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Born to live

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Chapter two

Lost in thoughts, Sanji sipped on his beer at the same Evening at the bar in the Club ‘Thriller Bark’ the most popular Club of the City ever since the ‘Flamingo’ closed it’s doors 5 years ago.

Ever since meeting the blackhaired at his Restaurant today, he wasn’t able to forgot it.
He never thought that he would see HIM ever again. It was five years ago that they last saw each other after all. That Law vanished from their life’s.
And suddenly, out of thin air, he was back again. He took the promise from Sanji to not tell anyone of his comeback though. It seems, he wanted to tell them on his own. Or he only wanted to show himself to the cook alone.

Sanji sighed.

Would Law vanish again, like 5 years ago?
Or would he stay, trying to regain his past Life here?
Would he befriend Kid again as they did 5 years ago?

Sanji didn’t know and this uncertainty was the reason, he gulped down his entire beer in one go. He ordered another beer for himself.

“You should be careful to not drink so fast. You are a lightweight when it comes to Alcohol.”

A voice spoke up, belonging to a man with dark; messy hair and an orange cowboy hat with two smiles decorating it. A sad and a smiling Smiley. He sat down next to Sanji and ordered a beer for himself.
Sanji hummed some as he recognized Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy’s older Brother.

“Leave me be. I need that.”

Sanji mumbled and took a large gulp of his beer but protested as someone else took it from his Hand. Soon enough he felt lips press against his own and instantly recognized his boyfriend Roronoa Zoro.

Zoro sat down on Sanji’s other side after they parted and drank the beer down in one go as if it was water.

“Bad day?”

Zoro asked and leaned his elbow onto the table, placing his head onto his Hand. Sanji shrugged some.

“Fired the waiters in my Restaurant so that I had to take the orders myself. If I don’t find worthy waiters soon enough, I might go psych.”

Sanji sighed and ran a Hand through his hair.
On both his sides, Zoro and Ace laughed, drinking their beers.

“Don’t lose hope man.”

Zoro chuckled and caressed his boyfriends back who nodded, sighed. His gaze changed a little though, letting Zoro frown.

“There is more to it, right?”

He asked, letting the Blonde smile. Zoro may be a dull head but he was able to read Sanji so well. Like none other.

“It’s been 5 years… what he is doing right now?”

Sanji mumbled and instantly, the mood changed. They lowered their gaze onto their bottles, thoughtful. Nobody said a word.

Ace couldn’t tell them that he knew how Law was doing. That he was doing okay, since he had promised not to tell anyone about Law when they both were talking to each other through the phone.

Sanji couldn’t tell them that Law was back again, since he promised Law to keep his comeback a secret when they parted in the Baratie.

Zoro actually didn’t care. His credo was ‘Out of sight; out of mind’. Zoro shrugged.

“Who cares? He vanished without a word. Why should we care about his whereabouts?”

He took another gulp of his beer and saw that Sanji rolled his eyes while Ace shook his head.

“You are insensitive. As if we could put your emotions on a teaspoon and there still would be some space on it.”

Sanji said but before Zoro could reply on that remark, Ace’ phone began to ring. Surprised by it, Sanji and Zoro watched the blackhaired took out his phone from his black; short pants before he looked at the Display and then answered the call.

“Yo Luffy! What’s up?”


“An old friend you said? Do I know him?”


“Oh? What? With us? Why-? Ah, I get it. No, it’s alright. As long as he pays some rent and contributes to the food, he can stay. Yes, we will see each other later. Okay.”

With those words, he hung up and put his phone back again. He send Sanji and Zoro Luffy’s greetings who just nodded some.

“You have roommate now?”

“Yes, but only part-time. Luffy’s friend has an Apartment on his own but it’s not ready to live in yet, so he stays with us till it’s done.

Ace shrugged and ordered three new beer for them.