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Mother of All Darkness

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Part 1: What came way after what came before


Cuddling and snoozing in bed post sex. Ahhh, one of my favorite things. Something to take the edge off of the hurt, the pain, the loss... the grief.


Things so completely sucked right now.


Sucko issue number one. Haven was dead by my hand, it was either him or Nathaniel and it so wasn't him. I wished it could have worked out. He was a powerful werelion, but had so many issues about masculine dominance (i.e. him dominating me) and he'd gone nuts and tried to kill Nathaniel just to make me feel bad. Well... he'd succeeded but not in quite the way he'd planned as I ended up shooting him resulting in his death.


Sucko issue number two. The vampire council had been taken over by the Mother of All Darkness’s spirit, and said bitch was using the council to try to either take over me and mine or destroy us completely.


The Mother of All Darkness, otherwise known as Marmee Noir or Mommy Dearest, is the leader of all vampires and the head of the Vampire Council. She is both a vampire and a lycanthrope at once, and is apparently a were-cave lion. According to several of the vampires (and her), she is supposedly the first vampire. However, there were hints that she is the Mother vampire in a metaphorical, rather than literal sense, having created the rules and culture that governs the vampire race. Nobody is quite sure and Marmee Noir is certainly not telling.


Not quite sure what she was, she might be a unique type of vampire, distinctly different and more powerful, from all later descendents; perhaps not even a vampire, per se, but a unique type of monster with vampiric traits. Her powers included control over several species of vampire/lycanthrope mixes (i.e. cat based), the ability to project her attention and mental powers, and a deep control over darkness.


Marmee Noir and her vampire/lycanthrope followers had been "sleeping" for centuries, due to some members of the vampire community casting a spell on her, in an underground tower that looks out on a wide open space. Her body has been destroyed but the bitch's spirit survived and was actually possessing various vampires. Her goal was to posses me as her new host.


Yea, ultra sucko like I said.


But... damn I love the sheets on Jean-Claude’s bed, they must be one thousand thread count or better. I so didn’t want to know what they cost.


I was sprawled naked between three of my sweeties, Jean-Claude (vampire), Micah (wereleopard) , and Asher (vampire). They were all sleeping and I guess I was dozing when I heard the slight cough of somebody announcing their presence.




I froze. I hadn’t sensed anything! And… none of my bedmates had stirred at the sound which must mean strong magic!


I groped for the concealed handgun (yea I have one hidden in the bed and no I’m not going to tell you where it is) as I peered over Asher’s shoulder and saw a person sitting on a chair on the far wall. It was... well shit it wasn't whom I'd feared but almost somebody as bad. It was...




Which was odd. I didn’t hear any screaming like I usually do when I’m around her and she was also dressed strangely. She was wearing some full body grey garb with electronics boxes over her chest that had wires leading to her wrists, looked like some weird prison clothing or something.


She also looked… unkempt. And I wasn't feeling anything from her. No sense of power, demonic evil, or… heck anything at all. It was like she wasn't really here.


She had an expression of vague annoyance as she looked upon me. “Occupied with your usual hobby I see Ms. Blake. Have you become an exhibitionist or are you trying to find out if I’m a voyeur and into...” she waved her right hand to indicate the three sleeping males.


I sat up and found a bed sheet to hide my breasts. I’m a lot more casual about nudity now, but just didn’t feel right flashing her. I shook the boys but nobody woke up.


She watched me attempt to wake them and commented again in a dry sarcastic tone. “I think this is a private conversation Ms. Blake. Your dream, your rules I suppose”.


“Why are you here Magik”? I asked as I glared at her, I hate being surprised and aggression is kind of my default reaction.


I’d called her Magik but she also had other names. Darkchilde for one. You really didn’t want to meet her when Darkchilde described her as she looked like a classical female devil. I’ve seen her a few times like that and it was never good. I don’t think it was good for her and it really wasn’t good for those around her (although sexually the look tended to be very good with some of the boys which I think speaks volumes about the male species in general).


Childe with an E was the first name that I learned (she'd used that name when we'd first met). Childe was… well not safe but not… ummm… genocidal is too strong a word… let’s just say she tended to refrain from wanton homicide and leave it at that.


