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Born to live

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First of, english is not my native language, every mistake is a present for you ;)


The Rain fell heavily and thick from the clouds, mercilessly dragged down by gravity and into the ground, the earth, coloring it darker.

People ran around the streets towards their homes to escape the sudden rain. They hastly opened their umbrellas, bags raised to save them from the rain.
It seems, that nobody wanted to get wet.

Or so it seems.

From those thousand people, there was only one Person that seem not to be bothered by the rain. He seemed to enjoy the heavy rain on his dark brown coat, that simply rolled down on it to the ground. He had put the hood of his coat deep over his head and his face but even so, the rain fell onto his white fur hat with black dots, but again, he seem to care less.

He walked smoothly down the street, his steps voiced out on the cement under his boots but the sound of the rain falling down swallowed the noises.
It was exactly what he wanted. He did not want to be discovered.

He walked slowly, smoothly and quietly through the streets, till he reached his destination.

His black shoues with the slight heels made a crunshy sound on the small stone that plastered his new way, the nearer he got to his destination the better he felt.
This place, where he wanted to be. His calming place.
At the same time, his body wanted to flee, wanted to be somewhere else but he refused to give in to it, his determination grew with each step he took forward.
He ignored the heaviness inside his body. Because he wanted to overcome it. Thats what he had promised himself.

He stopped infront of a heavy white tombstone, wich was colored in slight grey due to the rain.

His steps had brought him to the local Graveyard.

He smirked slightly, as he read the letters on the tombstone.

>Donquixote Rosinante<

That was all that was written there. But that was fine for him. There didnt need to be more than that name. Everything that this man was, he had safed inside his heart. Only for himself and no one else.
He and the man wasnt the type for much attention anyway.

„I am back.“

Dark, slightly raspy and with a hint of seduction came out his voice as he spoke.
He seemed controlled, careful about what he how and when said and without emotions.
He put a tattoed Hand on the stone, watched the rain falling on his hand. On drop fell onto his tattoo on the back of his hand, moving down to the ground.

„Happy Birthday Corazon.“

With that, he turned around, leaving the Graveyard, dragging his Hand off the Stone and back to his side.
A fresh Wind rose, pulled at his coat and a slight diabolic smile appeared on his lips.

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Chapter one

„Oi Sanji! Table 7 wants to order! “

„Then go! I am your Boss, no waiter! “

„We don’t have any Waiters anymore since you fired them all yesterday! “

„Then go and hire some new! Or go for yourself! “

Closing his eyes, Sanji ran a Hand through his hair and took a deep breath from his cigarette between his lips, inhaling the smoke deep into his Lungs before exhaling it right after.
He strictly forbid smoking in his own Restaurant, but right now, he really did not care. Never had some of the ash found his way into the food and he was determined that it would stay like this.


Damn, couldn`t they give him one minute for himself?

„What do you want you damn idiot!? “

He shouted back without looking up from the soup he was working on. The door to the restaurants kitchen swung open, revealing a huge man with an angry expression on his face, stomping towards Sanji. The man`s name was Patty and he was the Sous Chef in Sanji`s Restaurant.

„How are you talking to me!? Go to table seven! “

„Do I look like a Waiter to you? Go for yourself you lazy ass! “

The other cooks shook their head, sighing.
This was happening nearly every day now that their Boss and Sous Chef where fighting over everything, even though Sanji had hired Patty at a young age.

„You know, people might think they get along pretty good since they know each other that long already but the exact opposite it is. They don’t agree on each other. “

Tad mumbled, shaking his head as he was cutting the vegetables for the next menu.
The cooks around him nodded in agreement.

„What was that!?“

Patty and Sanji shouted at the same time, making the other cooks flinch and they hurriedly continued their work, as if nothing had happened.
Patty in the meantime looked back to Sanji, angry.

„You are going back outside to take the order from table 7! That’s it!“

He said and saw that Sanji mumbled and cursed under his breath, putting the apron off and putting it away. The blonde Chef walked towards the door but stopped in front of it.

„Can you tell me why I have to go there? Tad is here also! Besides, why are you giving ME Orders in MY kitchen and MY Restaurant?“

„Because Tad is not suitable for the customers He is not that sociable like us, you know that. And since you seem to not be able to pull everything here together, someone else has to do it!“

„Watch out how you talk to me! I AM still your Boss, so better look what you are doing or I will fire you also! In this Restaurant, I AM still the Boss, not you, you shithead!“

With those words, he left the kitchen, cursing under his breath but as soon as he reached downstairs, a happy, polite smile appeared on his lips.
It was incredibly how fast he could change from angry to friendly.


