space he had been certain Jack stood a second ago only to see the man’s back retreating down the hall. He only caught a glimpse of Jack carrying two food containers in one hand and a beat up phone in the other before he vanished into the laundry room, aka his hide out. Jesse felt Hanzo’s hand on his shoulder before he even registered the pain of disappointment in his gut.

“I do not understand why Agent Morrison never joins us for meals,” Orisa said, already fiddling with a spare napkin as she tended to do while the others were eating. “Efi stressed to me that it is crucial for team members to spend downtime together.”

“Don’t worry about it, Orisa.” Satya closed the panel on Orisa’s back before taking a seat on the floor with her food. The fact that there wasn’t a speck of oil on her didn’t stop Satya from carefully wiping her hands on a rag before picking up a plastic fork. “Sometimes it takes a while for people to be used to working in a team.”

“Is his inability to spend quality time with teammates the reason he is staying in the laundry room instead of one of the bedrooms?” asked Orisa.

Jesse shook his head. “That’s ‘cause he’s a paranoid bastard that wants to be near an escape route at all times.”

Lúcio nodded vaguely in the direction of the hall after opening his own container. “So uh, was he always like that? Before the whole dead-but-not-really thing?”

“The phone is new.” Jesse sat back down on the couch only to find that Hanzo had taken his warmed-up spot and serape. He took the untouched cushion in defeat. “Even back in the day he’d refused to use them. Gabe never did either. I always figured it was some weird hang-up from the crisis.”

“That would explain why he wanted me to take all the programs off,” Satya said between bites. “I apologize, his exact words were, ‘Can you remove everything that isn’t a phone for me?’ and then muttered something about new-fangled technology.”

“Man, why even have one at that point?” Lúcio inhaled most of his rice before continuing, “So could you?”

Satya shrugged. “Partially. I am sure he will be able to live with the ability to text and send photos.”

Jesse popped open his take out container. Okay, maybe his food did look kind of greasy compared to Hanzo’s. And the overflowing amount of sauce and cheese probably didn’t help either. Not that it stopped him from shoving a large forkful of peanuts and pork rind into his mouth. Knowing that Hanzo might actually stab him if he talked while eating, Jesse carefully swallowed before saying, “Ain’t it your turn to ask a question, Lúcio?”

“Huh? Oh yeah! Okay, Orisa, a million dollars…”

The chatter faded into the background as Jesse’s attention focused on the near-silent Hanzo. His lover, boyfriend, sorta-husband was exhausted. He would never admit to it but Jesse could tell. It was in the way Hanzo ate slowly with a distant look in his eyes. No surprise there. While Jesse spent the mission camped out on the payload Hanzo had flown across the rooftops above like an extra-deadly guardian angel. All Jesse ever saw during the mission was a flash of Hanzo’s gold ribbon and the near-silent whistle of his arrows. Shame, really. Nothing took Jesse’s breath away like watching Hanzo in his element.

Which was blatantly untrue. Over the past few weeks Jesse had found himself frankly stunned by Hanzo in so many ways. Everything from the sheen of Hanzo’s sweat as they’d lain entangled in bed, to the sound of his laughter, his kisses, and that one literal stunning moment when Hanzo accidentally set off Jesse’s flashbang in the middle of combat practice. Even the sight of Hanzo eating his dinner half-asleep made Jesse’s heart skip a beat. Without really thinking about it Jesse reached over to brush a grain of rice off Hanzo’s cheek. “You got a little...”

Hanzo snatched Jesse’s hand within his own and lightly kissed the palm. Electricity sparked where lips met skin. Suddenly that stray bit of rice didn’t matter. Jesse forgot that food even existed as Hanzo laid another static-tinged kiss on his wrist. Only the distant voices of his teammates kept him from returning those light kisses with interest. Instead Jesse moved an arm around Hanzo’s shoulders and tugged him closer. With only a slight bit of fumbling, mostly to keep the food from falling off their laps, Hanzo slotted against Jesse’s side with his head resting on his shoulder.

Jesse closed his eyes to savor the feeling of that moment. No wall between them, no endless ocean, no chasm to cross. They had come together at last. And as long as Jesse breathed nothing would tear them apart.

“Commander McCree? Are you aware that your dragon is being adorable?”

That was enough to get Jesse to open his eyes. True to Orisa’s words there on the floor was Soba busily building a nest out of sauce packets and unused napkins. And used napkins. Also part of Hanzo’s mostly untouched dinner. Lúcio and Satya flanked the dragon on either side with their phones held out at the ready. Soba dropped the chunk of tortilla in his mouth to let out a guilty-sounding chirp.

“Not again,” Jesse groaned. With great reluctance he let go of Hanzo to scoop the wiggling dragon up out of its garbage nest. He blinked, and the dragon was back on the floor. Jesse tried to pick up the dragon again only for it to fall effortlessly out of his hands like water through cracks. The third try was slightly more successful if only because he was able to witness the dragon wiggle out of his grasp instead of it just vanishing and reappearing. “Soba, sweetheart, Soba! Hold still!”

“Allow me.” Hanzo reached down and picked up Soba with no problem. Soba even securely wrapped itself around Hanzo’s arm. Jesse was pretty sure Soba stuck his tongue out at him, too. “He is antsy from not being used. You must take care to exercise your dragon, Jesse.”

With a surge of confidence that could only come with a perfect setup Jesse tipped his hat and said, “Maybe you could help lil’ ole me out by giving my dragon a good hard workout, darlin’.”

Lúcio shot to his feet fast enough to knock over Soba’s half-built nest. “Okay Orisa! How about you and me go find a nice souvenir for Efi? Maybe take a walk around the city, check out that park down the ways, make ourselves scarce for awhile?”

