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min yoongi is not an easily angered person.

he's actually rather calm and collected; he manages to stay level-headed even when surrounded by idiots, and he keeps his thoughts, negative or positive, to himself.

but, but, there are people who bring out the worst in others, and for yoongi, that person is none other than jung hoseok.

the fellow villain, or rather anti-hero as hoseok himself puts it, is yoongi's coworker at the seoul agency for the 'villains for hire' corporation. yoongi's job is simple- he dishes out his villain expertise and his abilities, gets an offer from someone, and follows through with what he's told to do. yoongi's been hired for pretty much everything, from blowing up secret lairs to exploiting big businesses to rigging political elections- and he's perfectly fine with that.

see, yoongi just wants to do his work, get his paycheck and go home. however, jung hoseok is completely set upon making everything in yoongi's life difficult. and while yoongi can admit that the guy looks fucking fantastic in spandex, (someone would have to be blind to not know that,) he despises hoseok and his nice ass and his obnoxious voice. and, honestly, what kind of person laughs while getting their aforementioned nice ass kicked by one of the most powerful superheroes in seoul? actually, now that yoongi digs further into that thought, hoseok seems to always be laughing maniacally during any type of disagreement or fight. it's kind of creepy, kind of concerning, and all around infuriating.

yoongi is completely sure that hoseok is a mad man. he's also the reason why yoongi is currently on the sidewalk outside the office building, a cardboard box of belongings from his cubicle at his feet and a binder of all his past assignments and transactions tucked under his arm. it's basically a resume. as if any other company would employ him after this shitstorm.

he just got fired from his only serious job, and all because jung-fucking-hoseok doesn't know how to keep his goddamn mouth shut.

"well. that was intense," an unfortunately familiar voice chuckles, and yoongi resists the urge to throw the guy through a building. doing that wouldn't exactly help his current situation. he can practically feel hoseok's stare boring holes into the side of yoongi's head (not literally, because laser vision is a lie,) and he assumes that hoseok is wearing that blinding smile, the one that everyone falls for because it's so 'pretty' and 'trustworthy.' it's not any of those things- it's a wicked smirk, and yoongi hates it.

it's the same one hoseok was wearing when he spilled all of yoongi's secrets about interacting with a few lesser-known superheroes, and it's the same one he was wearing when yoongi was labeled a whistleblower and promptly axed from his job.

"no shit, sherlock. at least i never have to see your face again," yoongi scoffs, kicking at a few loose pebbles as he loosens his tie. no use in keeping the damn thing in place now.

"i'm sure we'll run into each other."

"i hope not."

"feisty. i like it," hoseok smirks, and this time yoongi doesn't hesitate to throw a binder at him. unfortunately, hoseok easily dodges it, laughing under his breath. he picks it up from the pavement, brushing off any dirt and gingerly placing it in the cardboard box beside yoongi.

"bye-bye, yoongi-ah. see you soon," hoseok says, a taunting tone in his voice, and bumps his hip against yoongi's own as he walks back into the office building. yoongi doesn't like the promise in hoseok's words.

finding a job- a normal job, that is- proves to be exceedingly difficult. it's not helpful that he doesn't have a resume, nor does he have any recent 'normal' work experience; it's been years since he's worked with other people, and it's not like his last experience had been enjoyable. at all.

he has a ph.d in biochemistry under his belt, but yoongi would prefer to stay as far away from a lab as possible, lest he get fucked over again and develop some other weird ability.

that's truly the least of his worries, though, considering how weird it is to integrate himself into the way the world works now, the way normal people interact and behave. he has to throw himself into an ocean of new ideas and personalities and problems, and it's no easy task to swim along with everyone else, not for an outlier such as himself.

it's tough, and he gets too frustrated for his own good most of the time, but two months later, and yoongi has perfected his somewhat-good samaritan facade to blend in with everyday society. so far, no one has even guessed at yoongi's true self or why he seems to be so damn good at fixing broken lightbulbs.

totally has nothing to do with him harnessing electricity from the atmosphere or anything. of course not. that would be crazy.

