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The Subspace Emissary Continued

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They had just defeated the one behind the Subspace Army, Tabuu, from destroying the whole world. The Smashers are standing on a cliff, looking out toward the ocean. It is sunset now, and they are pleased that they had defeated the menace that bothered them for some time now.

"We-a finally defeated them," a relieved Mario said.

"It's about time," a happy Sonic said. "The army was starting to get on my nerves."

"But didn't you just get here?" a confused Ness asked.

"Meh. As long as they're gone, I don't really care," he admitted.

"Well, I guess he's right," Peach confessed.

"Now everyone," Master Hand called. The 34 Smashers (not counting the bad guys) turned around to see a giant floating hand. He was a white glove from the right hand. "Now that Tabuu is gone, you can all go home since the tournament is over as well."

"Well everyone," Peach started. "This is goodbye."

"Until the next tournament," Samus added.

"Well, goodbye everyone," Master Hand said with a very small hint of sadness in his voice. He opened up 21 blue portals (and the portals will be blue unless said otherwise) to everyone's worlds. Everyone said their goodbyes.

"It was-a nice seeing you all," Mario said.

"I wish we could stay longer," Peach declared. She shed a tear which she dried with a hankie.

"I-it is-a nice that the-a adventures are-a over," Luigi sputtered out of his mouth.

"It was nice to fight alongside everyone this time and not against each other," Samus proclaimed.

"Hyah wah tah! (It was fun while it lasted)," Link admitted.

"It was nice to see everyone again, with some new people," Zelda said happily.

"Tah wah zeeah! (I wish you guys wouldn't call me Toon Link)," Toon Link (Toon Link: Heeah! (Hey!)) proclaimed.

"Have a safe journey home," Pit wished for everyone.

"Come visit Diddy and me sometime," Donkey Kong (we will say DK for Donkey Kong and Diddy for Diddy Kong sometimes) invited.

"Yeah!" Diddy agreed.

"We'll miss you," the Pokémon Trainer said.

"Don't forget about us," Squirtle requested. (If you're wondering how Squirtle talked, all the Pokémon and Mr. Game and Watch have translators in their mouths to make talking easier.)

"Good luck out there," Ivysaur wished.

"…Bye," Charizard simply stated.

Pikachu rolled his eyes at Charizard. "I'll see you guys at the next tournament," he proclaimed.

Lucario remained silent.

Jigglypuff glared at Lucario. "I hope to see you guys really soon," she said after her gaze returned to everyone.

"I miss the food from home, poyo" Kirby declared. Everyone gave him confused looks.

"Kirby…" Meta Knight shook his head and sighed.

"Please pray for all the Pikmin that died," Olimar asked. Everyone except Kirby (who was too busy remembering the food) gave him bored looks.

"Um… okay," Fox started, breaking the silence. "See you guys later," he proclaimed.

"It was nice working with you," Falco stated.

"I wish I could've won Samus or Zelda over this time," Captain Falcon (we will now also call him C. Falcon) muttered to himself.

"Ewe," Nana declared at the overheard statement.

"We'll miss y'all," Popo said cheerfully.

"I'll miss you all, too, yoshi," Yoshi said, tying not to cry.

"I'm so glad I was able to participate in another tournament and go on this adventure at the same time," Marth said with enthusiasm.

"Yeah, what he said," Ike proclaimed. Everyone (except Kirby for obvious reasons) gave him bored looks.

"Well, its goodbye for now," Ness proclaimed.

"I-it was nice to meet everyone," Lucas studdered in Japanese.

"Thank you for helping me, everyone," R.O.B. said. /Although I miss my home, / he thought to himself.

"Me too," Mr. Game and Watch (from now on, we will also call him Mr. G&W) proclaimed.

"No problem," Snake muttered.

"It was nice to meet you all, but I gotta run," Sonic stated.

"Okay," Master hand called to attention. "It's time for all of you to return home."

Everyone went through their designated portals, but Pit, Mr. G&W, and R.O.B. stopped.

"What's wrong?" Master Hand asked.

"I was wondering why you were working for Tabuu," R.O.B. admitted.

"I was possessed by him until someone freed me from his chains, but I don't remember who it was," he admitted shyly.

"That answered my question," Mr. G&W declared.

"I just have this feeling that it isn't over yet," Pit responded. "But it could be my imagination. Bye," he proclaimed as he walked through the portal. Oh, how right he was (on this isn't over yet).

When Mr. G&W and R.O.B. went to their portals, but they suddenly closed. They were shocked at this event. When they turned around, they saw Tabuu holding Master Hand in a sphere which acted like a prison.

"You will come back to work for me, or else I'll take the hand's life," he proclaimed.

"Why are you still alive?" Master Hand said confused. "I thought they destroyed you for good."

"Fools," Tabuu answered. "You didn't destroy me."


Pit was just about to take Tabuu out with a light arrow, when (as we see in super duper slow motion) Tabuu quickly changes himself with a copy to avoid taking on any more damage. Back in regular motion, the arrow hits the copy which destroyed it. Then, the Smashers are teleported along with the locations back to the Smash World.

End of Flashback

"And now-" Tabuu started. "- you two will come back to work for me if you want the hand to live."

"No, don't do it!" the right hand shouted. Tabuu then threatened them further as he charged up an attack in his hand.

"… You win." R.O.B said finally.

"We don't want Master Hand to get hurt outside of the Final Destination Stage," Mr. G&W proclaimed sadly. / Besides, he's the only one who can save us. / he thought.

"Good choice," Tabuu announced. "Follow me." He then opened a portal to Subspace. "Let's go."

/ Sorry, / they both thought.

"And when I return -" Tabuu stated, "- I will be more powerful than all of your Smashers together!" After the three went through the portal, Master Hand was by himself. He noticed a projector on the ground and he realized that they had been tricked.

"If he is going to be that strong," Master Hand thought out loud. "Then… I need more Smashers. The only question is; who?" Then, a light bulb being lit by a tiny Pikachu appeared over him. "That's it!" Then, he teleported himself to Smash Mansion.