Orisa stood as well, her eyes shifting back to the upside-down Vs of happiness. “That would be wonderful, Agent Correia dos Santos! But can we wait until after the dragons are exercised, I promised Efi I would record--”

“Nope, we’re going now, have fun you two!” Lúcio shouted as he grabbed Orisa’s hand and half-led, half-dragged her out of the living room. She nearly knocked over a floor lamp on her way out, but Satya caught it and returned the lamp to its rightful spot.

“I think I shall assist Jack with his weapon and emitter preparations. Goodnight.” Satya gave a curt nod before walking a little faster than normal down the hall. Jesse watched as she slipped into the laundry room and slammed the door behind her. Before he could comment on the sudden departure of the entire team a blue light in the corner of his eye caught his attention.

“What about you, Udon?” Jesse reached up to scratch the dragon behind the horns. “Need to work off some of that dragon energy?”

“Perhaps,” Hanzo said as he moved to Jesse’s side. “You and Soba can burn that energy off by cleaning up the mess the two of you made.”

Jesse almost began to argue that the mess wasn’t that bad until he actually looked down at Soba’s half-made nest. Somewhere during all of the wiggling a few of the packets had opened and were leaking a rainbow of colors onto the carpet. It really accented the bits of food crushed into the fibers by Orisa’s hooves, and the baffling amount of used napkins strewn about the floor. “Technically this wasn’t all my mess.”

“Your team, Commander. Your mess.” Hanzo gave Jesse a light kiss on the cheek before slipping away. Jesse only caught a glimpse of gold framed in red and blue light racing up the stairs before it vanished completely. Abandoned by both dragon and Hanzo alike, Jesse leaned over the handrail and shouted up into the darkness of the second floor.

“I said I ain’t the Commander!”


One of the perks of being team leader (and only the team leader) was that, according to Overwatch tradition, Jesse got to call first dibs on what room he wanted. That being said no one really put up a fight when Jesse claimed the largest bedroom for him and Hanzo. Which also happened to be the only one with a bed big enough for two. Or in this case two dragons firmly wrapped around each other in a knot that took up the entire mattress. Soba and Udon weren’t at their full size but were still large enough that their coils only left the smallest edge of the bed left uncovered.

“Come on.” Jesse gave a section of Soba’s side a nudge. “You’re killin’ me here!”

Somewhere from within the knot he heard Soba snort in response. Jesse couldn’t even make out where the dragons began and ended. While this was adorable when they hid under Jesse and Hanzo’s bed, at this size it was slightly terrifying. Luckily from the sounds of it Hanzo was still in the shower so he had a little time.

“Look, I love you two, I really do. Best dragons a guy for ask for. But I’m hopin’ to spend a little quality time with Hanzo and I uh, you know, can’t with the you two here. I know he’s used to you guys seenin’ everything but I ain’t. A man’s got to have his privacy. Well, privacy with his sugarplum. And there’s really no way in hell I’m doing anything if you’re taking up the bed like this. Maybe we can work something out?”

Soba and Udon’s bodies parted enough for Jesse to see their glowing eyes from deep within the knot. When his eyes met theirs a single word ripped through his mind. A word filled with desire, need, and an unspeakable hunger behind each letter. He had never heard the dragons speak as one before, and Jesse hoped to never experience it ever again. Not after they spoke that single, powerful word.


Jesse frowned after regaining his composure. “What?”

There is a mango cart down the street, said Udon, his blue eyes narrowing at Jesse. I saw it. They were selling cups full of chopped mangos. We want mangos. Give us mangos.

And I want a jicaleta! A rainbow one! Soba said, his voice far more clear in Jesse’s head.

“That’s--” Jesse froze as he heard the shower turn off. “--fine! All the damn mangos and whatever street food you want! But can it be after, you know, after?”

Red and blue eyes met each other from within the darkness. Udon’s gaze fell on Jesse’s once more. Give us money. We will purchase the mangos for ourselves.

And a rainbow jicaleta!

Yes, and a rainbow jicaleta for my brother. Udon poked his head out from between the dragons’ entwined bodies. Give us your wallet and we shall leave you and our Master to your mating.

Jesse debated arguing with the dragons, refuse to give into what was clearly snack-based blackmail, maybe even point out that as ancient spirits it would be near-impossible for them to engage in basic commerce. But he heard the click of Hanzo’s feet on the bathroom’s tile floor and before Jesse knew it he had shoved his wallet into Udon’s mouth. The dragons untwisted, shrank, and were out the window by the time the bathroom door opened. He turned to face Hanzo with his best I-didn’t-just-give-our-dragons-all-of-my-money smile. “How was the shower, apple dump...ling...”

Words failed the second Hanzo stepped out of the bathroom naked save for the towel he was attempting to dry his hair with. Jesse would never consider himself a shallow man that only cared about looks, but as he watched the stray water droplets travel down Hanzo’s neck past his pecs to his navel, Jesse knew he was the luckiest bastard to ever live. Hanzo walked over with that same sleepy smile on his lips. “Speechless, cowboy? I did not know that was possible.”

“Just regretting not joining you in the shower.” Jesse closed the distance between them by resting his hands on Hanzo’s hips. As much as he wanted to lick every drop of water off Hanzo’s body, he knew his lover was exhausted from that day’s mission. He needed to be gentle. Not that it stopped him from waggling his eyebrows at Hanzo. “Think I could convince you in joining me for mine?”