on the brighter side of being fired and then somehow snagging a job as a barista, the cafe he works at is relatively quiet. relatively being the key word here, because the existence of silence is a myth when jung hoseok is in the picture.

he decidedly ignores the quick rapping of knuckles on glass and the cheshire grin outside the window in front of him, because yoongi doesn't want to deal with it. not for a second. instead, he closes up shop and makes a show of locking the door, jiggling the handle to make it very, very clear that hoseok isn't welcome.

but, unfortunately, hoseok can pick locks, and yoongi soon finds himself face to face, or rather face to chin, with his worst nightmare.

he doesn't look any different; same dark hair parted away from his forehead, same doe eyes that yoongi can never quite manage to read, same quirk in the corner of his lips as he looks down his nose at yoongi, snickering at the shorter's condescending glare. and there it is- the way hoseok never backs down from yoongi, never walks away from the comebacks and the curses and the negative vibe that yoongi has whenever hoseok is in his presence.

hoseok hasn't changed one bit, whereas yoongi's changed a lot. well, externally, anyway. the face he shows to the world is a completely different person to whom yoongi truly is, and sometimes he worries that he might never be able to go back to that past self.

"so. there's a bank a few blocks down that's completely deserted, and you won't get paid, but you can steal from the actual vault. it's kinda the same thing. wanna go with me?" hoseok rambles, immediately launching straight to the point- there's a weird lilt in hoseok's voice, like he's lying. like he's hiding something from yoongi.

"why do you really want me to go?" yoongi asks, and he can only imagine how ridiculous he looks, mustard-colored apron tied around his waist and a broom raised threateningly, but he keeps up his stance. it somehow still demonstrates that he won't hesitate to beat hoseok with a dusty broom if he says something out of line.

"fine. maybe i kinda need your help. bank vaults are difficult, too easy to fuck up, and i'm not a fan of alarm systems. annoying as hell. so, i figured you, a babe who controls electricity and bends metal at their will, could, i dunno, help a fellow villain out," hoseok explains quickly, shrugging to make his words sound more casual rather than desperate.

"thought you were an anti-hero," yoongi mumbles under his breath, ambling to the backroom to hang up his apron. he's not going to rob a bank, not tonight. he has a drama to catch up on, and nothing gets in the way of yoongi and his tuesday night tv.

"i was trying to be more relatable, bring out your sympathetic side."

yoongi turns back to face hoseok with a deadpan expression, and rolls his eyes at hoseok's gritty laughter.

"i don't have a sympathetic side."

"alright, i get it. not tonight, i guess. but, if you change your mind," hoseok trails off, lower lip tucked between his teeth, "you know where to find me. well, actually. no. you don't. but i know where to find you."

"yeah, because that's not creepy at all," yoongi mutters, picking at a sticker on the register boredly. hoseok goes to steal one of the pastries on display and yoongi quickly smacks his hand, snorting in amusement at the defeated pout on hoseok's lips.

"gotta pay for it, hoseok," he tuts, immediately regretting it as the brunet raises his eyebrows suggestively.

"could i pay for anything else? because i would totally pay for your di-"

yoongi finally puts the mini-broom under the register to good, albeit abnormal, use, weilding it to shoo hoseok out of the café while the brunet laughs. and maybe yoongi laughs too, just a little bit, because hoseok's face is hilarious as he tries to avoid getting thwacked with a broom.

"one day, we'll talk and you actually won't throw something at me, or otherwise cause me bodily harm," hoseok chuckles, dodging another swipe from yoongi's makeshift weapon and grabbing his arm to prevent yoongi from attacking him any further. the touch feels like lightning, and not in the way yoongi's used to. he pulls his arm away quickly, snatching the broom back from hoseok's grasp.

"never gonna happen."

"don't lose faith in me, babe. i'm a persistent guy. isn't diligence part of the whole 'boyfriend material' thing, anyway?"

