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Night Stalkers Don't Sleep

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The fact of the matter is, in the Mojave it’s vital to always be alert. That’s why even in a quiet, burned out house, Ryan doesn’t fall completely asleep. It would be a nice idea but he also likes not being dead. The quiet, intimidating rattle wakes him up immediately and he jerks his head up just in time to see the Night Stalker enter the remains of where he’s set up camp. It looks at him curiously and Ryan lets out a small, relieved noise. At least it’s not more Vipers. Gently, he reaches over to give the creature a small pet on the head and it shakes its tail happily. At least if there are Night Stalkers around, it’ll deter some less than friendlier people.

Or, barring that, Ryan will hear them fighting the Night Stalkers first.

The curious thing pokes it head at his back, pulling back each time and flipping his tongue out in a way that Ryan guesses is pretty cute. As long as they’re not trying to murder him, they’re actually really cute. Plus, he can use their blood to make anti-poison that sells for quite a few caps. This one in particular seems to have taken a liking to him. Ryan stretches out a little, giving a small yawn before burying his head back into his arm. He’s learned the hard way that it’s easier to sleep in a dust storm face down and shielded from the harsh sand. It’s a little awkward but worth it to be able to sleep.

He sleeps for a while longer before being awaken by the same Night Stalker. This time, the over friendly thing has its head between his legs, sniffing excessively at his nethers. Ryan jolts a bit, quickly shoving the thing away and it stares at him inquisitively.

“Look, I know I haven’t showered in a while,” he scoffs. “There isn’t exactly a lot of water around here. Don’t you have someone else to pick on?” The Night Stalker just flickers its tongue out, obviously not very impressed or interested in what he’s saying. Ryan pushes the creature away from him completely, making sure it stays there, before trying to make himself comfortable again. He can’t lose out on some precious sleep just because he has a new nosey friend.

Of course, he doesn’t get much more sleep. This time he awakes to the Night Stalker biting his pants. Ryan jerks, immediately trying to dislodge the thing, but it’s holding on tight. When he grabs the thing by its head and yanks it off, it rips his pants with it. Ah those were his good pants, too. He tries to shove the Night Stalker away from him, trying to make it leave, but it has no want to. Instead, it shoves its head back between his thighs and into the new opening its made in his jeans with its razor sharp teeth.

Ryan gasps, jolting as its snake like tongue grazes his exposed cunt. He doesn’t want to move too much, worried that it’s sharp fangs will catch his skin and poison him accidentally. Unfortunately, he doesn’t actually have any anti-venom on him because usually these things don’t bother attacking him anymore. This one doesn’t seem to be attacking him but then again, Ryan doesn’t know what it is doing, either. It just licks at his cunt, every so often turning its head this way or that, and rattles its tail happily. He knew the animals of the Mojave have taken a fondness to him recently but he didn’t think it was this bad.

When the thing jumps on his back, Ryan makes an undignified noise he doesn’t mean. It wraps its paws around his chest immediately and humps his backside. Quickly, Ryan moves to cover his pussy with his hand, fortunately preventing the thing from mounting him. It doesn’t last long. The Night Stalker becomes too impatient, suddenly putting its paws on Ryan’s shoulders and forcing him flat on his chest. Just hoping it doesn’t bite him, Ryan lays still to let the Night Stalker do its business.

Its hard, eager cock pushes against his cunt and it’s much bigger than Ryan thought it would be. Each thrust grinds the pointed tip between his cunt lips but the angle makes it awkward for the Night Stalker to mount him efficiently. This doesn’t deter it in the least and one, good thrust is all it takes for it to sink its hot red cock deep into his tight pussy. Ryan clenches his fingers against his bedding and presses his teeth hard together as it goes to town, thrusting against him hard and fast.

The Night Stalker grabs him around the waist, arching his back up and making it easier to pump its cock into him. Ryan grunts lowly, only glad that it doesn’t hurt near as much as it could. The creature rests its sleek head over his shoulder and flicks it tongue out again, much too pleased looking with itself. Every thrust of its stiff cock jabs the pointed tip hard against Ryan’s womb, jolting him from the inside.

In the long run, he supposes it could be worse. When the Night Stalker leans over him further and its thrusts become shallow grinds, the bulb of its knot rubs against his clit with each pass. Ryan’s grunts turn to small gasps, annoyed that this thing is taking advantage of him but finding it pointless to make himself more miserable about it. That’s how the Mojave works; he gets hurt and he learns his lesson. The lesson this time is apparently that Night Stalkers are dirty, dirty rapist.

The thing has stamina, Ryan can say that. It is more than happy to fuck him raw for what seems like an eternity, every thrust filling him to the brim only to leave him empty again. He rasps out a hot noise when it tries to get deeper, suddenly stopping its relentless thrusts in order to push its cock firmly against him. To Ryan’s discontent, the Night Stalker slowly but surely forces its knot between the battered lips of his pussy, managing somehow to stretch him even further. Once the widest part of its bulbous, engorge knot works itself in, the rest pops in with ease.

Ryan lets out a pitiful gasp, clawing at whatever he can get a purchase of, as the Night Stalker seems to pump cum straight into his womb. It’s so hot, setting a fire in the pit of his stomach that makes his skin lurch. With each glob, he can feel the creature’s knot grow even larger, tying them together fiercely and assuring not a drop is lost. His cunt strains to hold it all and his womb feels close to bursting, a roundness to his belly that was never there before.

