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Time Travels

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Team Voltron came out of the training room still full of energy. They had been at it all day. Hunk and Lance were still throwing jabs at each other, Keith was walking behind them (keeping out of range), and Pidge walked beside Shiro, holding his hand. She was tired and wanted nothing more than to nap right there, but Shiro helped her along.

After making it down the hall they went their own ways to get changed and freshen up. Hunk and Lance hit the showers and Shiro and Keith went to see what Allura and Coran were up too. They hadn't seen them all day. Padge went to her room and get herself together and most likely sleep before she even did that.

Shiro and Keith entered the control room and both got a little more than concerned to see Allura sitting down and looking very pale. Coran was sitting next to her and giving her a pouch of water. Allura looked drained, like the life force was pulled out of her. "What's wrong with the princess?" Shiro asked worriedly. Corran was starting to open his mouth and Allura cut him off with the wave of her hand. "I'm fine..." she began. "I just feel a little weak that's all."

Both Shiro and Keith looked at each other than at Allura, then both eyes fell to Corran for something else that Allura probably wasn't telling them. Corran sighed and stood up. "Well.... It's a lot more than her feeling weak." he began glancing at Allura who was rubbing her temples and giving him a small nod. "For some reason Allura has somewhat lost her connection to the castle and the lions." Shiro and Keith both were taken back by this. If Allura couldn't flying the castle they had be stuck on that peaceful planet until something happened.

"We don't know why. The castle has also be having some issues holding power and rebooting it to the control room. We've been trying for hours to fix it." Coran looked concerned for Allura as she stood up a little off balance. Putter all her weight on the control panel and holding her head. Coran moving to help her before she held her hand stopping him. Allura taking a breath. "I'm fine Coran. We'll figure out something about the castle and my connect to the lions. For now we're in a good hidden spot from the Galra." Allura spoke with a tone of annoyance and authority and started shoving Coran with one hand and Shiro and Keith moving back.

"Let's go get something to eat, I'm sure Hunks fixed something delicious. Come on let's go!"

Allura was shoving all three of them with little effort. She was strong even with whatever was going on with her. Halfway out the door a bright light and noise made them all turn around. In the middle of the control room was a portal. Blue, purple and pink blending together. Shiro quickly put himself in front of Allura and Keith activating his bayard going into a fighting stance. The portal facing the wall to the right of the doorway. Shiro activating his arm as the portal moved violently.

A bright light made them shield their eyes only hearing a scream of "MOM!" And a loud bang and a thud as something hit the floor. Shiro was the first to look and see the trail of red blotches leading to the dentin the metal wall. Red splattered on the wall, dripping to the floor leading to the person laying unmoving. A puddle of red quickly growing around them.

Shiro quickly moved over to them ignoring Keith's calling him from behind Coran. Shiro was able to pick up more features as he got closer. This person was tall, strong built, clearly seeing the muscles on their sleeveless arms and broad shoulders. Along with the heavy scarring. Mostly in black cloths, Shiro couldn't tell much more on details. He knelt down turning them over carefully touching their shoulder already coated his hand in blood. Now even more carefully turning them over showing their face. Blood dripping from the hairline down the face. Nose bleeding cuts all over their face. Blood was dripping from their mouth as well.

They were clearly unconscious and in bad shape from whatever happened. Shiro quickly scanned them, and released rather quickly that this person was a girl from the ripped blood soaked green and used to be white shirt revealing a strap of a sports bra. Shiro made quite note of the deep gash on her side dripping blood. She looked like she had been beaten up badly.

"What the hell happened to her?" Shiro muttered under his breath. Keith walking over seeing her face eyes going wider than normal. Allura gasping at the blood everywhere. Shiro quickly saying "She's hurt really badly."  The portal making another bright light and louder nosiness than before disappearing into nothing.

Everyone in shock from what had just happened. Keith keeps looking at her in the face studying her.

He walks over to Shiro on the other side clearly seeing the big scar across her nose mimicking the one Shiro has. Only her's looked worse as if someone had intended to make it as bad as possible. Keith deactivated his bayard and knelt on the other side of Shiro. Keith placed a hand on the girl's arm. She was cold. Still barely breathing but way to cold. Keith without thinking picked her up out of Shiro arms and yelling at Coran and Allura in the process.