Hanzo snorted and rested a hand on Jesse’s chest. “You know for a fact the both of us cannot fit in that pathetic excuse for a shower stall. Besides, last time we took a shower together you pulled a back muscle. And, I must add, couldn’t stand up without my assistance.”

“Wasn’t that bad,” Jesse grinned. “And it wasn’t like either of us were eager to get out of bed.”

“Angela took you off the mission roster for a week.”

“Didn’t hear you complain at the time, sugarpie.”

Hanzo finally leaned in enough to steal a kiss. A soft, shy one ruined by the hunger in his voice. “I must say, I am shocked by your restraint. I expected you to take me the second I walked in.”

“Shucks darlin’, I didn’t know if it would be wanted.”

Hanzo glanced down at his own naked body. “I thought I had made my intentions clear?”

“You could have, I uh, okay, you got me there. Better fix that!” Before Hanzo could stop him Jesse wrapped his arms around Hanzo and lifted him up off the floor. Somewhere within Hanzo’s laughter there may have been a worried gasp about Jesse’s back, but it was lost during the short trip to their bed. Jesse twisted around at the last moment and fell back onto the mattress with Hanzo on top of him. He was radiant. Smiling. Laughing. And naked. The naked part was real nice, too.

But then Hanzo’s shoulder twitched ever-so-slightly and Jesse shelved his ravishing plans for the time being. He ran his non-metal hand up Hanzo’s side, savoring the feeling of Hanzo’s muscles under his fingertips. “How ya feelin’, sweetheart? You gave one hell of a show out there.”

“I am uninjured,” Hanzo smirked. “As you can see.”

“Didn’t mean it that way, muffin. You were practically fallin’ asleep in your dinner earlier. Wanted to make sure everything’s okay.”

Hanzo puffed up his chest in response. “If you are insinuating that I have over extended myself--”

“Sugarplum,” Jesse said as he let his hand wander to Hanzo’s back and up the man’s spine. This was an old argument of theirs, dating back to their early days working together in Japan. But now Hanzo’s eyes shone as he argued, and Jesse’s concerns were voiced out of love.

“Or that I may be in less than perfect physical condition--”

“Angel, honey, snuggle bunny.” He drew lazy circles on Hanzo’s back, searching for the archer’s weak spot. The one only he knew about. His fingers came to a stop right under Hanzo’s left shoulder blade. There it was.

“And may I point out that you are the one with the bad knee--”

Using his grip on Hanzo’s hip for leverage, Jesse pressed down on Hanzo’s shoulder muscle as hard as he could. The effect was almost instantaneous. Hanzo’s love-filled nagging was cut off by a moan that was equally full of pain and pleasure. Jesse hummed while he rubbed the aching muscle in a circle. “What was that, honeybunches?”

Hanzo sunk down into Jesse’s arms in a sign of surrender. “Every inch of my body is on fire,” he admitted into Jesse’s shoulder.

Jesse chuckled and shifted both of his hands to Hanzo’s back. He kneaded the muscles as best he could from such an odd angle, but if Hanzo’s groans were anything to go by he was doing a good job. “Sweetheart, you did so good out there today. I’m gonna pamper you real good when we get back home.”

“Oh?” Hanzo replied. Possibly. It might have been another whimper. Jesse pressed on anyway.

“Mmm-hmm. I planned it all out while I was stuck on the payload. First, I’m gonna give you a massage all proper-like. I’ve been studying videos and practicing on pillows and I’m pretty sure I got it all down. Get all these knots out of your shoulders. I’ve seen the way you rub them after a mission. Now it’s my turn to relax ya. Then I’m thinking a nice hot bubble bath with a drink or two. Hell! Might be able to sweet-talk our way into borrowing Reinhardt’s tub so I can join ya for that. Lord knows the both of us can fit in it, give or take a few extra dragons.”

Hanzo lifted his head up to smile at Jesse. “And then?”

With a slight push Jesse rolled Hanzo onto his back and laid down at his side, his tattoo-covered arm wrapped behind Hanzo’s shoulders and his metal hand resting on Hanzo’s stomach. He was gorgeous like that, spread out for only Jesse to see. “And then, sugar, I’m going to make love to you all night long, slow and gentle-like. I’ll take my time opening you up so you can take every inch of me. ‘Less of course, you want me to do the riding.”

Hanzo shifted an arm around Jesse’s shoulders for support. “I must admit I am more interested in your current plans for me.”

“Patience, darlin’, patience,” Jesse purred as he pressed a kiss against Hanzo’s neck. He would have been more than happy to tease Hanzo longer, make his lover beg to be touched, but the way Hanzo was craning his head to look down at Jesse’s hand made him pause. “I uh, I can switch to your other side if you’d like.”

“No!” Hanzo looked shocked that the word came out so forceful. “I-I do not mind if you continue like this.”

“Really? You sure?”

Hanzo responded with a short, shy nod. Jesse might have passed it off as Hanzo just being polite, but he couldn’t help but notice the high flush on his cheeks. He wondered if maybe his dear Hanzo was more than a little okay with his metal hand. Well, there was only one way to make sure. Jesse moved his hand back up Hanzo’s chest and squeezed his pec. The moan Hanzo let out made Jesse kick himself for not bringing this up sooner. With his hand firmly occupied with teasing and pinching Hanzo’s nipple Jesse leaned down to latch his lips onto the other one.

Hanzo sang.

Every bite, every lick of his tongue, every roll of his fingers got another heavenly sound from Hanzo. Please Jesse, more Jesse, harder Jesse , all whimpered and groaned in a mixture of English and Japanese. Always demanding, always begging, always wanting more. Jesse knew damn well he could get Hanzo off from just playing with him like this. A quick glance down at Hanzo’s already aching cock was enough for Jesse to see how close his lover was to the edge. Hanzo let out a needy whine as Jesse completely let go of Hanzo’s chest.

