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Let's Burn One Another, We're One and We're Twain

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Genos watched his dark-haired counterpart move his head up and down his silicone cock, wincing at the thought of how obscene this was. How wrong.

But he allowed it, and more importantly, he wanted it. Lust stirred in his core when the other’s silver eyes met with his gold. He watched how the biolights of his cock shone through Genos’ hollowed cheeks.

The villain came off of his dick, lapping a little at the lubricant that beaded at the tip.

“Are you not enjoying this? I can stop,” he said, gripping the blond’s hips.

“No… This is fine. You look like you have done this before,” he responded running a hand through his dark hair, cupping his face.

“Yes. I have-”

Saitama… ” the two said in unison.

“Look, we cannot replace what we have lost, Genos,” the hero said, shifting his legs, feeling a little exposed at the loss of the other’s mouth.

“I am not replacing anyone. How I feel for you, and how I feel for Master are two completely separate things,” he said, sitting up on his heels.

Indeed, once the two had gotten over fighting each other, they had come to realise they had a mutual… desire for each other. Although the hero was unsure if “desire” was the correct word. It was something he had been thinking about for a while since the two landed in this predicament where they were somehow separated from their respective teachers. His feelings for his counterpart were complicated, and despite his attraction, he was uneasy that he might be leading the other on.

As if reading his thoughts, the villain continued speaking, “What I mean, Genos, is that I am not in love with you. I am intrigued by you. I feel a closeness and understanding, and I think you feel that way, too.”

“Perhaps something similar,” he said, looking down at his dimming erection. “Were you not going to finish what you started?”

Rolling his eyes, Genos gave the other cyborg a pump with his hand, and took him back into his mouth, moving at the same pace as before.

Shivers manifested themselves as tiny sparks as Genos watched the other work at him. The stretch of his made-up lips over his cock, the strings of synthetic saliva whenever he popped off, the rumbling chuckles and hums, the pressure of him being swallowed, touching the back of Genos’ throat.

“Genos~” the blond moaned, steam billowing from his vents, surprised on how much more turned on he became when he uttered his own name so erotically.

It was just as sexy to the villain as he moaned around that cock, moving his hands to squeeze his ass.



Feeling close to coming, he gently lifted the other off of his dick, pulling him over himself so that the other’s chest made contact with his stomach. Smacking his lips, the villain looked at him with curiosity.

“What’s wrong?”

“I wanted to know how I can make this pleasurable for you as well, Genos.”

“I was rather content with what I was doing before,” he said, impatiently drumming his fingers on the other’s chest.

“I noticed, but I did not want to make this all about myself,” the blond said, pulling his counterpart up further, so that their chests were now touching. He placed a hand on the villain’s waist, rubbing. “You said that you do not possess any genitalia is that correct?”

“Yes it is,” Genos said, moving to suck at the hero’s neck.

Mm. Okay. Tell me what your Saitama did.”

“That all depended on what we were in the mood for,” he murmured, as he continued kissing and biting at the other’s neck-- stopping only to speak. “Sometimes he would orally stimulate the wires and core in my chest cavity. I can remove the armor from my pelvis, and when I do that he would either eat me out, fuck me between the legs, or fuck my wires.”

He tried to let the memory of his Master make him more turned on than sad. To repress those thoughts, he sucked more at the hero’s neck, kissing up to his jaw, under his ear. 

“He fucked your wires?” That was… interesting.

“Yes he did. I do not wish to talk about him anymore however. Do you want me to ride you or what, Genos?”

A cloud of steam billowed from the blond’s mouth. The prospect made his fans whir.


"Alright. Remove my armor, then,” he said, rolling off of the other cyborg, and stretching out for him.

The two of them were in an unfurnished studio that they both agreed reminded them of home. From the hours they had spent making out leading up to this point, the two had effectively turned the studio into a sauna. As the hero moved over the other cyborg, the steam swirled around him, golden biolights creating a halo.

Wherever the villain found differences between the two of them, is where he found his fondness for the other. God he was just so beautiful. Good. Morally sound. Everything he had lost when his own life was ruined by the mad cyborg. He drank in the other’s form, already naked, erect, broad shouldered. Beautiful.


