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Karin's Greatest Victory

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Karin’s Greatest Victory
-By Drace Domino

All you need is victory. That was the Kanzuki family motto, and the rule that Karin had lived by for most of her life. It was certainly a rule that had inspired her to achieve greatness and make the most of every opportunity afforded her, but it was hard to deny that it wasn’t a motto that helped somebody make friends. Quite the opposite in fact, as for years the blonde aristocrat had made it a habit of pushing away nearly every person she had ever met. It had all been deemed a worthwhile endeavor if it meant achieving greatness, living up to the Kanzuki legacy her father had established, and proving that she was the indisputable best.


And in her greatest moment of triumph, she had proven it only to find the instant of victory somewhat...meaningless. That thought flowed through Karin’s mind the evening she had defeated Sakura, proving to the other girl that she had the tenacity to defeat her. A rivalry that had crossed the span of years had finally been resolved, but when Sakura had lost the strength to fight Karin found herself strangely empty. There was no haughty laugh coming from the girl with the blonde ring curls, and there was no sudden dismissal of her opponent as a commoner that couldn’t hope to handle one of the Kanzuki family. All there was for Karin in that moment was the realization that Sakura hadn’t just been her biggest rival for all those years...she had been her biggest inspiration.


She had left things awkwardly after the fight, quickly excusing herself after swiftly admitting to Sakura that the girl was the better fighter despite her defeat. The wealthy young woman that always had words for everyone found herself suddenly speechless, and she had made it a point to leave the scene of the battle to find a place to quietly think. Away from Sakura, away from her handlers and her followers, away from the sounds of the city. A place for Karin to sit and think, to ponder on a meaningless victory and to think about that family motto.


All you need is victory. If that were true...then why did it feel like she was missing so much?

It was during her quiet respite that Karin found herself with a visitor, quite unexpected considering how far she had gone to get herself to solace and solitude. After the fight she had taken one of the Kanzuki family motorcycles to the distant outskirts of town, drifting towards a clearing that had a beautiful look over the entire city. There she sat on a blanket taken from the motorcycle’s overnight kit, watching the flickering lights and studying the moon as it slowly drifted across the night sky. If she were a more reflective fighter like Ryu or Dhalsim, she likely would’ve found some great meaning in the moment. But she had never been one for such deep thoughts. Instead, she simply sat on the blanket wearing her standard fighting outfit, fumbling around with chaotic thoughts until a voice from behind forced her head to turn.

“There you are.” Sakura. Karin would know that voice anywhere, and sure enough as she looked behind her the young woman was already advancing from the main road. In the distance behind her there was a bright pink moped that she had clearly borrowed, one wearing a large flag hanging from the top that advertised the Saikyo school of martial arts. The girl herself was dressed as she always was in that slightly ridiculous school uniform, a skirt not unlike Karin’s own and the pretty bowed blouse that gripped her athletic chest. Over the years Sakura had grown into her body and that outfit looked just a little out of place, but it was hard to explain how the sight of those bare legs had given Karin conflicting emotions throughout the years. With her kindest smile Sakura drew right up towards Karin and sat squarely beside her on the blanket, inviting herself down as she let her shoulder bump to the other girl’s. “Hibiki-san said he saw you come this way. He...also wanted me to ask you if you’d like to invest in the Saikyo school of martial arts, but I can’t really recommend it.” The short laugh that came from the back of Karin’s throat was enough to make Sakura smile, sharing a moment of delighted musing over Sakura’s often-ridiculous self-appointed sensei.

“So you just came to see me?” Karin finally asked, though her eyes stared over the cityscape rather than towards the other girl. Her shoulder was pressed to Sakura’s and she realized it was the closest she had ever been to the girl without fighting her; something that her mind struggled to get a grasp on. “Are you already looking for a rematch? I’m afraid I’m done fighting with commoners for today.” The condescending tone and the thinly veiled ego didn’t have the same potency they usually did, and it was clear that her heart wasn’t in it. Sensing as much, Sakura simply shrugged and brought her knees up, looping her hands around them as she sat squarely alongside her longtime rival.

“Nah. Just wanted to see if you were okay.” She chimed in thoughtfully, and looked over the cityscape as well. Distant flickering lights were pretty enough, but unlike Karin she soon found the strength to turn her gaze towards the other girl in the clearing. And as soon as she saw that pretty cream colored skin lined with ring curl blonde hair, she couldn’t resist a smile. “You fought great today. Shouldn’t you be celebrating? I sort of expected you to hire a skywriter to let the whole city know.”

“Oh, you think you’re that important a foe of to me, Sakura?!” Karin turned back to share the other girl’s gaze, only to find their faces closer than she expected. She fought a brief moment of blushing heat against her cheeks before she drew her strength forward, finally finding the energy deep within herself to raise a hand to just underneath her mouth and let loose with a hearty “Ohhhh ho ho ho ho! Delusions of grandeur don’t become you!”

