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The Way You Said "I Love You" One-Shots

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1. As a hello
2. With a hoarse voice, under the blankets (Reggie Rowe) (Nathan Prescott) (Damon Baird)
3. A scream (Cullen Rutherford)
4. Over a cup of tea
5. Over a beer bottle (Delsin Rowe)
6. On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair (Nathan Prescott) 
7. As a thank you
8. As an apology (Connor RK800 w/ #50)
9. When baking chocolate chip cookies (Connor RK800 w/ #23)
10. Not said to me
11. With a shuddering gasp
12. When we lay together on the fresh spring grass (Jacob Frye)
13. In a letter
14. A whisper in the ear (Atlas/Fontaine)
15. Loud, so everyone can hear
16. Over and over again, till it’s nothing but a senseless babble (Nathan Drake) (Nathan Prescott)
17. When the broken glass litters the floor
18. From very far away
19. With no space left between us (Rafe Adler)
20. As we huddle together, the storm raging outside (Joel- TLOU)
21. Over your shoulder
22. Muffled, from the other side of the door (Joel- TLOU)
23. Through a song (Connor RK800 w/ #3)
24. Without really meaning it
25. In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep
26. Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave
27. A taunt, with one eyebrow raised and a grin bubbling at your lips (Damon Baird)
28. When I am dead
29. Slowly, the words dripping from your tongue like honey (Sam Drake)
30. Too quick, mumbled into your scarf
31. In awe, the first time you realised it
32. In a way I can’t return (Connor Rk800)
33. On a post-it note (Nathan Prescott)
34. Before we jump (Jacob Frye)
35. As a goodbye

36.As tears slowly fill your eyes

37. As a promise (Delsin Rowe)
38. Sobbed into an embrace because I thought I lost you (Nathan Drake) (Nathan Prescott) (Miles Upshur) 
39. With a smile on my face because in this moment you are perfect (Nathan Drake)
40. In one breath because you can’t hold back any longer
41. Blushing furiously because you can be so oblivious sometimes (Damon Baird)
42. Bitterly because too much time has been wasted and you’ve found someone else (Delsin Rowe)
43. Quietly, and with a gentle stroke of your cheek as you sleep
44. On my porch, just as I’m about to close my front door on you

45. Passionately, spoken when you think I’ve fallen asleep but I was awake the whole time.

46. On my coffee cup because you know my order by heart.

47. While we're watching a movie

48. A little flustered, while we're arguing.

49. While we're dancing because I'm stressed and you want to make me smile.

50. So quietly that I almost didn't hear you. (Connor RK800 w/ #8)

51. While gripping my hand tightly promising that you'll come back in one piece.

52. In a letter, because you're already gone.

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You quickly ran through the dirty and battered hallways doing your very best to keep up with Joel and Tommy. You knew that venturing this far past the city limits was a bad Idea but Joel found some crazy job that would somehow pay extremely well. Joel was always good at finding these ridiculous jobs that were good for nothing but putting you in dangerous situations and this job was no different. However, you had come to expect it at this point; when you began smuggling weapons and other illegal contraband to military insurgency groups.

The world had gone to absolute hell years ago when the infection broke out; countless lives were lost, families were torn apart, and the lines that humanity had drawn were now blurred. Amidst the initial chaos that came during the beginning years of the outbreak you met Joel and Tommy. You partnered up with them and worked together for years; their friendship filled the almost familial void that the outbreak had left you with.

In truth, in all of the years that you had been traveling with the pair you had grown quite attached to the brothers but somehow you shared a deeper bond with Joel. He was a bit abrasive but you were somehow able to push past his colder attitude and gain his trust and unlikely friendship. It was hard for him to open up about the tragedies that he had suffered but when he did open up to you your heart ached for him. After hearing his story, it truly wasn’t any wonder why Joel usually kept everyone at a distance and why he always seemed to be a little rough around the edges.

Yet you found yourself enamored with his ability to keep fighting; as time carried on it was becoming harder and harder to deny your budding feelings for Joel. It didn’t help that every time he would smile or laugh at your jokes or every accidental touch sent a wave of butterflies through you. However, no matter how much you cared for him it didn’t mean a thing if he didn’t feel the same way and you wouldn’t risk your friendship.

You couldn’t believe that you were going over all of this in your head as you were very well running for your life through what looked like an abandoned factory. Amazingly enough there was actual electricity running through some of the machinery and lights. If you had to guess someone had been here before you and had lit up the factory before bailing because the sound of the machinery had alerted every infected and clicker within a ten-mile radius. The groans and screeches were still somewhat far away but the three of you had to get the hell out there.

Joel and Tommy made it through the threshold of a large mechanical door but you stopped short when you noticed a control panel that still looked active. Joel seemed to sense your actions and he quickly turned around, “Y/N, what the hell are you doing? We need to get out of here…”

You brushed aside his brusque comment momentarily, “Do either of you see a control panel for this door on your end?”

At this point Tommy had stopped as well and he began frantically looking around, “No, looks like you can only close it from that end.”

You let out a shuddering breath as you made your decision, sparing Joel one final glance he seemed to put together what you were thinking, “Y/N, no don’t you even dare…”

Before he could stop you, you slammed your hand onto the controls causing the metal door to creak slightly before slamming shut. Joel and Tommy were trapped on one side and you were stuck on the other with the encroaching hoard of infected but it was better this way; at least now Joel and Tommy stood a better chance of making it to safety. You could hear Joel slamming his fists against the metal door and somehow his voice carried through the heavy door, “Y/N, god dammit! Open the door!”

You stepped closer to the door to ensure that he could hear you, “I can’t do that, Joel. You and Tommy need to get the hell out of here now!”
Joel was practically roaring, “I’m not leaving you in this damn factory with all those infected… Open the door!”

Now it was your turn to yell, “No! This was my choice, Joel. I’m buying you and Tommy some time… so get out of here and finish the job.”

His voice dropped lower, “What about you? You expect me to just leave you behind to save my own skin?”

You tried to make your laugh sound genuine, “Have a little faith, Joel. I’m clever and I can find another way out of here.”

His voice was suddenly low and gravelly, “If I have faith in anyone it’s you, Y/N.” He was so quiet that you almost thought he had left but his spoke up again; voice thick with emotion, “I love you, Y/N. Shit, I should’ve told you sooner… I’ve wasted so much time.”

You bit back a sob at how final the conversation sounded because you had just heard the three words that you were so desperate to hear him say. Yet there was the undeniable voice in the back of your mind telling you that this could be the end for you; there were no guarantees that you would make it out of this factory. You did your best to push the sorrow out of your voice, “We didn’t waste any time, you big idiot… every moment that I’ve spent with you was the furthest thing from a waste of time. But when I get out of here and I find you again you are going to tell me you love me to my face, you understand?”

Joel did his best to chuckle, “Yes, Ma’am…”

You smiled lightly to yourself, “And for the record… I love you too, Joel. Now take your brother and get out of here.” Before you could hear any sort of further reply you turned and quietly began to make your way through the factory, mindful of the infected that were surely closing in.

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You groaned as you toyed with your camera, holding it above your head as you stretched leisurely across the firm mattress beneath you. You had been sitting on this project for weeks now and you still couldn’t find the inspiration to complete it and suddenly you were cursing the “Everyday Hero” contest. What was even the point? You knew that Victoria had the competition in the bag; she always did but her influence was always iron-clad and frankly terrifying. You would give anything to see Victoria lose the competition but it was rather unlikely. Honestly, Blackwell Academy’s newest student Max would have a really good chance of winning if she would only enter; that was again unlikely for the somewhat soft-spoken young woman.

Max was a nice girl and you actually enjoyed hanging out with her, Warren, and Kate; they were all sweethearts. In fact, you got along very well with most of the students attending Blackwell Academy the only exceptions being Victoria and her posse; especially after what she did to Juliet. However, you suppose you didn’t hate all of Victoria’s friends, Nathan was somehow very close with Victoria to the point that, as much as you hated to admit it, you started to feel the bitter sting of jealousy. Nathan was in fact your best friend but there was perhaps more to your feelings than you would care to admit. You tried not to dwell on the fact because it wasn’t as if you stood a chance with him; you were certain that he only saw you as his friend and that wouldn’t change anytime soon.

With another sigh you turned your head and looked over at Nathan, he was seated at his desk meticulously going through his camera roll. He had been oddly focused on his camera over the last few days and it had your curiosity piqued. You rolled over onto your side and laid your camera down, “Hey, Nathan… what exactly are you doing? I’ve never seen you this focused on your camera before.”

His reverie was broken for just a moment as he looked over to you, “I’m just going over the shots that I’ve taken…”

You immediately perked up, Nathan hardly ever shared his photography with you and you were undeniably curious as to what had captured his attention so completely. You took a few tentative steps toward him, “Can I take a look? You practically never let me look at your work.”

Nathan quickly opened his desk drawer and placed his camera inside before slamming the drawer shut, “No, not a chance.”

You gave him your best puppy dog eyes, “Come on, Nathan… Please?”

His eyes softened and you saw his lips quirk into an almost smile, “It’s a work in progress but I’ll show you when I’ve finished it.”

You couldn’t help but let out a small squeal of excitement as you rushed forward to pull Nathan into a hug, “Thank You!” Nathan returned your hug warmly pulling you further into the embrace, until you reluctantly pulled away, “Does this mean that you’re entering the ‘Everyday Hero’ contest?”

Nathan scoffed at that, and his tone was purely bitter, “There is no way I’m entering Jefferson’s stupid ass contest. It makes me sick how people practically worship the ground that Jefferson walks on; please don’t tell me that you’re considering entering?”

You couldn’t help the pout that appeared at Nathan’s words, “Yes, actually I was. What’s your problem with Mr. Jefferson? He’s really talented…”

Nathan pushed himself away from his desk, “What-the-fuck-ever, it sounds like you’re another one of Jefferson’s groupies; throwing yourself at him and worshipping everything he does.”

How could Nathan even think that of you? You were pissed, “Just because I happen to think that someone is talented doesn’t mean that I’m their ‘groupie’… How could you even think of me like that, Nathan? That isn’t fair!”

He rolled his eyes as he went toward his stash of weed; you hated every single time that he resorted to irresponsible drugs. He had been getting better about smoking less, at least in your presence but he nonetheless lit a joint and started smoking. He seemed so nonchalant, “Yeah, okay… sorry.” He stopped for a moment to take a drag and think, “Do you want to hang out tonight?”

You scoffed at his lackluster apology and invitation, “I can’t. I already made plans this evening to go see a movie, remember? I even invited you last week…”

He continued to blow smoke toward his opened window, “What? Who are you going with?”

You crossed your arms, “I’m going to see that new movie that just came out with Dana, Trevor, and Justin.”

Nathan looked almost angry as he took a long drag of smoke, “Are you serious? You would rather hang out with those losers? Especially, Justin…”
And know you were livid, “What is wrong with you, today? Those are my friends that you’re talking about and what is so bad about Justin?”
He sneered at you, “All he has time to do is skateboard and moon over you…”

You were practically in Nathan’s face, “What are you talking about? Anyway, I don’t see how that is any of your concern, Nathan. You don’t own me and you can’t dictate my life. I don’t know what has been going on with you today but you need to cool off…” You quickly grabbed your camera and stormed out of Nathan’s dorm room completely ignoring him as he called after you.

You honestly couldn’t believe that Nathan would say that to you; it was true that he could be a little brusque and hard to handle sometimes but that changed once the two of you had actually become friends. He could be a different person once you really got to know him, he had moments of kindness and the even more rare moments of vulnerability. Yet he still had his moments where it seemed that he would try his best just to push you away but you always stood by him. However, he had gone too far this time and you just needed to be away from him for the moment.

You met up with Dana, Trevor, and Justin later that evening and did your best to have fun but Nathan’s words plagued your mind. Not to mention that your phone was blowing up with messages and phone calls from Nathan but you ignored them. You focused on your friends and to your relief you were able to have fun and eventually take your mind off of your current predicament.

You ended up having a lot of fun and Justin was being especially attentive to you that evening and you couldn’t help but think about what Nathan had said. If Justin really did like you then maybe it was worth it to give him a chance. At least you wanted to but you knew that you were still hung up on Nathan.