"no. it's part of the 'i'm gonna kick your ass if you don't leave within five seconds' thing."

hoseok quickly raises his hands in surrender, slipping out after beaming at yoongi. the door to the business shuts gently, the usual tinkle of the bell now silent.

and maybe yoongi misses the noise of hoseok's presence. he's okay with admitting that. late night shifts and closing down the café can get lonely, too quiet for comfort.

it's not like hoseok offers much comfort, anyway, so yoongi allows himself that simple confession.

perhaps yoongi should work on his self-restraint. it started with him binge-watching every episode of some rap competition, and now he finds himself staring at his reflection, dressed in his old clothes he wore on assignments at his old job. he smooths down the front of his all-white garb, wondering if it always looked so weird against his skin tone. it's been awhile since he's worn the thing, and he's honestly a bit...excited.

losing his job left him with nowhere to put his powers to use, sans fixing every single streetlamp in the entire goddamn city and controlling the elevator in his apartment building when it broke down. that's it, and he can truly say that he's bored.

granted, yoongi's powers didn't come easy. going from shoddy lab assistant to number one suspect for a crime that he knew nothing about wasn't exactly how yoongi expected his early adulthood to go.

instead of doing research in a laboratory like he planned to do, twenty-something yoongi found himself blending into the crowds of seoul, until he found a villains for hire advertisement. then he was spouting his ability of controlling electricity and metal to people who actually didn't look at him like he belonged in an asylum, and then he had a 'career', and all was well.

nothing about his current situation seems to be quite as well when he glances at his phone, the screen lit up with a text notification from hoseok.

'ready when you are ;)'

yoongi doesn't respond to the text, finding some sort of petty satisfaction in leaving hoseok on read, and heads out into the night.

he shouldn't do this- he really shouldn't- but since when has yoongi been good at stopping himself from doing stupid things? better yet, when has the universe ever not fucked him over with events like this occurring in his life? may as well just get it over with.

the bank is easy enough to get into. hoseok did a good job of clearing the premises, as well as leaving all the doors open to reach his hiding spot, a small corner office. it's a trail of 'come find me' that yoongi's footsteps follow without his consent.

"oh- you actually showed up. huh, that's weird," hoseok greets, in a way that could almost be considered shy if yoongi didn't know any better.

"well, i'm here. anything else we're taking besides money?"

hoseok grins sheepishly, rubbing the nape of his neck and mumbling, "i actually didn't think you'd show up, so, i didn't plan it out that far? i guess?"

"you didn't plan out a heist. you're a fucking genius," yoongi retorts sarcastically, running a palm down his face, and praying that the money he gets from the bank vault is worth being around hoseok.

he sighs deeply, prepares to sigh a lot more, and shrugs. continuing with his earlier ideology, they may as well try to rob the place while there's no one here to stop them.

"you know where the vault is, right?"

hoseok nods, almost frantically, and gestures in the general direction of their destination, but first-

"they have motion sensors all down the hallway. so, you should probably..? and don't worry about the lights in here. power automatically shuts off after closing time."

"do you have a flashlight or anything? can't really see in the dark."

hoseok pats at his pockets and sifts through his jacket, coming up empty handed.  he looks at yoongi with an apologetic expression.

"uh- whoops? i have my phone, though."

"you really didn't plan this out, did you."

"not really, no."

hoseok guides them to the vault with his phone screen as the only source of light, and yoongi's genuinely confused at how uptight the brunet seems to be.

"here it is. think you can do it?" hoseok asks, gesturing to the strong room in front of them. yoongi grabs hoseok's phone so he can get a closer look at the vault, ignoring the lightning-feeling that occurs, yet again, when their fingertips brush.

"of course i can do it," yoongi mutters, settling down on the floor in front of it. there's no point in standing up while he bends and warps all the metal out of place. hoseok stands against a wall, watching intently as yoongi starts the process.

whatever lingering tension that hoseok had when yoongi first arrived quickly disappears when he gets bored, and launches into a rant about some book he read. halfway through flicking open all of the locks, and yoongi can't concentrate.