"What the hells wrong with you guys she's dying here! She needs to get into a pod. Now!"

Keith's tone was aggravated and sharp. Coran quickly ran out the room, Keith right after him with the close to death girl in his arms. She wasn't as heavy as you'd think she would be with her height and amount of muscle and big toned frame. Allura and Shiro were behind them.  

Once they got to the pods, she was in there in a matter a minutes. In one of those stupid outfits naturally they left on important items out of respect. Blood still on her face she was put in there. Coran reading the pod as it scanned her injuries. Coran got pale before glancing at Allura. Keith was covered in her blood and Shiro's hand were mostly bloody.

"According to this she should have been dead. She lost more than 80% of blood. And both her lungs were damaged. She's got internal bleeding and her heart swollen from I would say hitting the wall. All her ribs are damaged and her heart rate is 220. How she didn't die on the floor is beyond my comprehension."

Coran' s voice was a mix of impressed and alarmed. Allura just looked at her with worried eyes. Pidge and Lane ran into the room looking pale and both frantic.

"What the hell happened?"

"Yeah! What's with the blood trAIL! KEITH MY BUDDY YOU'RE BLEEDING!!

Lance now rushing over to Keith and inspecting him and trying to drag him into a pod. Keith was about to said something before Pidge cut him off.

"Umm who's that?"

Pidge ask while moving next to Shiro staring at the pod with the girl in it. Her head tilted to one side studying her for a moment before looking at Shiro.

"What the hell's going on where'd she come from? She looks like she had been blown from hell!"

Lance said while still holding Keith getting blood all over himself not really caring. Shiro shook his head looking away from the pod.

"We don't know who she is. She appeared threw some portal in the control room unconscious. She was almost dead as you can see.." Shiro holding his hands palms up showing the blood on them and then gestures to Keith who's shirt is soaked in blood just from carrying her from the control room there. "She lost most of her blood. And from what Coran just read off she's lucky to have made it into the pods."

Lance let go of Keith and walked up to the pod looking at whoever this was. Her muscular frame was clearly visible in the tights healing suit. Her face wasn't really feminet with her jawline coming at angles that are more on men like Shiro's order. The more Lance looked at her the most she just looked like one of those girls that resembles more masculine features. Meaning whoever her father was had dominate jeans. Her hair was a mess in 3 colours a gray layer under golden brown. A puff of white in the centre of her way too long bangs that covered one of her eyes. Lance started noting the scars on her face. One big gash across her nose and a good one on her chin on the right side. Her eyebrows where a dark almost black colour. At this point Lance backed away to stand next to Keith and Shiro. Holding his hands on his hips.

"How do we know she's not going to kill us once she's out of that thing. We know nothing about her at all, why’d you save her again?"  Lance's question was a good one and Shiro couldn't answer it. Shiro glanced sheepishly at Keith who had been the one to tell them she needed a healing pod. Lance turned to Keith and Keith looked surprised that they were all staring at him.


"Lance is right we don't know anything about her and where she came from. So why'd you be so quick bring her to a healing pod?"

Shiro was wondering why Keith of all people who ‘ fights first ask questions afte r’ was the first to make that call. Keith looked at them all trying to come up with some answers to a question he did even know the answer too. Honestly it as spontaneous. Keith felt like he could trust her. Though that wasn't the answer he gave. Something about her didn't make him want to fight. He was worried instantly after seeing her face. Something about her gave Keith had a gut feeling was trusting and that was what he went on he guesses.

"I don't know, it's was a spontaneous thing. She was bleeding out on the floor. I don't really know why. I just did."
Keith shrugged and hoped that was enough. Thankful Allura chimed in.

"Already she'll be in the pod a while so we can figure out what to do in the meantime. Coran how long does it say she'll be in there?"

"It's says at least five of your earth days, her internal injuries are severe and she'll have to regain all the blood she lost among her other injuries."