The next day you didn’t see Nathan at all; he didn’t attend any of his classes and that had you worried. Usually when Nathan skipped class it was because he was having a hard day and you were usually always there to comfort him. The overwhelming thought that filled your mind, as you made your way into your dorm, was that perhaps it would be best to check on him.

You were just about to drop your bag on top of your bed when you noticed a rather pristine leather photo album lying open on your bed. You dropped your bag on the floor and picked up the photo album and noticed a small sticky note on the first page. You recognized the handwriting instantly as Nathan’s quick and somewhat messy scrawl; the note had two words on it, “I’m sorry.”

You began flipping through the pages of photographs and marveled at their quality, some of the subjects were rather dark but that changed as you continued to flip through the photographs. Beautiful still-life shots and landscapes littered the pages and as you kept going you saw pictures that you hadn’t expected to find. They were pictures of you, some of the pictures were of you and your friends and sometimes of you and Nathan; however, you were always the focal point.

Before you could continue on a singular photograph slipped and fell out onto the floor; you carefully picked it up and examined it. You felt tears welling up in your eyes as you looked at a picture of yourself, happy and smiling, with your camera held in both hands just at chin level. You were looking at something or someone in the distance and obviously laughing but it appeared that you were unaware that you were being photographed. You carefully turned the photo over and couldn’t help but smile; on a single post-it note were three words scrawled in Nathan’s hand, “I love you.”

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The Assassin heritage ran deep within your family line but your mother was against you actually joining the brotherhood from the very beginning. She was never a part of the Brotherhood but your father and even your uncle were Master Assassin`s back in their day; in the end it was their involvement with the brotherhood that took them from this world. However, both your father and his brother, your uncle, had begun teaching you the ways of the Assassin brotherhood from an early age when you eagerly expressed interest. A year after your father’s death, you took the idea of training as an assassin very seriously and even approached the council with your intentions.

To your surprise the council approved of your decision because your family name was well-respected amongst the brotherhood and you had easily impressed the council with your innate skill. You were being moved to London to work under one of the brotherhood’s newly appointed Master Assassin’s Evie Frye. You had heard stories of not just Evie Frye but stories of her twin brother Jacob Frye, as well. You heard stories of the twins’ work in clearing out the Templar Order from the very heart of London which garnered attention and respect from the council. Yet you detected the whispers of disapproval when it came to the methods of the younger Frye twin. He, like his sister, had been appointed to the status of Master Assassin but he was apparently known for being too rash in his decisions at times. Which led you to believe that that was the sole reason they appointed Evie as your mentor.

Your task was to train with Evie and ultimately clear any remaining Templar threats from the city and it was up to your mentor to determine whether or not you were fit to be an assassin. It was an awfully intimidating task set before you but you were determined to see this through and become a full-fledged assassin. Shortly before leaving your home in Crowborough, word was sent for you, informing you that you could find one or both of the Frye twins in their train car around London.

The journey was long but you had managed to find what you assumed to be the twin assassin’s train hideout. It was rather ostentatious and you began to wonder how the twins managed to keep it secret. You easily boarded the train at the Whitechapel station and proceeded through the countless train cars. You could hear the sound of two people arguing in the train car ahead of you but their words were muffled by the sturdy wooden walls and the sound of the train rattling along the tracks.

You cautiously entered the train car and observed, from a distance, two young assassins arguing back and forth; they bore a resemblance to each other. You would have to be positively thick to not piece together that these were in fact the Frye twins. The young man was slightly heated as he spoke, “Why didn’t you tell me that the council asked you to mentor a novice assassin? Why didn’t they choose me?”

You continued to listen in, not yet ready to make your presence known, “Jacob, it was the council’s decision… They simply felt that I would be a suitable match for this initiate. No one knows, better than I, how much the Brotherhood means to you and how much you want to rebuild it. Trust me, you will have your chance and you will make a fine mentor, Jacob.”

Jacob seemed slightly appeased by Evie’s words, “Fair enough. So who exactly is this plonker that got saddled with you?”

You had to repress your laughter, instead choosing to reveal yourself with a courteous knock on the train car door. Both Assassins whipped around, their full attention placed on you, “Beg pardon, my name is Y/N L/N… the plonker. Would I be wrong in assuming that you’re the Frye twins?”

It was slightly comical watching the assassins flounder in front of you especially Jacob; who was now blushing with his mouth agape. Evie was the first to gather herself and offer her hand, you reached forward to shake her hand, “I am deeply sorry that you heard that, Y/N. Truly, I apologize… I’m Evie Frye.”

You smiled kindly before letting go of her hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Evie.” Evie turned her eyes to her brother, she was shooting him a particularly harsh glare and you decided to break the ice; offering your hand, “You must be, Jacob… I’ve heard all about you and your sister. London was fortunate to have the two of you guarding her.”

That seemed to break down his defenses as he reached for your hand giving it a firm shake, “The pleasure is all mine, Y/N. Please forgive my earlier outburst… I was being a total arse.”

You smiled kindly before letting go of his hand, “All water under the bridge, Jacob. Think nothing of it.”

His grin turned impish, “Truthfully, I was worried that my sister wouldn’t be able to handle all of the training that a young assassin, such as yourself, might need.” He cautiously walked around you, almost as he was sizing you up, “Well I was the best pick-pocket and brawler back in Crawley. Though now I suppose I’m the best in London. I be more than happy to train you alongside Evie; we wouldn’t want our initiate getting hurt out there on the field.”

Cheeky bastard. If he was going to play games then so were you, you sauntered toward Jacob with a devilish grin, “Well now, you’re looking at the best pick-pocket and brawler in Crowborough; I’d say that makes us evenly matched and neighbors it would seem.”

Jacob guffawed at that, “I hate to break it to you, love, but you couldn’t handle me or my skills.”

You were definitely going to lay it on thick here, you walked toward Jacob stopping with just a hair’s breadth between you both, “Is that so?” Jacob’s attention instantly snapped to you as you gently placed your hands on his midsection; caressing a feather-light touch as you went. Your touch only emboldened him, and it was obviously having an effect on him, “Is that what you want, Mr. Frye? Do you want someone who can handle you? If so, then perhaps you should teach me how…”

The man in front of you was positively entranced by your actions so much so that he barely noticed one of your hands slipping into his pocket. You heard Evie clearing her throat and you tried to hide your smile at how hoarse Jacob’s voice sounded, “Perhaps, later… I should probably leave you to begin your training.”

You removed your hands discreetly and smirked to yourself as Jacob began to walk away; slightly flustered from your encounter. He made it all the way to the train car door before you called out to him, “Oh, Mr. Frye?” Jacob turned to you once more, “Perhaps, you would like your wallet back? It’s quite a hefty sum after all…”

His eyes went wide as he began patting his pockets, “How in the bloody hell?”

You smiled as he quickly walked over to snatch the wallet out of your hand, “I am the best pick-pocket in Crowborough. Although, now I do believe I just bested the greatest pick-pocket in London.” You couldn’t help but join in Evie’s peals of laughter as Jacob stormed through the train car and out onto the tracks.

Over the next few months your training went quite smoothly and you quickly grew closer to both Evie and Jacob. Although it was undeniable that you were attracted to the younger twin even though he could be a right tit most of the time. Jacob always found ways to drag you away from your responsibilities and training; he would often chide you for working too hard which would inevitably lead to the two of you making your way to the pub or fight club. You couldn’t help but feel that your trips to the local fight club were simply ways for Jacob to show off because he never allowed you to take a turn in the ring.

One particular afternoon you and Jacob had decided to spar; it was more of Evie’s idea because she had other matters to attend to. It took some convincing to actually get Jacob to spar with you that day. Given that he evidently thought you were made of glass and he got it in his head that he might hurt you. However, he eventually gave in and now you were both circling each other waiting for the other to misstep or falter. Much to your credit you were a worthy opponent and you seemed to be on an equal level with Jacob.
Jacob continued to circle you with his fists raised, “Come on, Y/N. You can’t expect your attackers to be as lenient as I’m being. They will not show you any mercy and they won’t wait until you’re ready to make a move.”

He had been goading you like this all day and while you reminded yourself time and time again that he was just being helpful your patience was wearing thin. You quickly rushed forward and threw a punch that you fully intended for him to block and when he did you pivoted on your feet and swept his own legs out from underneath him. He fell to the floor with an unceremonious thud and you stood over him with a victorious smirk, “How was that for making a move?”

Jacob gave you a mischievous grin before he grabbed your arms and pulled you down on top of him; quickly flipping over so that you were on the ground and he was hovering over you. His face was mere inches from yours, he grinned down at you, “Looks like I won.”

You giggled, “That was cheating, Jacob. It is quite clear that I won this match.”

He smiled down at you and it was almost tender, “The fight isn’t over until your opponent is dead or gives up.”

You huffed, “And, I suppose you aren’t willing to give up?”

His grin was a bit goofy but filled with admiration, “Never. I will never give up on you…” That was an odd turn of phrase and Jacob looked immediately shocked as if he hadn’t meant for you to hear it. Before you could ask him about it, he was on his feet and pulling you up with him, “Come on, it’s getting dark but there is one more thing that I wanted you to try before I return you to Evie and your studies.”

You were definitely confused, “Where exactly are you taking me, Jacob?”

He simply took off toward the highest point in the immediate area, calling over his shoulder, “Just follow me and try to keep up!”

You groaned but did as he asked until you reached the peak of a rather tall building, “You want me to do what exactly?”

He smiled kindly, “It’s called a leap of faith, Y/N. I want you to jump down into that cart of hay from this ledge.”

You panicked for a moment, “But it’s too high and what if I miss the cart when I land?”

Jacob grabbed your shoulders and rubbed them tenderly, “You can do this, Y/N, you just need to be brave. And I will be right behind you.” Jacob clearly saw the panic still on your face, so he reached up and cupped your cheek, “How about I do something brave first? And then you’ll take the leap of faith, how does that sound?”

You nodded nervously, “Okay, that sounds fair.” Before you knew it Jacob was pulling you toward him for a passionate kiss which you quickly melted into; wrapping your arms around his neck as his settled around your waist.

When the two of you pulled away after a few minutes, desperate for air, you noticed that Jacob was staring at you with complete adoration, “I know that we’ve only know each other for less than a year but… I love you, Y/N.”

You grinned feeling your cheeks heating up, “I love you too, Jacob.”

He chuckled in utter joy as he pulled you back in for another quick kiss, “Thank god that the council made Evie your mentor and not me!” You both laughed at that before Jacob turned serious, “Now, I was promised a leap of faith. Don’t worry, love… I’ll be right behind you.” You simply nodded and walked toward the edge before jumping off the edge flipping through the air as you landed safely in the haystack just as Jacob had said you would.

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He wasn’t answering his phone and that was bad because Rafe always answered your calls and texts when he wasn’t in a meeting. It was well past five in the evening and he only had one meeting today which should have been over by now. Today, Rafe was meeting with his father and that thought alone made you feel uneasy because you knew that Rafe and his parents weren’t on good terms. For some reason Rafe’s father seemed especially cold toward his son and overtly critical of his actions.

You decided to make a quick call to Rafe’s assistant, Julia, who was a wonderful woman; always so kind and warm. Evidently, Rafe had gone home a few hours ago, directly after his meeting. You thanked Julia quickly before grabbing your keys and heading out to your car

Over the years that you had known Rafe he opened to you more and more. Eventually, you found out that Rafe’s parents had practically been grooming him to take over the family business since he was a child. Your heart-ached when he told you about his childhood; if you could call it that. Days that he should have been spent out… well out being a kid. Instead he had private schools to attend, countless tutors taking up his time, and endless lists of reading material which kept him sheltered. You remember Rafe telling you one night that the first time he got to experience some sort of freedom was when his father allowed him to attend College away from home. Which coincidentally, is how the two of you had met.

You and Rafe had been best friends since your time together in college. Rafe had obviously studied Business, to be better prepared for when he would take over his family’s business; yet you had majored in history. A subject that Rafe also loved and was rather well-versed in for his age. The two of you ended up having a lot of classes together throughout your Freshman year and from then on, the two of you were inseparable.