"...namjoon said it would be great, but it was even better than that. you should read it some time," hoseok says in earnest, and he keeps rambling while yoongi is trying to get the damn bank vault opened, and he's too fucking distracting for yoongi to finish anything.

as soon as hoseok opens his mouth again from taking a breather, yoongi cuts him off before he starts talking.

"shut the fuck up, hoseok."

"make me," hoseok simpers, only after collecting himself from being interrupted.

he delivers that statement teasingly, rolling it off his tongue with a smirk on his lips and an arch in his brow as he shifts in his spot to look down at yoongi. it's a daring gaze, like he's just waiting for yoongi to do something.

the tension stretches taut between them like a rubber band, and the only thing left to do is snap it, let it release. let themselves release- yoongi stops that thought before it goes any further.

"trust me. when we're done with this, i'm going to rip your throat out."

"mhm. well, i was thinking you could shut me up with something more along the lines of a word that starts with 'c' and ends with 'ock', but whatever you want, i guess," hoseok retorts smugly, shrugging his shoulders and sliding down the wall to sit on the floor.

yoongi doesn't know how to respond to that, so he just shakes his head and continues with unlocking the vault. (well, he's really just bending all the metal out of place until it opens. he's destroying the thing.)

he wouldn't necessarily be against hoseok's suggestion. hoseok is quiet now, but yoongi's mind quickly fills the silence with whirring thoughts, bridging into topics that he normally wouldn't dare let cross his mind.

and now that he thinks a bit more about it, he really, really wouldn't be against hoseok's suggestion.

while they're packing wads of money into duffel bags and ripping up debt records, yoongi figures out a reply for hoseok.


hoseok looks up from the notes he's counting, tilting his head in confusion, "what about it?"

yoongi sighs and chides hoseok for being so dense and himself for being so easy, but he also can't really hate himself too much for this.

"i'll shut you up later."

"huh? oh. oh."

(it doesn't even work- he doesn't shut up. hoseok is just as loud even when he has a dick in his mouth. yoongi would say he's surprised, but he's truly not.)

"we should do this more often. like, weekly date night. except, y'know, we do some illegal shit and get off instead of going out to dinner and playing footsie under the table," hoseok suggests, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and zipping yoongi's pants up for him.

yoongi doesn't want to say no to that. he doesn't want to give an explicit yes either, but with the way hoseok looks- utterly debauched, still propped in a fucking squat in front of yoongi, pupils blown and lips swollen- well. it's hard for yoongi to think of any words except for yes, of course, fuck yes, anything that truly gets across how down he is for this if it always ends with hoseok looking like that.

"i guess we could make this a weekly thing," yoongi mutters, still a bit out of breath and shaky on his legs. he tugs hoseok up from the ground and slings a duffle bag over his shoulders. it's one of the easiest agreements- or maybe the only agreement- himself and hoseok have ever came to.

following the bank heist, yoongi's weeks are filled with robberies and car fires and hoseok's body on his, and it's not something that yoongi ever expected, but he's not complaining. they don't even do this shit for money anymore. if anything, it's just a reason to meet up without any sentimental ties; the phrase 'i miss you' is replaced by 'let's go destroy all the displays in a museum', and yoongi is completely fine with that.

he can't deny that being around hoseok is definitely an experience. sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's not, but it's always, always filled with adrenaline, and he always, always remembers what they do in clear, crisp detail.

but as much as he enjoys hoseok's antics, yoongi regrets being present for this week's "illegal stuff then fuck" as a bullet whirs past his ear, shattering his hearing. not that he could hear much other than sirens wailing and hoseok cackling like the maniac he is. they're only at the 'illegal stuff' part of their agenda, and yoongi isn't sure if they're even going to make it to the second part. (if they do, though- he won't be gentle. hoseok got them into this mess, and he's going to fucking pay for it.)