The stairs of the Restaurant Baratie lead the young Headchef to the ground floor of the two floor high Restaurant building, where the guests and customers could sit and enjoy their meals. The second floor, where he came from, was only available for the working staff of the Restaurant, as it contained the big kitchen, the pantry and the beverage chamber. Those two floors were connected with two Elevators. One small one, which transports the cooked food down to the ground floor and one bigger one, which allows the cook to deliver the ordered food to the second floor without using the stairs all the time.

The entire ground floor was luxuriously decorated. The walls were made of white marble, which were illuminated, in a beautiful orange from the lamps on the celling.

The tables and chairs in the room were made of dark cherry wood and covered in red velvet.
Little arrangements with lilies, roses and tulips were on the tables, leaving a slight sweet aroma in the air. A small archway with double doors lead to the outside to the big backyard, which was also connected to a small elevator to get the cooked food faster down.

The same tables and chairs could be found in the backyard and a bar, which covered the completely left side of the Backyard. The barstools were also covered in red velvet and standing in front of the bar.

In the middle of the backyard, protected by a white fence, stood a big cherry blossom tree in all his glory. There were also some well-placed torches around the area of the backyard. In the branches of the Tree were also some Chinese lamps hanging.

To prevent Mosquitos and other Insects to bother the guests in the evening, a giant, barely see able net was covering the whole area, connected at the top of the tree to hold it up high.


Sanji ran a Hand through his hair and walked over to table seven in his Restaurant.
There, on one of the chairs, sat a young man with short black hair, his chin leaning on one Hand, his gaze turned away from Sanji and his legs crossed under the table.
Sanji noticed, that the stranger whore a yellow shirt with black arms, blue jeans with black dots and black shoes with slight heels.
Something about that outfit left Sanji frowning, felling it was an all too familiar outfit but he couldn’t quiet remember where he saw it before.

Shaking his head, he went over to the stranger, a polite smile on his lips.

“Good Morning Sir. My name is Sanji and I will be the one servering you today-!”

“I didn’t know the Head chef himself servers his customers.”

The stranger interrupted him, a smirk forming on his lips. Sanji coughed awkwardly.

“We are make an exception today as I had to fire all waiters yesterday. Couldn’t get the work done and it takes a while to find new ones. I apologize if that makes you uncomfortable.”

His explanation earned him an amused laughter of the stranger.

“No why, you dint even changed once in all those years, Sanji.”

Sanji could practically hear the smirk in those words, leaving him frowning, his head slightly cocked.

“Do we know each other?”

“Well I do hope you still remember me, as I clearly remember you even after all those years.”

The stranger turned his head to Sanji, a smirk on his lips and the Cook wide his eyes, as he saw two all too familiar grey eyes with dark circles under them.
That couldn’t be… Why…?


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Chapter two

Lost in thoughts, Sanji sipped on his beer at the same Evening at the bar in the Club ‘Thriller Bark’ the most popular Club of the City ever since the ‘Flamingo’ closed it’s doors 5 years ago.

Ever since meeting the blackhaired at his Restaurant today, he wasn’t able to forgot it.
He never thought that he would see HIM ever again. It was five years ago that they last saw each other after all. That Law vanished from their life’s.
And suddenly, out of thin air, he was back again. He took the promise from Sanji to not tell anyone of his comeback though. It seems, he wanted to tell them on his own. Or he only wanted to show himself to the cook alone.

Sanji sighed.

Would Law vanish again, like 5 years ago?
Or would he stay, trying to regain his past Life here?
Would he befriend Kid again as they did 5 years ago?

Sanji didn’t know and this uncertainty was the reason, he gulped down his entire beer in one go. He ordered another beer for himself.

“You should be careful to not drink so fast. You are a lightweight when it comes to Alcohol.”

A voice spoke up, belonging to a man with dark; messy hair and an orange cowboy hat with two smiles decorating it. A sad and a smiling Smiley. He sat down next to Sanji and ordered a beer for himself.
Sanji hummed some as he recognized Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy’s older Brother.

“Leave me be. I need that.”