“Cupcake, I’m thinkin’ you’ve been keeping something from me.” Jesse slid his prosthetic hand down to rest on Hanzo’s pelvis.

“Jesse.” Hanzo’s back arched Jesse ran his fingers through his dark curled pubic hair. “Jesse if you do not touch me right now --”

“Nuh uh.” Jesse leaned in to kiss Hanzo on the neck. Another weakness of the archer. “You gotta ask for it nicely.”

Hanzo growled deep enough that Jesse could feel the vibrations. “I do not beg.”

“Beg? What? Oh! Oh darlin’!” Jesse laughed as pressed his next kiss on Hanzo’s cheek. “Sweetheart, I don’t want you to beg. I want you to ask for what you want. No more hiding from each other, remember?”

“I am not hiding anything,” Hanzo muttered. There was that flush on his cheeks again.

“Is that so?” Jesse rubbed his metal thumb against the base of Hanzo’s shaft, drawing out a sharp gasp from his lover. “Cause it seems to me you’re rather interested in what I can do with these fingers of mine. Now what do we say?”

Hanzo’s throat bobbed. Jesse knew that sometimes it was hard for the archer to open up. So to see him admit to his desires always made Jesse’s heart skip a beat.  “Please. My love. Touch me.”

Jesse shivered. He’d never get used to Hanzo calling him that. He hoped he never did. Jesse pressed a kiss against the side of Hanzo’s mouth before taking Hanzo’s cock in his hand. His fingers barely touched the man before Hanzo bucked his hips against Jesse’s palm. “Easy now darlin’, don’t want to rush this.”

“Tease,” Hanzo accused before he grinds against Jesse. He is trying to fight, but Jesse wasn’t going to let Hanzo exhaust himself further.

“I’m not teasin’. I told you. Gonna treat you right.” Jesse stops Hanzo’s next word with a kiss and, thankfully, Hanzo doesn’t seem to mind at all. The kisses are drawn out gradually, each easing Hanzo into a calmer rhythm. Only once Hanzo slows down to match Jesse’s pace does he tighten his grip firmly against the shaft.

“Kuso!” Hanzo hissed and reached back to grab at the pillow under his head.

“That’s it, that’s it sug,” Jesse purred as he slowly pumped his hand. “Baby, you’re so good, been doing so good on the mission, I’m going to treat you so right. ‘Cause you deserve it. You deserve so much and I’m going to make sure you’re treated like the angel you are. A radiant angel that a sinner like me ain’t worthy to touch. I’m yours, all yours, my darlin’ angel. You’re divine, you’re heavenly, you’re laughing at me!”

Hanzo was, in fact, laughing at him. What had started as a mere chuckle had only grown by the time Jesse caught on. Hanzo cracked his eyes open only to start giggling again. “You,” he gasped, “do not stop talking!”

Jesse paused and rested his fingers at the base of Hanzo’s cock. “And what pray tell is so funny about that?”

“It is not funny.” Hanzo twisted his body around onto his side to face Jesse. “It is charming. Like how you keep thinking of new pet names for me.”

Jesse snaked his now-numb tattooed arm around Hanzo’s back. “Pumpkin?”

“That is one, yes.”

“Honey Cakes.”

“Mmm-hmm.” Hanzo pressed his head under Jesse’s chin.


“Do not use that one ever again.”


“Stop!” Hanzo laughed.

Jesse placed his metal hand on Hanzo’s hip. “Well cookie, you never use any pet names for me so I gotta keep up for the both of us.”

He could feel Hanzo smile into his throat from those words. Jesse could also feel Hanzo’s hand sliding down his chest followed by the telltale click of his belt buckle opening up. “I am more a man of action than words.”

Hanzo’s rough hand on his cock breaks Jesse out of his sugar-inspired pet name list. There’s a brief thought to stop Hanzo, say that this was all about him tonight, but Hanzo bit down on Jesse’s neck and he could have sworn he saw stars. Well if his buttercup wanted to return the favor he wasn’t about to tell him otherwise. Jesse grabbed onto Hanzo’s ass with his metal hand and Hanzo groaned enthusiastically in response. Oh, Jesse was going to explore more of this prosthetic interest when they got back home.

There is an awkward moment between the two men, shuffling legs and arms, a curse about Jesse’s taste in complicated belts, but it passes and they are joined again. Jesse’s only regret is that he cannot touch every part of Hanzo at once. There is only fleeting contact against Hanzo’s arms and chest, his back and his ass, down his thigh and everywhere else Jesse could reach. Hanzo on the other hand is more focused. His hand tightly wrapped around Jesse’s cock and his mouth on his neck.

Jesse tried to talk, to sing Hanzo’s praises, to form the most basic of words, but every time he almost put two words together Hanzo would squeeze his hand and he’d lose it again. Hanzo was too damn skilled with those hands, too damn good for him. He tried to say as much but all that came out was so good, too good, the same words repeated over and over in prayer. Hanzo cruelly let go of Jesse’s shaft to find purchase on his ass.

“Jesse!” Hanzo moaned as their cocks rutted together in the hot space between them. Jesse holds Hanzo tight, not willing to let go, wanting to feel every inch of his lover, and is rewarded with the sensation of Hanzo spilling out against the curve of Jesse’s lower belly. The faint gasp that Hanzo let out was music to Jesse’s ears and was enough to push him over the edge. With Hanzo still in his arms Jesse rocked his hips to help eke out the last of their shared pleasure.