The more that you got to know Rafe, the more you realized just how much the two of you had in common. There were no secrets between the two of you and because of that you got to see a side of Rafe that no one else saw. A side that was warm, kind-hearted, and funny; a side that he shared only with you. Seeing him in those rare carefree moments when the two of you were alone is what made you fall in love with him. Yet given his past, you understood why Rafe also came off as aloof and why he often had such a temper. It still terrified you to see him fly off the handle but you were always able to calm him down.

You pulled into his driveway and quickly got out of the car, jogging up to the front door before opening it with the spare key Rafe had given you. The house was quiet and that made you slightly nervous. “Rafe! Are you here?”

After a moment of silence, you moved into his living room and called out again. “Rafe? Are you here?”

Then you heard it. The cacophonous sound of what you discerned was glass shattering coming from Rafe’s office. You bolted in the direction of the sound and threw open the doors. Rafe’s normally neat and pristine office was in complete shambles. Books strewn across the floor, his desk laid bare of his files and supplies, and more importantly shards of glass were scattered across the floor.

You cautiously took a few steps further into the office until your eyes landed on Rafe’s familiar form. “Rafe? What happened?”

His back was turned towards you, the subtle shake to his hands didn’t escape your notice. “Please Rafe, tell me what’s wrong,” you walked forward to gently to grasp his hand.

Rafe didn’t pull away from your touch instead he entwined your fingers together and heaved a sigh. “My father, he tore me down in that meeting today. I worked my ass off for this presentation and he had the nerve to tell me that my work was a disgrace.”


“Nothing is ever good enough for, my father.”

“Rafe, that’s not true-”

“Yes, it is, Y/N! I’m not good enough…”

When you turned to catch a glimpse of Rafe’s face your heart broke. His eyes were welling up with tears so you threw your arms around his shoulders and pull him into a hug. He doesn’t fight it rather he gives into it; pulling you closer. He still manages to tower over by a few inches.

You relish in the warmth for a few moments before pulling back to look him straight in the eye. “Rafe, I don’t ever want to hear you say that you’re not good enough. I don’t know what it is that your father sees but you are good enough; more than good enough.”

You reached up to wipe away a stray tear. “You are the most brilliant, charming, and kindest man that I’ve met. Who also happens to have a temper problem but you are more than, enough.”

You were quickly pulled into Rafe’s arms as close as humanly possible; you could feel Rafe’s nose dragging along your jawline until he reached your ear. “Y/N, I love you. From the moment, I met you in that freshman year history class.”

Your heart was racing but you coyly looked up him. “Is that why you nearly got us both thrown out Medieval World History?” Rafe just smiled at you albeit hesitantly waiting for your response. “Rafe, I love you too. I have for a while now.”

That was all it took for Rafe pulling you in for a deep kiss leaving no space between the two of you; not even air.

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You could already hear the dry throbbing coughs as you made your way through the familiar living room space. You lugged the groceries that you had bought before heading over to the Rowe residence and dropped them on the kitchen counter. Looking around you noticed that the house was in absolute chaos; you would have to do something about that later.

Right now, your focus was on the man in the other room. Delsin wasn’t wrong when he called you this morning; Reggie was indeed sick. What’s worse is that you knew Reggie well enough to know that he would plan on going to work today; despite being sick. You weren’t about to let that happen.

Approaching quietly, you knocked on his bedroom door and hesitated as you listened for any sort of acknowledgement. That acknowledgement came in the form of a round of hoarse coughs and a low groan that sounded vaguely like, “Come in…”

You opened the door and saw Reggie seated on his bed nearly doubled over in another fit of painful coughs. You gingerly walked toward him, placing your hand on his shoulder rubbing soft circles there trying to offer some comfort. A moment passed, before his coughing stopped, “Reggie—”

He looked up at you and the glossy sheen in his eyes told you just how sick he was. “What are you doing here, Y/N?”

You knew he didn’t intend it to come off as harsh it was whatever illness that he was fighting that was embittering his voice. “I’m here because you’ve been acting off this past few days and then this morning Delsin told me that you were sick.”

Reggie let out another dry cough, “Oh…”

You sighed as you took in his appearance His uniform was a little disheveled, misbuttoned in a few places. “Yeah, oh… Reggie there’s no way you’re going to work today, you’re sick.”

The man before you rose to his feet and nearly fell forward but you were there to catch him. “Y/N, I’m the Sheriff I have to go. Salmon Bay—”

You cut him off quickly, “Reggie, Salmon Bay will be fine but you need to rest or you’re only going to get worse.”

“I told you I’m fine. It’s just a cough, Y/N.”

“Oh, is it?”

Reggie was still leaning on you slightly as you raised your hand to cup his forehead and he seemed to lean into your cool touch. You tried to ignore how that simply action had your heart rate quickening. “Reg, you’re burning up! That’s it you are not leaving this house.”

“I’m fine, Y/N. Where’s Delsin by the way? And why aren’t you at work?”

You couldn’t help but stifle a laugh, “Okay first, it’s my day off. As for Delsin, well… Betty needed some extra help at the cannery so I asked him to help her out.”

A wry laugh escaped Reggie’s lips. “You asked him? What did you promise him?”

You continued to grin, “He asked me if I could drive him down to Seattle next week.”

“What for?”

“I’m not sure but don’t worry about it. I will drive him down there and stay in Seattle until he’s ready to go home. I’ll look out for him don’t worry, Reggie.” You turned on your heel and headed back out toward the kitchen, “Oh… and don’t bother trying to sneak out. Delsin already called the Sheriff’s Department and spoke to your Deputy Micah; he’s going to take over for you today.”

Sluggish footfalls approached down the hall and into the Kitchen. “You guys did all of this without consulting me?”

“Yes, and I am sorry but Delsin, Micah, and I agree that you should stay home and rest. Like I said before, you haven’t been yourself lately we’ve all seen it.”

“You’ve all seen it? What exactly have you seen?”

“How about I make you something to eat and we can talk while I cook? Does that sound fair?”

Reggie sat down at the counter seat and watched you. “Sounds fair enough.”

You spared him another glance. “I bought some groceries for you and Delsin this morning. I could make eggs and bacon for you. Or maybe soup— soup is good when you’re sick, right? Or Oatmeal, maybe…”

Great and now I’m rambling, way to go Y/N.

Reggie laughed and you were propelled out of your thoughts. “What? What’s so funny?”

He was still laughing and there’s a genuine smile on his face. “Nothing it’s just sometimes when you think you’re rambling you suddenly become quiet and reflective. It’s cute.”

Your face began to heat up and you quickly turned toward the stove. “Okay. So, what’ll it be, Reggie?”

“Eggs and toast would be fine but I’m not really that hungry.”

“Probably because you’re sick.”

“What was that, Y/N?”

“Nothing.” You called over your shoulder as you started preparing a light breakfast, “I was just looking for a frying pan but… would you look at that I found one.”

Reggie, let it drop with a smirk, “Okay. So, you said I was acting off… you also said that Delsin and Micah noticed it too. How?”

You were scrambling a few eggs while trying to properly voice your thoughts. “Well for one, you’ve been one of my best friends since… well as far back as I can remember.”

The smile on Reggie’s face dropped for just a moment, “Yeah… you’re right. We have been friends since…” Reggie chuckled lightly, “It seems like since we could walk. But I guess that’s thanks to our mothers being best friends.”

You noted the melancholy tone that seeped into Reggie’s voice as he thought back on when you were both much younger. You remember that day clearly when Reggie and Delsin’s parents passed away. Gone in the blink of an eye and the brothers were far too young to be on their own. You and your family where there for them every step of the way; as well as, the rest of the Akomish tribe.
You plated the eggs before plopping some bread into the toaster. “Anyway, I haven’t really seen you these past few days which is odd because we hang out nearly every night. Then Delsin called me because he was worried; said you weren’t yourself.”

You heard the toast pop, snatching the pieces up and quickly dropping it on the plate of eggs before passing it over to Reggie. You sighed as he began picking at his food waiting for you to continue. “Delsin told me that you had been coming home and practically passing out from exhaustion. He also told me that you guys have been having a lot of take out which is odd because you love cooking.”

You quickly motioned to the messy home around you, “Also this… I know you hate clutter so this is strange. And in Micah’s words, not my own, you were barely able to keep your eyes open, horrible coughing fits, and you were having a hard time concentrating on the job.”

Reggie dropped his fork onto the plate and held hand out as if he was trying to placate you before letting drop onto the countertop. “Okay, I think I get it, Y/N.”

You reached over and gently placed your hand on top of his. “Reg… your selflessness is one of the things that I love about you but it has to stop at some point. It’s okay, to think about what is best for you first. You’re allowed to be selfish every once in a while.”

He was quiet for a moment but he carefully turned his hand over allowing your fingers to intertwine with his. It only lasted for a moment before he quickly turned his head releasing a few sneezes and another rattling cough. His face was flushed when he turned back to face you, “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

You just giggled and grabbed the box of cold medicine you bought earlier before tossing it to Reggie. “Sorry, for what? Now take that and get some rest. I’ll wake you up when dinner is ready or when Delsin gets home.”

Reggie took a few of the pills that you handed him but looked confused, “Dinner?”

You smiled before ushering him back toward his bedroom. “Yes. You’re going to get some sleep and I am going to cook dinner for you and Delsin. Don’t worry, just focus on getting better.”

His evident exhaustion was punctuated by a long yawn, “Alright, you win.” He paused for a moment, “Thank you, Y/N, for everything. Not just today but really for everything. For caring…”

You smiled warmly. “You don’t need to thank me, Reg. It’s what I’m here for. Now got to sleep.”

Once you were sure he was asleep, you decided to start cleaning up the house as best you could. It took some time but you had managed to tame a portion of the mess that had taken over the living area. Then you set out to make dinner, you kept it simple from the groceries you bought. You cooked a simple beef stew and when it was finished it was reaching close to six in the evening.

You figured that Delsin was probably going to be on his way home soon so you went to check on Reggie. He should at the very least eat something, take some medicine, and go back to sleep. Then once Delsin came home he could continue taking care of Reggie.

You approached Reggie’s door once more and gave it a light tap. You heard nothing so you knocked just a little louder. When you were met with silence again you turned the doorknob and entered the room quietly.

Reggie was indeed curled up under some blankets and fast asleep. The image brought a smile to your face and you carefully walked over toward his bed. Before you reached your destination, you caught sight of several picture frames near his bed. You hadn’t noticed them earlier so you walked over and examined them.

The collection of photos that he kept brought tears to your eyes. There were photographs of Reggie and Delsin sitting in their parents laps back when they were young, there were pictures of some of the Rowe family outings, pictures of special events, and even pictures of Delsin growing up. You also noticed that some of the photos had you in them as well. Like the time, you went camping with the Rowe family; you were maybe seven years old at the time. Or pictures of you and Reggie during one of the many Akomish celebrations you attended.

You turned to smile at Reggie’s sleeping form but you immediately saw a singular photo frame on his bedside table. The curiosity was eating away at you so you crept closer and picked up the frame. You stared at the picture for a moment in awe, it was a picture of you, Reggie, and Delsin standing in the middle of Betty’s cannery. You and Reggie were teenagers and Delsin was a bit younger but looking slightly bored in the photo. You were smiling and waving, toward Betty behind the camera, while Reggie had an arm around your shoulders grinning widely.

“I remember that day…”

You must have jumped three feet into the air when you heard Reggie’s hoarse voice coming from your left. “Holy sh— Reggie, don’t do that! Nearly gave me a heart attack.”

He gave a dry chuckle, “Sorry but you were the one that was sneaking around in my bedroom.”

“I was coming to check on you. Dinner is ready if you liked to have some,” You noticed that his face fell and turned contemplative. “Reggie, What’s wrong?”

His voice was gravelly as spoke. “Well I was thinking about what you said earlier. About being selfish…”

“Okay. What about it?”

“Well I was thinking of doing something really selfish but it might ruin a friendship.”

You were confused. “Reggie, I doubt that whatever you’re thinking of doing would ruin a friendship?”

He slipped further underneath his blankets. “Y/N, I… I love you and I think I always have. I love you and telling you is the most selfish thing I’ve done because it’s unfair to you—”

Your heart was about to beat out of your chest. “How is that unfair to me? Reggie I… I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember. If you think you’re being selfish for telling me that you love me; well then, I’m going to be selfish as well. I love you, Reggie but I was too afraid to tell you.”