Sanji mumbled and took a large gulp of his beer but protested as someone else took it from his Hand. Soon enough he felt lips press against his own and instantly recognized his boyfriend Roronoa Zoro.

Zoro sat down on Sanji’s other side after they parted and drank the beer down in one go as if it was water.

“Bad day?”

Zoro asked and leaned his elbow onto the table, placing his head onto his Hand. Sanji shrugged some.

“Fired the waiters in my Restaurant so that I had to take the orders myself. If I don’t find worthy waiters soon enough, I might go psych.”

Sanji sighed and ran a Hand through his hair.
On both his sides, Zoro and Ace laughed, drinking their beers.

“Don’t lose hope man.”

Zoro chuckled and caressed his boyfriends back who nodded, sighed. His gaze changed a little though, letting Zoro frown.

“There is more to it, right?”

He asked, letting the Blonde smile. Zoro may be a dull head but he was able to read Sanji so well. Like none other.

“It’s been 5 years… what he is doing right now?”

Sanji mumbled and instantly, the mood changed. They lowered their gaze onto their bottles, thoughtful. Nobody said a word.

Ace couldn’t tell them that he knew how Law was doing. That he was doing okay, since he had promised not to tell anyone about Law when they both were talking to each other through the phone.

Sanji couldn’t tell them that Law was back again, since he promised Law to keep his comeback a secret when they parted in the Baratie.

Zoro actually didn’t care. His credo was ‘Out of sight; out of mind’. Zoro shrugged.

“Who cares? He vanished without a word. Why should we care about his whereabouts?”

He took another gulp of his beer and saw that Sanji rolled his eyes while Ace shook his head.

“You are insensitive. As if we could put your emotions on a teaspoon and there still would be some space on it.”

Sanji said but before Zoro could reply on that remark, Ace’ phone began to ring. Surprised by it, Sanji and Zoro watched the blackhaired took out his phone from his black; short pants before he looked at the Display and then answered the call.

“Yo Luffy! What’s up?”


“An old friend you said? Do I know him?”


“Oh? What? With us? Why-? Ah, I get it. No, it’s alright. As long as he pays some rent and contributes to the food, he can stay. Yes, we will see each other later. Okay.”

With those words, he hung up and put his phone back again. He send Sanji and Zoro Luffy’s greetings who just nodded some.

“You have roommate now?”

“Yes, but only part-time. Luffy’s friend has an Apartment on his own but it’s not ready to live in yet, so he stays with us till it’s done.

Ace shrugged and ordered three new beer for them.

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Chapter three

A while ago…

For a while, he stood just like this, the Hand he had turned into a fist raised, ready to knock on the door in front of him, which prevented him to go into the Apartment in front of him.

The fur cap carrier with the black hair stood there for four full Minutes, insecure about if he should knock or not.
But he knew, he had to. Otherwise, he had a problem.

Sighing, his muscles tensed and he finally knocked on the hard food, lowering his fist after a few seconds. He could hear footsteps approaching and knew it was Luffy, who was going to open the door.

He was proven right.
Nearly profusely, the blackhaired man called Luffy opened the door to greet him with such a force. The fur cap carrier was sure it would be ripped out eventually by Luffy.

“Yes? What’s- eh?”

Luffy widened his eyes when he recognized his visitor who stood in front of him.
The visitor raised a hand as greeting.



“After all this years I thought you would be able to at least make a cup of coffee.”

Law poured himself a cup with that delicious brown liquid, after Luffy told him to do it on his own because he himself couldn’t do it.
Together, they sat own on the black couch in the livingroom of the Apartment. Law looked curious around and saw that nothing had changed in here over the last 5 years.

The walls still had the light brown color on them; the furniture was all in black and white and a big Flat screen hung on the wall, a stereo system right next to it.
Here and there he could see some plants; dark curtains hung in front of the windows.

“Nah~ Ace is the one doing everything here. He said, I would destroy everything or make things worse so I won’t touch anything.”

Luffy grinned and sat crossed legged on his favorite armchair, drinking the juice Law had given him.
Law shook his head.

“In that case, he is totally right.”

He crossed his legs, put one arm on the backrest and took a sip from his coffee.

“Shishishishi! That’s what everybody said as well.”

Luffy laughed and whipped a little back and forth. His visitor shook his head. Luffy was never the type to sit still for even a moment. He had to move, always had the need to move around. Otherwise, he was bored quickly.
Law wasn’t wondering for the first time if Luffy wasn’t suffering from ADHD. It would explain a lot in his eyes.
He shook his head, his gaze turning serious.