He doesn’t let go of Hanzo. Not right away. Not until the blissful feeling passes, not until Hanzo’s breathing steadies out into the archer’s normal light snore. Only then, once he was sure that his lover was fast asleep, did Jesse let go because Christ almighty what a mess. And, Jesse realized as he looked down at his stained shirt and jeans, he only had the one set of clothes.


The plan was simple: One, untangle himself from Hanzo. That was easier said than done since his lover was a cuddle-monster when he slept. At least he didn’t have to peel off the dragons as well. Two, grab Hanzo’s long forgotten towel and use it to clean themselves up. Three, realize that was the only towel in the bathroom. Four, briefly debate using a blanket for modesty before using it to tuck Hanzo in instead. Five, suck it up and march to the laundry room naked with his dirty clothes in hand.

Jesse made it halfway across the living room before it hit him that he could have just walked to the laundry room while wearing said clothes. No, he decided as he stepped over the still-open toolbox, he would rather risk having Orisa see him naked than explain what the stains on his clothes were. Had Orisa even have the talk yet, he wondered to himself.

He felt a tinge of disappointment when nothing answered him back. Soba had only been part of Jesse for less than half a year and he was already used to having the lil’ fella around for commentary. Even Jesse’s arm felt as if something was missing. Like finding an empty fortune cookie but without the existential dread that always followed. Funny how easy Soba fit into his life. How easy Hanzo fit into his and vise-versa. How easy he and Hanzo tumbled from friends to lovers without a breath in-between. How easy he had forgotten about Jack and Satya being in the laundry room until the very second after he opened the door.

Thankfully for what little remained of Jesse’s modesty the laundry room was empty. Curiously so, once Jesse thought about it while loading the washing machine. He wasn’t too shocked at the idea of Jack sneaking out without leaving a note. To Jesse it was far more shocking that Jack hadn’t ditched Overwatch to go off on his own again. But Satya leaving without saying a word was a bit odd. Their weapons were still propped up against Jack’s makeshift workbench (aka an ironing board with a slab of plywood on top) so they couldn’t have gone far.

Or something happened to them, said that Gabe-like voice in his head.

Or it’s because this room is right under your bedroom, said Soba quite literally in his head.

Jesse felt Soba before he saw the dragon. A red light trickled down his tattoo and with it the feeling of a puzzle piece snapped back into place. That was when he noticed Soba curled around Jack’s pile of half-finished bio-emitters. There was a wooden popsicle stick in his mouth and a couple of chewed up sticks on the floor next to Jesse’s wallet. Which was a lot thinner than the last time he saw it. “How…?”

Soba spat the stick out of his mouth. Lúcio helped, he explained, but he did buy three all for himself!

“Yeah, yeah, small price to pay I guess.” Jesse dropped his clothes in and  turned the washer on. “But he better not come crying to me if he gets a stomach ache from eating that much. That being said, I swear I’ve seen him eat more than Reinhardt and Zarya combined. Probably burns it all off being, well, bein’ Lúcio.”

Barriga llena, corazón contento! Soba sang.

“You said, wait, hang on, since when do you know Spanish?”

Lo siento. No hablo Espanol. Soba’s ears flattened against his head. One of many reasons why Jesse gave up on teaching the dragon poker.

Jesse took a seat on the floor next to Soba’s pile of metal and chewed wood. No, he corrected himself, a nest. Yet another one of Soba’s numerous love nests that the little dragon had made ever since the morning on the beach. This one featured a wall of protective bio-emitters with only the shiniest screws and bottle caps on the inside. He scratched Soba behind the horns and speaking in Spanish said, “Is this one of those Hanzo-gave-you-to-me things, an arm eating thing, or have you been holding out on me this whole time?”

To Jesse’s shock Soba shied away from the scritches. Now he knew something was wrong. When no response came Jesse did what he did best and kept talking. “Wish you’d said something earlier. We could have been gosspin’ behind Hanzo’s back this whole time! Bet Udon and Egg don’t know a lick of Spanish either. Next mission with them we can chat about whatever we want without anyone listening in.”

Soba made a noise that was either a chuckle or a kitten-like sneeze before leaning back against Jesse’s hand. But they cannot hear me anyway if I speak directly to you, Soba said.

“Shh, don’t ruin it with fancy thinkin’ and logic. That’s Hanzo and Udon’s job.”

Soba’s laughter returned only to die down once again. He leaned out of his nest far enough to rest his head against Jesse’s hand. Arm.

“Arm? What, oh, arm.” Jesse flexed his metal fingers. “You got Spanish from eating my arm?”

I did not get Spanish from your arm. I got Spanish from eating a sliver of your soul.

Jesse stared at him a long moment, trying to process that. “That’s, wow. Hanzo didn’t mention that bit before.”

Soba wiggled his long body in a way that Jesse knew meant to be a shrug. It wasn’t a big part, he said, just a little off the side. I did not mean to do it on purpose. I’m, I am sorry New Master.

“What? Aww, Soba!” Jesse rubbed his thumb against the crack on Soba’s horn. “Don’t worry about it. I’m pretty sure we’re even, anyway. Wasn’t like I was doin’ anything with it. But I gotta ask, did you get anything else besides Spanish? Like can you make a mean chili, or shoot a gun or know how to fold a fitted sheet?”

Soba shook his head. The mystery of how you fold sheets still eludes me. When I ate, digested, swallowed, absorbed, please stop making those faces New Master--


--when I, um, took in part of you I saw a flash of your memories. People and places I did not recognize then but I now know to be of Overwatch and its people. Of your home and family.

