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2016 Bonesology End of Summer Fanfiction Challenge Hodgepodge

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            It was 10:30 AM and Brennan had a rare Friday off from the lab. 

            Currently, Booth was at work while Hank was spending time with Max.  In an hour, she needed go get Christine from school, the last day before summer.

            Enjoying her quiet time, the anthropologist decided to attempt finishing at least two chapters done of her newest novel before leaving.  Sipping her iced chai tea, she took in the beautiful view she had in her backyard.  Suddenly, she heard the door loudly open and Booth came in suddenly.

            Before Brennan could ask, Booth walked up to her, picked her up and kissed her hungrily.  She couldn’t help but respond as she felt her knees turn to jelly.  Eventually he let her go.  She remained in her cloud for a moment before reality set in.

            “Why are you home, Booth?   You’re supposed to be at work and I’m picking up Christine in an hour from school.”

            Booth gave his most charming smile.  “Because, it occurred to me that as the boss, I’m entitled to play hooky once in a while.  There’s a reason I have Aubrey as my ASAC.”

            The agent’s hands went up his wife’s shirt.  “I’m also still a bit fired up from what we were interrupted from finishing this morning.”

            “Yes, we were interrupted at a crucial moment by our children.”  Brennan said as her hands slid down his back.

            “Now, we’re going to finish it, Bones.”  Booth said before bending down and picking up his wife.

            “Booth!  Your back!”

            “Fuck my back, Bones!”  Booth said as he carried her to the kitchen counter.  “We have one hour and ten minutes until we have to leave to pick up our daughter.  Gotta make it count.”

            Putting her down, they kissed as their hands roamed over each other.  Quickly, they removed each other’s clothing and came together in a dance while familiar, but never boring.

            “Yes…yes…Booth…YES!”  Brennan said as she squeezed her legs around him tighter.

            “Bones…OH GGGOOOODDD!”  Booth groaned before his seed spilled into his wife.

            Spent, the couple held onto each other as their bodies slowly returned to normal.  As Booth pulled out of Brennan, both of their phones buzzed.  Walking around the living room naked, they each found them at the same time.  As they read the message, both smiled.

            “My father is volunteering to pick up Christine so the three of them can go to the park together.”

            “That is all right.  Thank you, Max.”  Booth said to himself as he typed and sent out the message.  “Done.  Now where were we?”

            Brennan sauntered over to her husband, admiring her perfect specimen of a mate as she got closer.  “Well, we did exert ourselves.  A shower could be prudent.”

            As Booth watched her walk past him towards their en-suite bathroom, Booth followed eagerly.  “A shower is an excellent idea.”