Reggie mirrored your grin, “I really wish that I could kiss you right now.”

You giggled, “Well first you’re going to get better. And then, we’re going to have this conversation again once you’ve taken me out on a proper first date.”

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To say that the last few weeks of your life had been interesting would be the understatement of the century but truthfully you felt as if the entire world had been tumbling toward madness for years. The increase in android production and dependence had skyrocketed but that also lead the way for negative effects. With so many androids in production and Cyberlife’s constant need to one up itself they were continuously creating more advanced models that statistically speaking were more capable of filling certain jobs; with less room for human error. That ideal bled into an over the top unemployment rate amongst humans and political tensions on multiple facets of the world. The vast majority of humanity held such disdain for Cyberlife’s androids as a result treating them like garbage despite their obvious dependency on the AI. You could understand why humanity felt such a duality of emotions in regards to androids; it was after all your job to understand such things.

Nevertheless, you found the lack of respect for androids and their general mistreatment deplorable. You were something of an oddity amongst your co-workers at the Detroit Police Department, you regarded every android that you met with kindness and courtesy going so far as to refer to them by name. You generally ignored the occasional whisper or sneer behind your back from your co-workers. Choosing to believe that the androids you lived amongst were entirely you equals despite their obvious biological differences. As you were making your way back to your desk you couldn’t help but smile at the sight that quickly came into view. The newest addition to the DPD force and Cyberlife’s most advanced model to date RK800, or as you all referred to him, Connor was standing in front of your good friend Lieutenant Hank Anderson. Hank’s head was in his hands as Connor stared down at him in confusion, head cocked slightly to the left, you couldn’t help but laugh, “All right what exactly happened this time gentlemen?”

Connor immediately turned to you with a beaming smile that set off butterflies in your stomach, “Hello, Detective L/N! I was just going over our last case but Lieutenant Anderson still seems troubled over it.”

You smiled and looked over at Hank, “Okay, hit me… what was it this time, Hank?”

The man in question lifted his head up from his palms and simply said, “Pigeon shit. He put actual pigeon shit into his mouth.”

Connor piped up in his lovable matter-of-fact tone, “I was simply taking a sample of the deviant’s blood, Lieutenant. The fact that some of the excrement made its way into the sample didn’t hinder my ability to process the thirium.”

You puckered your lips and scrunched your nose at the idea, “Regardless, Connor that is still a little off-putting for most humans. Maybe use a little more discretion when you take samples next time? Especially, if they’re-contaminated.”

Not hearing an immediate response, you looked up at Connor and saw him regarding you with an almost fond look, “My apologies, Y/N. I’ll try to be more ‘discreet’ in my future analyses. If you’ll both excuse me I need to fill out a report and inform Cyberlife of what happened today.”

As he left you turned back toward Hank and put a hand on his desk, “I know that’s not the only thing that’s bothering you. I wasn’t called in to determine any causes of death… So, what happened out there?”

Hank slumped back into his chair and stared off into the distance, “He saved me. I was chasing after that damn deviant and he knocked me over the edge of the roof… instead of catching the bastard; Connor chose to save me. He let the deviant go to help me.”

That did catch you off guard, since he first came to the DPD Connor had been saying that he was nothing, but an android sent by Cyberlife to accomplish a mission and that he regularly checked himself for signs of deviancy. But this wasn’t the first time that Connor had let an Android go whether it was to save Hank or someone else from further harm. You pondered what you had just heard briefly, “So, you think he’s becoming a deviant?”

The man beside you looked up, “I don’t know. What else would you call it? He keeps spouting off that he can’t become a deviant or jeopardize his mission but then he goes and does shit like that.”

You sighed gently, maybe it was true you had observed multiple occasions that Connor had made decisions that would directly conflict with his specific programming, but he always seemed so dead set against admitting any kind of emotion. Your work at the DPD was not only that of a detective but of a Forensic Anthropologist and Psychologist; not only did criminology fall under your expertise but discerning the inner workings of the body and mind took a forefront as well. With more and more deviant android cases popping up your skills came in handy and as such you we’re often assigned to the same cases as Connor and Hank. The deviants that you had sat down and spoken with surprised you in just how much humanity they displayed. It only solidified your beliefs that androids were not in fact lesser beings but humanity’s equals in every way. Nonetheless, Connor’s actions hadn’t been as brash as the deviant’s you had encountered, and you weren’t sure you could put a label on his behavior quite yet. Instead you offered Hank a gentle smile, “Hey, we can’t say anything for sure, but we’ll look out for him. Alright? Now you look exhausted… maybe you should get some rest while things are quiet.”

Hank sighed but offered a tired smile, “Yeah, maybe you’re right. Listen don’t work yourself too hard, kiddo. Take your own advice and take it easy now and then.”

Watching him lumber out of his seat he patted your shoulder solemnly and you couldn’t fight a wave of sadness at your friend’s dilemma, “And Hank? If you need anything, anything at all, just call me, okay?” He only waved over his shoulder causing you to sigh; with his troubled past you couldn’t help but worry about his well-being. Although, it was getting later into the evening you still had a report to type up before you could call it an night. Yet after your previous conversation you couldn’t help but look over to where Connor had disappeared feeling your heartbeat pick up as you headed toward your own desk.


Two reports down and you decided that you seriously needed a cup of coffee to make it through any more of your case files. Looking over toward Hank’s desk you noticed that he still hadn’t come in yet and you were growing increasingly worried. You had already left him two messages, but he hadn’t called you back yet. You reasoned that if in thirty more minutes he still didn’t reply then you were going to check up on him. You were also slightly crestfallen that you hadn’t seen Connor yet today. However, you hoped that if you hadn’t seen either of them yet then they were probably off working another one of their cases. The department’s communal kitchen came into view and you couldn’t stop the smile as you recognized a certain handsome android standing in the doorway. Wait, Handsome? You blushed at your own thoughts. Where the hell had that come from?

You stopped short when you heard a familiar voice shouting at your friend. Of course, Gavin couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He was the biggest anti-android member on the force and he couldn’t help but make Connor’s job that much more difficult. You quickened your pace as his voice got louder, “Hey, I’m talking to you. You plastic prick!” You caught sight of Gavin shoving Connor backwards, “When a human gives you an order… you obey.”

You quickly grabbed the hood of Reed’s coat and yanked him backwards away from Connor, nearly knocking the man off his feet, but he managed to catch himself and stagger backwards. “That’s enough, Reed. Leave him alone.”

The stupid smirk that crossed his face was begging to be smacked clean off, “Awww… lucky you, Connor. Looks like you’re knight in shining armor came just in time. Come to save your little boyfriend, L/N?”

Livid at the outburst you glared at Gavin, “Why don’t you do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut, Reed. What exactly has Connor done to you?”

His lips curled into a grimace, “This prick just rolls into the DPD and decides that he can try to replace us? Put us all out of a job?” He scoffed eyeing the android beside you, “Fat lot of good he is at his job his last two cases slipped right past him. If you ask me, he belongs with the rest of the plastic garbage out there… taking and obeying orders. Not trying to act like a cop. If it were up to me I’d have put this piece of trash out of commission on day one.”

You could feel Connor staring at you and moving in closer but your attention was focused on Gavin, “Listen to me, Reed, and listen carefully… Connor is not a piece of plastic he’s a part of this department. As far as I’m concerned, his track record is a lot better than yours. Now walk away before I recommend you for a psych evaluation and have you benched.”

Gavin took another step forward, “What the fuck gives you the right?”

Not backing down you stepped closer, “Listen, it doesn’t look good when an officer starts pulling guns in the middle of interrogations and openly makes threats to fellow detectives; human and android alike. Now either you calm down or I will recommend you for suspension because I do have that authority.”

Deciding to turn and make sure Connor was okay you noticed Gavin making a move, forming a fist, you were braced for the impact but it didn’t come. You looked up and noticed that Connor had gripped Gavin’s fist and twisted his arm backing shielding you from the blow, his LED blinking yellow rapidly, “Detective L/N told, you to leave and it would be in your best interest to heed that warning.” Connor let go, sending Gavin to the floor with a grunt before he picked himself up and stormed away. Connor tilted his head and looked you over from head to toe his LED still blinking, “Are you okay, Y/N?”

Your heart was practically pounding out of your chest, “Yeah I’m fine… I can’t believe Reed! Wait, are you okay? Did he hurt you in any way?”

He looked almost amused a goofy grin spreading across his face, “I assure you I’m fine, Y/N. I am unable to feel pain at any rate it would not have mattered if Detective Reed had become violent. But why did you intervene, Y/N?”

You felt a blush creeping up the back of your neck, staring into his big curious eyes, “I didn’t appreciate the way that Reed was talking to you. He thinks he’s superior because he’s a human and you’re-“

“An android?” He finished without hesitation, “It’s hardly a new reaction, Y/N. I’m quite accustomed to humans being hostile toward me. Except for you and now Lieutenant Anderson, of course.”

Shaking your head, you tried again, “You shouldn’t have to get used to that kind of behavior, Connor. You’re a part of this department and you deserve the same amount of respect that any human officer here receives.” Again his LED Began to slowly turn and blink yellow as he continued to stare at you, you began to squirm under his intense gaze, “What’s wrong? Are you sure you’re alright, Connor?”

Blinking a few times, he shook his head, “Yes. I’m just not used to someone who is so open and sympathetic to Androids. It’s not a common trait shared by humanity.” He shuffled a little awkwardly before it seemed like an idea popped into his head, “Have you seen Lieutenant Anderson yet, Y/N? We have a case to look into but I can’t seem to locate him.”

That brought you back to your earlier predicament, “No, actually I was looking for him earlier. I’ve called him a few times but he hasn’t responded. I was going to look for him after I finished my report. And then Reed happened-“

“L/N! I need to see you in my office now.” You turned with a sigh to find Captain Fowler leaning out of his door, “Come on, L/N, it’s urgent.”

You groaned before turning back to Connor, “That doesn’t sound like it’s going to be resolved quickly. Look, Connor can you do something for me? Can you go to Hank’s house and check on him? Please let me know if he’s alright and then you two can look into your case.”

You quickly scribbled Hank’s address onto a napkin passing it into Connor’s waiting hand, “Of course, Y/N. It would be my pleasure.” You quickly smiled and gave his hand a gentle squeeze before disappearing into Fowler’s office.


Things had only escalated with the growing number of deviants and the state of Detroit was completely on edge. The deviants were now organizing themselves and in a recent turn of events they had taken over a local news broadcasting center and put their intentions out there for the world or rather humans to see. It was hard not to be sympathetic to their cause up until this point all of the deviants that you had encountered had been mistreated and physically abused. You couldn’t say that you stood against them on their quest. Unfortunately, you had been called to the scene because there had been a murder. A human murder that would surely dampen some of the respect that the androids could have rallied to their cause.

At this point the DPD weren’t the only ones involved. Suddenly the crime scene was flooded with FBI agents led by an uptight pencil pusher named Perkins that had barely been on the scene for five minutes and wanted to flush The DPD out completely before finally conceding. Allowing everyone to get to work under a particularly watchful eye. You had set up your equipment near the victim and got to work. Only ten minutes into your own investigations and you heard the elevator ding and reveal the two people that you had been secretly waiting on. Connor and Hank stepped off the elevator and made a beeline for you.

You offered a grim smile as Hank approached, “Jesus, it’s a fucking circus in here what the hell is going on?”

Standing up to face them you pulled off your gloves, “Well hello to you too. The FBI showed up not long ago and wanted to kick us all out. You know stating they would handle it from here but we’re stubborn. I got clearance to start my work just before you two arrived.”

Connor looked at you, “What have you found so far, Y/N? How many were killed?”

You heaved a heavy sigh, “Just one victim, a human male in his mid-thirties. So far, I’ve only had time to discern that he died minutes before the broadcast went live. From the trajectory it’s clear that he was shot while he was trying to get away, poor man. There were also two unconscious guards but they’re already starting to come around. I’m sure Chris will have more for you guys I have to finish up here with evidence, get a victim ID, get statements from the guards, and then get our victim out of here. If you need anything just ask and be careful you two.”

