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Harry Potter and the man of Paradox

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   It was a cold night at the end of October and the start of November, a lone child a little over a year old sleeps in a basket covered with a blue blanket included is a note stating that his mother and father are dead. They were killed by a dark lord that calls himself Lord Voldemort. The child has a lightning bolt shaped scar that is still raw looking on his forehead and wild curly black hair, and if he were awake his deep green eyes would be visible. The little boy is named Harry Potter and he was left on his aunt's door step by a man who could only see the greater good for the whole and not for the person.

               As young Harry slept a lone figure walked up the street. He made his way to the house where the little wizard slept, not knowing what his life would be like when he woke up. As the figure came closer to the house if anyone was looking they could tell that the figure was male and dressed in robes like a wizard in an old story about magic. The man had long red hair, a long beard and the same deep green eyes as the little boy. The male stopped in front of young Harry Potter. With a look of sadness, he ran his hand over the toddler's head. “I am sorry my sweet one that I could not be here sooner. It seems that my plan worked but I didn't get here in time to save Lily.”

               He picks up the sleeping child. “I will make sure that history does not repeat. Your aunt will take truly care of you this time. She will know that I know of you and you will see me. After this I will work on saving your godfather the poor young Black.”

               The man takes the note from the basket putting it in his robe. Then he knocks on the door of Harry’s aunt's home. The light turns on as the robes become a suit. A few minute later the door opens to show a large man with blonde hair. “Who are you?”

               The old man gives the big man a sad look and says. “I need to speak to Petunia.”

               “Well I am not willing get my wife out of bed for some hippie. Now tell me, who are you?” The big man said as face started to change color.

               The older man gave a sigh. “My dear sir, I am sorry for the late hour but I am her father. I wish to speak to her.”

               “And why would you come in the middle the night with a baby?” The big man was getting more worked up.

               Petunia’s father looked down at soft black hair of the toddler in his arms as pain filled his eyes. “We have had a loss in the family and I wished to tell her before someone else did and not give her the truth of what has happened.”

               The fire seems to leave the big man as fast as it came. He knows there was something wrong with today. “I’ll go get her.”

               The big man moved to the side. “Come in.”

               The big man walks upstairs to his bed room he shared with his wife. He opens the door to see Petunia setting up in bed waiting for her husband. “What is going on Vernon? Who was it at the door?”

               Vernon looks at his wife. “Well Pet there is a man that said he's your father waiting for you in the living room. He has something to tell you.”

               A shocked look came over her face. “Are you sure? What did he look like?”

               “He has long red hair and a long beard and deep green eyes. To me he looks like a hippie.” His face going a soft shade for red from the small bit of anger he felt at having a person like that is his normal home.

               Petunia taking a deep breath as she got up, pulls on her night robe as she heads for the door. “That sounds like dad. He always has had the long hair and beard.”

               She looks back at her husband before walk out of the room. “Vernon, my dad may not look it but he is a powerful man and not a hippie.”

               “I’m sorry Pet but he looks like it and I have never met the man.”

               She looks down at her feet. “I know. He went missing after someone tried to hurt my mom, my sister, and myself. If he has come back, then something big is going on and what was keeping him a way has been removed.”

               She turns and walks out the door. She never told Vernon about her dad and what he was. She never told him about magic as he would fear it. She knows this so she kept it from him, and that her sister had it, also her father, and that she had the gift once but it was taken from her, and that's why she hadn’t talk to her sister in years. She wanted magic; it was in her blood and losing it then seeing her lovely little sister and that boy showing off theirs hurt. It started to hurt so bad that she started to hate her sister and with her father gone because of her. She stops herself from thinking of that day as she stepped in to the living room where her father sat with a little black haired baby with the same green eyes as her dad and her sister. She knows who the baby is with one look; it was Harry, her nephew. “OH NO! THE NOTHING GOT HER!! DIDN’T IT?!!” She cried.

               She ran to her father and the little boy. Her father meets her eyes as he speaks. “Yes.”

               Petunia watches the pain in her father's eyes as a pain she never knew filled her heart. Her pure little sister was gone, and she would never be able to fix things with her. “I am so sorry. The Nothing was in me father I can’t stop myself from hating. I lost so much time and now it will never be fixed.” She started to cry.

               Petunia’s father put his arm around her pulling her to sit next to him and harry. “I know my little flower. I am here to remove The Nothing for you. What you have lost will slowly come back as well.” He smiles at the joy that filled her eyes mixing with the pain.

               She put her face in his neck. She could hear her husband come down the stairs with her son and knew that she would have to give him up. He would fear what she would become. He wanted normal and she would not be. She pulls back meeting her dad’s green eyes placing her hand softly on the little green eye boy's head as she spoke to her father in a low voice. “My husband will fear our power.”

               “I know.” He says this as Vernon made his way into the room.

               “What is wrong Pet?” He asks as he rocks their son.

               She looked away from her father running as she ran her fingers though Harry's hair to her normal husband. “The monster that had almost killed my family when I was a young girl and took my dad from us killed my little sister, leaving her son without a mother and most likely a father.”

               Her father spoke up the pain deep in his voice. “Her husband was killed too.”

               “I am sorry to hear that Pet.” Vernon put his hand on their son's back rubbing up and down.

               She gave him a sad smile, her tears falling faster. “Why don’t you take Dudley back to bed and go get some sleep? You have to work in the morning. I will set up my dad and little Harry in the guest room after we have talked some.”

               “Alright Pet.” Vernon turned and headed back upstairs.

               Once father and daughter heard the door to both bedrooms close they started talking until late into the night about what needed to be done, people who need to be found and plans for the future. As they talk a shadow with no body forms next to the little boy as a mark lost to time forms on his forehead next to the lighting shaped scar. Father and daughter did not see the mark until they finished their planning for the night. By the next morning Vernon didn’t remember that he had a wife or son and the house had no sign of them and if someone were to ask anyone who knew Vernon they would tell you that he had never had a wife or son.