“I am just enjoying the view. Also I’m growing impatient.”

“Sometimes I think it was better when we were trying to crush each other’s cores, Genos,” he said, activating a screwdriver in his finger and removing the plates from his smaller lover.  

“Yeah, me too,” Genos breathed, pulling the other down into a deep kiss.

Genos returned it with enthusiasm, rolling over so that the villain was on top of him, gripping his hips again.

Getting used to the new position, the villain rutted against the other’s cock, causing the blond to whine.

“Like that?”

What a-


God, now Genos knew exactly what Sensei was talking about all those times before.

That delicious chuckle rose from the villain again, and he moved his hand into his mouth, slobbering all over it, getting his fingers wet before moving his hand down to his wires, coating them with the oral lubricant.

“This wasn’t always the easiest way to get Master to come, but he enjoyed it. Maybe you will, too. But I expect you to tell me if it does not do anything for you.”

“I will.”

Lining the cock up with his own wires, Genos slid down with a purr. The blond’s breath hitched.

Mm, Genos ,” the villain moaned, tangling his fingers in his wires to grip at his lover’s dick, starting to ride him nice and slow. He already felt the lubricant from the hero’s cock starting to trickle down his fingers-- gripping tighter as the head of the cock brushed against his sweet wires.

“Ah, shit that’s good, Genos.”

Yeah~ ?” He moved faster, panting, drooling. “Ooh your cock feels so good on my wires.”

“You failed to mention that I would feel your electrical currents, Genos,” the other said, using his grip on his hip to guide him up and down.

“You failed to ask,” he responded, stopping his ride to grind into his cock. God it felt good with that oil-based synthetic precum. “Fuck. Ah~!” He dropped down to kiss the hero. Flicking their tongues together, moans guttural and muffled. The larger cyborg took advantage of the opportunity to flip them over, wrapping his legs around his waist.

“I hate being on the bottom,” he growled, pumping into the villain. “Put your hand around my cock.”


Genos did as he was told, grinning at his counterpart. This was certainly new for him. He was a little rough wasn’t he? They were an equal match after all, it was not as if they had to worry about breaking each other. It was new, and Genos like it.

“Harder, Genos! Oh you feel good!”

He pounded into his hand and those wires. “Like that?”

“Ohhh~ yes, yes, yes~!” the villain slurred.

“Fuck you’re good.” He snatched the hand off of his dick, and pinned the other’s wrists down, fucking into him hard, the sounds of silicone slapping against silicone filling the room.


Wasn’t that a sight to see? His own doppelganger a drooling mess beneath him,  eyes starting to roll to the back of his head.

“Look at me.”

Silver eyes obediently flicked forward to lock with gold. The villain's brows furrowed as he felt his orgasm coming close.

A whine, and then sparks.

HUDs on both cyborgs read danger, but they ignored the warnings as the dark haired cyborg spasmed in his orgasm, gasping and yelling.

Damn it all he was hot! So hot that the hero felt himself coming at the sight of the other’s orgasm alone, hot lubricant coating the wires of his lover. Keeping him pinned down, Genos kissed the other long and deep as the last waves of their orgasms wore off. When he broke off, the two of them were panting.

“When Master and I are reunited, we might just have to keep you, Genos,” he said holding the other cyborg close to him. Indeed, he was growing very fond of his heroic counterpart.

“I would not get my hopes up,” he responded. “We are very different, you and I.”

“We are more alike than you want to admit.”

The hero studied his lover’s face, finding the insidious tone terribly unsettling. His own fears voiced out loud by the last person he wanted to hear it from.

They were alike.

Neither of them did anything to help people. The hero was incompetent, and the villain lacked compassion.

Rolling off of him, Genos wondered what Sensei would have thought about his actions. Sleeping with someone who stood for everything the two of them were against.

Perhaps Sensei would have seen the good in the doppelganger.

Said doppelganger’s arm wrapped around the hero’s waist. Surprising that someone who delighted in homicide so much would be such a post-coital cuddler.
He let the other rest his head on his chest, stroking those dark locks as he brooded on his own competence and morality while the other slept.