"think you could knock out everything in the area?" hoseok asks breathlessly, using his free hand to staunch the blood flow from one of the bullet holes in his chest, as if he were giving an oath rather than trying to keep himself from bleeding too much while the wound heals.

yoongi eyes their surroundings; they're trapped in the lobby of a luxury hotel, surrounded on all sides by armed officers and patrol cars outside- trying to warp the metal of their weapons would do jackshit, but knocking out all of the electricity in the near vicinity could definitely buy them some time to get out, plan something. but it would also take everything out of yoongi, all of his energy and abilities. he wouldn't be able to do anything afterwards.

this is horrible, because it was supposed to be nothing, supposed to be a quick kidnapping that wouldn't actually be a kidnapping, and it spiraled into this absolute clusterfuck.

he thinks back to hoseok's idea over the phone-

"no- wait, hear me out. we 'kidnap' him, and everyone freaks out, right? well guess what. he's actually with us at my place, and we're playing charades and having a grand ol' time. perfect fucking prank."

and he's truly never wanted to punch hoseok more than right now, because he was so, so fucking wrong, but he cuts the guy some slack considering he was literally just shot twice by some security guard.

he flinches at the recoil from hoseok's pistol, the way his shoulders seem to jolt from the force of it. that's gotta hurt, right? he's never asked hoseok if he can feel pain or not.

"as much as i appreciate you staring at me, the local attention whore, we gotta fuckin' go," hoseok grits out, and this is one of the few times yoongi's seen him look completely serious. he doesn't have time to think about it, because hoseok quite literally flings him behind the hotel reception for cover as more guards pour into the building, all for saving the trophy son that hoseok and himself were going to take hostage for board game night.

"i'll do a good job of covering your ass, considering how much i enjoy its existence. promise. i'll carry you out of here if i have to- just, do something. i can't handle all of them, obviously," hoseok says, his tone desperate, and he adds a strained laugh at the end to offset that moment of weakness.

he kinda hates that hoseok can be so...hoseok, even though they're in the middle of a gunfight and attempted hostage situation, even though his chest is still bleeding and he's down to five bullets.

it's the most warped manifestation of hope that yoongi has ever seen, but he takes it and he keeps it- lets it motivate him to move forward, and get the fuck out of this hotel.

he tunes out everything; gunshots ringing through the room, hoseok's smartass comments to some of the guards, the sound of his own breathing. he focuses, he tries to pinpoint every source of power in the area. maybe, if he can somehow do it, he can even kill the batteries in all the patrol cars.

the problem with having his ability to control electricity is that it drains him, and using it on such a large scale makes him worry about fucking dying or something, but there's hoseok.

there's hoseok, won't stop grinning as he shoots his last few rounds out from behind the solid wood counter, and he's still bleeding a bit, a slow trickle of red from his skin. he turns back to yoongi and nods reassuringly, that wide smile refusing to leave his lips, and yoongi fucking tries his best. he truly does.

it hurts more than anything yoongi's ever felt; like his head is being crushed in a fucking vice, and he can't feel anything except that pain. he centers himself as much as he can, concentrates on following every path of electricity he can find in the air and cutting it off, and when he can't find anymore, he collapses, slumping against hoseok's frame.

"i left one fucking car untouched. you better find it," yoongi slurs, trying his best to stand from the tiled floor without passing out or crying or throwing up or all three at once.

"holy shit, yoongi. okay- um. fuck," hoseok mumbles, throwing one of yoongi's arms over his shoulder for balance as he drags him out of the hotel through a back entrance. yoongi's grateful for the supporting arm around his waist, because he's one-hundred percent sure he would fall over without it. he'd probably pass out on the pavement he landed on, too. he half-heartedly mumbles directions to the car, leaning all his weight on hoseok. it's his fault they ended up like this, anyway.

"alright, seatbelts first," hoseok mumbles, quickly strapping yoongi into the passenger side and glancing over his shoulder nervously for any guards that might have followed them. there's a distant murmur of yelling as they search through the darkness and wonder why their cars and phones and radios no longer work.

hoseok hops into the driver's seat, quickly revving up the ignition and adjusting his seat. yoongi wants to point out how he dismissed his own seatbelt, but it doesn't come out from his throat the way he wants it to. just a quiet mumbling that hoseok can't even hear over the car's rumbling.