Coran gesturing to Keith and Shiro before pointing to the floor. The blood trail from her was more than it should have been. Allura walking over to the pile of bloody clothes on the floor picking them up. Black sleeveless jacket with a white bloodstained hood stitched on. Half ripped green and white blood stained shirt with whatever sleeves it had ripped off. Ripped dark  jeans in an off shade of purple. Her boots where tall and had Voltron's insignia on it in the Altean blue with mix of dark purple trim and blood. The orange burned and bloody band that held the golden part of her hair up. Her belt was heavy and Allura when in the small bags hooked on it. A square cube of Altean tech, a Crystal shard, a bloody ripped picture only thing able to make it out was the words "Happy" and “16th” and that's it. It was taken in the castle and only a Altean dress and two sets legs were could be seen from the damage image. Only other thing was a dagger that looked like Keith's. Allura signs.

"Coran can you please take her cloths to be cleaned them see if you can at least get some of the blood out of them and maybe see about fixing some of the holes if you could please. Pidge see if you can figure out whatever this is and get it working maybe we can learn more about her. This...” Holding the crystal object in her hand. “I haven't a clue what it is but look at it anyway."

Allura handing Coran the bloody mess of clothes in her arms and then handing Pidge the metal cube and the shard of crystal. Pidge and Coran left the room Pidge running to her lab to start working. And Coran off to his newest challenge of cleaning and repairing their new guest clothes. Allura held the dagger still in its case attached to the belt in her hand and held it out to Keith.

"Keith, this looks like yours."

Keith looked at it questioning and then put his hand on his dagger on his belt that looked just like the one the girl had. It wasn't his but he took it anyway and pulled it out. Same cloth wrapped around it in the way he had his own. Pulling his own out, letting her belt fall to his elbow. Seeing it was identical in every way only bloody and had a red band around the handle. Keith was silent studying it for a moment.

"It's not mine but it's the same as mine only more worn. It looks like it hasn't been sharpened in a while."

Keith put it back in its case and held it out for Allura. Allura only held up a had and shook her head. "Keep it for now. Clean it up and sharpen it. You know how to take better care of it. As of right now she's not a threat and we'll give her a chance to explain what happened. For now let's clean up this mess."

Both nodded in agreement, Shiro began to walk out the room with Allura, Keith stayed behind for a moment still staring at her.  She looked peaceful the cuts on her face already healing. Keith wondered who she was and why she was here. Keith left the room looking at his bloody hands. “ We'll find out soon enough. ” Keith thought to himself. The blood trail from the control room to the pods was way worse than he thought it was. Like someone just spilled water on the floor. She was lucky she was still alive. 

She was supposed to come out in five days. But five days turned into week. Then two weeks, then three. She was in there almost a months at this point. Pidge couldn't figure out the little cube she had on her or the crystal worked. The pods open when the person is completely healed and stable. Apparently she was hurt way worse than anyone thought. Usually the pods only kept them for at least a few hours or a day but never this long. She had was literally on death's door and hung on by a thin line. Keith often sat in the room with the pods for awhile each day just studying her. Her face healed the small cuts that were there were gone but the scars on her nose and chin remained. The more he looked at her he noticed that she had dark circles under her eyes. Must be sleep deprived probably. She looked like she could easily be in her 20's close to Shiro's age. But she had a youth to her making him wonder if she was in her late teens but just a very strong frame. She really reminded him of Shiro in a female way. Like if Shiro was a girl and was like Pidge with her hair colour. Tall and buff and kinda cute. “ Cute? Wait CUTE!?” Keith shook himself at that thought. “ She can't be cute stop thinking that. ” At this point it was late. Keith got up and looked over at the hovering tray with her clothes folded. Coran found a set of gloves after checking her pockets. He managed to get the blood stains out, and magically fix most the rips. The white of the shirt was amazing after it was dyed red a couple weeks ago. Keith sighed and headed to the door. He wanted to know more about her. Why'd she have his dagger. How'd she get it. Whatever the case was he wanted to know. Keith looked back at her in the doorway wondering if she'd come out of there anytime soon.

Two days later, Shiro was up late again. His usual, has nightmare, wakes up in sweat and then tries to get rid of vivid dreams in laps around the castle. He ended up looking at this girl again. It's been almost four weeks. she had come here close to four weeks and still haven't come out of the pods. It was kinda scary to see they might be this hurt one day and stay in there for a while. Shiro felt himself going under with sleep he quickly got up off the floor and stretching his back out. He made it halfway to the door before a beeping sound made him turn around. The whoosh of cold air hit him as the pod depressurized and the blue glass disappeared from in front of her. Shiro quickly stepped in front of her and she quickly grabbed the sides of the pod clearing disoriented. She tried stepping forward and wobbled, Shiro holding out his arms in case needed.

