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Freedom and Love Are the Keys to Save the Hogwarts

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[Scene 1]

(Loki looks at you with sad, tearful eyes but he tries to be strong, you sit down next to him as you ask) "Daddy, what's the matter? You don't look so happy" You asked Loki.

(Loki cups your cheek lovingly as the tears runs down his cheeks as he replies when he looks deeply into your (your eye color) cat eyes) "Sweetheart, we're in terrible danger, Thantos is out to get me, my vision told me that you and your brother Narfi are the keys to stopping Thantos and his apocalypse, if one of you get destroyed, we'll be doomed, and I can't let this happen!" Loki honestly stated as your eyes begin to tear up when you tightly hug him with comfort and love.

"But daddy, what are we going to do now?" You asked Loki with anxiousness in your voice.

"I'm sending you and Narfi down to Earth so Thantos won't find you two, and you children can hide and lay low" Loki announced as he hugs me for the last time with tears running down his face.

(Loki kisses your cheek as he send you to an island and before he turns to leave, he reminds you) 

"(Your name) I love you no matter what, soon if something happens to me, I'm giving the kingdom to you and your brother. Good bye" said Loki as he teleports back to the kingdom.

(You begin to break down crying on the sand, and you know why because of Thantos, then the next thing you know, you get snatched up by an unknown guy, and you get thrown into the back of a carriage)

5 hours later

(You wake up in an unknown slave pound center, trapped in a cage like an animal, and you're wearing a black diamond collar with a purple doggie tag with your name written on it, but when you looked down, no clothing is on you, and that's when you tried to cover your nakedness, until you heard a voice saying) "Uh sir, I would like her (The man with green eyes and white locks points at you as he looks into your stunning features and gets distracted by your beauty) she's perfect, how much is she?" asked Draco as he looks at the manager.

"She cost 9 million dollars!" the manager stated.

"Excellent! I just have the right amount, (The manager takes you out of the cage, and Draco wraps his arm around your waist as he smiles happily) you're coming home with me, love" said Draco as he goes to the counter top to sign your certificate.

"Congratulations Mr. Malfoy, she's all yours!" laughed the manager.

(Draco takes you to a magical school as he transport you with his broom, as it stops to his room, Draco smiled at you as he chuckled) "Home sweet home, what's your name baby girl?" Draco asked as he takes off his suit.

"(Your name), my name is (your name)" You answered to the Slytherin student, with your eyes glued to the floor.

[End of Scene 1]