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Who Is Your Daddy

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He sighed at his twin's words. He knew Murphy was right. They would be a hell of a lot safer with more people, especially with people they could trust watching their backs. This world didn't work well for just two people; the two of them were never fully rested, they were always half a step ahead of disaster, and, after over a year of it, they were utterly exhausted. They had been looking for the best place to set up shop, but to date they had only met a handful of people who were worth anything.

And most of those folks were at the Greene Farm back in Georgia.

Connor ran a weary hand over his tired face. It would be nice to let their guard down for a while. But, fuck, it took them so long to get this far north. He was pretty sure going back to Georgia would be a harder journey than getting to Montana had been,especially if they wanted to reach the farm before winter hit. And there was nothing guaranteeing they would find the Greenes still alive and well. Seemed risky.

Way risky.