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Isaac Lahey had a troubled past. His father abused him until he was fifteen (that is the year his father was murdered). His mother and older brother had been dead for years- he had no one. Derek Hale, Prince of Beacon, found the dying boy and brought him to Talia Hale, Queen of Beacon (and Derek's mother) who gave Isaac the Bite.

As a young Beta wolf Isaac trained with Derek and his siblings under Peter Hale, Derek's uncle, and over the watchful eye of Talia. But as a teenager Derek fell in love with Kate Argent, a Hunter who used him and burned The Hale Castle to the ground. Almost everyone was killed. Isaac made it out with Cora, one of Derek's younger sisters, and a badly burned Peter. Many of the servants also made it out.

A few years later Derek and Laura returned from the kingdom of Albany after discovering that Isaac and Cora were alive and well. Laura was Alpha and Queen of Beacon, but she was murdered after the castle was rebuilt a year later by Kate Argent. Derek became Alpha and killed Kate, this sparked a war with the Argent family. He took over for two years before giving up his Alpha position to save Cora's life after she was poisoned with Mistletoe by a Hunter. Isaac became a True Alpha during that time as well and took over.

Isaac woke early in his over-sized bed. The sun had yet to rise as he ran a hand through his curly, brown hair and stood. Isaac was tall with pale skin and blue eyes. He was lanky but lean with muscle. He bathed and dressed before grabbing his cloak and leaving his room.

"Good morning, Your Majesty." Servants greeted him as he passed. He sat at the dinning table where his Pack was gathered and eating.

"Good morning, Isaac." Peter spoke. Peter didn't look more than thirty years old with brown hair and brown eyes, he was about average height.

"Good morning, Peter." Isaac responded as he ate. After eating and talking for a while Isaac left to go for a walk through the town. Little children ran up to hug him, young women flirted with him, and elders offered him gifts. Isaac was passing a house near the woods when he heard the crying. He walked as quickly as he could to the source. A young woman, though older than Isaac appeared, sat on the ground with a young child. She had long curly black hair and brown eyes. Isaac approached them slowly. "Miss?" He asked. They turned to him.

"K-King Isaac?" She replied through her tears. Isaac nodded as he sat next to her.

"What is wrong?" Isaac questioned.

"H-he is gone. He has left us. We have no where to go, h-how can he do this to us?" The woman cried.

"Mamá, no cry." The little boy pleaded. He had to be at least two. "Papi come back?" The woman shook her head.

"No, hijo. He's not coming back." She said. The boy looked hurt and confused as tears filled his eyes.

"Papi no come back?" He asked in disbelief. Isaac's heart broke as he heard the sadness in the boy's voice. "Papi!" The boy cried out as he looked around wildly. "Papi, Papi!" He repeated.

"Oh mijo, I am so sorry." The woman said as she grabbed her son into a hug.

"You have no home?" Isaac asked. The woman nodded. "Come with me, we will see what we can do." He said as stood and helped the woman up.

"Thank you, my king. But you need not do this, we could find somewhere to stay. I would wish not to impose upon you." The woman responded as the walked back to the town.

"You are not imposing. It is my job to see to my people and help those in need." Isaac said with a kind smile.

"You truly are King Isaac the Generous." She muttered.

Isaac spent the day helping the woman, who he soon found out was named Melissa, find a home. After they found a nice two story house he graciously watched the boy, whose name was Scott, while she went out to gather things they would need. Clothing, food, furniture, and much more.

"Izzie?" The little boy questioned. He seemed to like that more than the other formalities his mother told him. He sat in Isaac's lap out in the grass. Isaac's back was to a tree and his hands combed through the boy's black hair.

"Yes Little One?"

"Why Daddy leave? Did I do wrong?" Scott asked quietly.

"No Scotty, you have done nothing wrong. I do not know why he left." Isaac whispered soothingly as the boy began to cry.

"I did, I did! I tell Mommy he hurt me. He said no tell, but I did." Scott sobbed.

"Scott? Scott, what do you mean he hurt you? Did he hit you?" Scott nodded quickly. "Where?" Scott pointed to various parts of his body: His cheek, his jaw, his chest, and his stomach. Isaac felt appalled as he held the crying boy close. "I won't let anyone hurt you Pup, I promise."

Scott and Isaac became close as years passed. Isaac was there every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday. Scott would always join Isaac when he passed by on his morning walk. He would babble about his day at school and his new friend Stiles Stilinski. The people in the kingdom seemed to like Isaac even more as he passed by everyday carrying the boy that sucked his thumb when he got tired and who somehow became friends with everyone he met. Maybe it was the big, puppy like, brown eyes or the innocent face or kind attitude that warmed everyone's heart.

Scott was five when Isaac no longer carried him. Scott had pouted and would either hold on to Isaac's hand, waist, or leg fairly tight. Isaac had found it quite amusing. He sometimes came over and had a meal or put Scott down for a nap or to bed.

Scott was fifteen now and just getting home when he saw Isaac walking down the street.

"Izzie!" He called out as he ran to hug Isaac. Isaac laughed as he hugged Scott.

"Hello Pup. Have a good day today?" He responded. Scott bit his lip.

"Kind of. Stiles talked only half the day about Lydia Martin, which is a fine improvement, and Mom is working extra at the apothecary." Scott told Isaac as they walked.

"And you Little One? How are you fairing?"

"I think I am dumb." Scott answered truthfully as he dropped his head.

"And why would you think such a thing?"

"School is very hard. It takes me longer than everyone else and I often need help. I am really trying. I promise Iz I am, but I am still doing poorly." Scott explained.

"You are not dumb Scott. It just takes you longer, people learn at different paces. I am sure you will be fine." Isaac encouraged him. Scott looked up at the king and smiled. Scott was a few inches shorter than Isaac, he had to look up to meet Isaac's eyes. He was tan and taut with growing muscle. Isaac returned the smile.

"Afternoon Your Majesty, afternoon Scott." People greeted them with smiles. Isaac went from morning walks to afternoon walks so that Scott could walk with him. Scott seemed to have a crush on a new girl named Allison as she was all he talked about besides finally making first line on the school's lacrosse team.

"Now I am just like you Izzie!" Scott beamed. "I will be a star player too just like you were!" Isaac chuckled.

"I am sure you will Little One, in fact I bet you will be even better." He agreed.

After the walk Isaac went back to the castle for an important Pack Meeting. At the meeting sat the three other Hale family members, Boyd, Doctor Deaton, Erica, and Jackson.

"I have talked with some other Packs and what they say could bring great danger to the kingdom." Erica began. Erica had curly, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very sensual, sarcastic, and sultry. She used her sex appeal to get information- or to mess with people. "Hunters are ignoring The Code. They are attacking anyone who is or has anything to do with werewolves."

"They can not just void The Code." Boyd said in his usual emotionless voice. Vernon Milton Boyd IV had black hair and brown eyes. He had dark skin and was one of Isaac's best fighters. He was also Erica's Mate. Doctor Alan Deaton was a veterinarian who used to be an Emissary (and still was) for The Hale Pack. He had dark skin and wise, brown eyes. Jackson was a bit of an ass sometimes and he had brown hair and brown eyes. He was a good person at heart though.

"Well, they are. The servants are the only ones in danger beside ourselves." Cora said. She had long, brown hair and brown eyes. Isaac's eyes widen in fear.

"Isaac, you have been spending time with Scott McCall since he was a child. So have I as he is my intern. They might know." Deaton stated calmly.

'Shit...' Isaac thought with worry.