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Schrodinger's Matt

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Gregor toyed with the knife in his hand, displaying the blood trailing from the wound he had just made; this would send a message to the brat whose body he was currently inhabiting.

Damn Nadia to hell for doing this to him!

‘Matt? Matt, are you there? You sounded out of it on the phone earlier so I came to check on you’.

Gregor gripped the knife tighter as Katarina Petrova walked in. He could kill her now and complete his mission, and Nadia would never have to know that he'd killed her long lost mother… not that he cared what she thought anymore.

‘Matt, are you okay?’

Something wasn't right...

‘Matt there you are why didn't you answer me- Oh my god you're bleeding what happened?!’

He gripped the knife tighter behind his back with his other hand, and watched ready to strike as she approached... something wasn't right, Katarina Petrova only cared about herself, she wouldn't show this much concern about some human who was barely more than a child to her.

‘Matt’ Katarina whispered, ‘What's wrong, has something happened? Please let me help you, we have to stop the bleeding’. She touched him and the brats body went into instant overdrive… from such a simple touch? So that was it, this wasn't Katarina this was the doppelganger Elena, and by his reaction, this boy was clearly in love with her, or in lust with her at any rate.

She was pretty enough he supposed scrutinising her, but she would probably have to die as well- not that it was any of his concern, he had his orders and it wasn't a soldier's place to question Marko’s orders.

‘Matt you're scaring me, please say something’.

He couldn't say anything, as she bandaged his hand, he didn't know how to make himself sound like this golden American boy, he was a soldier, not an actor.

‘Matt please, what's wrong? why won't you talk to me?’ Tears spilled from her doe brown eyes and it was like the boy’s entire body wrapped itself around her against his will- was the boy fighting him? …no, it was… how to say it, it was sense memory, humph, clearly unlike the women in his tribe this female was weak and given to displays of tears, and this boy was clearly so used to being her hero his body reacted to her distress on instinct… or was it more than that, was it simply that the boy was so in love with her he couldn’t stand to see her upset…

Unlike this child he was inhabiting, he wasn’t a mere boy barely on the cusp of adult life, he was a centuries old battle weary soldier, and for him there was no solace, no peace, no home, just unrelenting war with those that sought to suppress his people and destroy their spirit by denying them a home and forcing them to wonder the world as outcasts, cursed for all eternity.

Markos was a great leader, he would change that, but for the moment, Markos wasn't here, the war wasn't here, Nadia wasn't here, and this female was young, soft, and beautiful in a way that Katarina wasn't, maybe because unlike him, Katarina and even Nadia, despite all he knew had befallen her, this Elena seemed neither jaded or bitter.

Gregor sighed, no he wasn't about to become yet another male ensnared by the doppelgangers sway over men. Klaus, Elijah, Stefan, Damon, and even this Matt were all enamoured of one doppelganger or the other if not both, well not him, no he was just the fool embroiled with a Doppelganger's daughter he thought bitterly; well no more, enough was enough, he was through with Nadia, and what better way to prove it then… Elena’s doe eyes widened in surprised as he kissed her soft lips.

He was expecting all kinds of resistance so he was surprised when she sighed and leaned into him murmuring ‘Matt we shouldn't’.

For a moment he was suspicious was this Katarina after all? Was she playing him? … but which one of them? She couldn't know about him unless Nadia had betrayed him again which was possible, but she'd said 'Matt we shouldn't-' was Katarina involved with this boy? Was she using him for something because he had everybody’s love and trust? … it was possible-

‘-We agreed we'd tell Stephan and Damon first, and then Caroline and-

-He kissed her again, so it was Elena. She had chosen him over her vampire lovers… this was interesting, but ultimately it wasn't any concern of his, and if she wasn't going to put up a fight all the better, it really wasn't his style to use force, not that he'd been necessarily planning too but he had been set to have some fun with her warm, lithe, yet surprisingly curvy little body.

