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The Dragon King's Consort

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"Thousands of years ago there were only four types of dragon-Red dragons which symbolized power and wealth, White dragons symbolizing water and pure feelings, Green dragons symbolizing the earth and nature, and the Black dragons symbolizing death and new life."

"These dragons were many and over a short time they decided to have a king and so only the strongest dragon was to be king and the male dragons fought for the new throne however it wasn't until a large and regal Red dragon came into the fray and decimated the opponents. However, the dragon didn't know about the throne nor the challenge as his mate had given birth to 4 eggs over 1,000 miles away. Coincidently, the fight for the throne was in the Red dragons lands and so being a territorial male put the others into their place and drove them off his land. A white female dragon then came up to him and told him what had come to pass. The Red dragon was shocked but accepted non the less as it was he did win the fight. So he was crowned King of the Dragons and his mate The Queen or Queen Consort."

"Now, the Red dragons are known to be greedy and easily jealous but they are also known to be exceptionally violent and merciless to all...unless its their mate only then will they calm down. Due to this ferocity and also over time the dragons flourished but the Middle Ages came and with them Knights and wizards who hunted the dragons. Now of course the modern dragons of today were in existence but to kill a Legendary Dragon was worth more than the others and sadly most perished save for a select few of the four race of dragons. All went into hiding and the current King was a Red Dragon the Grandson of the original who was only about 2,600 years old went into hiding as well."

"It wasn't until Merlin came along and accidently awoke the Dragon King. But as everything calmed down (Merlin lost a few inches off his beard due to dragon fire) they were able to converse about the changes in the world. Merlin noticed that this dragon wasn't like the rest he had seen nor talked to; he had a fierce sense about him and was easily angered; The king motioned to his enormous hoard of wealth and told the wizard that all this was for his chosen mate and that was why he needed to be cautious but soon they talked more friendly to each other as now the king knew that the wizard wasn't going to steal from his hoard. Now after a few moments Merlin noticed that the dragon had no mate and asked the dragon where his mate was since most dragons had one. The dragon told him that he was waiting for him. His father told him that his mate would come in time and that some dragons found their mates to be humans. Hence why many young women were taken by dragon-kind. The Dragon King knew his mate was human but he just wasn't born yet so he was getting into Dragon sleep to wait for him."

"Merlin asked the dragon how he knew his mate was a male. The dragon simply said he could feel it and he also had more of a preference towards the male sex than the female. Now after many hours of talking to each other Merlin had to leave but not without promising the dragon that he would use his magic to help him find his mate quicker. The dragon asked how, and Merlin looked around the dragons cave and looked closely at all the splendor that glittered from floor to ceiling. I will take a necklace for your mate and enchant it to awaken you when he wears it. The dragon agreed and chose a simple but elegent necklace made of 10 strands of gold cord and a single simple ruby in the shape of a tear hanging from the necklace tucked into the 10 strands."

"Soon Merlin and the dragon enchanted it to await the dragons mate. Merlin and the dragon bade farewell as both knew deep down they would never see each other again. The dragon knew that his mate awaited him in time and so he used some more of his magic and put himself in Dragon Sleep, sealing his home from all until the time was right."


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