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I don’t want to
Just thinking of you
Hurts so much


Wonwoo finished clapping and Jihoon gave him an assuring nod. He asked Mingyu to come up next, the younger stood up from his seat and went on stage, tripping a little on the way.


I might go crazy like this
Maybe that might be better
I try to tell myself but the conclusion is the same
No, I’m not doing this

Now I know you’re not there
It hurts so much t—


"No! Mingyu, okay you fit the emotions properly. Just rap properly now!!" Jihoon cut him off, he was already in a bad mood but due to Mingyu's poor performance today his mood was now worse.

Not once did Wonwoo's eyes changed focus when he Mingyu was rapping. His attention was only on him. Jihoon massaged his temple. "What's wrong, Mingyu? "Mingyu only sighed, Jihoon breathed out a frustrated huff before speaking. "Practice, next week I'll look at your progress."Mingyu nodded.



When everyone left the clubroom Jihoon called Mingyu to talk, although he's frustrated that doesn't mean he's supposed to mean to his dongsaengs. After exchanging a few words, Jihoon left first. He told Mingyu to wait because he'll give him something. When the door opened it wasn't Jihoon but Wonwoo. Mingyu resisted himself from taking another glance at the older.


"You were all over practice today," Wonwoo stated, he took a guitar and started strumming random notes to ease a little tension.


"I'm sorry." Mingyu still hasn't looked up. 'I feel like I'm scolding a child.'


"I'm worried about you," Wonwoo said he put the guitar down.


"It's expected that I'll be all over the place. I was thinking of something else, no the rap was what I wrote to vent but I didn't know how to execute it."


"Did you fight with Jeonghan?" Wonwoo asked he didn't know that he was holding a breath when Mingyu was speaking.


"Why do you always bring him up?" Wonwoo shrugged, avoiding the youngers' gaze. Mingyu was properly looking at Wonwoo now. And somehow Wonwoo felt, a little cautious.


"I don't know, I just thought."


"I never talk about him when we're together, haven't you noticed that." Before continuing Mingyu sighed. "I have something to tell you hyung. Let's go somewhere else."



Mingyu lead them to the park, where they had their first date together. 'So he really is breaking up with me?' Wonwoo felt like crying. 'One weel, huh?'


"Wonwoo-hyung." Wonwoo startled at the answer, slightly jumped at the mention of his name. He looked at Mingyu and smiled sheepishly, Mingyu replied with a short laugh before turning serious once again. "Tomorrow," Wonwoo visibly froze. 'I knew he'll break up with me.' "I still want to go home together with you, I want to hang out again maybe invite your friends, you know Soonyoung hyung and I can invite Seungkwan. I want to go out occasionally. Sing rap songs together, maybe write together as wel—"


"That's troublesome." Mingyu didn't expect that answer. "What time does this end?" The younger gave Wonwoo a questioning look. "The one week, when does this end?"


"Whenever you want to, hyung." Although he said that with a calm look on his face he was trying not to frown. Wonwoo nodded. "Now?" The older took his phone out and checked the time it was 5:00 PM, he put his phone back in his pocket and looked at Mingyu. "I couldn't fall in love with you. Let's break up."


Mingyu never imagined that the words he always uses to break up with someone were used to him. He looked down, unable to look at Wonwoo.


"Go out with me." Mingyu's head shot back up, his mouth agape, his eyes wide. "What? Really?" Mingyu moved closer to Wonwoo, whose cheeks were slightly tinted with a cute shade of pink.


"I love you, and I don't want you to be my dongsaeng only. I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine." Mingyu covered his face, surely he was blushing. "Why do you have to be so cunning hyung?"


"Cunning? I'm only doing what I can. I can't handle the thought of someone else having you next week or the week after that." Wonwoo pouted, 'Holy shit he looks so cute.'


"I want to go out with you properly, not this 'Weekly Lover' game. I'll wait for your reply, but if you go out with someone before giving me a proper ans—" Mingyu hugged him, Wonwoo was in shock to hug to even hug back. "You're so cunning." Mingyu buried his head on Wonwoo's shoulder, making it a little hard for the latter to hear what he's saying, but the feeling of the younger's breath on his neck sent shivers on his spine and maybe this isn't such a bad feeling after all.

"I love you. I love you so much Wonwoo." Wonwoo was too surprised with what Mingyu said that he didn't even notice the drop of honorifics. He pushed Mingyu a little and grabbed his shoulders. "more than Jeonghan?" Mingyu loudly sighed. He brushed Wonwoo's bangs so he can see his face. "I love you more than Jeonghan, more than anyone." Wonwoo blushed, he spread his arms, a sign for Mingyu to hug him. Which the latter did.


"Hey, Mingyu,"




"I never asked you to stop calling me hyung, you brat!" Mingyu laughed, Wonwoo giggled. Mingyu loves hearing him giggle, loves seeing him smiling, loves him so much. His hands were now resting on Wonwoo's hips, he pulled him closer and closed the distance between them.