‘Matt, we-

He placed his fingers to her lips, she wouldn't stop talking and he couldn't so it was better he put her mouth to better use pleasing him… but would Matt do that with her?- and if he didn't would she accept it? She had this sheltered, good girl vibe about her, that even having two vampire lovers hadn't seemed to shake from her; well, he had a little time before he had to get to the next phase of his assignment and Elena had clearly snuck away from her ever-present vampires to come and see her former now present lover so…

He ran his hands over her curvy body, noticing again how big this boy’s hands were, and not just his hands, his feet were like flippers they were so large, and as for the rest of him, well it would be interesting to see how he fit inside her, because the first time he'd awoken in this body and Nadia had wanted to be with him to prove the ‘shell’ didn't Matter, she'd enjoyed it way more than she had with him, proving two things when her face lit up as he slid inside her, one she'd enjoyed her ‘mission’ to get hold of the Gilbert ring for whatever Marko wanted it for far too much, and two no matter how women lied, bigger was clearly better.

Elena moaned a little and moved into the kiss and he decided to speed things up because this Matt kids body was about to explode, it wanted in Elena now, and he wasn't about to argue. He fisted her long hair which suddenly reminded him of Nadia, they were technically related he supposed, then tramped down his thoughts of her because he had a pressing matter to attend to.

Elena's body was a work of art he thought as he stripped her down, clearly rougher than she was used to, or more likely rougher than she was used to from her precious Matt. He briefly considered dialling it down a bit, then thought, why bother, this was going to become his body permanently soon enough, and he was gong to enjoy this Elena as himself, he just had to make sure he didn't cross the line into suspicion- besides she liked it he could tell, he could smell her, and all of a sudden he was eager to taste her because it had been too long since he'd had his head buried between Nadia's taunt thighs, pleasuring her until she begged him to come into her.

He sank to his knees, pushing up her skirt as he ripped the panties aside enjoying the way Elena cried out as he swiftly entered her with his tongue.

‘Oh god Matt yes, I love it when you do that to me’.

Elena's knees buckled and he suppressed a chuckle because she had no tolerance, no backbone, she was pliant where his Nadia would be demanding, wrapping her legs around his face and demanding he give her, what was her due.

He picked Elena up easily, this Matt kid was strong, and she weighed barely anything, his Nadia had a sturdier body, but it was equally beautiful. He laid Elena on the bed, suddenly wishing she was someone else, but this body was on fire for her and this was no chore because she was beautiful and enticing and he wanted more of her, so he speared her with the boy’s tongue again and again until she started convulsing, gasping and contracting around his tongue, she was coming already… no tolerance, either she simply wasn't pleasured enough the right way or this was beyond her endurance. Perhaps to her this kid was some kind of secret stud that really got her, the wretched boy had apparently certainly been so for his Nadia!

For this Elena he thought it was more likely she just lacked experience; well, he had centuries, he was older than her, this Matt kid, and both her boy-vampire lovers combined, and since he'd been forced to study the lives of his targets he knew everything about her, which was why he knew they and this boy were all the sexual experience she had, well she was about to have something better.

‘Please, please’ she was whimpering as he ran his experienced tongue up her body and suckled her breasts, squeezing them both in the boy's large hands so he could run his tongue over both stiffened peaks and draw more cries of pleasure from her.

‘Matt please, god please’ she was moaning- it was even starting to get to him, and this Matt boy had been ready to explode from the moment she first touched him. It was only his expertise and determination to enjoy this rare moment of comfort that was delaying things.

‘Matt please’ she whimpered as he kissed his way back down her body determined to make her wait, while he tasted her again. The soft skin of her sweet thighs were rubbing against his cheeks as he feasted on her, her back arching as her hands came to tug at the boy’s hair and her taste and scent intensified, deeper, wetter, and he wondered if the boy could make her come so easily or was it him?- either way, she was almost ready for him, from his exploration of her with his tongue he knew she was extremely tight, and the boy was huge and getting harder, so he wanted her wetter as he slid a finger inside her warmth while he nibbled her clitoris, which made her scream out the boy’s name begging and pleading for him as she got so wet he was able to add a second finger, able to scissor his fingers inside her getting her ready so he could go inside her without hurting her.

‘Matt please I'm ready, I promise, I'm ready’ she whimpered. Hmmm, so the boy knew to do this with her to avoid splitting her in half, well he knew things the body didn't know he would wager as he slid his tongue into her while scissoring her.

