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Crybaby is alone on the playground, again.

Not that she plays at the playground, it's just that she sits here a lot, on that bench, to avoid everyone, and to stay out of the house. The house is toxic. She would know, she lives there. Poor girl, outspoken and misunderstood, and overemotional. That is her namesake, after all. Crybaby's brother named her, and he won't say whether it was on purpose or not. All everyone knows is that her name is Crybaby, and no one is willing to change it.

"Crybaby! Crybaby! Crybaby!" Another day of taunting, teasing, and bullying.

She's never really gotten used to it, a side effect of being overemotional. Though the teasing gets old, and eventually the charm wears off, the chanting and outing always gets to her. She gets up, and moves to a new spot, but the chants are never far behind.

"Oh, are you going to cry? Cry your eyes out, little baby!" A pretty blonde pulls on Crybaby's pig tails.

Her name is Annie, the princess of the playground. Everyone loved her, no matter what she did. She could beat up and infant and she would be praised as a hero. Crybaby could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, ready to come pouring out at any second.

"Are you going to cry, Crybaby?" Annie sneered again. That was the breaking point.

Crybaby cried, and cried, kicking and screaming, wailing like a banshee, until she was sent home from school, again. She didn't go home though. Instead, she went to the playground, and sat on the bench, tears still dripping from her doll-like eyes, staining her pale-blue dress.

Her heart is too big for her body, is what people would tell her.

Thicken your skin, Crybaby.

Get used to it, Crybaby.

Stand up for yourself, Crybaby.

Fight back, Crybaby.

They never understood her. Words were thrown her way all the time, but the people saying them never understood her. They don't get her feelings, why she can't fight back or get it together. She cried and cried, these words shakign her to her core.

They don't understand me, and they never will.

Whatever, screw them. They can all just drown, for what I care.

They can all just drown.