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One Shall Reign

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        You were sitting in your friend's car, watching as the rain fell along the road as your friend drove. There was music playing, however you were tuning it out. As you were lost in thought, the car abruptly swerved due to another vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road. You snapped out of it when the car slammed into a tree, causing you to slam your head on the dash. Immediately, you felt all consciousness leave you.


        When you awoke, your clothes felt much heavier and you could hear a constant tap on the ground outside. You slowly opened your eyes and looked around. You were inside of....a carriage? You looked down and saw you were now wearing a gown. Weird, you thought, wasn't I wearing some shorts and a t-shirt? However, your train of thought was quickly interrupted by a British voice, "(Y/N), I see you're finally awake. We're almost there"

        "Almost where?" Your eyebrows furrowed as you heard your own voice, why do I sound British? 
        "Don't be ridiculous (Y/N), you know that we're heading to the French Court"
        "W-wait, French Court?" You looked up at the woman speaking to you and audibly gasped, shocked to see one of your favorite characters come to life before you. This can't be happening, first I show up in this carriage, then I'm going to French Court apparently, and now Mary, the Queen of Scots, is sitting right in front of me.
        She nodded "Yes of course, I insisted you come with me for when I get married to Francis. You being my sister and all..." She chuckled.

        You decided it was best to play along so you acted like you had just simply forgotten "Oh, yes....yes of course. My bad, I suppose I'm still waking up from my nap"

        Mary glanced out the window "Oh look, we're finally here....(Y/N), I'm nervous." You shook your head, "Don't be, you'll be fine. I'm sure Francis will find you absolutely ravishing." She smiled and looked down just as someone opened the door and held a hand out. She took the hand and stepped out of the carriage, while you hesitantly followed. You exhaled slowly, a small stutter in your breath as you smoothed out your dress. You looked around because you felt someone's eyes right on you.

        You finally made eye contact with the person who was looking at you. You were surprised to see it was Bash, looking straight at you. When he noticed that your eyes had met his, he smirked at you. That resulted in you blushing slightly and looking at your feet. Mary had noticed and gave you a questioning look before murmuring to you "Are you alright?" You simply nodded in response and smiled at her. She smiled back and looked away from you as Francis started to walk through the field towards her.

        Currently, you were trying to stay composed as all of the characters you had watched for multiple seasons on a show had come to life before you.  You had, of course, fantasized about meeting them but you always thought the closest you would get to that dream would be to meet the actors and actresses. However, you now realized what would entail if you really were stuck in their universe. 

        Your train of thought was suddenly broken when you noticed Francis was standing directly in front of you. "," You silently cursed yourself for being so awkward.

        "Hello...I'm Francis" He took your hand in his and placed a gentle kiss to your knuckles, smiling at you.

        You blushed and smiled back shyly, curtsying slightly before looking at Mary "I'm (Y/N) and this is my sister, Mary" He glanced over at her and his smile almost fell for a second but he kissed her hand as well, "Pleasure to meet you (Y/N)...and Mary"