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He Was Nothing

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-Bismuth's POV-

I looked at the number emblazoned on the door of the classroom. "This must be the room..." I muttered to myself.
"Hey, you dweeb!" said a familiar voice, attached to a person known as Jasper.
"What is it, Jasper?" I said, sighing, because I knew what the answer would be.
"I lost my lunch money. Give me yours!" was the reply.
"Fine," I said, giving her the five dollar bill.

-Lapis's POV-

Walking down the hall, I see Jasper stealing Bismuth's lunch money. Nothing new.
I get to my seat, and suddenly the door opens. Bismuth... how should I put this... fell into the classroom. He had a black eye, and generally looked like he had been run over by a train. The teacher took attendance, and got to the O's. Eventually, she got to Bismuth's name. "Bismuth Oxide?"
"Here," I heard a weak voice say.
"Huh?" said the teacher.
"He's here," I called out. "A few seats in front of me."
Her eyes fell on him. "And may I ask what happened to you?"
"I stood up to a bully, and got punched in the face." His reply was stern and truthful.
"That must've hurt..." the teacher said. "See me after class."
From then on, I knew this year would be great.