“How are the others?”

Law wanted to know and put the cup back onto the white table in front of him.
Luffy grinned.

“They are all alright! When you left, they were all confused and hurt but they returned to their normal Life’s pretty quick!”

Luffy explained, not noticing that Law slightly lowered his head, his eyes slowly closing.

“Sanji has his own Restaurant; Zoro has his own Dojo where he is teaching others how to use swords. Ace is now second in command in Whitebeards Crew!”

Law raised an eyebrow.

“Whitebeards crew?”

“Well ever since the Donquixote family left 5 years ago, Whitebeard is now the mightiest here.”

Luffy laughed while Law frowned deeper.

>The Donquixote family left the city? Vanished 5 years ago? At the same time as me? But if so… why? Maybe because… no. No that can’t be. They wouldn’t go because of something like this… But then why? Because of myself? Oh come on Law, don’t be ridiculous. You are not that important. They only ever used you. On the other Hand… why else would have Joker given me such a high medical education? Because he liked me? Yeah sure, way to go Law. There is more to it. But I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. Damn!<

Annoyed, Law growled some but winced in surprise when Luffy came as close to his face as possible. Luffy’s face was serious which was something, Law rarely saw on Luffy’s face.

“What is it?”

“That’s what Im asking you! I have been calling you for a while now but you never answered.”

Luffy leaned back and sulkily crossed his arms in front of his face.
Law smirked some.

“Sorry. What did you say?”

“I asked, where you live now and if you are going to stay now forever.”

Luffy was smiling so brightly, Law had to suppress the urge to roll his eyes. Sometimes, Luffy could be exhausting.

“I do have an Apartment but because it is not yet ready, I can’t live in it. What are you doing?”

Law wanted to know when he noticed that Luffy’s grin had turned into a mischievous one. Luffy also had pulled out his phone.

“Shishishi just let me do it!”

With those words, Luffy jumped up and ran out of the room. For a while, Law felt irritated by Luffy’s behavior but then just shrugged and poured himself a new cup of coffee, his gaze thoughtful.
He actually didn’t return to think and deal with the Donquixote family, he was here to fulfill a promise given a long time ago. That the Donquixote family had vanished tho, was good for him, could he fulfill the promise much more easily like this.

In the inside, Law winced when Luffy appeared so suddenly back in front of him again, but at the outside, he was as calm as ever.

“You will stay here now!”

Luffy said, smiling brightly and sat back in his armchair again.
Law raised an eyebrow.

“Do I now?”

“Yes! I talked with Ace just a second ago and he is okay with it as well. You can stay here now, isn’t that awesome!?”

Luffy was grinning so brightly again, that Law had no other choice but to smile some as well.

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Chapter four

It was one of those days again.
Which happened a lot in the last time.
It seems, the sky wanted to get rid of long last burden, wanted to cry out a deep sorrow.

He wasn’t a philosopher but he couldn’t stop his thoughts about it.
They seem to just appear in his mind randomly.
He had nothing against the rain; he even welcomed it with great pleasure. But just not today. Or yesterday. Or the day before yesterday.

Because of the rain, none of his Students visited his Dojo, which left him with nothing to do. Everything that had needed to be done, he did already.

Now he just sat there, in front of the big movable wall, which he had showed to the side to give way to the beautiful Zen garden that belonged to the Dojo and watched the rain falling from the sky towards the ground, deep into the earth. Slowly being turned into drinkable water deep underground.

He could close his Dojo and go to Sanji, joining him in his Restaurant. Being Sanji’s boyfriend had its benefits, as he would get a free warm meal there. For free.
With this in mind he stood up, smirking and brushed off the dirt on his green coat he was wearing. However, there wasn’t any dirt on it; he did it out of habit. He turned around and froze in surprise.

There, in front of him, stood some of his Students, dressed in the typical Kendo clothes. Also a young man, considering being in his age.
He wore the Kendo clothes as well, except some parts were missing. He wore the mask, the shoulder and legrests, and the torso support.
Zoro raised an eyebrow.

“If you want to participate, then you have wear the full clo-!”

Zoro stopped, when the unknown person raised his wooden sword that had been attached to his hips, up to Zoro’s face which automatically meant a challenge.