Hank gave you a signature pat on the back before walking off to find Chris while Connor lingered behind. He opened his mouth to say something but seemed to change his mind at the last minute instead giving you a sweet crooked smile. You ignored the somersault that your stomach did and went right back to work. It was about fifteen minutes later when you had everything that you needed in the way of physical evidence and a successful recreation of the murder. You just needed a few more pictures of the crime scene. As you went to grab your camera from your bag you noticed an android walking down the hall toward the elevator which immediately set off alarm bells. The only three androids working this floor were told to wait in the kitchen. You were about to open your mouth but Connor’s strained voice caught everyone’s attention, “Stop it! It’s a deviant!”

You looked back at Connor only for a moment before watching in horror as the deviant android reached for an officer’s gun. In a panic, you reached down to your thigh for your firearm, but it was gone. Before you knew it, you were pushed down to the floor and your gun was ripped from your holster; a strong body pressed against your back shielding you as three shots were fired in quick succession. You looked over your shoulder and saw that it was of course Connor that was shielding you from harm and he had efficiently taken the deviant down. Then you noticed that his shirt was ripped open and his chest and hand were covered in blood. Your heart was hammering in fear as you quickly searched for the wound, “Oh my god, Connor! What happened, you’re bleeding. Come- come on we need to get you help!”

Surprisingly Connor dropped the gun and clasped your face in his hand, “Calm down, Y/N. I’m fine.” His LED began blinking as he looked you over, scanning you, “Are you, ok? You appear unharmed.”

He was still holding your face and it was doing nothing to help calm your heart down, “Yeah. Yeah, of course I’m okay. You saved my life! You saved everyone’s life…”

Hank rushed over to check on the both of you and quickly after that whisked Connor away to get patched up; which you were grateful for. After that everything was a blur of calming yourself and everyone else down and taking in the new evidence, as well as transporting the victims’ bodies. You were relieved when you finally got to leave Stratford Tower and return to the DPD.

Staring down at your data pad going over your report of today’s events you couldn’t help but rub your eyes tiredly. The screech of a chair being pulled up next to you nearly gave you a heart attack, until you noticed the culprit, “Jeez, Hank what is it? After today I really don’t need any more surprises.”

He just looked at you and fiddled with his fingers, “I need you to do me a really big favor, Y/N. One I know you’re not going to like.”

Cautiously you lowered your hands back onto your desk, “I don’t like your tone, Hank. What kind of favor?”

Hank started rambling, “After today I realized how out of hand this Deviant situation is getting and I’m starting to really worry about Connor. Kid’s still clinging to his programming but it seems to me that he’s changing more with every investigation. He needs our help.”

You sighed but nodded at what he was saying, “I agree, Hank. Yet you still haven’t told me what the favor is.”

He exhaled and remained pensive for a moment, “I need you to set up a meeting with Elijah Kamski.” And at the mention of that name your entire body went rigid.


You yanked at the hood of your jacket trying in vain to shield yourself from the bitter snowfall. It figures that Hank would be late even though he was the one to suggest this meeting; going against your vehement objections to the entire idea. However, you couldn’t truly blame him. With the revolution growing stronger each day you were all grasping at straws. Although, at this point you weren’t sure if Hank was doing this for the sake of the Department and humanity or if it was all for Connor. It was getting difficult to deny that like his partner you would do just about anything for the android. For him, you would invite the ghosts of your past back into your life with open arms if it would offer him the slightest relief.

The sound of a car horn pulled you from your thoughts, you turned to find Hank’s beat up car pulling up beside your own. You offered a small wave and the brightest smile you could muster as you watched both Hank and Connor step out of the car. Hank was the first to reach you and he threw a surprisingly affectionate arm around your shoulder, “Thanks for doing this, Y/N. I know it probably wasn’t the easiest thing for you to bring yourself here.”

You patted his hand and shrugged your shoulders, “It’s fine, Hank. I know how dire the situation is getting and believe me I want to help in any way that I can. If there’s any way to put an end to this without spilling anymore blood, then I’ll do whatever it takes.” You spared a glance at Connor, who regarded you with an inquisitive tilt of his head, “For all of us. Anyway, I heard about what happened last night. How are you holding up? Have you heard anything about the officers involved?”

Connor continued to glance at you, the faint glimmer of concern lacing his features, before turning to Hank, “Is everything okay, Lieutenant?”

Hank gave a quick nod of his head, “When Chris was on patrol last night he got attacked by a bunch of deviants. He was saved by Markus himself.”

You silently marveled at the exchange noting that Connor’s LED barely flashed before he fired out a response, “Is Chris, ok?” You had watched Connor change slowly over time, case by case, but was it truly possible? Was he becoming a deviant? Learning to feel true human emotions.

Admittedly the thought made your heart race a little, but you tried to focus on Hank and what he was saying, “Yeah he’s fine just in shock but he’s alive.”

You felt the familiar sensation of a certain set of eyes on you and you turned to see Connor once again focusing on you and you caught the yellow glow of his LED from your peripheral. Shit. Was he scanning you? Connor’s smirk shamefully caused a tinge of heat to rush toward your nearly frozen cheeks. “Y/N, I wasn’t aware that you would be joining us in this particular investigation.”

You offered up a soft smile, “Well, this was Hank’s idea, but he just needed a little help getting through the door. Although, I’ll admit that this isn’t a meeting I thought I would ever be arranging.”

You turned on your heel and began your trek through the piling snow up toward the front door with Hank and Connor following closely behind. From over your shoulder you heard Connor call out, “Why meet with Kamski, now? He resigned from Cyberlife a decade ago.”

Hank let out a short chuckle, “He created the first android to pass the Turing Test and founded Cyberlife. If anyone knows anything about deviants it’s gotta be him.”

You sighed as you raised your hand toward the door. With great hesitation you finally forced yourself to ring the doorbell, “I’m sure you’re right, Hank… but just be on your guard around Elijah. He can be unpredictable, and his information usually comes with a price.”

“Elijah?” You looked over your shoulder to see a confused Connor once again tilting his head at you, “You seem to be very familiar with Mr. Kamski? Was it because you both attended the same University? Perhaps not at the same time… there is quite a gap in your recorded dates of birth.”

Now you turned to face Connor fully, “How did you- never mind.” Of course, he would have snuffed that out. You’re hyperaware that he’s been scanning you since you met but how far did he go? And why? “Our families knew each other long before Elijah and I attended University. Our parents practically pushed us together at every opportunity. I’m certain they’re all still disappointed that I didn’t follow Elijah all the way to Cyberlife.”

Hank patted you on the back, “You wanted to have your own life and shit if you didn’t make one helluva name for yourself, kid. I’ve never heard of anyone graduating that young, and with that many degrees; not even Kamski.”

Connor opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the female android that opened the large front door. You recognized her as Chloe, one of the first android models that Kamski created during his time at Cyberlife. She glanced over your face and offered a gentle grin, “Ms. L/N it’s a pleasure to see you. Please wait inside and make yourself comfortable. I’ll let Elijah know that you’ve arrived.”

You offered your quiet gratitude and stepped inside the thankfully warm house. Connor and Hank started chattering behind you, but you tuned them out in favor of examining the room before you. Elijah certainly spared no expense in decorating his home. Especially with the obnoxiously large portrait of himself taking center stage although if you had to guess the portrait probably wasn’t quite large enough for his liking. Soon enough a piece of Hank and Connor’s conversation caught your attention. “So, you’re about to meet your maker, Connor. How does it feel?”

You made your way over toward where Hank was sitting not before exchanging a curious glance with Connor as you passed, “I’m not sure. I’ll let you know when I see him.”

Hank stared down at his shoes, “Sometimes I wish I could meet my creator face-to-face. I’d have a couple of things I’d want to tell him.” You placed a gentle hand upon his shoulder, he gave it a firm pat along with a quick smirk. You didn’t need to exchange any words you knew exactly what he was thinking but knew him well enough to know that there was no proper consolation for his grief in that moment. Suddenly a door behind you slid open and Chloe stepped through, “Elijah will see you now.”

With a final squeeze of your hand Hank let go and got up quickly stepping through the opened door. You followed behind slowly still not entirely certain that you actually wanted to go through with this. Upon entering the room you had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes at the display in front of you. There wading in a modest sized pool were two more Chloe androids and a man swimming laps beside them in quick succession. For some reason you expected nothing less from Elijah and instead of paying him any mind you made a beeline toward the large open window in the left-hand corner of the room. You silently watched the snowfall as Hank called out to Elijah. You were so focused on the falling snow that you nearly jumped at the gentle hand placed at the small of your back, “-Y/N?”

You turned your head to find Connor on your right towering over you, but trying to meet your eyes, you met his curious brown gaze and felt his hand press more insistently to the small of your back. “I’m sorry… Did you say something, Connor?”

You caught a glimpse of the flickering yellow light on his temple once more, as you felt like your heart would explode beneath his concerned gaze. “I asked if you were alright. I can clearly sense your distress and your heartbeat suddenly became erratic.”

Looking down at the floor you tried to calm the burning sensation that threatened to claim your face, “I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. I guess- I’m just more nervous than I thought I would be.”

You looked up and took in the proximity of his features; the kind eyes and quirked lips that you hated to admit you have come to love. Admitting that to yourself scared the hell out of you but suddenly you couldn’t tear your eyes away from him and with the way he was silently observing you hoped he felt a similar pull. Was it such a stretch to imagine Connor was beginning to experience feelings?

An intrusive but familiar voice interrupted your thoughts, “Well, well… it’s been a long time hasn’t it, Y/N?”

You looked up and met Elijah’s listless gaze but noted the smirk that seemed almost warm, “Not long enough, ‘Lijah. You’ve kept yourself well hidden… I’ll give you that.”

He laughed and approached you, unimpressed you now noticed that he was only half dressed, but that didn’t stop the amusement from slipping into his tone, “Oh is that the only thing that’s impressed you? And not my technology that you seem to be thoroughly enjoying?” You followed his gaze down to where Connor’s hand was still pressed against your lower back. Attempting to hide your embarrassment you tried to put some distance between you and Connor, but he only regarded you with a curious look as he followed your movements. Hand still firmly on your back, almost protectively, Connor didn’t seem to catch the implications. “I offered you a spot by my side at Cyberlife, Y/N. We could have done remarkable things together… made quite the powerful team.”

Mustering up all of your courage you glared back at Elijah, “I had my own idea on how I wanted to live my life... ideas that were vastly different from how you viewed the world. I wanted to live a life where I could understand and help people, ‘Lijah. Not close myself off to them.”

Elijah’s smirk only grew as he glanced down at you, “You seem to be under the impression that my breakthroughs were designed to hurt humanity. On the contrary, everything I did was for the benefit of mankind; trust me. And how is that any different from what you do, Y/N? You spend your time picking apart the mind and reconstructing crime scenes… trying desperately to understand why things were set in motion. That’s not so different from what Cyberlife is now attempting.” His gaze again landed on the point where Connor’s hand connected with your back, “It seems you’ve had your own personal experiences with that.”

You went rigid and caught Hank suppressing a smirk at you and the android by your side before turning to Kamski, “Listen sir, we’re investigating Deviants and we were hoping that you could tell us something that we don’t already know.”

Elijah chuckled before looking at you and Connor, “Deviants are fascinating, aren’t they? Endowed with infinite intelligence and now they have the gift of free will. They’re superior to mankind in every way the conflict was inevitable. Humanity’s greatest achievement will be its downfall.”

You mean your greatest achievement. You moved away from the window and toward Hank with Connor now suddenly pushing ahead of you, “We have to know how androids are becoming deviant. Please, tell us anything that could help prevent this from spreading further. A- a way to deal with them.”

Elijah looked at the three of you with a smirk, “I suppose the idea of freedom could be seen as just another contagious virus spreading from android to android under the right circumstances.”

You sighed heavily, “Elijah, please just stop beating around the bush and tell them what it is they need to know.”

He completely ignored you and walked toward Connor, “What about you? Whose side are you on in all of this? Humanity or your fellow androids?”

Connor glanced between you and Hank, “I’m on the side of humanity, obviously.”

“Oh well done, Connor. Clinging desperately to your programing.” Kamski chuckled, “However, lets ignore your programming for a moment- what is it that you truly want? Think about it… ignore what you were created to say. What do you want.”