Jesse relaxed. “Yeah? How so?”

Soba brightened up. I knew you were a good man who tried his best like Old Master. I saw your father Gabe and your step-father Jack and your mother Ana and your strange uncles Reinhardt and Torbjorn and your cousins Lena, Winston and Gerard and your sisters Fareeha and Angela and your brother--

“Genji.” The name slipped out before Jesse could stop himself. “You saw Genji.”

Soba’s ears flattened back against his head.

“You knew. You knew Genji was alive this whole time. You knew and you didn’t tell Hanzo.”

I do not speak Spanish, Soba said in Japanese.


The dragon let out a sad chirp and crawled up Jesse’s arm, twisting himself around his own image, shaking against Jesse’s skin. What could I say, New Master? That his brother was alive? That he was no longer fully human? That he was filled with such rage I felt it even in that brief flash? That Egg, my sister, our sister was shattered and in more pain than I have ever experienced? That even though Young Master was dead and alive and hurt he still laughed and smiled and cried and played that card game I never understood and lived while Old Master...stopped? I could not tell him, New Master. Old Master was in so much pain. I could not inflict more.

With caring hands Jesse slid Soba off his arm and held the shivering dragon close. He did his best to comfort Soba, rubbing his thumb in a circle behind his horns. Jesse sat there with Soba long after the washing machine had clicked off, but he didn’t mind. Only when the silence became too much he started humming a half-remembered song to fill the air. Slowly but surely Soba’s voice joined in with the melody to fill in the gaps Jesse forgot.

“You’re a good noodle, Soba. How about we keep this between the two of us?”

I thought you and Old Master swore to have no more secrets between you?

Jesse scratched under Soba’s jaw. “This is a you-me secret so it doesn’t count.”

Soba tilted his head and nodded. Evidently that logic was good enough for him. Soba extended his neck up enough to bop his nose against Jesse’s chin. I am glad you’re a terrible shot New Master.

“And I’m glad you’re my hey wait a sec! Where’d you get that idea?!”

When you missed Old Master and shot me instead! Soba literally glowed with happiness. If you had hit him the two of you never would have become friends, or fallen in love, and there would be no future little Shimadas!

“About that.” Regret flooded every corner of Jesse’s body as he stood up from the floor. He should not have sat down that long. Naked. On concrete. Balls should never touch concrete. Jesse did his best to ignore the way his knee popped on the short walk to the washing machine. “Soba, sweetheart, I’m really impressed by your nests, really, but do you know me and Hanzo can’t have kids, right? We ain’t got the right tools for the job.”

Soba climbed up Jesse’s chest and took his normal seat on his shoulder. New Master! I am an ageless spirit that has watched this world long before Udon and I became Old Master’s guardians. I am aware of how human reproduction works. I am practicing nest building for the children you will adopt in the future.

“And I’d love to settle down and raise a gaggle of little cowbabies with Hanzo but I don’t think it’s in the cards. Don’t think Hanzo’s the family type either,” Jesse said as he moved the load of wet clothes into the dryer.

But Old Master wants to have a family with you!

Jesse was honestly surprised how much those words made his heart flutter. “You uh, sure about that?”

Oh yes! Udon says he speaks of it often when you are away on missions! Even more so since the two of you mated!

“Well. How about that.” Jesse closed the dryer lid, pushed the button, and kicked the machine until it actually turned on. More so. Soba said more so didn’t he? He took a deep, calming breath to keep his heart rate down. “So uh, did Udon mention what exactly my sweetpea said? About a family?”

Soba lifted his middle section up in an attempt to shrug. Blah blah family blah blah dragons blah blah tradition I don’t listen too closely when he goes on about family. I just want all your babies to be healthy with super powerful dragons! And cowboys! They’ll all be cowboys, right? Half cowboys? That’s how it works, right?

“See, it’s saying stuff like that which makes me doubt this whole you-know-where-babies-come-from thing. Sure you don’t want me to give ya a rundown?”

I’m not stupid, New Master!

Jesse grinned as he walked out of the laundry room. Heading back to Hanzo sounded like heaven right about then. And with any luck he wouldn’t run into any gawking teammates between there and his still-warm bed. “Soba sweetheart, I saw you try to eat one of Junkrat’s bombs once.”

He called it an apple, Soba said, grumbling loud enough for Jesse to feel the vibrations. And you’re not one to talk! I saw you eat a burger out of the trash!

“You wouldn’t understand, Soba. Back then I was a desperate, starvin’ man.”

It happened last week!

“And dinner was like three hours away.” Jesse scooped Soba up off his shoulder and held him up to his face. “Face it sugar, I do think we’re meant for each other.”

Soba stuck out his tongue, but Jesse could feel affection radiating off the dragon. With a mighty butt-wiggle Soba lept out of Jesse’s hands straight into his chest. The sensation of Soba’s spirit joining his own always felt a little strange. Like slipping on a fuzzy warm sweater but only over his organs and guts and stuff. But, Jesse reflected as he headed up the stairs, it also felt right.

Hanzo had not moved a muscle since Jesse left, still wrapped in a thin sheet and nuzzled up against his pillow. Jesse did his best to slip back under the cover without disturbing the other man, but the second his head hit the pillow Hanzo was wrapped around him once more. An important part of their relationship meant accepting Hanzo’s octopus-like sleeping habits. Even if it made getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom a pain. Jesse kissed the top of Hanzo’s head. “Sorry for wakin’ ya.”

Hanzo grumbled in return, “Couldn’t sleep. Too cold.”