Magik. Interesting name, denotes I suppose what she really was as she was magical at so many levels in that she was able to do all kinds of things. Magik had fried the Great Pyramid of Khufu the first time I’d met her, and years later it was still smoking. Nobody knew what was burning underneath all that stone rubble and nobody wanted to find out. They’d spent weeks pouring water from the Nile on it but whatever was burning apparently didn’t care about water. And just to be extra specific Magik was not a self assumed title, she'd been named Magik by others; meaning she wasn't bragging.


Then there was Snowflake, Katherine sometimes called her that. It was a nickname from her human childhood before she became a demon sorceress, died, and came back as a full demon. Katherine also sometimes called her Kit as in Kitten.


Katherine and Illyana were lovers, but separated by fate due to something that Illyana (and yes I mean Illyana and not Magik) had done to save Katherine. Really separated as apparently Illyana had taken on some kind of fate that had been Katherine’s so Katherine would not have to die and was rather... damaged by it; but that’s another story. Katherine had tried explaining it once using quantum mathematics, something about quantum super positions and quantum particle entanglement in the non quantum world, but all I achieved was a quantifiably super headache. I mean how can something be in two places at once and be two different things?


Hell Lord, ruler of Limbo was one of her titles. Power with a capital P, see Magik for reference.


Some folks I knew had taken to calling her Dragon Lady when they didn't want to mention her other names (for some reason they didn't want to speak her name, they thought it was bad luck or something). They never did it around Katherine as she got annoyed, but she did concede that the title was well earned.


Then there was Illyana. Nice safe human name. Right? Naaa… Illyana was… way past dangerous. When she was Illyana, in our world, that either meant her human side was really showing (I’d only seen it once) or it meant that somebody was threatening Katherine and hell was about to pay a visit (I’d seen that too and I’d take Magik over Illyana any day of the week, with Magik you had a better chance of understanding and surviving. Illyana tended to lose it when Katherine was involved).


Well enough about her names for now.


“You called me”. Was her response. “Umm… do you have a Coke or something in here? They don’t usually let me have soft drinks and I’m rather craving a Coke”.


Ok, no idea what the hell she was talking about. I pointed to the wet bar and she went over and rummaged around in the small fridge and came back with a glass of ice and a can of Coke. She poured herself a drink.


“Thanks”. She said and she took a long sip.


Ok this is way weird. She said dream so… what the hell was going on? Well, I asked the question a bit more politely then that. Never hurt to be polite with Magik although you could cuss at her and she wouldn’t take offense, I guess demons tended to have a thick skin.


“You summoned me… well, I suppose you kind of summoned me. More of a please show up kind of plea. I think you’re contemplating cashing in the favor I owe you and you want to talk it over first. I was asleep as well and decide to respond to your plea. Because… well shards I’m so very very bored. At least Scott is finally letting me out on missions now and then, grateful for the break in the tedium”.


Ok, not making any sense, rather the norm with her. I tried a question that might elicit a more understandable response.


“What’s with the new look? You look like a character in a Sci-Fi film”.


Her response surprised me as she held up her arms to emphasize the getup.


“Prison garb, integrated with a nifty demon incinerating bomb jacket. Rather annoyed to find myself wearing it in a dream as well, but beats the hell out of most of my dreams lately”.


“Prison gear? Bomb jacket? What the hell did you do and who the hell is able to do this to… well you”?


Her answer both interesting and chilling.


“Got my soul back for one and arranged the death of the elder gods”.


She gave a sarcastic grin. “My methods… upset my teammates as I risked all of creation to do it. That and… well… some other things. So now I’m locked up with the bomb thingie set to go off if I misbehave, try to do magic, or get uppity I suppose”.


“Shit… so you’re powerless”.


“No. I’m locked up”.


“Isn’t that the same thing”?






“I let them lock me up”.




“How good were you at locking me up”?


Ok… I thought about it a bit and then got it. Not sure if the folks who locked her up got it but then that was not my problem.


