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Play The Violin For Me

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        The day that Tohru and Kyo were to board the train, I was running late. Despite Haru's offer to give me a ride, I had told him to go on ahead. I remember running, my violin case bumping against my leg. I skid as I caught sight of them, everyone saying their goodbyes.

         "Look out!" I yelled as I bumped into Tohru, having lost control of my speed. I flinched, I can't transform here! The thought lived a second before being trumped by the reality: the curse was broken. I got up quickly and then realization hit me, "Oh no!" I opened my violin case and nothing was broken. I heaved out a sigh.

        Kyo was helping Tohru up, "You're not hurt, are you?" he asked. "No, no, I'm fine," she replied.

        Kisa's face relaxed.

        Grasping tightly to the handle of my violin case, I said, "Tohru, do you remember that promise of long ago that I would learn any song you asked for?"

        Tohru looked questioningly at me for a second before her face lit up as she answered, "Of course I do!"

        I grinned, taking out my violin and positioning myself, "Well, as my farewell, I am going to fulfill my promise."

        I began to play When You Wish Upon A Star.

        As I played, Tohru squeezed Kyo's hand while smiling ever so kindly at me. Her wish upon a star had come true. I felt my heart tighten as I stared at those intertwined hands. I looked over at Tohru's friend, the one named Arisa Uotani. Kureno was not here, but I felt in my heart that everything between them was alright; her smile was light.

        I began to think of Momo for the day of the promise and Tohru's looking for Kureno was the same as the day Tohru told me Momo wanted to get near me. I felt myself on the verge of tears and I concentrated on the strings.

        The song reached its close and the group clapped. I forced a big smile and bowed grandiosely. Tohru approached me and took hold of my hands. "Take care, Momiji-kun." I tightened my grip on her hands as I said, "I will if you do, too."

        Tohru and Kyo boarded the train and I watched as it left the station.

        "Still think she should dump him."

        I laughed as Haru said, "Rin, don't go sulking today."

        I looked after the train, already far away, and thought fondly of the former cat and the girl whom everyone loved. Kisa, who was standing on my left, dried her tears as Hiro gave her his shoulder. Ritsu and Kagura were already walking away and Ayame was being awfully loud, going on about how Yuki's farewell gifts will be grander than the ones he gave Tohru. Yuki was speed walking away from him and Mine, who were holding hands.

        "Momiji, are you ready to go?"

        I turned around to face Haru, who had asked the question.

        "Yeah," I breathed as I nodded.

        How bittersweet. The girl I love with the man she loves, off to find their happiness after bringing so much here.

        And I, a third year, and no longer the rabbit.



        Everyone did as they were told.


        It was now the first day of school. It was a lot less climactic then I had imagined, but exciting nonetheless.

        When the teacher started his sermon, I leaned over to Haru and said, "Hey, do you wanna hang out after school?"

        "Can't. I promised Rin I'd go on a date with her today. Sorry."

        "Oh, it's alright."

        I leaned back against my chair, my smile melting away.

        I paid close attention to the teacher after that.

        The day drew to a close. Haru gathered his things and said, "I'll see you tomorrow, Momiji."

        I waved and smiled, "See ya!"

        As he closed the door to the classroom, leaving only me, I slumped into my chair.

        As I gathered my things, I thought about what I'd cook for myself and I thought about what I would serve up for my father when he came to visit after he returned from the trip he had with mother and Momo. I opened the door and started walking down the hallway, the only sounds being my footsteps, when suddenly, I bumped into something as I turned a corner.

        I then realized it wasn't a something, but a someone. Being much smaller than me, she was knocked over while I remained standing.

        "Sorry! Are you alright?" I exclaimed.

        The girl looked up at me, first with a questioning look. Then an angry one.

        "Did you just knock me over?"

        With my eyes wide, I braced myself for her lashing out. 

        "You literally just knocked me over!"

        The girl proceeded to lie flat on the ground and say, "And I've been practicing my stance, too! You weren't supposed to able to knock me over!"

        I blinked and stared, "Excuse me?"

        She was a really cute girl; she was so petite and her hair was a short bob with a pink flower clip in her hair.

        She glared and while getting up, said, "My stance! I've been working hard on having a strong core and you knocked me over without a problem!"

        "Oh! You're a martial artist!" I finally understood.

        "Yeah, and you'd think I would be able to stay on my feet after simply bumping into someone." She sighed.

        I forced a small laugh and said, "Are you a first year? I haven't seen you around before."

        She widened her eyes and laughed while saying, "No, no. I'm a third year. I just switched schools."

        "Eh?! You look younger!" I laughed and added, "Though, not too long ago I also looked younger than I actually am. A friend of mine who graduated last month thought I was going into middle school when I was to become a first year!"

        "That's hard to believe," she replied, looking me up and down.

        "What's your name?" I finally asked.

        "Oh! Didn't I already say it? I'm Makoto Tenoh. I'm in class 3-B."

        "I'm Momiji Sohma from class 3-D."

        "Well, Sohma-kun, it was very nice meeting you, but I have to get going now."

        "Wait, where are you going?"

        "I was told that new students had to go to room 4-G for something."

        I laughed weakly, "There's no such classroom."

        She stared at me and then glared. She put her hand on her face and leaned against the wall, "Are you kidding me? I'm not even a first year and I fell for the 'swimming pool on the third floor' joke."    

        I couldn't help but laugh.

        "Yeah, ha ha, okay." She was blushing such a deep red.

        "I'm sorry," I said, still laughing.

        After my laughter had died down, I said, "Would you like to walk home together?"

        She widened her eyes at me, "Uh, no. Thanks for offering, but really it's fine. I'll catch ya later, 'kay?"

        And with that she ran off.

        I looked on as she ran down the hallway, my mouth hanging open.

        Makoto Tenoh.

        What a pretty name.