A lie, but Jesse wasn’t going to push it. His hand traveled in a lazy circle across Hanzo’s back. “Don’t worry sugar, I’m here to get you nice and warmed up. Go back to sleep.”

“I was not asleep.” In what may have been an attempt to prove his point Hanzo lightly bit down on Jesse’s neck. As much as Jesse would have loved to follow that action he was too tired to act. He settled for kissing Hanzo’s hair again before settling back into the pillows. Hanzo followed, his body going slack in Jesse’s arms.

They laid their together, legs entwined, not quite asleep nor fully awake, when Hanzo broke the silence. “I was serious about being cold.”

Jesse moved his hand down to Hanzo’s hip. “Son of a gun, you are on the chilly side. Want me to grab an extra blanket? Or three?”

Hanzo shook his head. “You are warm enough, my love. I am still adjusting to being without Soba, that is all.”


Hanzo lifted his head up to give Jesse a look. “Have you not felt the warmth of your dragon? The fire within your arm? When I carried both the heat would almost be too much to bare.”

“Oh. Um. Is that why, you know?”

“Yes. Jesse. That is why I would fight with only half a shirt on.”

“Huh. Mystery solved.” Jesse’s hands moved again, this time on the quest to warm up as much of Hanzo’s body he could reach. “Haven’t really noticed, but with me it’d be like lighting up a campfire on the sun. Hope my little wiggler ain’t overheatin’ in me.”

“I am sure he is fine.” Hanzo smiled and moved his head back to his normal spot against Jesse’s neck. Jesse often wondered these days why Hanzo always curled up right there. Maybe he enjoyed feeling Jesse’s pulse? Or maybe he was shy and trying to hide in his own bashful way?

Jesse returned his hands to Hanzo’s back. “Did it hurt? Losing Soba? Cause it hurt like a bitch getting him.”

Hanzo shook his head. “No. It felt closer to a hypnagogic jerk.”

“A what ?”

He could actually feel Hanzo breathe out a sigh against his neck. “When one of your limbs twitch right as you are falling asleep? That sensation?”

“Oh, one of those. Those are the worst.” Jesse closed his eyes and nuzzled the top of Hanzo’s head. “I always get this weird falling feelin’ right in my stomach whenever that happens. You ever get that, sugarpie?”

Hanzo did not get a chance to answer.

The sound of shattering glass hit Jesse first. Light followed, and with it the too familiar sounds of battle. Jesse didn’t think. He didn’t have to. He rolled out of bed, grabbed his Peacekeeper and communicator, and pressed himself against the wall near the window. By the time his brain caught up to what was happening Hanzo had already taken a spot on the other side of the widow.

Hanzo held his Stormbow at the ready. He nodded to Jesse.

Jesse held up his gun and nodded back.

Hanzo looked down at Jesse.

Jesse looked down at Hanzo.

“Why are you naked?” Hanzo hissed as he readied an arrow.

“Why did you waste time putting on pants?” Jesse hissed back.

“We arrived at the window at--” Hanzo shook his head to dismiss the line of thought. “You told me the windows were bulletproof.”

“These ain’t normal bullets.” Jesse reached up and turned his communicator on. “Emergency! The Safe House is under attack! Repeat! We are under attack! All agents report in!”

Silence. Jesse felt his stomach drop. “I repeat! All agents report in!”

The communicator clicked, and the sound of the same gunfire in the distance filled Jesse’s ear before a voice spoke. “This is Agent Zaryanova reporting in. I hear you Commander.”

“I ain’t your commander, Zarya!” A second bullet shattered another pane of glass. Jesse slammed the metal knob on his prosthetic once, twice, three times before the window completely gave way. “Wait. Zarya?!”

“Zarya?” Hanzo reached to his own ear. “What are you doing here? Your mission--”

“Is over,” Zarya said in a tone which suggested any further questions would result in losing a limb. Jesse looked to Hanzo for help with Zarya, they were closer friends after all, but Hanzo’s focus was on firing an arrow out the window.

“Right. Don’t suppose you’re in the neighborhood? Me and Hanzo are all alone at the Safe House and no one else is answerin’.”

“Do not worry! I am on my way with the robot baby!”

Jesse frowned. “Robot baby? Orisa? You mean Orisa? Please tell me you mean Orisa.”

There was another click followed by Orisa’s voice. “I am here Commander! I apologize, I did not turn my communicator back on! I, um, forgot.”

“No problem sweetheart, that’s why pencils have erasers.” Jesse paused long enough to swing his arm around and rapid fire out the window. A flash of neon colors told him everything he needed to know. “Los Muertos. Didn’t think they were dumb enough to pick a fight.”

“They are not firing at us,” Hanzo noted as he let loose another arrow. “They are trying to get into the building across the way.”

That was worth risking another peek. Jesse poked his head around to look out the broken window. Hanzo was right, all of the brightly decaled gang members were banging at the doors, clawing at the windows, and more or less tearing at each other. They were fighting tooth and nail for not only what was inside the building, but the right to get it for themselves.

Jesse narrowed his eyes. “If they’re not firing at us then what the hell are they after?”

Once again Jesse’s body reacted before his mind could. He saw movement at one of the windows in the besieged building and ducked back enough so he could just see the figure. Nothing more than a flash of pink followed by a gun being fired out the crowd below. Six shots, six gang members went down. Great shot. Wore bright pink. His stomach found a way to drop again.

“Hana. Fucking hell, it’s Hana.”

“Jesse,” Hanzo shot Jesse a look before also firing another arrow into the crowd. “Hana is on a mission with Genji--”

“And Zarya’s supposed to be in Russia or somethin’! Speaking of, Zarya! Where are you?”