Wondered who Scott was, decided not to ask as I likely would just be more confused by the answers. Hmm, she said a team…


“What kind of team? Don’t tell me you’re a member of the Justice League or something”? If so they really needed to get their heads examined was my inner thought, that’s like letting Lex Luther join and putting him in charge of the kryptonite.


“Naa, I don’t live in a comic book Ms. Blake. Although it is a super powered response team for the situations that are the baddest of the bad. Not to be used in most cases so not much play time as it were. At least they let me out the cell for training as well. The team name sums it up well, the Extinction team”.


Ok, with a name like that her presence made a kind of makes sense. And I so wished she'd stop referring to massive mayhem as playing, the girl has a disturbing perspective on things. “How do they… um restrain you when you’re not in your bomb jacket”?


“With another more expensive bomb jacket that looks just like my spandex black and yellow costume. Rather sucks in that I haven’t had a bath or a shower in a long time. Shards moist towelettes so don’t cut it. I find that I keep fantasying about a shower”.


Ok, that explained the unkempt look.


Magik then asked a question as she looked around the room. “So… why am I here Ms. Blake? Here being rather notional as this is a dream”.


I explain what had been happening and my fears about Mommy Dearest. I then asked a question that had been on my mind for quite some time.


“Are you stronger then her, Marmee Noir, the mother of darkness”?


“No… Well, not completely sure but probably a very strong no, especially if she’s taken over the vampire council. I stayed well away from her the times I've been here”.




“Hoping I’d take out the big bad for you”?




“Sorry, but she’s beyond just me even with all that I am in this world”.


“Shit”. I said gain. Yea, I like to curse sometimes.


Magik asked a question. “Have you involved…” she gulped and suddenly her body language changed. She got a panicky look and started to hyperventilate. She ended up closing her eyes and stuttered “Kath… Kather… Kath… Kath…”. She stopped and gulped, then continued. “Her”?


Ut-oh, dangerous ground. Magik had just gone Illyana and I only knew one thing that could cause that. I had been tempted to involve Katherine, but I was rather convinced that doing that would fall under plotting Katherine harm and Illyana had made it very plain, and had demonstrated, just what happened to folks who plotted Katherine harm (remember that genocidal comment). Plus… Katherine was my friend and… well shit, you don’t do that to friends.


“No, she doesn’t know”.


Katherine was off at Yale getting her first Doctorate degree. In fact she was due to come back here for spring break in just three weeks, assuming there was something to come back to that is. Just knew she was going to be way beyond pissed when she learned that we had hidden this from her (assuming we were alive in three weeks). But alive and pissed beats dead any day of the week.


Illyana gave one of those full body shivers, but when she opened her eyes you could tell Magik was back.




We sat there staring at each other for a while as Magik drank the rest of her Coke.


I finally asked the question that I really wanted an answer to.


“If… well… does that oath you swore cover… um… this”?


Magik swallowed the last of her Coke, then got up and retrieve another can. She replied as she rummaged around in the mini fridge. “I swore my oath to you. Better you do… the bigger the favor”.


“And…”? I asked. Hoped and prayed to be honest (yes the irony of praying about help from a demon was not lost on me). Although… she wasn’t really feeling demony. Maybe because this was supposedly just a dream? Hmm... she did say she got back her soul.


She stood back up with her refilled glass of Coke. “You did what I… couldn’t do… for… Kather… Kath… Ka Ka Ka Ka…” She gave up trying to pronounce Katherine’s name and continued. “I owe you the biggest favor you can possible come up with. I can’t take out Mommy Dearest myself… but I’ll be there if you call”.


“Thanks that actually brings me a bit of comfort”.


The conversation again ground to a halt. Magik just looked around while she drank her Coke, then she spoke.


“Usually dreams like this end on some big moment where some critical piece of information is about to be reveled or after some cathartic revelation or you awaken just in time to fight some monster”.


I had to agree with that. “Yea…”.


We stared at each other for a while but nothing happened. Then Magik asked another question.


“Do you have any Oreo’s”?


What was I supposed to do? I threw on a robe and we went and got milk and cookies for the big bad demon. Turned out she also really liked chocolate milk as well.


I just hoped she didn't get a craving for pizza or something as it was past 3am.