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Adventures of the Champion

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Garrett Hawke leaned forward against the console panel and sighed, running one hand through his hair. This job was not going like he had planned, and the controls told him that they didn't have much more fuel to spare. Barely enough for them to fly back to Kirkwall, Garrett’s home planet, and deliver the cargo to Tomwise, but he couldn’t even complain overall.

Isabela and Zevran knew Barnabus, the merchant that wanted them to deliver the cargo, and they have been doing business with him even before they had joined Garrett's crew. That, along with the fact that the sum of money he had mentioned would be enough for them to pay for repairing their ship, the Champion, pay for fuel and everyone would still get their share of coin, made Garrett agree to take the job rather quickly.

However, no one had mentioned that they would have to run away from Nevarran hunters, whose ships maybe were a bit better equipped than the Champion, but were also bigger and not as fast. That was why they had managed to get away. They had lost one afterburner, but it could have been much worse.

Shaking his head, Garrett touched the communicator on the wall.

"Anders, how is Zevran?"

The only sound he heard was Anders muttering under his breath and something that sounded like Zevran trying not to laugh. Isabela, who was piloting the ship, snorted as she checked something in the computer.

"He'll be fine," Anders answered after a while, but he did not sound happy. "Bruising should disappear tomorrow if he manages to not put too much pressure on it for a while. That's all I could do with the herbs we got in Sahrnia."

While they had been working on outmaneuvering the Nevarrans they had been hit, resulting in a big piece of railing almost falling on Merrill. Zevran had managed to push her away in time, but hurt his arm in the process. However, since Merrill had quickly helped to get him to Anders, everything worked out quite well in the end.

"It's not like we could do better with the amount of coin he had left, you know. We had to fix the engines," Garrett muttered, scratching his beard. He wanted to mention that they would try to buy something better next time, but Zevran's voice interrupted him.

"Do not worry, it's nothing some rest in a comfortable bed will not fix, Captain."

Isabela finished typing in the coordinates, then turned in her chair to look at the communicator, a smirk on her face making Garrett raise one eyebrow at her.

"My bed is still very comfortable, if you’re interested, Zevran."

"Sounds delightful," Garrett could hear that Zevran was smiling when he said that. "Would you like to join us, dear Captain?"

"I'm still spoken for, Zev, but thank you for asking," Garrett replied, smiling as well.

"I just said, no strenuous activity, Zevran..." Anders muttered right away.

"You could join us and supervise. Would that make you feel better, Doctor?"

Garrett just shook his head and turned off the communicator, leaving the two to discuss the details in private.

"You can't wait to get to Kirkwall, don't you?" Isabela asked, turning to the controls again, as she adjusted the speed and the level of fuel. "We should be there in a day or two, you know. If we fly at this speed anyway."

"It's fine, 'Bela," Garrett sat down on the second chair, propping his feet on the box in which they kept spare parts for the computer. "It'll be good to see everyone again, though. Aveline told me Carver was promoted. He's a Lieutenant now. I knew he would do well. And Fenris started helping the Bull and his mercenaries after we left, so he probably has some good stories to tell by now."

"We have our share of those, too, right?" Isabela said, and Garrett closed his eyes, nodding.

He really couldn't wait to see everyone again. It's been three months, after all. As soon as they deliver the cargo to Tomwise he would contact Fenris, Carver and Aveline, and tell them they reached Kirkwall safely. It would be a good surprise. Garrett loved space and travelling, but there was nothing better than sitting in his favourite tavern with his friends by his side.