"hope you don't get motion sick," hoseok warns, but not quick enough, because as soon as he starts driving everything in yoongi's body lurches. like inertia is trying to rip out all of his internal organs and redecorate the leather interior of the car with them.

yoongi groans as a massive migraine sets in, starting with a throb in his eye sockets so intense that he keeps his eyes shut tight; he's irrationally afraid that if he opens them, they might just explode.

"slow the fuck down," yoongi complains, burying his face in his arms and trying to ease the headache by rubbing at his temples.

"sorry, princess, but i'd rather not be chased by all their backup douchebags, and you wouldn't want all their annoying sirens in your face, now would you?" hoseok bites back, steely gaze flickering from the road to yoongi. he does slows down a bit, though.

"where do you even live?" hoseok asks, but yoongi's already long gone, passed out in the passenger seat with his head resting on his knees in a way that couldn't possibly be comfortable. hoseok sighs and props yoongi's head against the seat, quickly reaching over to lower it until yoongi is mostly laying down.

hoseok learns that yoongi is heavier than he looks, especially when he has to carry the guy up four flights of stairs to his apartment.

when yoongi wakes up, he can only see color. specifically green, and maybe some flashes of cream or dark brown.

yoongi vaguely remembers hoseok mentioning something about his favorite color being green, and as his vision is flooded with a blurry landscape of rainforest and emerald hues, the annoying brunet is all yoongi can think about. he doesn't know why hoseok comes to mind so quickly, but he also can't find the energy within himself to think too hard about it. he simply closes his eyes again and basks in the tranquility of the room.

the blissful silence is over too soon for comfort.

"good mornin', sunshine," a loud, bright voice chortles, a chuckle following the greeting. a curtain is thrown open, the sudden flash of morning sunlight blinding yoongi and doing absolutely nothing to ease the ache in his head. his temples are pounding, and he can honestly say that this is the worst he has ever felt. worse than every hangover he's had in his life, combined and tripled.

"get fucked," he grumbles, flinging an arm over his eyes to block out the onslaught of brightness and internally cringing at how much his entire body aches now that he's actually conscious.

"ah, you see, i totally would. just waiting on you, babe," hoseok retorts, and yoongi can practically hear the smirk on his face. he's honestly too exhausted to give some comeback or throw something in hoseok's general direction.

this seems to worry hoseok, considering the way he stops being so loud and disruptive. yoongi hears his footsteps approaching the couch, and prepares for the worst, but hoseok just perches on the edge of the cushion, leaning over and peering down at yoongi.

"you okay? you seem a little...dead," he asks, softening the volume of his voice and prodding at yoongi's arm.

"i feel like shit. the shittiest shit to ever shit."

hoseok hums and stands back up, "if it makes you feel any better, you don't look like the shittiest shit to ever shit."

that surprisingly does make yoongi feel the minutest bit better, but then his migraine comes crashing back down with a vengeance, and he feels a thousand times worse.

"um, my room doesn't have any windows. i don't know why, considering it makes this place look even more like a prison cell, but. you could sleep in there, instead of here. it's like a cave."

somewhere pitch dark and silent seems to be the perfect remedy to yoongi's current predicament, so he tries to sit up. it takes him a few failed attempts, but he eventually succeeds. his head is buried in his hands, and he groans from how much it hurts to move just the slightest bit.

"holy shit, yoongi. how much did that drain you, last night?"

"too much," he replies simply, not trying to move again until some of the ache in his bones ebbs away. he huffs a breath and tries to stand, but before he can plant his feet on the floor he's in the fucking air and what the fuck? he blindly flings an arm and hits something solid, and warm, and holy shit- that's hoseok's chest.

his bare chest. and yoongi isn't exactly new to sculpted chests nor nakedness in general, but, damn. that's solid muscle.

