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Meeting the Erthannen

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Less than half a day's ride from the Ford of Bruinen
22nd Day of October Year 3018 of the Third Age
Approximately 11 o'clock in the morning
Bor halted his patrol startled to see men and horses. Several unexpected guests had all ready been welcomed into the hidden sanctuary of the Elves that more were coming did not surprise him so much that they had come so close when neither elf nor ranger was remarkable. He watched as the two men led the group of 9 horses towards the Ford, they were walking on foot and taking care but clearly not lost. There was something elfish about them much like the Dunedain but different. Upon the patrol’s approach they each mounted swiftly drawing very long bows that were held low down apparently allowing easy use while mounted, they also had a very large sword each strapped to their mount and two swords on their belts one short and one long all with battered but well made sheaths and hilts, definitely warriors. As they turned to face him Bor realised that they were youths and one was female not grown men as he had assumed his curiosity deepened.
“What is your business here?” Bor called from just beyond bowshot in Westron.
The two shifted slightly before the male answered in lightly accented Sindarin “We come seeking the city of Imladris bringing word from the east.”