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Two Villains That Want Your Heart

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In this world of alphas, omegas, and betas there are those who are heroes and villains. Specifically, we’re focusing upon you, the hero known as Berserker. Right at this moment you are at the Hero Association headquarters in A-city. Normally, you wouldn’t be there, but an extreme problem had appeared that required your attention and your fellow s-class heroes attention.

A young woman known as Yuria stood in front of you all, her expression calm. “As you all know, a serious problem has occurred in Z-city,” she began as a screen appeared in front of them all. Shown before them was an area of Z-city, the surroundings resembling a wasteland. Some lower class heroes could be seen fighting against shadow-like creatures, one of the causes of the catastrophe at hand.

“We have initiated this to be a disaster level Demon.” Some the heroes looked at one another, chatting amongst themselves. “A level Demon?! That doesn’t call for us to all be here!” The loud outburst came from the hero known as Tornado of Terror. “Calm down, Tatsumaki. Let's hear everything she has to say,” you said without looking at her.

Her expression turns into one of disdain as Yuria continues. “Now, the reason you all have been called here is because the threat level has a potential chance of rising as the creatures population continue to grow. The main source of their growth is centered around somewhere in Z-city.” The screen changed to show where the heavy population of the shadow-like creatures are in as they continued to spread.

“You’re saying that you want some of us to attack the outer while the rest go against the center to stop their growth,” Child Emperor commented while looking at the screen. “Precisely.” Yuria pushed up glass with a small smile on her face. You stood up with a grin on face saying, “Well, that’s all I needed to hear.” Then, you headed toward the elevator with some of your fellow heroes.

By the time you reached Z-city, the population of those shadow creatures had doubled. You stood upon a building that had yet to be destroyed, your arms crossed as you stared down below. Your lips were set into a thin line as you watched lower ranking heroes fight against the creatures or help save those who were still trying to get to safety. The growth of these creatures worried you as your eyes glanced around to try and spot the source of their production. You jumped over to another building, the heel of your black boots clicking against the roof of the building as you landed softly.

Moving closer to the ledge, you peered down toward the dark mass. “Hm, so that’s where those things are coming from.” In the center of the area, there was a large crater where a solid black mass in the shape of a cube sat snuggly in the ground. You jumped down from the building and raced over toward the cube once your feet had touched the ground.

Those shadow-like creatures took notice of your presence the moment you came racing toward them, their black bodies lurching forward to attack. Your [e/c] eyes turned into a vibrant yet dark [o/e/c] as your fist connected to one of the creatures, its body feeling solid before it dispersed into black dust. You punched and kicked your way closer to the cube, the grin on your face growing along the way.

To try and stop you from getting any closer, the creatures fused together to form a bigger mass. Before you could move out of the way, the shadowy mass swallowed you up, forming into a sphere. It slowly began to shrink, indicating it was going to crush you to death. ‘That won’t work,’ you thought with a smirk as you used the limited amount of space you had to deliver a flurry of punches.

The sphere spasmed before releasing you, your feet landing upon the ground. The large mass tried to attack you again, but you managed to dodged before delivering a roundhouse kick. It was destroyed instantly, black dust particles fluttering to the ground.

When you took a look around, the population of the creatures had decreased significantly in the area you were in. “Now, time to get rid of that cube.” You moved toward it, preparing to punch it before it abruptly turned to dust before you. “Tch, this was a waste of time.” You stared with wide eyes and an outstretched fist, your [e/c] eyes making contact with a bored set of scarlet ones.

“Seems like we finished the job for that hero, master.” Your eyes shifted over to see a cyborg next to the bald man, his optics a dark scarlet surrounded by black. You instantly realized these two were the villains known as Caped Baldy and Demon Cyborg.