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(Not Gonna) Freeze You Out

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Anonymous asked: “could you do a fic where Bucky is pining over fem!Harry, PLS.”

Anonymous asked: “can you write a ff where harry is best friends with tony or rhodey and he likes bucky but he never says much to him so she thinks he hates him? Followed by a confession??”

I decided to knock out the two requests at once. Part two shall be up soon.


Bucky watched as she wrote something down in her notepad. He watched as she brushed a strand of hair out of her face, sipping on sweet iced tea. He watched as she laughed at something Natasha said, her nose scrunching up adorably.

He wanted to tell her so badly.  But… he couldn’t. What if he hurt her? He’d been tortured and hurt so many times. He’d tried to kill Steve , the guy who was like a brother to him. He had fought against almost all of her friends during the Civil War. Rhodey and Tony were her best friends. Rhodey had lost the use of his legs in the battle at the airport. He’d murdered Howard and Maria Stark, Tony said that it was over and done with, but Bucky noticed that the billionaire never remained in the same room alone with him if he could avoid it.

He could hurt her without a second thought and that terrified him so much. He couldn’t. He couldn’t hurt her so he kept quiet about the feelings in his heart.