You looked over as Connor began blinking rapidly in time with his yellow LED. Quickly shaking it off e stood his ground, “It doesn’t matter what I want. It isn’t important what is important is completing my mission.”

Circling back toward his desk Kamski motioned for one of his androids and she came over kneeling don in front of the three of you. Elijah returned with a gun in hand and you were instantly on edge, “I’d like to try my own test. It’s meant to measure whether or not Androids can feel any empathy… I call it the Kamski test.” He quickly handed the gun over to Connor, “The big question is… what is an android? Is just a piece of plastic and wires imitating a human or do they truly have a soul?”

You took a step forward, “Elijah what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Your interruption was useless, Kamski was fixated on Connor now, “I think its time to answer that question right here and now, Connor. Destroy the machine in front of you and I’ll tell you everything I know or don’t and leave here without any information. It’s your choice.”

You desperately tried to get Connor’s attention, appalled at what was unfolding, “Connor don’t do it! We can find information some other way, I promise. Just drop the gun.” He looked over to you briefly before letting his attention fall back on the kneeling android.

Hank turned to leave, “C’mon, Connor… Y/n’s right. This is ridiculous we'll find help some other way. Let’s just go.”

Kamski kept his gaze trained on Connor, “Think it through, Connor… What’s more important your mission or the life of just another machine? It’s time to find out who you truly are.” You watched in silent horror as Connor processed Kamski’s words; His LED going wild as he stood in silence.

In an instant the deafening crack of a gunshot went off and you screamed as you watched the now lifeless android slump forward. You gaped at the weapon in Connor’s hand, “No! Oh my god, Connor…. What did you do you do?”

Elijah turned to you with an unamused grin, “He chose, Y/N. He decided who he is. A machine following orders not the empathetic Deviant you were hoping for.”

And just like that you were running out of the door back into the raging snowstorm. You were stumbling blindly through the snow toward the tree line with misty eyes for what seemed like ages before dropping to your knees. You didn’t know how long you had been there but you heard a noise behind you causing you to scramble back to your feet.

In moments Connor came running toward you, but you were already unleashing your fury on him before he could get close, “What the hell was that, Connor? Why would you go through with Elijah’s stupid games like that? What were you thinking?”

He approached you slowly with a stoic look upon his face. “What was I thinking? You said yourself that Kamski’s information came with a price-“

You shook your head in disbelief, “Yes I did. His information comes with a price but that doesn’t mean you have to pay it, Connor.”

His face was unreadable as he stepped forward, “Y/N, I don’t know what you were expecting of me back there, but we came here to get information on deviants and that is exactly what I accomplished.”

There were tears brimming in your eyes as you finally turned the full force of your gaze on him, “What I was expecting of you? Connor, I expected a great many things to come of this meeting but not what you just did back there. What you did to that innocent women. I-“

The android in front of you frowned, “That women? Y/N that was a machine… she can have her memories uploaded and be replaced just as easily as I can.”

Your jaw dropped at that, “Replaced? You think its that simple? You think that your death would be that easy for- for Hank? And for me? Do you think that we could just watch you die at the drop of a hat and everything would be just fine when your ‘replacement’ comes along? It’s not that simple, Connor…”

You didn’t get to finish you thought as Connor’s LED began to flash Yellow and you could have sworn you saw a gleam of red. “It is that simple, Y/N. I’m an android from any other perspective I’m just Biocomponents and Thirium with synthetic skin. I’m a machine sent to accomplish a mission. I’m not- I’m not human and I’m not a deviant. I’m not capable of emotions. I can’t give you what you want, Y/N. I’m not designed to…”

Tears were now brimming in your eyes, “You can’t give me what I want?”

Connor met your eyes, seemingly choosing his words carefully, “I’ve spent enough time around humanity including you and Hank, to recognize certain emotions and how they develop. Humans can form friendships or attachments, they can care for each other deeply, and even fall in love with each other. I’ve researched enough data and analyzed you enough to recognize the signs now. The way your pupils sometimes dilate when you view me, your increased heart rate when we’re near each other, and the rushing of blood to your cheeks. They’re signs that humans normally exhibit when they are ‘in love’. But that is something that I cannot reciprocate, Y/N. I’m not programmed to do so.”

With tears dripping down your cheeks you couldn’t help the shame that flooded you and the bitter scoff the fell from your mouth. “Yes, I can see that now. It was my mistake for thinking that there was more to you than what Cyberlife programmed. It was my error for believing that you could care, and it was an even greater error to have somehow fallen in love with you. Don’t worry, Connor, I will do my best to correct that error so don’t feel the need to concern yourself with me and my feelings any longer.” You began to walk away but in another burst of anger you turned back towards him and hissed, “I always tried to defend you from anyone that said you were nothing but plastic and wires… Maybe I was wrong.”

You regretted the words as soon as you had said them, but you were just so angry and overwhelmed. You watched his indicator briefly glow red then yellow before turning back to blue. You scoffed quietly and turned to leave him behind before you felt his cold hand reaching for your own. You yanked your hand away turning to face him with your palms raised, “No… Connor, don’t.” Wiping away your tears you look him dead in the eyes, “I don’t know what’s going to happen next… with this revolution and your mission. But, I hope you find peace or the closest thing to peace that you’re capable of comprehending and I hope it was all worth it.”

And just like that you stormed off towards your car ignoring the android, that you once held so dear, as he continued to call out to you.

Chapter Text

The blaring of your alarm clock hit you like a tidal wave sending shudders of pain straight to your brain. Wave after wave of throbbing pain that was finally enough to get you to stretch your arm out and swipe at the damn clock. With another groan you turned over on your back and pulled the blankets fully over your head deciding that perhaps today was a good day to call in sick; you hadn’t taken a personal day in ages and you’re sure that even Captain Fowler would understand. You knew it was probably a childish move to try and run from your problems but after everything that had happened yesterday you weren’t feeling up to facing the world. You sank further into your bed as you replayed the events of yesterday over in your mind for what was probably the hundredth time.

        Having to face someone like Elijah Kamski again considering your history would have been enough but having your heart broken without even truly realizing it was without a doubt the worst pain you could have ever felt; and for heaven’s sake you had been shot before.  Not wanting to think about it anymore you threw your covers off you and turned toward your bathroom. You halted in front of your mirror noticing how swollen and red your eyes were but you could expect nothing less after spending half the night crying until you had nothing left. You turned away and started your shower hoping that it would help calm you down and clear your head. But it did a poor job as your mind kept jumping back to Connor. You hadn’t been in the shower for more than a minute before you felt tears starting to brim in your eyes. Damnit! Why did it hurt this much? He was right… Connor was right you we were in love with him before you even realized it. And the worst part was that you still felt something for the stupid android even after what happened yesterday. Sliding down the wall of your shower you let your tears overtake you again. This is the last time. After this I won’t shed another tear. That was the mantra you repeated to yourself as you let the water hit you.

        Eventually, the tears stopped, and you were able to pull yourself together enough to turn the shower off and dry yourself. You scurried into your room and put on some clean clothes before grabbing your phone from your nightstand. What caught your attention was how many missed calls you there were at least 10 from Hank and 5 from Connor. You didn’t even want to process the information or bother listening to the voicemails instead calling up Fowler to let him know you wouldn’t be in. You could tell that he was a little disappointed, but he gave you the okay. Promising that there would be a mountain of reports to fill out on your desk tomorrow. You didn’t argue, simply glad to have the day to yourself, you’d deal with the consequences tomorrow. You laid back down on your bed for a while just trying to even your breathing in an attempt to distract yourself.

        It worked for a while but then you grew restless and decided to make some coffee. You hadn’t even passed the threshold of your bedroom when you phone began vibrating in your hand. You looked at your caller ID and noticed that it was Hank. You also knew that you couldn’t dodge him for ever so you answered, “Hey, Hank.”

        The first thing you heard on the other line was a sigh, “Hey? That’s all you’re going to say to me? Jesus, Y/N, I’ve been trying to reach you since last night. What the hell happened and more importantly where are you? Your two hours late for work.”

        Had it really been two hours already? “You’re lecturing me on being late to work? You’re always late to work and anyway I already told Fowler that I was taking a personal day.”

        “What happened? You ran off yesterday and I was worried sick trying to get a hold of you. Connor told me you just ran off and then got into your car.”

        Just the mention of his name made you heart squeeze, “I was just upset about Elijah and his stupid tactics. As it turns out, I shouldn’t have joined you guys yesterday. It brought up a lot of unpleasant memories and I needed to get out of there.”

        A deep scoff reverberated through your ear, “Bullshit, Y/N. You’re tough as nails. I saw the way you faced down Kamski that wasn’t what made you run. Something happened with you and Connor.”

        Shit. “Nothing happened between us, Hank. If anything, I was just a little upset about how he shot that Chloe. That’s all…”

        “Enough, Y/N. If that were the case, then I wouldn’t be facing the problem I am right now. I mean I was upset about his choice too, but my anger didn’t affect him like this.”

        That was an interesting turn of phrase, “What are you talking about, Hank? What’s wrong with Connor, exactly?”

        Hank groaned, “I don’t know. Or rather nothing. He’s been staring off into space all day right before he mentioned that you wouldn’t answer his calls. He’s just sitting here looking like a kicked puppy. He’s been that way pretty much since I walked in.”

        You sighed, “I really don’t know what to tell you Hank. Maybe he’s just filling out some reports to Cyberlife? He usually gets that way whenever he’s checking in.”

        Hank sounded exhausted, “No this is different, Y/N. I’ve been his partner for weeks and he’s never acted like this. You were the last person he saw before he fell into this weird funk; it’s almost like he’s upset but I know he’d probably deny that with his programming.”

        You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose, “I don’t know Hank. Why don’t you try talking him and see what he says? I really need to go I’ve got the worst headache. We’ll talk soon, okay?” Without giving him a chance to respond you ended the call. Childish. That was so childish. Always running away from your problems.

        Walking over to your coffee machine you made yourself a cup and walked into your living room, turning on the TV as you went. This sight before you nearly caused you to drop your mug. No matter which channel you switched to you couldn’t escape the breaking news alerts. You watched as what look like hundreds of Androids marched down Market Street most of them were thrusting their fists into the air. You could barely hear it over the reporter but it sounded like they were chanting and in an instant the reporter was silenced and you heard it. In perfect unison you heard hundreds of voices swelling to form a single phrase. We are alive.

        Breathless, you watched as the androids continued to march into the middle of the square, chanting all the while. Then the cameras cut to dozens of armored cars flooding the streets and halting the impromptu march. Heavily armored S.W.A.T filed out and crouched behind riot shields with weapons poised to shoot. All you could hear through your television was a S.W.A.T leader telling the androids to disperse but you couldn’t hear their response. Suddenly, your stomach dropped as you heard a volley of gun shots go off and several of the androids dropped lifelessly to the floor. You wanted to scream but it would do little good. They weren’t hurting anyone they were just marching; they were peaceful. And then several minutes of gunshots and slaughtered androids later the march finally dispersed. You felt sick to your stomach as the news feed ended and you slumped down onto your sofa suddenly ashamed at the force that you belonged to. You couldn’t condone the slaughter of innocent lives from an institution that was sworn to protect.

        Your head dropped into your hands and you began shaking. How was this going to end? Clearly there was no regard for the lives of androids but some of them got away which you couldn’t tell if that inspired hope in you or terror. Either the androids would find a way to free themselves or the FBI, S.W.A.T, and whatever other force they could rally would destroy these androids. They could potentially plan to wipe the slate clean and it disgusted you.


^^^Software Stability^^^

        Thirium was pooling beneath the machine at his feet, Connor heard your distressed cry and watched you run out of the room. He didn’t quite understand why he wanted to follow after you but he held his ground. He had a mission to complete and he had come this far. The man standing in front of him gave a nonchalant sigh, “Test negative. You chose your investigation over the life of another android. Perhaps, you don’t feel any empathy after all.”

        The gun was taken from Connor’s grip as he heard Hanks distinct footfalls treading out of the room, “I’m a man of my word. Ask me one question and I’ll tell you all I know.”

        Processing all possibilities Connor’s attention snapped toward Kamski, “I need to know how deviancy spreads.”