She cried out again and again as he mimicked fucking her but denied her the real thing and she struggled up and away from him. He was about to go after her to smack her curvy little ass and continue teaching her lessons, when she suddenly dove on him as he knelt up so he went sailing backwards and almost off the bed. She kissed and bit her way down his body and took him into her mouth without hesitation, the boy’s body started shaking as if this was unfamiliar to him and his eyes slammed shut because had he been wrong about her! She knew what she was doing, and if she kept doing it, neither he nor the boy were going to last.

He pulled her off him and she practically growled at him, who knew she was a wildcat in bed? He actually liked it, as he manhandled her into position and straddled her face and she sucked him hard, biting and tormenting, and moaning deep in her throat. She wasn't shocked and she wasn't hesitant, she wanted this Matt. He'd thought this was about her sweet first love and her vampire boyfriends disappointing her in some way or the other, but she had explosive adult combustion with this boy, he was rarely surprised by anything anymore, it was one of the drawbacks of living so long among mortals who always repeated the same patterns, the technology changed but the actions remained the same, and after a while it felt as if you had seen pretty much everything; but he still hadn't expected this, and to think he'd thought he'd have to seduce and coerce her- gods damn he was close! he had to make her stop.

'Now' she demanded as he slid from her mouth, 'right now'. She pulled his head down for a heated kiss and he rearranged himself on top of her, sliding the boy’s hard member over her warm stomach and in between her thighs.

The boy was so hard he barely needed his hands to guide him, which were occupied with her breasts, and sliding under her curvaceous ass to tilt her to him, he lined himself up and looked into her eyes as he pushed hard into her. She was even tighter than before, some women got like that after an orgasm and he'd given her two, but it was making things difficult.

Relax Elena, open up for me, so I can make us both feel good, he wanted to purr into her ear, but he couldn't use his voice, because it wasn't the voice of her precious Matt, and she would know something was wrong, that it was him fucking her, not her precious boy Matt making love to her; then again, maybe this Matt took her the way he was going to, hard and long, it seemed like it judging by events so far as he kissed her hard and slammed forward swallowing her shout of pleasure and pain, his hips rocking back and forth pistoning into her and it was, good, good, good. Her arms came around him and she cried out for him as he kissed along her ear and hairline and pounded into her.

‘Matt yes, yes Matt yes’ she cried out and he forgot about being gentle and gave her this boy’s body without holding back because she was a clearly a woman in this way, not the girl he had mistaken her for and she could take it. He tilted her hips further so he was rubbing against her clitoris, revelling in the soft patch of curls, and how she was tightening around him even further, she was close and he pulled out for a moment so he could watch the desperation on her face, loving the sweet way she begged him to put himself back inside her as he rubbed the boy’s hard cock over her damp little clitoris teasing her, cutting off her whimpers and cries and protests with a hard kiss as he rammed back inside her and her body arched to him as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. He yelled out as she clawed the boy’s back, because he craved such sweet pain that told him he was alive, revelled in her abandoned moans and cries as her body contracted around him demanding his seed, and he had a split second to realise he'd completely forgotten about protection and what were the odds she was using any when she had been turned and both her boyfriends were sterile vampires? damn he should have thought of that because the pure earth magic of his race made them able to create life in the most impossible of circumstances, it was one of their gifts, and he hadn't uttered the enchantment to prevent it happening, and it was too late now, because his ability to speak or even think was being eradicated as she contracted fiercely around him crying out the boy’s name, and the boy’s body gave up his seed over and over again, while he bit his lower lip struggling not to speak the words of his native tongue, because she was giving him so much pleasure, as her body went rigid and he knew he was pushing her past her endurance but he didn't care, she was exquisite in this moment and he wanted her to take it.

‘I love you so much Matt she breathed in his ear’. The boy loved her too, that much was obvious, it would be difficult for her when he took this body and her precious Matt died but- Pain exploded in his back and he struggled in disbelief, had she just… no, no this couldn't be happening, his mission wasn't completed it couldn't end like this, Nadia… Nadia.