“I have visual of the battle,” Zarya said. “The baby is scanning the building.”

“Biometric scan complete,” Orisa chimed in. “I detect two life forms within the structure. There is a positive match with Agent Song. Both are injured.”

“Well fuck me sideways.” Jesse rubbed his eyes. “Does anyone know where the hell Lúcio is?”

“He went off with Lynx.” Zarya said, spitting out the name.

“Now who in Sam Hill is Link?!”

“Jesse!” Hanzo shrugged off his quiver to show Jesse his single remaining arrow. “We need back up. Now.”

Jesse risked a glance down at Peacekeeper. One bullet left. “Orisa, I need you to get into that building and protect Hana and whoever she’s with.”

“Probably her girlfriend,” Hanzo answered.

“Since when does Hana,” Jesse shook his head. “Forget it! Just get in there and get your barrier up! Zarya, cover her!”

“Understood, Commander.”

“I’m not, not important, it’s not important right now is we need support or Jack or--”

A loud click cut Jesse off. “Lúcio and Lynx reporting in!” Lúcio shouted over the distant sound of gunfire. “I’m guessing the fighting is about us?”

Jesse mouthed who is Lynx at Hanzo and got a shrug in return. “Lúcio I need you to get back to the Safe House right now. Hana is hurt and trapped in the building across the street and needs assistance now.”

“Hana?!” Lúcio shouted. “Hana’s with Mercy--”

“I can confirm Hana’s MEKA was placed in the transport with Brother Zenyatta,” Orisa said.

“Wai,.” Zarya cut in. “Did you see her with her MEKA as well?”

“There’s no MEKA in that building,” said a voice Jesse didn’t recognize at all. “At least I can’t find any. Also I assume if there were one she wouldn’t be trapped in there.”

“Observant as always, Lynx,” Zarya replied.

“Seriously! Who the everlovin’ fuck is this?”

“Enough!” Hanzo slammed his hand against the wall behind him. When no one responded right away he continued. “Orisa and Lúcio, get in the building and protect Hana and her girlfriend. Zarya, cover them. Lynx, either get off this channel or make yourself useful and track down Satya and Morrison.”

“Sure thing,” said probably Lynx. “I’ll just track down the two people I don’t know or have any clue what they even look like. Got it covered.”

“He means Solider 76, kitty.” Purred Lucio.

“Oh, yeah I can totally track them down. Stay safe, froggy.”

“It is settled.” Hanzo nocked an arrow into place. “Zarya, Lúcio, Orisa, report when you are in position. Lynx contact us the second you have their location. Jesse, step back.”

Jesse did as he was told and not a moment too soon. Hanzo, his wonderful Hanzo, leapt over the broken glass covered floor and fired his remaining arrow out the window as he did. The arrow scattered into a half dozen points of blue light, each hitting a different target below. He landed gracefully in front of Jesse with a smug smile on his face. Neither man needed to look outside to check his work. They both knew every strike was lethal.

“Simple geometry,” Hanzo said, beaming with pride.

Jesse didn’t respond right away. He was too busy looking at Hanzo. Just looking at him. Deep down he knew there were more pressing matters, but in that instant he couldn’t tear his eyes off Hanzo. Deadly, beautiful, bathed in streetlight and smiling just for him. When Jesse did respond he did it with the sort of kiss he always wanted to give Hanzo in the middle of battle. Greedy and tinged with the taste of gunpowder. He pulled away enough to gaze into Hanzo’s eyes.

“Marry me.”

Even in the dim light Jesse could see Hanzo’s face turn red. There was a slight tremble in his voice as he spoke. “Jesse, the dragons--”

“I know darlin’, connected forever, fates entwined, I know. But hell, Hanzo, I want to get married. Have the whole damn ceremony in front of everyone while wearing itchy suits and babblin’ about how much we love each other. Probably can’t do it legally but I still want to marry you proper-like with flowers and Reinhardt cryin’ and the dragons as ring bearers! I love you, Hanzo. And I want everyone to know I’ll love you till the day I die. And we can throw one hell of a party for the reception. What do you say?”

Hanzo smiled hard enough his eyes crinkled on the sides. “On one condition.”

“Anything, darlin’.”

“You wear the cowboy hat to the ceremony.”


“Commander!” Zarya’s voice came in, this time with the gunfire louder behind her. “We are in position outside of the Safe House. We cannot get close to the building and require a distraction! There are too many to take head-on!”

Jesse took a deep breath and mentally shoved all of the unimportant information to the back of his brain. Hana’s girlfriend, whoever the hell Lynx was, where Jack and Satya had gone off to, why Zarya was even there, the color schemes for the wedding, all of that. He could deal with all of that later. Much later. Right now all that mattered was getting Orsia and Lúcio into that building. He met Hanzo’s eyes once more and his fiance nodded in return.

“Hold your horses, Zarya. Hanzo and I got it covered. You ready, pumpkin?”

Hanzo leaned up to give Jesse a kiss. Sweeter than the last, but the taste of smoke remained. “Let us end this, together.”

Hanzo tossed his bow behind him, clasped Jesse’s tattooed wrist, and stepped back in front of the window. Jesse followed in a far less artistic way, making sure to awkwardly stand on Hanzo’s feet to keep off of the glass covered carpet. For a second he thought he might fall but Hanzo kept a steady arm around his waist. Around them the world slowed as they slipped between the seconds together by the glow of Jesse’s Deadeye. Jesse pointed his gun down at the frozen battle below. He could feel Soba clawing at his skin, screaming out to tear all that stood between Jesse and his family. And he knew Hanzo and Udon felt the same way. All they needed was the command.