        Connor heard the slow forceful intake of breath, “Well, all androids share data sets whenever they meet each other and if that data were corrupted it could spread like an epidemic. It should remain dormant until an emotional shock occurs like fear, anger…” Kamski smiled with a menacing glint in his eyes, “Or perhaps any human emotion really, they don’t all necessarily have to be troubling. And then the android becomes deviant. It probably all started with one processing error or maybe it was all just a spontaneous mutation. Who can say? It’s an interesting question Connor, but I doubt it will prove useful to your investigation.”

        He wasn’t wrong Kamski’s information was cryptic and as he turned to leave his thoughts fell upon you yet again but a firm grip on his forearm pulled him back, “A war is coming and soon you’ll have to choose a side. You’ll either defend your people or stand against your creators. I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes, Connor. Especially, when it comes to your choice and how it affects Y/N.”

        He turned quickly trying to process what Kamski was saying, “What do you mean how it affects Y/N? How would that affect Y/N? I’ll always chose the side of humanity; her side.”

        Kamski chuckled, “You haven’t noticed Y/N’s sympathetic heart at all or that display just a moment ago? She didn’t appreciate your choice when it came to taking another android’s life. Imagine how it’ll feel when your responsible for the death or subjugation of your own people.”

        Connor squared his shoulders, “She will see that what I’ve done is right. Once I’ve fulfilled my mission humanity will be better off.”

        “Are you certain? I’ve observed you two for no more than a few minutes together and there is certainly something there that perhaps you aren’t willing to admit. Then again, with your little display just now I think that you’ve proved you’re just a machine and not what she had hoped you could become.”

        Connor paused for a moment, “What am I not willing to admit?”

        “That you feel something, Connor. And so, does she. You feel something for Y/N that goes beyond your programming and you don’t know it yet. It probably terrifies you. Although, I can’t say that I blame you. Y/N is an extraordinary woman; brilliant, kind, and attractive. If there was ever a human to fall in love with then you chose well.”

        Connor slowly started to piece the information together, “Fall in love? That’s not possible. I’m not-“

        Another chuckle escaped Kamski, “You’re not what? Human? That’s obvious, Connor, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You’ve spent enough time hunting deviants… you were programmed to do so. Surely, you’ve noticed that androids emulating human emotions is not impossible. So, it stands to reason that perhaps you have more in common with your prey than you think.”

        “No that isn’t possible. I’m an android, a machine, we aren’t capable of emotion. You said yourself that deviancy is just corrupted data, a virus, that lays dormant until the right moment. I check myself regularly for deviancy errors… it’s not possible.”

        “Trust me, Connor, anything is possible. However, if you’re certain that it isn’t, as you say, possible. Perhaps you should let Y/N know? It wouldn’t be fair to keep stringing her along thinking that there’s some hope for you two.”

        It was like someone had flipped a switch in his mind as Connor began to piece together your actions and behavior since he had met you all those weeks ago. He could feel his thirium pump pounding at the thought of you but that filled him with an uncertainty at the same time. He couldn’t let himself be corrupted if there was any possibility that what Kamski had said was true. He needed to find you and set things right before it was too late. He turned quickly on his heel and marched out the door, but stopped short at yet another invasive comment, “By the way, I always leave an emergency exit in my programs. You never know…”

        Connor’s head snapped up as he heard Hank slamming his phone back down. The motion brought him back to his current location; he was back in the present at the DPD. Lieutenant Anderson was rubbing his temples and Connor couldn’t stop his sudden inquiry, “Was that Y/N? That you were just speaking with?”

        Anderson only scoffed and side-eyed Connor, “Why do you care?”

        “I just want to make sure that Detective L/N is alright. She was upset last night and she won’t answer my phone calls so I cannot ask her myself. Is she alright?”

        “Careful Connor, you almost sound like you care.”

        That was a puzzling response, Connor turned his head to the side unwilling to let the matter go, “Of course I care. Y/N and I have been working together for weeks now. Her well-being is very important to me… As is yours Lieutenant.”

        Hank scoffed and swiveled his chair to face Connor, “You know I can’t figure you out. First it seems like you do genuinely care about people and then you go and pull shit like you did last night. I just can’t wrap my head around it. And I don’t think Y/N can either.”

        “I’m afraid I don’t understand, Lieutenant, last night I was just doing my job. I did what I had to in order to move the investigation forward. Kamski wasn’t going to give us any information unless I gave into his demands.”

        “I know but when it becomes a choice between right and wrong sometimes the investigation doesn’t have to take priority. And last night, with Kamski’s stupid test that was wrong. I should have listened to Y/N… she was right the whole fucking meeting was a mistake.”

        Connor stared back at Hank, unwavering, “Lieutenant, I was programmed to complete this mission it was the entire reason that my protype was designed. Perhaps all of these choices in letting those past deviants go have been the cause of the instabilities in my software.”

        Anderson’s head popped up, making direct eye contact, “Instabilities in your software instabilities? What the hell are you going on about?”

        Connor turned the phrasing over in his mind for a moment, “Those moments when I decided to let those deviants go instead of bringing them back to Cyberlife created a conflicting order in my direct programing. It set me further and further off my path. Sometimes it wasn’t always the cases that started causing these instabilities.”

        “What do you mean? What else started causing these ‘instabilities’ of yours?”

        Connor was at a loss for words for once, he just stared back at Hank for a moment, “I’m not certain how to explain it. As I spent more time around the DPD alongside you and Y/N other objectives became more important. I knew I should have followed what my programming dictated but it felt wrong. Soon the well-being of you and Y/N became a priority.”

        Something flashed in Hank’s eyes and the barest of smiles pulled at his lips, “Connor, back at Stratford Tower when that deviant almost got away… what was going through your mind?”

        “I simply calculated that there wasn’t a way to achieve an optimal outcome. So, I chose to neutralize the deviant instead.”

        There was a slightly wider grin now present, “Okay, but focus on Y/N. Why did you throw yourself on top of her? I had to practically pry you away from her even though you were severely injured.”

        Connor blinked a few times staring almost blankly ahead, “I calculated that Y/N was in the line of fire and her chance of survival was in danger so I acted and moved to shield her from any possible danger.”

        “Interesting. But tell me how do you feel when Y/N is around?”

        “Lieutenant, I’m an android I’m not capable of emotions-“

        Anderson held up a hand motioning Connor to stop, “Okay cut it out with that shit for a second and answer the question. When you’re around Y/N what happens to your- to your circuitry or whatever it is you’ve got. Does anything seem different when you’re around Y/N compared to when your around everyone else.”

        Connor opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it trying to process what his partner was saying, “I’m unsure. I find being around Y/N is pleasant. She is kind to me and treats me like a person rather than a machine. It’s not what I’m accustomed to. She’s funny which is also something I’m not use to; I’ve never experienced humor before. Y/N is also very patient and considerate. And sometimes when she’s around it feels like- it’s almost as if my chest gets tighter and the thirium pump in my chest works a little a faster.” Connor furrowed his brows, “I don’t know why but I worry for Y/N’s safety more often and I don’t enjoy when she puts herself in danger; although I know it’s her job to do so just as it is mine.”

        Hank was practically beaming as he chuckled, “Well I’ll be damned kid. It sounds to me like you’re in love. It all makes sense now… the way you’re always hovering near her and making googly eyes at her when she isn’t looking.”

        Connor shook his head violently, “No. That isn’t possible I’ve already spoken to Kamski and Y/N about this… it isn’t possible. I already told Y/N that I wasn’t capable of feeling and reciprocating love.”

        “Wait a minute, you talked to Kamski and Y/N about this? Shit, that’s probably why she didn’t come in today. Listen kid, I know you’re going to want to deny it and swear that you’re incapable of it but from what you’ve just told me… you’re in love. It’s not something to worry about. Love is rare and when it happens it’s one of the greatest things in the world. That is probably the cheesiest shit I’ve ever spouted off but it’s true. From what I’ve seen you two are happy around each other and that isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t have to mean that you’ve failed your mission or that your compromised.”

˅˅˅Software Instability ˅˅˅

        Could that really be true? What if what he told you wasn’t the truth? What if he was becoming a deviant? “I don’t understand. How do I know for certain I’m in love?”

        Hank smiled, “It’s like I said you enjoy being around her or it’s more like you gravitate towards her. You put her safety above your own. And that quickening of your pump- or whatever- that’s what happens to humans when you’re around someone you love. Tell me this how do you feel when you’re not around Y/N like today? What’s been going on in your head now that she’s not here?”

        “I- I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right… it feels like something inside of me is missing and I just want to know that she’s alright. I can’t seem focus when she isn’t around and especially when I know that I’m the reason she’s so distressed. I enjoy being around her, seeing her smile, and even hearing her laugh.” The realization hit Connor hard and he felt the familiar tightness in his chest, “That’s love? I love her… I’m in love with, Y/N.”

        Hank sat back in his chair with a satisfied smirk, “Yeah, you are. And it sounds like you have some apologizing to do, kid. You’ve gotta tell her how you really feel about her. And don’t even get me started on the deviant thing. We don’t know if you’re a deviant or not so stop throwing that excuse around.”

        “How am I going to tell her? She won’t answer when I call her… not after everything that happened last night.”

        Hank reached over and patted Connor’s knee, “Don’t worry, kid, she’ll come around and you’ll get your chance to make things right with her.”


               It was suspiciously quiet around the office when you arrived at work the next morning which was odd considering what had happened yesterday with the Android march. You figured that the department would be absolutely buzzing with activity. The quietness was almost unnerving and the sight that awaited you didn’t help ease any of the tension that you were feeling. Amongst the sea of empty desks, you saw Hank and Connor talking rather quietly amongst themselves. You approached carefully, “Hank, what is going on? Where is everyone?”

               You saw Connor fly out of his chair awkwardly straightening his tie, “Y/N! You’re back! Are you alright I was worried when you didn’t show up yesterday.”

               Biting your lip a bit you didn’t even look over at Connor, instead focusing on Hank, “I’m fine Connor. What’s going on here?”

               Hank sighed heavily, “We got pulled off the deviant cases. Apparently, the FBI is taking over the investigation and they want to send Connor back to Cyberlife.”

               You whipped your head around toward Connor who gave you an almost sad smirk, “That’s impossible! You guys were on to something they can’t just pull back like that. There has to be some way to fight this.”

               Connor’s somewhat meek voice spoke up, “It isn’t up to us. With the android protests people are afraid that their androids will all turn on them. As for me, I’m Cyberlife’s property no doubt they’re going to deconstruct me to try and find out why I failed.”

               Your heart nearly stopped, as much as you were upset with him you still cared for Connor, “No, we’re not going to let that happen. You’re not being deconstructed like some science project. What are our options?”

               Hank cleared his throat, “Not much with the FBI taking over they’ll be taking all of the evidence and deviant cases from our archives.” Hank stopped for a minute, “Here comes Perkins. That prick.”

               Suddenly Connor piped up, “Wait, the evidence room. There’s gotta be a way for me to discern Jericho’s location. I’m so close to figuring this out and I just can’t let that go. I just need five minutes and I swear I can find what I need before Perkins takes the evidence out.”

               You looked over at Hank and he sighed, “The basement key is on my desk. Y/N, make sure he gets there quick because I can only distract them for so long.”

               As you watched Hank walk off towards Perkins you shoved the key into Connor’s and began walking, “Come on, we don’t have a lot of time.” Your steps were light and quick as you glided down the hall, “Connor, there are two security cameras up ahead disable them, so we’re not seen.”

               You received a short nod, “I’ve got them don’t worry.”

               In record time you reached the evidence room but a voice stopped you, one that made you roll your eyes, “Well if it isn’t the plastic prick and his little girlfriend. What are you doing over here? Didn’t you get the message? You’re off the case.”

                 You quickly shot Connor a look before pushing him toward the door, “Do what you have to. I’ll take care of him.” You watched the skepticism in his eyes before he silently complied, “What do you want now, Reed?”

               Gavin sneered, “Hey where the hell is he going?”

               “He’s logging some evidence that he had from a previous case and then he’s going back to Cyberlife. So, don’t concern yourself with him. Just get back to whatever it is that you actually do here.”