The greenhaired man raised an eyebrow, smirking.
The other didn’t seem to know who he was challenging.

He gestured to his Students to sit at the walls from the Dojo and drew his own wooden sword. Even if he preferred swords made of Iron and metal, when he was teaching his Students in his Dojo, he used wooden swords. Lesser injuries involved.

He stood in front of the unknown person and raised his sword to cross it with the others. They stood like this for a while, Zoro growing impatient because the stranger didn’t seem to move. Or want to move.


Zoro took a step forward, raised his swords higher and went to strike at the strangers head.
But the other dodged, pushed Zoro back a little and stood still again.

Zoro growled low and stepped closer again, this time aiming at the left side of his Opponent.
Again, the stranger dodged and pushed Zoro away.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Zoro growled again, attacked again. This time faster, more accurate. As he always did when he was participating in a Championship duel.
But again and again, blow by blow, the stranger dodged, sidestepping only slightly.
Zoro narrowed his eyes, frustrated.
There was only one person that was better than him in swordsmanship and even though he defeated that Person, he was still one of the best in the world.
That was Mihawk Dulacre, the world’s former best swordsman.

But the stranger couldn’t be Mihawk and that had two reasons.

First, Mihawk would never wear the traditional Kendo clothes; he always wore his own clothes. No matter if he fought in private or in a Championship.
And second, he was bigger than the stranger in front of him.

“Tell me, who are you?”

Zoro wanted to know, his body still tense, expecting an attack from the other. When the stranger slowly raised his free Hand, Zoro raised his sword again. Instead of raising his own sword again, the stranger’s free Hand continued to raise and for the first time since their encounter, Zoro noticed the Tattoo’s on the fingers of the strangers and that he didn’t wear any protection gloves.

Zoro noticed black; messy hair and when the stranger slowly let the mask fall to the ground, Zoro wide his eyes when he also noticed familiar storm-grey eyes.

“I expected more of the World’s best swordsman.”

The blackhaired stranger smirked with a mocking smile and slowly lowered his sword.
Zoro couldn’t believe it.



A few hours later…


Ace shouted as he entered the Apartment he shared with his brother and kicked the door close behind him. He just came back from a meeting with the Whitebeard crew.
It was already late midday.
He frowned confused when he heard music coming from Luffy’s room.
With quick steps, he went towards his brother’s room but stopped shortly in front of the kitchen when he saw someone standing in there.
Ace thought for a moment that it was Luffy standing there, but the person in there was bigger than Luffy.

“Yo. It is very kind of you to cook here but I think you got the wrong kitchen.”

Ace said, ready to attack if the stranger would want to hurt him.
But all the stranger did was laugh, which was oddly familiar to Ace.

“No. I think this is the right kitchen. Though, that’s what Luffy ya said.”

With this words, the stranger turned around to face the other and Ace wide his eyes when he recognized Law, his ex-boyfriend.


Ace shouted happily and went to him, hugging him passionate.
Ace could feel the other hesitating at first but then Law returned the hug slowly.

“Im so glad that you are back again!”

Ace was happy and kissed him before hugging him again.
Law didn’t want it, but he couldn’t help the faint blush appearing on his cheeks and the small smile coming on his lips.
And he couldn’t help the small tears appearing in his eyes when he nuzzled closer to Ace.

“Me too Ace… me too…”

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Chapter five

“And you are 100% sure about this?”

“Yes. The sooner I get this over with, the better for me. I disappeared five years ago without a word, without leaving a message behind.”

“Yes true. He did like that one bit.”

“Besides, the others already know that I am back. Sanji ya, Zoro ya, Luffy ya. It shouldn’t surprise them as much as him.”

“The others know already?”

“Yes. I showed myself to Sanji ya first in his Restaurant, Zoro ya a Day after, so yesterday, in his Dojo and Luffy ya when he asked you about that friend moving in.”

“So they saw you first? Even before me?”

“Don’t pout now Ace ya~ I am with you 24/7 for eternity~”

Law said and saw Ace smirking before Ace pulled him closer and stole a kiss from him. Law couldn’t help but smirk into the kiss before they pulled back so that Ace could knock on the door they were standing in front of. Waiting for an answer.

They got one in form of Sanji, who opened the door for them some seconds later. Greeting them with a smile.

“Yo Ace. Nice of you to come over. Kid is waiting in the livingroom. The others are also already here.”