She held her head in her hand and muttered in Japanese "I fucking hate these damn pods!" Shiro really didn't know what to do. He just stood there waiting. She let go of the pod then wobbled again this time Shiro quickly bought a hand to her arm to steady her. She took it with a firm grip impressive to Shiro.

"Take it easy, you were hurt pretty badly. Just take it easy."

Shiro told her in Japanese, voice filled with concern. He chose Japanese sense she was mumbling in it. Her grip on him got tighter instantly when he spoke and her frame got stif. She acted like she met a ghost. Something that shouldn't be. Split second later she looked at him wide eyes still trying to focus on him in the dark only light was from the pods. She quickly grabbed his right arm cold metal to skin. Squinting at him like her eyes still haven't fully focused on the dark.


Her voice questioning if she had the right person like she was still confused. Shiro just supported her for another moment not saying anything kinda taken back at her change to English with the word she had chosen to say. Her expression changed as her eyes finally adjusted to the darkness and getting out of those pods. She drops her head down her grip easing up. She was still holding him for most of her support but less than she had been. Her breathing was deep and controlled as if she was making sure she didn't do anything else then she tensed. Her head shot up to look at him, her eyes wide and teeth clenched together.

"My jacket! What da hell did you do with my jacket! WHERE IS IT?"

Her voice was frantic and desperate like if she had didn't know she’d die or something. Shiro a little taken back by this just glanced over to the hover tray with her stuff on it. Her eyes following and she quickly let go of Shiro stumbling to the tray knocking everything on the it while snatching the jacket off and she held it in her hands. Then squeezed it to her chest. Her breathing was sounding like she was at the start of a panic attack. She fell to knees and clenched the jacket as if it was the only thing that mattered. Shiro slowly walked to her making his footsteps known in case she didn't want him close. He was standing right beside her now. She was shaking and her arms were wrapped around her torso keeping her jacket in place close to her chest. He couldn't see her eyes. But he saw a teardrop down her cheek.

"Never! Take this jacket off me again. Don't touch it. Do ever touch it again."

Her voice was shaking. Shiro didn't expect her to fall over and quickly caught her before she hit anything. She was out cold again. Her jacket still firmly gripped in her arms unwilling to let go even if she died right there. Shiro was confused but that was the last of his worries. He lade her down gently and went to the comlink on the side of the doorway. It would wake everyone up but this was important.

"God why does my head hurt?
Ugh, my stomach. I hate those pods, god damnit. I'm not Lance, I shouldn't be in them."

The dim glow of an all too familiar blue was a relief to see. Blinking trying to force eyes to focus was difficult, but she managed. A shift from something sitting way too close for comfort. Alarmed and without thinking she quickly moving to the other side of the bed. Shiro quickly put both hands up showing he means no harm and moved  back.

"Calm down, I'm friendly. I'm not going to hurt you I promise. You were hurt really bad when you got here. We got you all healed up. My name is Shiro."

Shiro kept his voice calm and stepped a little closer to her on the bed. Holding his Galra hand out in a friendly gesture. She looked at him for a second and relaxed. She without hesitation took his hand and pulled herself out of bed. Shiro quickly mentally noting it. She wasn't worried.

"My names T... Kashi."

Her small hesitation she knew would put him on edge a bit but whatever. Kashi looked around noting that she was in his room. Still haven't let go of his hand, she notes her clothes are on the table folded by the bed. And splendid, as requested she was wearing her jacket. She was also in Shiro's clothes. Simple black t-shirt and baggy Altean pants. Chuckling to herself knowing that only Shiro clothes would really fit her. She finally lets go of Shiro's hand and stretched. Her stomach growls loudly and she finally notices that she's starving. Then a wonderful smell hits her. Her eyes light up quickly. She knows that small, a wonderful smell that she loves to get to in the mornings.

"Oh yes!"

