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Vital for Understanding

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2 years after the Civil War the Avengers have reunited but their relationships are strained at best particularly between Team Cap and Tony. Little did they know this was all soon about to change.
This mission was weird. That much was certain. What were the UN thinking?

Tony snorted mentally. Their latest mission was to detain an benevolent being that aimed to fix relationships and conflicts. Achieving this by focusing on a particular person (a one that it felt had been misjudged or wronged) and showed their motivations, secrets and defining parts of their past to the others. Sometimes even highlighting their mind-set or ghosting pain.

The UN would usually have no problem with it, although when it seemed to be travelling too close to foreign parliaments for comfort and they immediately had a hissy fit as they all had way too many of their own secrets to keep.


So that's how they all ended up here. Barnes had been cleared for duty a few months ago due to using the BARF technology, the Winter Soldier sometimes appeared in times of stress or anger but he was usually talked down quickly by Rogers.

Tony tried to be happy for him as he knew logically that Buck - Barnes was a victim too. Really he did. This was exceedingly difficult when at night he kept seeing Barnes - No the Winter Soldiers hands around his mums neck. ( "He killed my mum." No, nope not going down that rabbit hole. Breathe Tony.)

Rogers, he had the nerve to send a patronising (not) apology with a frankly offensive flip phone. Does he really think that's enough for - (keeping the identity of his parents murder from him - slamming his shield on the reactor- that blow would've killed him if it was still in his chest - leaving him there in that Hydra Base. It had taken him a day to get out and get back without Ross suspecting anything. cold cold cold. ) Stop it. Can you really blame him for being angry still? Or losing it back then? When the Avengers first started he'd worked hard to be civil to his ex idol. Some of his snarky side slipped through obviously but that's just his "adorable" personality. After all who wouldn't be bitter with years of being told he would never be as good or as great as the pure patriotic Captain? Capsicle-Rogers even would bring up Howard ( hell no he was the reason Tony's issues had issues ) and he had the nerve to try to discourage Tony from keeping secrets. What a laugh.

Birdbrain- Barton was out of retirement officially now and yes Clint hates him. (Even though Tony got them all pardons with minimal punishments despite what the UN wanted to give them. Additionally, Tony hid the Langs and the Barton Family from Ross when he was at large. He doubts Clint knows this but can't find it within himself to care. "Be careful of this one he'll break your back." Cold Clint.)

Lang like Barton hates him on principle although that's mainly due to the bias that the Pymms have against anyone after Howard with the surname Stark. Despite this, Lang has been warming slightly up to him. He doesn't detect as much vitriol in his tone when he talks to him anymore.
Wanda still despises him (no surprise there) now with the added reason of the raft imprisonment. Couldn't she see he was trying to protect her? The public wanted her head at that time. But no Stark is Satan. Ugh.

Sam seems like a mini Steve but he's a genuine guy and friends with Rhodey. Therefore he's put any animosity he had towards the winged man, for being part of the reason Rhodey was paralysed behind him. (This is your fault Tony. No.) He had made Rhodes new legs of course.

It goes without saying that he'd never trust Natashlie again. (Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me.) Sure he's keeping everyone at arm’s length -even more now- but he's way more wary of her. In battle at least, he knows she won't turn on him.

Bruce turned up soon after General Ross's fall from grace -not before the Hulk had smashed a hole in the nearest mountain range when he heard Tony was working with Ross. (Thank God they're still sciencebros after that.) Considering how the viridescent rage shone in Bruce's eyes when they first saw each other he was sure Bruce wouldn't hear him out or forgive him at all. However, he had given Tony the chance to talk through his reasons why and once he'd heard about all the work Tony had done with the accords and incriminating Ross, Big Green was in no danger of appearing.

King T'Challa and Thor saw them all occasionally as they had other demanding commitments ( Wakanda and Asgard respectively.) Understandably, they couldn't come to every mission including this one for T'Challa unfortunately. He and T'Challa have built a healthy respect of each other and Thor treats him the same as before. ( "Hello brother Anthony." "Hey Big guy mind putting me down I think I've cracked a rib from that hug.")
Scouting the area, where the being was last seen Spiderling webbed ahead with Wanda. Quite quickly he had found out he was the kids idol and that made him clean up his act (I.e the drinking.) He WASN'T going to be a disappointment like Rogers was to him or betray him. (“He is my friend." "So was I.") The plan was to detain not maim the well-meaning alien, the best way to do that would be to hold it down and interrogate it to find out how to get it home. The rest of them went off by themselves to cover more ground.

Flying, over a part of the deserted city that Rhodey hadn't checked, he dove down into the darkened alleyway that he couldn't see clearly into from above. Feeling eyes on the back of his neck, Tony whirled around to face a shimmering iridescent marine alien that defied gravity by swimming through air towards him. Can one of these Aliens obey the laws of physics for once? I really hate magic. Radiating intellect and anxiety it's form morphed into a humanoid shape standing in front of him. Tony smiled slightly subconsciously trying to comfort at the being.
"Thanks, I'm going to tell my team where you are so we can get you home alright Sparkles?"
"Friday patch through to the team- guys I've got Sparkles here on... “A clear concise voice, that of Sparkles, interrupted him mid-sentence
"Before I go home, I must repay you for your kindness and to do that I will help you."
"Help me? I don't know if you know but I am a genius just about any problem I can solve by myself." Sparkles, naming him the being was just insulting by this point, quirked an eyebrow up in amusement but continued.
"You are like the others I help. You are the least liked of your team; this is partially due to the personality you portray,"
"and due to your past misdeeds which they don't know the full story about. A conflict took place which exaggerated matters. You deserve some slack Tony you really aren't a bad person." He scoffed and swiped a hand down his face.
"I have to admit playing the villain does get old even if they get the best lines."
"Tony what's going on we're following Rhodes to your location? Tony?"
Sparkles threw a gold orb at him that it conjured from its hand.

The world went black.