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Legend of the Ancients

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2000 years ago the Planet was home to an ancient nomadic group of people called the Setora. These people were divided into four tribes, each blessed with an elemental Mako crystal from the Planet. The Cetra (or Ancients) protected the Earth Crystal, the Dragoon protected the Wind Crystal, the Mysidians protected the Water Crystal, and the Rajasi (Fire-Lion) protected the Fire Crystal.

Looking almost identical to regular humans, they were deeply spiritual in nature and thus their appearances were influenced by what element of nature they lived closest too. The Setora had a unique ability to communicate with the planet. Being a nomadic people they migrated from one area to another, living in harmony with nature. The Setora served as the Planet's caretakers.

All Setora had the ability to guide the flow of the Planet's spiritual energy, this being the means by which they were able to cultivate life on the Planet. The Ancient's lived off of and protected the land. The Dragoon's, who were said to be descended from Dragons, lived in and protected the skies, The Mysidians lived in and protected the waters. The Rajasi, who were beast like but possessed an intelligence surpassing that of any human's, protected the element of fire.

Humans are believed to be descendants of the Setora, which have lost their ability to commune with nature. When they forsook their migratory habits to form permanent settlements they gave up their close relationship with the Planet in favor of leisure and convenience.

An old legend is passed down through the Satora. It tells of how the Setora fought to protect their Planet, and were nearly reduced to extinction in the process.

"The Calamity from the Skies, descended upon our planet. Scarring the land and poisoning the waters. Sickness and madness spread throughout the Setora, many were killed or changed into monsters. The humans, driven by fear went into hiding.

The creature that invaded our Planet we called "Heaven's Dark Harbinger". She invaded one's mind, able to glean memories and emotions of those she came in contact with. She could take the form of the fallen, and so get close enough to destroy their loved ones. Those that were taken by the sickness she brought were turned into monsters and fought against their brethren.

A small band of unchanged Setora from each elemental tribe survived, and banded together to defeat "Heaven's Dark Harbinger". Absorbing the Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, Water Crystal, and Fire Crystal into their bodies the clan leaders of the Dragoons, Ancients, Mysidians, and Rajasi mounted a final assault on "Heaven's Dark Harbinger". Wielding their powers over the elements, and with help from the spiritual energy from the planet, they sealed "Heaven's Dark Harbinger's" body and essence into the very scar it left on the land.

Despite their victory over the "Calamity from the Skies", the Setora civilization was lost, and their numbers dwindled down to almost nothing. The Mysidians line was completely wiped out. Only a handful of Ancients, Dragoons, and Rajasi were left to guard the sacred locations and pass along the secrets of the Setora.

Mankind took over the planet from the Setora, and started their own civilization. As time wore on, humanity forgot about "The Calamity from the Skies" and the Mysidians. The Dragoons and Rajasi became nothing but a myth, and the Ancients fell into legend."

*Rustling of fabric is heard as a young woman with emerald green eyes, long brown hair and loose bangs adjusts herself to find a more comfortable position in her seat while taking a sip of her now lukewarm tea.*

"Would you like to take a break Ifalna?" says a man only a few years older then the woman. He is writing in a note book and has a small voice recorder on the table between them, next to a pair of dark glasses and his untouched coffee. Wearing a brown shirt, blue tie and white trousers the mans hair is short and meets his forehead in a widow's peak, he sports a drooping mustache.

Ifalna shakes her head "No I can go on and answer a few more of your questions Professor Gast" she smiles softly at the man her emerald green eyes showing warmth and kindness. She wears a long-sleeved red dress with a purple wrap round her waist and flat red shoes. The man gives a small smile back and quickly looks down trying to hid his blush as he looks over his notes.

"So the Setora where only one of the four ancient races that we had believed to all have been called Cetra? Are there many of you left?" he asks the last part with barely hidden excitement. The two are sitting near a fireplace.

Ifalna leans forward in her chair cradling the almost empty tea cup. She looks down at the tea for a moment, scrunching her brows in thought. Feeling the now cold teacup she lets out a gentle sigh shaking her head as she looks up. "Unfortunately I am the last of the Setora" She gives a sad smile as she finishes the last of her tea and places the empty cup on the table between them and then leans back.

"But there are still a few Rajasi, living around cosmo canyon I believe. And a Dragoon still lives though he never settles in one place for long...I believe he just had a son recently" At the mention of a child she smiles softly and is quite for a moment lost in thought. Gast smiles as well "That's wonderful! If its ok to ask, would you happen to know if the mother was a Human or one of the other Setora?"

Ifalna giggles a moment at the pure excitement in his voice and and the honest happiness she sees in his eyes. Her smile takes on a playful quality as she leans a little closer to the professor, resting her chin on the palm of her left hand with her elbow on the table. Making eye contact she says in a conspiratorial whisper "Actually, Dragoons a little special in that area."

With her other hand she plays with his glasses that were left on the table. "While the Setora race as a whole are able to mix, with each other and humans" She gives a coy smile to the professor a small blush dusting her cheeks. "The Dragoons whether male or female....don't always need a mate to have a child"

Professor Gast's eyes widen as he takes notes in excitement, then pauses for a moment as he looks up at Ifalna. His blush from earlier coming back the longer he looks into her eyes, as well as a warm feeling in his heart. Clearing is throat he reaches a cross the table and takes a sip of his coffee trying to calm himself. He scrunches his nose in disgust and forcefully swallows the cold coffee. "So... your saying that male Dragoons are not only able to conceive, carry, and birth a child." Gast rest his cup back on the table and lifts an eyebrow in question to Ifalna. "but also able to asexually reproduce?"

Ifalna's smile brightens and nods. "Correct!" She leans back in her chair and points at the professor with his glasses. "Though the Dragoons prefer not to use that last option if possible, they just like everyone else on Gaia longs to meet their other half." Smiling warmly at him she holds his glasses gently in her hands. "The Dragoons are the only one of the Setora who's males are able to bear children"

Gast quickly finishes writing down the last of his notes then looks at his watch his expression turning a little sorrowful. "Oh, it seems to have gotten quite late" He smiles at her sadly while rising from his seat. "Would you feel up to meeting me again to tell me more about the Setora and the history of Gaia?"

Ifalna nods smiling sweetly as she rises with him gathering their things to leave the table. She reaches out to hand the professor his glasses. Letting her touch linger gently on his hand, she makes eye contact and the both of them feel a warm and gentle pull at their hearts when they touch. She softly says "I would love to"