Sakura, in light of the insults and a return to Karin’s irrepressibly cocky tone, only giggled in delight. With a charming smile lining her lips she shrugged once more, and this time leaned towards Karin so their shoulders pressed closer, and the sides of their waists nearly touched. At their laps their respective sailor fukus had even fallen into a split embrace, the blue of Sakura’s weaving across the red of Karin’s in a perfectly snug embrace. After her giggle and her playful lean against the aristocrat Sakura finally spoke once more, though her voice sounded a bit less joyful and far more thoughtful and contemplative than Karin was used to hearing from her.

“I’ll be leaving to train tomorrow.” She offered simply, quietly. It was the responsibility of a fighter to improve their strength, and if she ever wanted to make Ryu-san proud there’d be plenty of work to do. It was a responsibility she couldn’t deny no matter how much she wished it, though for her final evening in Karin’s territory she was exactly where she felt she needed to be. It was a sentiment she conveyed as one of her hands finally stretched out, and with slightly trembling fingers moved to rest overtop Karin’s own bare palm. Without the blonde offering a slight bit of resistance Sakura allowed her fingers to interlock with the other girl’s, their palms pressing in close and her grip slowly tightening in an affectionate touch. Karin was already looking over, confusion knit against her clever brow and her cheeks tinting red from the unknown, but her questions that were resting against the tip of her tongue were soon to be answered by her longtime rival. Sakura’s voice was soft, gentle, and as honest as the young warrior ever was. “...I’ll miss you, Karin Kanzuki. I need you to know that.”

And Karin, in a moment of realization that terrified her as much as it thrilled her, knew she’d miss her as well. It was a natural and fluid motion that came next as the blonde started to lean forward, her breathing caught in the back of her throat and her head starting to tilt. It was a moment that had been a long time coming, but one Karin had never even humored until it suddenly became the most important thing in the world to her. Her thoughtful expression met Sakura’s own sweet smile, and the two once-bitter enemies found themselves in a tender, doting kiss.

Excitement ran up and down Karin’s spine as she first felt Sakura’s lips on her own, each one settling neatly against each other as their tongues both moved forward to take the first taste of the woman they had fought against for so long. In all the times that Karin had fought against Sakura she had always felt a connection to her, but in all those instances she had assumed it was the fighting spirit that they shared, the connection that came from challenging each other’s greatest rival. Those feelings were a little distant now as the two sat there on the blanket underneath the stars, and as Sakura’s arm slipped up Karin’s back to pull her closer the rich girl simply gave a tiny whimper, easily pressing back into the other woman’s embrace and giving more of herself over.

Her push forward carried with it enough momentum to land Sakura flat on her back on the blanket, the young woman soon trapped underneath her blonde rival as the kiss continued into the night. The two young women grasped and clung to each other in the heat of their first kiss, and it wasn’t long before Karin had pulled one of her legs up to straddle Sakura’s lap, leaning down fully against her as their tongues continued to dance. Each young woman wrapped in the embrace of a stylized schoolgirl skirt, each one finding protection against the chill of the outside breeze purely in the contact with each other. The answers that Karin had been looking for that entire evening were all suddenly realized, and she couldn’t of been happier as she felt Sakura’s hands move to lock around the small of her back, a surefire sign that the short haired girl wanted to keep her close.

Nothing was said for some time, and only whimpers and murmurs could be heard between the two as they slowly and sweetly kissed. When their lips finally parted it was due to Karin’s own doing, her cheeks a bright red and her head swimming as she gazed down into the beautiful eyes that met her from below. One of her hands moved forward and she touched Sakura more gently than she ever had before; her digits slipping softly across the same cheek she had punched with all her might only hours before in that very day. Her voice was quiet, nearly sacred, showing a softness to the Kanzuki girl that hardly anyone had ever seen before. It was new to Sakura’s ears, but the young woman didn’t dare interrupt when she heard it.

“ think you’re that important of a foe to me, Sakura?” She repeated her question from earlier, though it was much, much kinder and the implication was the opposite of before. The smile that drew on her lips was weak and weary, though nonetheless happy as she had stumbled across a truth that she herself had avoided for far too long. A soft nibble against her lower lip later, and she was whispering anew with emotion quivering in her voice. “ had better come back to challenge me again.”

“I swear.” Sakura nodded, bright and beautiful and with all the optimism she always had. Finally a hand drew forward and she let her fingers dance through one of Karin’s blonde ring curls, the digits passing softly through the tender strands before teasing just underneath her chin. “But...But tonight…” Karin moved a hand up, and pressed a soft, sweet finger to the front of her young friend’s lips. Enough to silence her for the moment, enough to reassure her that nothing needed to be said for some time that evening. When her finger pulled away again it was replaced with Karin’s warm and inviting lips, and she kissed fondly and deeply into Sakura’s embrace once more as their intimacy continued to build.


