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To Save Them All

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I stifle the scream as I feel Peter’s newly made Alpha teeth chomp through my side, I resist the urge to lash out at him, I’m not a teen anymore, it took me decades to find out how to do this and I’m not fucking it up by screaming.


It’s strange being back in this body, so young, so full of life, not creaky and worn down, and old.


The woods around us are dark, the moon in the sky isn’t bright enough for my human eyes to see properly but Peter’s red gleaming eyes lets me see him just fine.


His teeth are still in my flesh and he worries at the wound.  God that hurts, and god I hope the bite takes, that I become the werewolf this time around and not Scott, I couldn’t bear to lose him again, it hurt so much the first time.


Slowly I work my arm up and I try to pet Peter, I know he’s not in his right mind, the guy is literally a nut job at the moment, the brain damage he suffered coupled with the snapping of that many pack bonds has driven him insane, and he’s about to go on a mass murder spree, he’s already killed his niece so he can become the Alpha and get his revenge on the Argents, he’s working on pure instinct right now, he’s an Alpha, he’s alone, he needs a Pack so he’s making one by making the first person he meets his Beta.


If I were really a teen again, and having lived the life I did, I shouldn’t be able to cope with this much pain, but I’m not, I’ve lived for over a century, I’ve learnt to deal with physical pain and torture that’s much worse than this.  I power through the injury and exploit the weak spot I know Peter has, I scratch the base of his ear nearest to me.


He freezes and a muffled whine comes from him.


I don’t want him to freak out so I keep the rubbing thing going, his teeth that are still in my flesh will act like walls to keep my blood inside of me, the heat radiating from his body will keep me warm.  And the calmer he is around me the faster our Pack bond will start to grow, to the point that each of us will gain a measure of control over it, and that control will help me control him until his brain can heal the physical damage done to it.


Also I need him calm so that when we meet again, and we will meet soon, I’ll be ready to offer him my body so he can let off some pent up steam and aggression, and I really want his instincts to already see me as submissive to him, non-threatening, he’ll be gentler as we consummate the bond between us.


That should give me the leverage I need to stop him going on the mass murder spree he’s destined to do.  I need to change that future, I need to get him to use the legal channels, to force Kate’s accomplices to tell the truth and in doing so we’ll catch her and get her put away.  The Hunters will rock under those allegations, and then Gerard will come, he’ll come to force Peter to Bite him, except Peter won’t and Gerard will die of cancer, and that will rock the Hunters further and further off balance so the council can clean house.


And if Peter is the Alpha and stays the Alpha, then Derek never becomes the Alpha, there will be no Kanima this time around, no slaughter of the police, and Matt will not gain the vengeance he so desired, no Coach Lahey will face trial and Isaac will go into foster care, Erika will live, albet with epilepsy, Boyd will be lonely, Scott will never make first string but then his future in-laws won’t try to kill him either.


And I’ll be ready for the Alpha Pack, I’ll kill them all, because I know all their weaknesses in advance.


I’ve had years to track down the spell to send me back in time, I’ve had decades to explore the various futures that could arise from my actions, I’ve learnt so much and the world is not going to be ready for this version of Stiles, though technically here in the past they would have made it future!Stiles.


The werewolf monster is rumbling as I pet him, his head is tilting to give me better access and I smile to myself and make the right sounds he needs to hear, the sounds of a pup.  He cradles me in his arms and we stay like that for at least ten minutes, then he lets me go and his head snaps up to listen to something.  Peter, during one of his weak moments, told me his nurse use to let him out at full moons, and she’d use a dog whistle to call him back, she must be doing that now as he runs off and leaves me behind.


I have a special fate for her, molesting patients is a big no no, and she’s going to pay for that.


Struggling to my feet I press my hand to my side and start the long walk home, it’s been years, decades since I’ve been in Beacon Hills and I almost get turned around a few times, but I make it back before dad and I wash all of the blood away, cleaning up the wound I fall onto my bed and recite a simple spell to keep away any infections, though it’s useless against the Bite itself, I just don’t want to get a fever while I wait to find out if the Bite took or not.


I needn’t have worried, in the morning the Bite is half the size, I’m going to be a werewolf.  Gazing into the bathroom mirror I look at the teen boy I used to be, the buzzed cut hair, the pale skin from staying in and playing video games, the moles I used to hate until I learned my lovers always traced patterns with them, the big brown eyes that will get me a lot of what I want, and I nod at my reflection, I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be, now all I have to do is survive High School the second time around, and this time as a werewolf.