She quickly turns and the door opening for her as she starts barking into a run. Shiro quickly saying wait but she ignores it, she knows he'll follow her anyway. Her body quickly adjusts from being in the pod and starts getting looser after a moment of an effortless sprint. Then feeling herself getting back into gear she kicks it up a notch. “ Might as well get a workout. ” She bolts down the hallway using the walls to bounce around corners effectively. Shiro was way behind her and she knows it making herself giggle with that thought. She turns another corner and sees Lance going into the dining room. She can't help but bolt fast down the hall quickly spinning into the doorway and grabbing Lance and hugging him like no tomorrow.

"What the quinzak!"

Lance tried getting out of her hug but fails. Just giving into it and hugging her back. Definitely confused but hugs her nonetheless.

"Wow, Dude."

Kashi knows that voice. She quickly looks over the table and into the kitchen area. She quickly lets go of Lance making him lose his balance almost falling over. Kashi  easily jumping over the table without knocking anything off and quickly grabs Hunk in her arms. Hunk naturally returning her affection without hesitation. (She really missed this guy.) She saw Allura out of the corner of her eye and screamed with excitement as Coran jumped a little bit. Again jumping over the table and quickly grabbed Allura in her left Arm and Coran in her right lifting both of them off the ground with no problem. Allura shocked only managed a “Hello”. Coran patted her on the head and chuckled. At this point Shiro finally made it. Out of breath and a little sweaty. She quickly jumped over the table yet again and grabbed Shiro’s arm dragging him to the table. Hunk hadn't put anything out yet.

"Shiro! Hunk made Space Enchiladas! With his spicy spirit sauce!"

It was at this point with everyone staring at her questioning she released she forgot to mention some key information. Oops . Allura cleared her throat, her way of getting the attention and quickly collecting her thoughts. Kashi already knows what she's going to say but let's her say it anyway hopefully she'd say something else but she doubts it.

"My name is Allura, Princess of Altea and leader of Voltron. It's nice to meet you."

“Yup, same shit as always. Somethings really don't change.”  Kashi hinted her dislike for this specific greeting. But whatever let's roll with it. Allura held out her hand and Kashi took it and smiled a toothy grin.

"I'm Kashi, Princess of the training room and leader of the ‘Do Everything to Piss off Lance for our Amusement.’ But nice to meet you as well."

Her sarcasm was picked up by the paladins, Allura wasn't going to pick up on it yet so hell let's have some kicks out of this. Lance kinda looked offended yet satisfied with Kashi's words. Kashi knew this little bubble was gonna burst soon enough might as well try to lighten the mood. See this as an opportunity to find the two missing arms from the room.

"So where is Mullet and Pidgeo? I know ones probably sleeping in her lab and someone's lost on the training deck."

Kashi was bright and bubbly but her presence wasn't really well known for the others. Shiro looked like he wasn't really sure if she was playing games or something with the look he gave her. The others just wondering how she knew them by names. She knows all too well that shits hitting the fan and she's going to have to talk. Oh she's dredging it but it's gotta be done.

"Look I know I'm freaking you out a lit... a good bit here. But I'll answer whatever questions you have once Keith and Pidge are present. Alright?"

Kashi looked at Allura who nodded and the glancing at Shiro. She took the seat at the head of the table. She knows Allura sits there but she sits there anyway knowing that she's not going to complain. Coran walked over to the controls on the wall putting the speaker on. Quickly saying “Keith and Pidge come to the dining room right away.” It became an awkward silence. But shortly after Keith and Pidge both walked in the doorway. Kashi wanted to go and hug both of them but she settled for the small smilie she gave them.

Keith kept his eyes locked on her. Pidge just went by Shiro and sat next to him at the table. Keith went to his spot by Lance and Hunk sat next to Coran, Allura on the other side of Shiro.

Kashi closed her eyes. She was tired not from the run to the dining room. Just, tired in general she really didn't want to have this conversation but what has to be done, has to be done. Shiro broke the silence his voice was a wonderful sound to her.

"Well we're all here. You can't start whenever you're ready to. And if you want to wait until you've eaten something you can."

She let out a small chuckle, her eyes still closed. “ Shiro always let people gather themselves before diving deep.  Well no point in dragging this shit out any longer than it already was. ” Kashi had a mission and stuff to do and she needs to get started.

Kashi stands up from the table eyes still closed. Hand placed steady on the table, she took in a breath and opening her eyes. Putting her hands on her hips and a big smile on her face. “ Let's get this show on the road.

"My name is Kashi! And I'm from the future."