As the evening went on so too did the exploration of the two young women there on the small clearing on the hill; they were far enough away from the road to not be noticed and the moonlit moment was simply too great for them to resist. School fukus were pulled from each other’s bodies amidst a litany of hungry kisses and smiles, often with one of the girls giggling madly as the other nibbled at her neck with sweet delight. Before long they were both nearly bare there on the blanket, Karin stripped down to nothing more than her lacy and elegant bra and Sakura wearing nothing but her athletic sneakers. And there they knelt facing each other, Sakura’s eyes intently watching the shape of her friend’s breasts as Sakura worked for the final garment.

With her hands behind her back unhooking her bra Karin was left helpless as Sakura pounced her, the short haired girl taking the advantage as soon as she knew Karin’s work had finished. The bra was tossed aside but they both went tumbling to the ground along with it, and in an instant Karin could feel Sakura’s small tomboyish breasts squeezing against her own, rubbing eagerly back and forth and teasing their nipples across each other. It was enough to make her moan but again her voice was stolen by a kiss, and while her head was still swimming Sakura moved to break yet another barrier between them. With curiousity in her mind and a great fondness in her heart she let one hand slip forward, and soon her fingers found a warm place nestled against the slender slip of Karin’s folds.

A groan fled from the blonde that was strong enough to break their kiss, and she soon worked to return the favor. Her hand drew forward and she let her fingers press in against the wet slit of her lover, mirroring Sakura’s actions as best as she could manage. The Kanzuki girl herself had yet to enjoy any lover at all, and unless Sakura was good at feigning innocence she could only assume her friend was very much the same. It made their first time special with someone that they had adored for years, even if they had often mistaken that adoration for aggression.

“Karin...Karin, I…” Sakura whispered, grinding her hips forward and only just then beginning to feel the blonde’s fingers against her. She shuddered in excitement and pushed her own forward as well, rolling them in a circle and already feeling the warm, wet sensation of Karin’s nectar against her digits. “It’s so good…”

Karin only smiled her agreement, before pressing those smirking lips against the inviting warm crook of Sakura’s throat. With a few tender kisses she began to work her fingers, her wrist smoothing from side to side and her digits pushing gently at those warm, inviting folds. Washes of heat and desire came across both women as they laid against each other, Sakura’s naked form pressed tight against Karin’s and each of them gently teasing one another. They did their best to mirror each other’s motions and learn a whole new technique from their friend; for the first time learning off each other in a way that didn’t require combat. When Karin's’ head moved from Sakura’s throat she once more found her dear friend’s lips, and a slow and sensual kiss overcame them as their fingers finally moved to the point of penetration.

Their lovemaking was slow and gentle, a stark contrast from the violent battles that overtook both young women so many times in the past. The gentle riding of flesh over flesh continued while they rolled from one side of the blanket to the next, sometimes with Sakura on top and sometimes with Karin taking that position, gently gliding and sweeping back and forth in a medley that they both kept up with. Each young woman had two fingers keenly nestled inside of her respective lover and each of them kept their motions slow and gentle, enjoying the tight, wet grip of their friend’s nether embrace and always maintaining those hungry kisses. The kissing was more than just a pleasurable distraction; it was an easy way for them both to avoid addressing the truth of the matter. It was still very new and they had been fighting each other for so very long that it was...difficult to express anything else in a manner that was anything other than physical.

They had always communicated best when it came to using their bodies against each other, but it had never been like that and it had never been so amazing.

When each young woman found their climax it was quite near each other, so close and so well woven together that they could hardly tell who started first. Moans and whimpers and heated breaths against sweat-marked flesh became an overpowering aura between the two, and each girl’s tender slit tightened and milked against the digits that were invading them for the very first time. A steady wave of pleasure crossed each of them that made their kissing lips grow to enormous smiles, and when the first trembling excitement of release finally crossed over them they each allowed their eyes to open to stare up into their unexpected but nonetheless welcomed partner.

“ family owns three separate four star hotels back in town.” Karin whispered, her voice as much a boast as it was a statement of fact. Idly she pulled her digits from Sakura, and quickly allowed her hands to drift over and cross the backside of the girl’s tight rear. She held Sakura’s rump with both hands, and gave her a soft squeeze as she whispered to the other woman. “If you’re leaving tomorrow, you...should have a good night’s rest.” Sakura couldn’t help but giggle at that, knowing full well that a good night’s rest was the last thing Karin was offering, and the last thing she herself wanted to have.

“Then let’s get dressed.” The young fighter murmured against her arch rival’s lips, and leaned in to press another fond kiss against Karin’s waiting mouth. Happiness still clung against each of them just as the excited, thin glaze of sweat that still hung against their naked frames. Soon, they’d be somewhere private and secure and warm, ready to show each other a long and thrilling night. A night to make up for all the fighting and all the aggression.

A night to make up for the next long seven years apart that would follow once the morning came.


End of Part One.