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Tell me I'm pretty

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He was sitting in the dimly lit library. I stopped and stood in the doorway. I had dressed up for him, I was wearing a dress that cascaded down to my knees, it was light blue, almost teal. The thin straps crossed in the back leaving a low neck. I was wearing a pair of silver-blue leather boots that came up to the hem of the dress. I had styled my hair into a messy pony-tail that just slightly flared. I had a pretty golden bracelet on and the collar that he had bought me, black leather wrapped in dark green velvet. I had made-up my face, blue and brown makeup around my golden eyes, a light dusting of blush on my cheekbones, enough to mimic a virgin blush. My lips were dyed with a dark red lipstick that could easily have been charmed to look like blood. I looked at him, sitting in his dark wing-backed chair, his head tilted forward over his book, something about potions, doubtless. His eyes wouldn't have been visible to human sight; luckily my excellent senses could tell that he was getting bored. I smiled and took a step forward, the click of my heel was enough noise to attract attention. As if on cue, he looked up, his eyes lit. I smiled.

"What are you all dressed up for?" he smirked

"You, love, don't you remember?" I asked. It was our 10th anniversary.

"Hmm. I thought I was forgetting something." He put his book on the table and stood up, I walked over and wrapped my arms around him and leaned into him, smelling him.

"Tell me I am pretty?" A request; "Tell me you want me. Tell me you are mine tonight."

"no." his voice was not cold, just simple and truthful. My eyes widened. I knew he would wake-up one day. This was it wasn't it?

"Why not?" I whispered, tears already threatening to fall and wash away the mascara it took three tries to get on.

"Because you are not." He said, again, it didn't sound cold, just simple and truthful. I turned, pulling away from him not wanting him to see my tears and started to leave the room, quietly, hoping to maintain some dignity and grace. I felt a pair of warm arms slip around my waist, holding me in place. "You are not pretty, you are beautiful." He corrected, sounding bemused. I paused, not trying to pull away. "And I don't just want you, I need you too." My smile turned into a grin

"oh Sev" I whispered

"and lastly," he whispered back "Remus, I am not yours for tonight, I am yours always, for however long either of us lives, and even then, I'd like to see the gods try to keep me from you in whatever afterlife because nothing will stop my love for you." Now I was crying, but for a different reason. I turned in his arms and kissed him, delicately.

"Now there, Remus. Dry those tears; you must have spent hours getting on that makeup." He smiled "and tell me, will you be mine?"

"Yes, of course, forever and always" I replied.

He shook his head, letting go of me and slid down onto one knee. "I meant would you do me the honour of marrying me" he whispered, holding out a gorgeous ring, platinum, with a ruby inlaid, on each side of the ruby there were small onyx stones and a diamond. I gasped and then I tackled him.

"Oomph!" he exclaimed. Then laughed. "No one would ever have thought that a Gryffindor pansy in those heels would have such strength" he snarked. I hit him on the head, and then kissed him as I felt a ring slip onto a certain finger on my left hand.

"I love you." He whispered, his voice full of emotions when I finally let him breathe, my mouth moving in favor of kissing him on the neck and my hands starting on his infuriating buttons "I don't deserve you" he finished.