"you're so much heavier than you look," hoseok grunts out, shifting his hold under yoongi's knees as he opens the door to his bedroom. yoongi doubts that hoseok is truly having much difficulty carrying him, judging from how fucking built he seems to be.

the last thing he's conscious of is being placed on a mattress, a really fucking soft mattress that may as well be cloud nine, and something brushing his hair away from his forehead.

he wakes up what feels like a few hours later, sighing in relief, because the throbbing in his skull has now dwindled into a distant ache. his eyes fly open as he feels something brush his calves, and he turns to see jung-fucking-hoseok in all his bronzed skin glory, hardly covered by the white blanket they're sharing. yoongi isn't even sure if hoseok is wearing underwear, and he's slightly concerned by the fact that he doesn't think he would mind if the guy beside him was completely bare.

(he really shouldn't mind, anyway. he's seen hoseok naked plenty of times- well. half naked. hoseok never takes off his shirt, whether it be on purpose or just him being too eager about getting to the main act.)

hoseok shifts in his sleep, turning completely on his side to face away from yoongi. a sliver of black fabric pokes out from the blanket draped across his hips- thank god- but yoongi doesn't exactly pay any attention to that, because what's above it is much more interesting.

yoongi's never seen hoseok's back. perhaps it was on accident, or perhaps hoseok was hiding all of this.

there's a multitude of rather grotesque scars across hoseok's back, ranging from short nicks on his shoulders to wide, sprawling gashes across the planes of skin. and yoongi can't just ignore the itch in his fingers, wanting so badly to reach out and touch, trace every single mark and read into how it came to be.

but that seems a bit too intimate, too close, too loving for the 'relationship' that yoongi has with hoseok.

he can't tell if the scars are from burns or blades or whatever, but he finds himself fascinated by them all the same, and maybe he feels a bit special to be able to see something so personal about hoseok. just a little bit.

"i can fuckin' feel you staring at me. either you find my back extremely attractive, or you're trying to figure out if your eyes can shoot lasers," hoseok grumbles, voice rough and thick with sleep.

"where are all these from?" yoongi asks instead of answering, finally giving into the urge to touch and tracing a fingertip over one of the longer scars.

"ah, those. that's from shit that happened to me before i could fully heal up," hoseok explains simply; he doesn't offer any background on that, and yoongi doesn't ask.

before yoongi can inspect his back any further, hoseok twists around to face him, asking, "do you feel any better?"

yoongi nods in response, almost starts to wonder why hoseok even cares. he decides to shrug and play along like he always does; it seems to be the only thing he can do when it comes to hoseok.

"i'm good, but why are you asking me? you're the one who got fucking shot," yoongi retorts, turning on his side to look directly at hoseok. his vision flickers from his eyes to his unscathed chest, and yoongi wants to ask why he didn't scar there but did on his back.

hoseok shakes his head, adam's apple bobbing as he yawns, "nah, i'm fine. kinda used to it by now. wanna get breakfast or something?"

yoongi agrees, and hoseok takes him to some hole-in-the-wall diner on the outskirts of the city after they get dressed.

it's different. something's changed; a shift in the air.

it's different, becuase the only thing he doesn't like about this is how his feet don't touch the floor, as they're seated at the raised bar stools at the diner counter. he pays it no heed, not when hoseok goes against his earlier disliking for 'playing footsie under the table', nudging yoongi's shins and teasing him about his height.

it's the same thing as always, but it's also not. there's bad jokes, but they don't make yoongi want to strangle someone. there's greasy innuendos and cheesy winks and that fucking smile sent his way every few seconds, but it's not weird. different, but not explicitly strange in any shape or's like the taste of a foreign food on his tongue; a bit too sweet, a bit too new, but all-in-all a pleasant experience.

it's the most relaxed thing he's ever done with hoseok, and he's fairly sure that he wouldn't mind staying like this for a long, long time. yoongi's getting better at admitting things to himself; the next step is admitting things to others.

when he leaves, it's the first time hoseok's ever said 'goodbye' instead of 'see you later', and yoongi wonders why. (he doesn't wonder- he worries. he stresses. every single day, he anxiously looks out the window of the café for a glimpse of hoseok's cheshire grin, checks his phone for any type of message or voicemail. he doesn't get anything.)

if there's one thing that yoongi is absolutely gifted at, it's tuning things out of sight, out of mind. it's something he kinda needs to be good at if he wants to put his abilities to any use, but it especially comes into play after hoseok disappears out of fucking nowhere. the connotations between yoongi's feelings and yoongi's words becomes a canyon- empty and far stretched between two sides of the truth and what he actually says.