Sanji explained before going back into the Apartment, leaving Ace behind. But the blonde knew that he would step anyway.
It seems the Chef didn’t notice Law who leaned against the wall next to the door.
Law had lowered his head some, had closed his eyes when he had heard Kid’s name.
Only when he felt Ace’ Hand on his shoulder did he look up.

“You okay?”

Ace wanted to know and Law couldn’t help but felt something warm inside him when he saw the worried look in Ace’ eyes. It was the same he had five years ago, it never seemed to have changed and that was something that Law actually liked. He nodded slowly.


Was all he said. Ace still looked worried but then he sighed and with a shrug of his shoulder, he smiled and stepped into the Apartment, Law following him.

“Yo Ace! I thought you would never come anymore!”

A voice shouted. A voice that was all too familiar to him. A voice that sends shivers down his spine. He hadn’t listened to that specific voice in five years and he recognized it anyway. The slight arrogance in it. The slight mockery.

“Sorry, something held me off.”

Ace smirked and raised a Hand in greeting.

Kid, a tall man with red hair that resembled flames, held in place by a pair of googles. He had gained some impressive muscles over the years, his skin was light and his nose looked like it had been broken before and had badly healed. He had no eyebrows, purple colored lips, as well as fingernails, and reddish orange eyes.

He sat on a brown couch and smirked at him.

“What would be more important than me and my party?”

“After all this years, your ego is as still as big as ever Eustass ya.”

Law said, stepped into the livingroom from behind of Ace, his typical smug smirk on his lips.

Eustass on the other Hand wide his eyes upon seeing his ex-bestfriend, the bottle of beer he had been holding slipped from his Hand and shattered into pieces upon connecting with the ground. The beer soaked itself into the white carpet.


“I always knew that my Appearance is so breathtaking to others, thanks Eustass ya.”

Law crossed his arms in front of his chest and cocked his head. He watched as Eustass slowly stood up and came closer to him. He needed to look a little up, as Eustass was taller than he was. Before anyone could react, Eustass has raised his Hand and gave Law a slap in the face and in the same time he pulled him into a nearly bone crushing hug, leaving Law gasping for breath.

“Don’t you dare to do that again you hear me!? NEVER again!”

Kid whispered as he continued to hug Law painfully tight.

“If you… continue to crush me like this… I might never come back… again… Eustass ya… no air!”

Law panted and only then could he feel the grip around him loosening before it disappeared completely around him.
Law rubbed his now red cheek but didn’t twist his face in pain.

“Still the same power as before I see.”

He could feel Kid ruffling his hair to what he now twist his face to. He absolutely hated it.

“Where is your hat? I thought you never took it off.”

Kid wanted to know after he and Law had made their way towards the others.
Kid sat next to Killer, his best friend from old days, on the couch, his legs spread some while Law sat next to Ace, one leg over the other and now holding a beer in Hand which Ace had given to him.

“At home. Was not in the mood to take it with me.”

Law said with a shrug and took a sip of his beer.
Kid narrowed his eyes some.

“Where do you live now? In your old house?”

Kid slightly cocked his head when he saw the change in Law’s face. Was the slight tanned face from Law an emotionless place before, was it now slightly covered in shadows. Some hatred and fury flashed inside the stormgrey colored eyes.
It was but a moment before Law’s face changed back into an emotionless place again.

“I have my own place now but right now I live with Ace ya and Luff ya as my Apartment is still not ready to be lived in.”

Law explained a hint of mockery in his voice, his lips twisted in a smirk.
Kid watched him for a long time, but then he also smirked.

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Chapter six

“Nice place you have here.”

Law swung his legs a little, as he sat on the railing that prevented people from falling down to the first floor of Kid’s Service station.
Kid, who was at the said first floor and worked on a car. Smirked.

“Took good care of it to make it comfortable for you.”

“Because you knew I would show up again, hm?”

The noises on the first floor suddenly quiet down as Kid stopped working upon hearing Law’s words. Silence was all that was now heard in the workshop.

“No I did not! How so!? You suddenly vanished 5 years ago without a word to anyone! You were gone for 5 years! 5 YEARS! And you didn’t even called ONCE! No call, no SMS, no email and whatsoever!”

Kid shouted and spun around to face Law, who still sat on the railing, his expression calm as he watched Kid and listened to his outburst. His Hands laying casually in his lap.
Kid’s anger only rose more with Law’s calmness.

