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keywords: Gay, Loving, Boyfriends

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It was something to pass the time, something he started whilst in hospital all those weeks with nothing to do and nothing to hope for. Strange how much his writing had changed, how he'd moved from flirting characters to hard core pornographic stories so quickly. He supposed it was due to the response.

In the beginning, he was just honestly waiting for someone to tell him he was disgusting. He didn't think he was disgusting, but when you've lived your life as a closeted bisexual things get a bit mixed up in your head. That, and he'd never read smut before that summer. He'd figured that video porn was all there was, that the only way to experience arousal outside of his own fantasies was to watch two strangers fumble and gag and sweat on his laptop screen.

He had. He'd watched a great deal of it. He was bored and horny and alone the majority of the time.

He never found out what made the hospital turn on the child protection on their wifi, just opened his laptop one day to find his bookmarked sites blocked. He would have been horrified if he found out that it was his own overuse that did it, but that was pure speculation. Speculation and anxiety on his part, because, seriously, each time a new doctor or nurse came in he was sure they could see his porn preference tattooed on his forehead (keyword: Gay, keyword: Loving, keyword: Boyfriends).

After a week of not being able to get his fix, and running low on fantasy wank material, he decided to search for gifs. Yes, they'd disabled the videos he wanted, but surely, a gif of some bloke fucking his fist would suffice in those difficult times. He'd found a trove of gifs along with links to short stories, fics, that played out exactly how he wished. Well, almost exactly.

He read through the stories he could find that he thought he might like over the next few days. One stuck out in his mind and before he knew it, he found himself writing a sort of prequel. A few paragraphs about how the two men met. Background.

The author was happy at the gift and suggested that he make his own profile and write more, and with all the time he still had in recovery, not to mention upcoming rehabilitation, he decided it wouldn't be the worst idea at all.