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Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes             30m

At the hotel with @DILestrade. Lots of brandy consumed. Down to pants. Wish me luck.


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes             29m

Hit the bed. No clothes. He's found my riding crop. Very entusiastic.


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes             28m

Very impressive thought process. Innovative in a way. Oh he's got the loop around my...OH! Very interesting friction there.


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes             28m

Usually I find his bossiness annoying, but this I can get beind. Or else...on all fours for.


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes             27m

This is going agonizingly slowly. It's painful really. Cruel even.


Sally Donovan @SargentSallyDonovan                    27m

What the actual fuck?? @TheRealSherlockHolmes @DILestrade


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes             26m

Ha! And @DrJohnHWatson says no one reads my website. #2000hitsin15mins


John Watson @DrJohnHWatson                              26m

@TheRealSherlockHolmes I would prefer you not tag me in any of this.


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes             25m

Crop is still in position. Under duress not to fuck myself back onto his fingers. This is difficult.


Mycroft Holmes @MycroftHolmes                           25m

@DILestrade I urge you to cease this! I don't approve of you taking advantage of my baby brother! I know where you sleep sir!


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes            23m

Fuck! Absolutely inarticulate! No Words! Just fuck! So full.


Molly Hooper @MorticianMollyHooper                    23m

@TheRealSherlockHolmes OMG curious!! Details plz!!!


Mary Morstan-Watson @MaryMorstanWatson         23m

Don't listen to @DrJohnHWatson dear. He can't stop reading!


John Watson @DrJohnHWatson                            23m

Shut up! I'm not reading that smut! I'm reading the news! @MaryMorstanWatson


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes           22m

Crop's riding into my hip. Loop's still around me. Other hand in my hair, tugging. Pace is constant, hard, overwhelming.


Molly Hooper @MorticianMollyHooper                   21m

@TheRealSherlockHolmes Holy hell that's hot!


Mycroft Holmes @MycroftHolmes                         21m

@DILestrade I'm warning you! Get away from Sherlock or else!


John Watson @DrJohnHWatson                           20m

@MycroftHolmes I'm pretty sure @DILestrade isn't on twitter right now. Probably can't hear you.


Mary Morstan-Watson @MaryMorstanWatson       20m

@DrJohnHWatson Sooo busted.


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes         20m

Nails! Nails! Those are going to leave marks! The sweat stings the wounds.


Sally Donovan @SargentSallyDonovan                19m

@TheRealSherlockHolmes That's weirdly poetic freak. Do continue.


Molly Hooper @MorticianMollyHooper                 19m

@SargentSallyDonovan Right? Right? It's fantastic!


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes         18m

One minute it's 'call me sir' the next it's 'scream my name'. So demanding but god it's so easy.


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes         16m

He pulled me up to bite my neck. Tried to scream out but his hand was pressing at my throat. Feeling Dizzy. Feeling good.


Molly Hooper @MorticianMollyHooper                 15m

@TheRealSherlockHolmes Breath Play! Just when I didn't think it could get any better!


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes        13m

He's commanded I get on my back. Can no longer pass this off as pillow biting! Laterz!


Molly Hooper @MorticianMollyHooper                 12m

@TheRealSherlockHolmes Dammit. Just when it was getting good. Call me later!


Sally Donovan @SargentSallyDonovan               11m

@MorticianMollyHooper Agreed!


Mycroft Holmes @MycroftHolmes                      10m

Lock your doors London. @DILestrade is a filthy defiler.


Mary Morstan-Watson @MaryMorstanWatson    10m

Currently being escorted to the bedroom by @DrJohnHWatson Coincidence? XD


John Watson @DrJohnHWatson                        9m

@MaryMorstanWatson My phone gets your updates! Stop tweeting! We're not that distasteful #notgay


Sherlock Holmes @TheRealSherlockHolmes      2m

@MycroftHolmes. I agree. A greedy, magnificent defiler. My defiler.