“What!? You don’t have anything to say!? 5 years passed, one might think you have a lot to report after all those years! And stop looking so calm at me, I hate it!”

Kid yelled angrily, threw the Screwdriver he held at Law and hit him right at his forehead. Seconds later, a thin trail of blood ran down Law’s face.
Kid knew Law could have dodged but the fact that he didn’t, let Kid froze a little. Only shortly though, then he was angry again.

Law on the other Hand sighed, jumped down from the railing and landed on the floor like a cat. He picked up the screwdriver, which had bounced off his forehead and pressed it against Kid’s chest.

“There are things one does not wish to talk about. And I don’t want to talk about why I left or what had happened in those 5 years. Deal with it. I came back here for a new start and to keep a promise I made and no one will stop me from doing so.”

Law was calm as he said those words. He stepped back and turned around before walking to the front door.


Kid shouted but Law didn’t stop so the redhaired ran to him and grabbed his arm quickly.

“I told you to wait!”

“Do not give me commands Eustass Kid!”

Law hissed, his eyes filled with such hatred that Kid blinked in surprise. Having not expected this kind of reaction, he slowly let got of Law’s arm and stepped some steps back.

“Never do that again you hear me? Never. Do not. Give me. Commands Eustass Kid.”

Law hissed again and left the workshop, leaving a confused Kid behind.

“What in the world was that…?”


Meanwhile in another place…

“It seems he came back again.”

“Ah? Is that so? Most interesting indeed. Fufufufufufu~”

“Joker. Shall we go back as well?”

“Ah no. Let him be for now. It is more fun to watch him from a distance so he has the illusion of safety. Fufufufufu~ Oh and Vergo?”

“Yes Joker?”

“Prepare yourself to punish our little Traitor~

“Very well. I will use the new toy I brought in the Underworld for that then.”

“Vergo, you didn’t brought anything the last days.”

“I did not? Huh. Very well.”

“Fufufufufu~ But keep your Profile low you hear me?”

“Very well… Joker.”


He slowly exhaled the smoke from his lungs, his eyes closed.
The gaze from stormgrey eyes looked into the distance of Los Angeles skyline. Law currently was sitting on the rooftop of Ace’ Apartment building, deep in thoughts.

It was very cold for this year’s season but he didn’t really minded it. He even enjoyed the cold around himself. It took his mind away a little from the thoughts he had.
Not fully but enough to not slip back into unpleasant memories he wanted to escape.

“As a Doctor you should know that smoking is bad.”

Ace voice could be heard as the said person came closer to him. Law was surprised to hear him but he didn’t flinch. Instead, he just shrugged his shoulders a little when Ace stopped at his side.

“How did you find out?”

“I was at the Heart Hospital today because Luffy had been clumsy again. Some person called Penguin took care of him and a Nurse asked him if a person named ‘Trafalgar Law’ would work there tonight. Since there is only one Person in this town with that name, I quickly figured it out.”

Ace grinned and laid a blanket over Law’s shoulders. Only then, Law noticed how cold he really was so he nuzzled into the blanket. Throwing away the cigarette, he gripped the blanket tightly. Ace laughed low.

“So… Headchef of the Surgery section?”


“We need to celebrate that!”

Ace shouted, jumping up once. He didn’t hear Law sigh quietly.

“Ace I don’t want to-.”

“Ah yada yada yada! We will celebrate that! You are Headchef of the surgery section and only 22 years old! The youngest Headchef of all times there! That’s worth a party!”


Law turned his head to the other, his face void of emotions. And only after Ace looked back to him did he notice the bandage around Law’s head. He couldn’t see it before as Law’s black hair was mostly covering it.
He wide his eyes.

“What happened!?”

He asked shocked but Law waved a Hand and shrugged some.

“Its not important. But Ace I really don’t want to celebrate that.”

“But back then you were always celebrating, never said no to a party.”

“Exactly. Back then. Ace Im a completely different person than I was 5 years ago.”

Law gave Ace the blanket again and left the rooftop, leaving Ace back alone. Ace on the On the other hand grabbed the blanket tighter and took a deep breath from it.

“No you are not… you are still the same as back then… you just hide your true self for whatever reason…”

Fresh wind came up, ruffling the blanket and Ace hair a little. Sighing low, Ace decided to follow the other down to their Apartment.