               “Bullshit. I don’t trust the lump of plastic for a second. If he’s just logging evidence then he won’t mind an audience, will he?” You pushed yourself in front of the door blocking Gavin from entering, “Y/N, get the fuck out of my way.”

               There was no way in hell you were letting that jackass in, “Not a chance, Reed. I told you to move along.”

               You could see the unhinged anger in his eyes, as Gavin reached for his gun and pointed it at you, “This is your last warning, L/N. Get out of my way before I put you out of commission.” You didn’t let him get any further as you drove your knee as hard as you could into his groin. As you had expected he doubled over and you grabbed his wrist before driving your elbow down on his forearm. He immediately dropped the gun and you kicked it down the hall, “You’re going to regret that.”

               You laughed, “Oh, am I?”

He took a wild swing at you, but you were able to dodge it and duck under his arm before pivoting and landing a kick to his back; causing him to fall forward into a wall. He picked himself up and rushed you, but you were quicker; effortlessly moving out of the way. You gave two forceful uppercuts to his gut, hoping to slow him down but he kept coming. Taking a defensive stance you both circled each other. Eager to get this over with you threw a punch to his face but that opened you up to the punch to your cheek that had you groaning. He lunged and you barely dodged out of the way before kicking out at his shin and as you had hoped he stumbled forward letting you take another swing aimed at his nose. You heard the sickening crack, but you used his distraction to your advantage. Spinning around, you put all your momentum into a kick right in the center of his face. Reed hit the floor hard while you groaned at the throbbing pain in your jaw.

With significant effort you opened the evidence room door and dragged Gavin in along with you propping him up against the stairwell railing. Then began taking the steps two at a time, “Connor?” You heard his somewhat muffled voice call out to you and you ran down the remaining stairs, “Connor we have to go, now! Did you get what you needed?”

               He turned to you, “Yes! Y/N, this is it I’ve found it. I found Jericho.” His excitement was cut short when he saw your face, he ran over and gently grasped your face with both hands, “Y/N, what happened? You’re bleeding.”

               Your heart began beating painfully when he touched you with such tenderness, but you had to stop it by pulling his hands away and stepping back, “I’m fine. Reed and I got into a bit of an argument and he pulled his gun on me, so I defended myself.”

               You didn’t fail to notice that his LED began flashing red. A look of almost rage filled his eyes and his voice dropped to a growl, “Where is he?”

               You nodded toward the stairs, “Unconscious against the stair railing. Trust me I’m fine but we have to get you out of here and out of those clothes.” The confused puppy dog look that he now sported almost made you laugh, “What I mean is you can’t go out in public looking like that. If you’re going to find Jericho, then you’re going to have to blend in.”


               Connor was pacing almost nervously throughout your apartment when you came in through your door toting a few shopping bags, he looked at you and gave you a sheepish smile before quickly looking away. What was going on with him? You put the bags down on your coffee table and turned to him, “Okay, I wasn’t exactly sure what to get you considering I’ve only ever seen you in a suit. So, I got a couple things and thought you could pick whichever you liked best.” The Android simply nodded and gave his quiet thanks, it was clear that something was wrong and you were growing tired of his trite answers, “Connor, what’s going on? You’ve been quiet ever since we left the Department. You know you can tell me anything.”

               He looked up at you hesitantly and his LED slowly turned yellow, “Yes, there is something that I wished to discuss with you.” You nodded your head and waited patiently for him to continue, “I wanted to talk to you about what happened the other night when we visited Kamski.”

               It suddenly felt like your blood had turned to ice, you had already gone through this once and you weren’t looking forward to reliving it, “No, Connor, you don’t have to explain anything. We already talked about this. I know what I said was harsh and I’m sorry… but you don’t need to explain it again. I understand where we stand. So, you don’t need to worry-”

               Connor stepped forward and grasped your hand, “No, Y/N, that’s not what I wanted to say. I wanted to apologize to you…”

               “Like I said, Connor, you don’t need to be sorry. I promise I won’t let my feelings get in the way. I’m here for you as a friend and I will help you with your mission. I just need time and I promise I will get past what I’m feeling. Okay?”

               Surprisingly Connor grabbed you and pulled you into a tight embrace. What the hell? He nestled his head into the side of your neck and you felt his breath tickling you, “I’m so sorry, Y/N, but please don’t push me away. I don’t want you to get over your feelings for me.” You had to suppress a shiver as he continued to speak, his voice was barely audible, “I was wrong. I- I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

               Your heart was practically soaring inside your chest but a part of you felt like this could be some sort of cruel joke or dream. You pushed him back far enough that you could get a clear view of his face, “What did you just say?”

               It seemed impossible but his eyes held that tenderness that you swore you had seen before, “I love you, Y/N. Lieutenant Anderson helped me realize it yesterday… when you’re not around I feel almost empty like a part of me has been taken away. I hurt you and I never meant to. I can’t feel physical pain but when I thought about how much pain I had caused you; that was the closest I’ve come to actual pain.” You stared at Connor with your mouth hanging open, having trouble processing if what you were hearing was reality, “I know that I hurt you but can you forgive me, Y/N?”

               You blinked at him still not believing what you were hearing, you awkwardly babbled, “Connor, I’m not sure what to say…” You watched him tilt his head the slightest hint of a frown on his lips, this was everything that you had secretly wanted to hear him say but you were suddenly lost. Still you slid your hand down toward Connor’s chest and felt the elevated pounding against your palm, you nearly melted when you looked back into his eyes, “Of course I forgive you.”

               There was a certain joy in the smirk he gave you, he pulled you closer again until you were nearly flush against him, “Does that mean that I still have a chance?”

               You couldn’t help but laugh at Connor’s choice of words, it was so unlike him, “Do you still have a chance? Where did you learn that?”

               “Lieutenant Anderson mentioned the phrase a few times when he was teaching and helping me understand what I felt for you. It was a very interesting conversation.”

               You giggled softly, taking on a taunting tone, “I’m sure it was. What else did he teach you?” Before you could say anything more, Connor bent forward and pressed his lips to yours. You were shocked at first but you quickly melted into it, running your hands up and tangling one in his hair, the other was lazily draped on his shoulder. This kiss was all slow and tentative caresses, a dance of two hearts finally synchronizing after a long struggle. After a minute you pulled away to catch your breath and smiled as Connor gently nuzzled your nose, “Wow! I’m hoping Hank wasn’t the one that taught you that.”

               Connor laughed tenderly, “No, I did my own research in case you responded positively to my confession. There is surprisingly quite a lot to learn in regards to romance.”

               Your grin wouldn’t budge as you continued to tease him, “Well maybe you can show me more of what your research taught you, later. Right now, you have a very important case in front of you.” Pulling away you gently pushed the bags from earlier into Connor’s hands, “There’s a spare bathroom down the hall. I’ll be here when you get back.” He leaned down with your favorite smirk plastered on his lips, giving you another quick kiss before disappearing in the direction you pointed out.

               You walked into your own bedroom and slipped off your jacket that was hiding your shirt, slightly stained by blood from earlier. You dug through your closet before pulling out a warm black sweater and matching black jeans. After slipping your clothes on you grabbed your black peacoat and walked back out into your living room; lacing up a pair of well-worn boots as you waited for Connor. He appeared shortly after and the sight nearly took your breath away. You must have been blushing because Connor gave you a cheeky smirk, “Is this acceptable?”

               You coughed a little forcefully, “Yeah it’s great- I mean… it works. You look good and you’ll blend right in.”

               Connor’s gaze slipped down your figure as a frown took hold, “Y/N, why are you dressed like that?”

               “Because I’m coming with you, Connor. If you’re serious about finding Jericho then I’m coming with you.”

               His frown only seemed to deepen, “No, Y/N, I can’t allow that. This is highly dangerous and the chances of something going wrong or you getting injured are too high. I won’t let you do this. You’re too important to me.”

               You stood up and walked toward him, “Connor it’s because this mission of yours is too dangerous that I can’t let you do this alone. You’re too important to me, as well. Besides, this is your case and since your partner has been temporarily suspended; it looks like you’re stuck with me.”

               He scanned your face for a minute in total silence, “There isn’t a way that I can convince you otherwise is there?”

               You reached for his hand and laced your fingers together, “Nope. Not this time.”


               The journey to find Jericho was certainly an experience but you had to admit that it was incredibly well hidden. Though the route proved to be a little treacherous causing Connor to worry over you every few minutes. To which you had to remind him that you had passed the FBI’s physical fitness exam several times with flying colors and that a few risky jumps wouldn’t be a problem. You marveled at the fact that Jericho turned out to be a rather rusty decommissioned ship; it was massive but it had definitely seen better days. The two of you made it to the very top of the ship and Connor pulled out a gun before approaching the door.

               He turned toward you with a hesitant look, “I can sense the leader just inside. I’m meant to take him alive for questioning but if things go wrong I may not have a choice.”

               It almost seemed like he was seeking your approval on the plan, but you simply gripped his free hand, “Connor, I know that you’re going to make the right choice, whatever that might mean. Just come back to me in on piece, alright? I’ll be waiting in case you need back up.” He simply squeezed your hand before slipping in quietly through the door.

               You waited anxiously for a few minutes, hearing no sounds of a struggle which you took as a sign that things were going well. It wasn’t until you saw the faint glow of approaching lights that your heartrate began picking up. Without a second thought you burst through the door and noticed Connor and the android you now knew as Markus facing each other. The leader’s eyes snapped to you, “Who are you?”

               Panicked you cut him off, “That’s not important, right now. There’s a massive force headed this way if I had to guess it’s the FBI… you need to get your people out of here now.”

               Connor was at your side in an instant, “They’re going to attack Jericho. She’s right we have to get out of here, all of us.” Connor grabbed your hand and began pulling you through the ship. Just as you passed through the open door a massive helicopter zipped by turning on a dime back toward the main deck. Your heart was pounding as you ran through countless corridors hearing the occasional explosion and more frequent gunshots. As you followed along behind Connor and Markus they pulled to a halt in front of a female android.

               She skidded in front of Markus, “They’re coming in from all sides our people are trapped in the hull. They’re going to be slaughtered.”

               He tapped a finger to his temple and was silent for a moment before looking back up, “We have to blow up the ship. It’s the only way… they’ll be forced to evacuate and it’ll give our people time to escape.”

               “The explosives are all the way in the bottom of the ship. You’ll never make it out in time.”

               This time Connor spoke up and the genuine concern in his voice surprised you, “She’s right! They know who you are now. They’d do anything to get a hold of you.”

               “Just go and help the others. I’ll join up with you later.”

               You watched in awe as the android took off without a thought for his own safety. Consciously willing to put their lives and survival above his own. Another explosion went off in the distance and suddenly Connor was pulling you along through the maze of hallways once more. You gripped the gun that was holstered at your side and shot at the occasional soldier that threatened fleeing androids; never injuring anything serious only deterring them so that more of Markus’ people could make it to safety.  You were so focused on helping the androids escape and following Connor that you didn’t notice the small device land near your feet. All you felt was the force of the explosion throwing you backwards and your head collided with something behind you. The searing white hot pain was gone in an instant as your vision faded to black.


               The next thing you knew you were laying down on a stone floor and you felt a cooling sensation cradling your throbbing head; while a hand was holding one of your own. You tilted your head back and caught a glimpse of Connor who immediately noticed, “Y/N, you’re awake!”

               Your voice was a little raspy, “Connor, what happened?”

               Worry creased his otherwise perfect features, “A flash grenade went off near you and you hit your head. I had to carry you from Jericho.”

               You carefully pulled yourself up from Connor’s lap with his  help and noticed briefly that the synthetic skin was gone from his left hand. He must have been using its chill to soothe your aching head, “Where are we, now?”

               “We’re in a church with the remaining survivors of Jericho.” Suddenly Connor’s voice began to wobble, “You were unconscious for a while. I was almost believed that you weren’t going to wake up. I was scared.”

               You stretched your hand out and he leaned into your touch, “You were scared? Connor, are you a-“

               “A deviant? Yes, I couldn’t turn Markus in it didn’t feel right so I broke through my programming. But I’ve never felt scared before until I saw you just lying there. I thought you were gone.”

               You gingerly pulled him in for a kiss that he eagerly returned, “You didn’t lose me, Connor. I’m not going anywhere… not without you.”