Even when it is finally done, it doesn’t pull out. Instead, it pushes off his back and turns itself around, forcing Ryan onto his knees. Its knot tugs at his cunt but it’s far too engorged to pull free and instead just puts an intense pressure on Ryan’s clit. He whimpers quietly, the sloshing sensation in his belly and the fine pleasure on his clit making it hard to focus on anything else. Finally, he gives in and rubs his stiff clit between his fingers wantingly. He can feel his pussy lips hugging the Night Stalker’s knot snugly and when he clenches down, a shiver of pleasure goes down his back.

With a rasp of a noise, Ryan comes as well. His cunt twitches eagerly, milking the Night Stalker for all its worth, and he tiredly collapses again. After a few minutes, it shimmies its hips and pulls its knot free with a slick, lewd sound. Cum drools out of his cunt and down his leg, staining his already ripped jeans, but much of it remains in his bloated womb. Ryan limpens, panting quietly as he tried to recover himself, and the Night Stalker licks its dick contently.

The small rustling from outside the broken building alerts Ryan immediately. It’s still awfully late in the night and while he’s hoping to get some more sleep before the hot sun rises, clearly that’s not going to happen. He can see at least two more Night Stalkers curiously poke their heads in and more important, he can see their shiny, exposed cocks. Perhaps they were lured here by the scent of the first one mating with him or maybe just be whatever made the first one want to mate with him.

“I take back what I said about you being cute,” Ryan murmurs, quickly trying to get back to his feet. His knees are too weak and when he tries, he just topples over again. Instead, he reaches for his gun. One of the Night Stalkers jumps on him without hesitation, immediately thrusting its dick into his already prepped and exposed pussy with the previous batch of cum making a more than acceptable lube. Ryan whimpers helplessly as it fucks him much harder and much faster than the last one. It wraps its paws around his waist tightly but fortunately, none of them bite him yet.

This one is nearly as relentless and this time, Ryan is less than willing to deal with it. He grabs the Night Stalker’s head with both hands to keep its mouth clamped shut and tries his best to urge it off him. The Night Stalker, in response, flings its head around urgently to try to get free. It’s stronger than Ryan gave it credit for and a particularly hard jerk causes them both to tumble onto their side. This doesn’t deter the beast from its restless thrusts, still eager to fuck him raw, but it does free Ryan up a little.

With a few jabs of the elbow, Ryan attempts to beat it off him but to his misfortune, it only gets worse. Somehow, he manages to roll them over enough to give the other awaiting Night Stalker ideas. Too busy trying to get the first one off him, the second one mounts him before Ryan can really process what’s going on. It thrusts its hard cock against his stuff cunt, thankfully sliding off, and Ryan lets out a startled gasp. Immediately, he tries to shoves the second one away from him but a particularly hard thrust from the second makes him jerk.

The second Night Stalker pushes on top of him, wrapping its paws around him as best it can with the other one, and rubs its cock against his cunt eagerly. Each thrust grinds against his sensitive clit and makes Ryan grunt. The pointed tip is good for lots of things, like striking his cervix or making room when his cunt is already spoken for. The Night Stalker eases up on its fruitless thrusts just enough to catch the hard tip in his cunt.

Ryan cries out weakly as the creatures slams into him, forcing his cunt to stretch around both cocks. Neither of them waste any time, giving him not even a moment to adjust, and thrust into him with no account of the other. He’s never been this full or this far stretched in his life. Every thrust rubs him raw, making his abused cunt accept them whether it’s ready or not. Ryan rasps and gasp and writhes against the two Night Stalkers, clutching onto anything he can get a hold of. He drools helplessly as they fuck him senseless. It hurts, just enough, and he loves it.

With the two thick cocks stuffing him way past full, neither of them can knot him properly. They try, though, man do they try. The one on top attempts to wedge his knot in, Ryan’s poor cunt unable to stretch enough to accommodate it, but it just ends up popping out. None the less, the Night Stalker turns itself around and when it does, it pulls its cock free. This frees up more than enough room for the first one to buck upwards, jamming its knot into him all at once and immediately pumping more cum into him.

The bump in his stomach is distinctly noticeable now, his womb holding so much more cum than he even thought possible. It’s so hot and he can feel every pulse of the Night Stalker’s dick pump more into him, its knot not allowing so much as a trickle out. Ryan shudders quietly, thoroughly exhausted. Carefully, he manages to get onto his side and the Night Stalker tied firmly to him happily turns itself around to milk itself dry in Ryan’s hot cunt.

Unlike the last, this one seems content to remain this way for a while. Ryan ends up falling asleep firmly knotted to the creature. By the time he awakens again, the night finally having passed, the three Night Stalkers have curled up alongside him to sleep the day away. Cum sticks to the inside of his thighs, a pool of it resting underneath him, and the bump in his stomach is still obviously there. It’s so deep in him, he doesn’t think there’s any way he can get it out. Well, it’s not like he’s going to be laying Night Stalker eggs, he supposes.

Quickly, he cleans himself up as best he can and changes into a spare set of pants that, Ryan disgruntledly realises, doesn’t fit him quite like the last pair did. The cramp in his belly makes him pause a moment but just shoos it away with some med-x. He makes quick work of executing the three Night Stalkers with his 12.7 and cutting off their tails for a quick cap in the next town. That’s the last time he sleeps in a Night Stalker infested area.

Or maybe not.