'i miss you' turns into silence, and yoongi isn't as content with that meaning as he was with the previous one. mostly because it's a lie.

yoongi's mind isn't silent. 'i miss you' reverberates in his skull, grows louder whenever he gets a text and finds himself hoping it's hoseok, when the bell at the café chimes and he inadvertently looks for a familiar head of dark hair.

"yoongi? someone wants to talk to you, he said it was important," his coworker, jimin, informs him, slightly raising an eyebrow in question. yoongi can only think of one person who would visit him at work and have the audacity to bother him at seven in the morning. and of course he had to show up today, right when the ache in yoongi's chest is dwindling down into just a memory, a faded bruise.

of course it's hoseok, who's been gone for six or so months, who left without a single fucking word to yoongi other than a casual goodbye. but it doesn't matter, yoongi tells himself, because he doesn't even like hoseok anyway- never has, never will.

just because he robs businesses and blows up cars with hoseok doesn't mean he likes him. and so what if they sometimes get each other off afterwards? okay, they always get each other afterwards, but still that doesn't mean yoongi likes hoseok. that means he likes his tongue, his hands. huge difference.

"i'm gonna go ahead and take my break. tell taehyung to stop sucking face with that other guy in the bathroom and cover me," yoongi grumbles, untying his apron from his waist and chucking it at one of the chairs in the break room before grabbing his things.

"are you mad, or..?" jimin asks cautiously, because interacting with a pissed off min yoongi is purposefully encroaching on dangerous territory. the same logic that leads to questioning a pissed off min yoongi is the same kind of logic one uses when they decide to piss on an electric fence- none. they don't use any fucking logic.

"not yet. if i'm not back in twenty minutes, he probably took me somewhere. see ya," yoongi mutters, lamely waving in jimin's direction and stalking out to the dining area of the business.

hoseok spots him quickly, smirking at yoongi from his spot beside the register. yoongi doesn't say anything, torn between punching hoseok or kissing him the way he wants to. he ultimately decides on doing neither, and hoseok ducks his head as he follows an unresponsive, annoyed yoongi out the door. a few minutes into walking (stomping) out, and yoongi realizes that he has no idea where he's even going. hoseok was probably going to take him somewhere, and when yoongi looks behind him, he sees hoseok snickering at yoongi's actions.

hoseok jerks his head in the opposite direction, follow me, and yoongi hates the way his body immediately goes after him, his steps always leading him to hoseok.

those steps lead him the same place they got breakfast at the day hoseok left. but this time, there's nothing enjoyable to balance out his irritation caused by his feet not touching the ground, and it only builds up his frustration towards the man beside him.

hoseok looks somewhat different, but if anything his presence feels different. yoongi doesn't know if it's just him, or if hoseok truly did change.

he looks about as tired as yoongi feels, dark circles sunken in yet somehow making hoseok's eyes look even brighter, highlighting the mischievous glint in his gaze that never seems to falter.

yoongi indulges himself by asking the one question he truly needs an answer to.

"why did you leave?"

"why do you ask?" hoseok retorts, quickly. he gasps in mock-surprise, bringing a hand to his heart.

"did you, perhaps, miss lil ol' me?"

just when yoongi thinks he's different, just when yoongi spies something off about hoseok, he falls back into his normal personality.

"fuck off. you're so annoying."

hoseok shrugs and swings his legs childishly, chuckling, "well, being annoying seems to be the only way to get your attention."

yoongi doesn't even try to refute that, because he has an inkling that hoseok could get his attention with anything. anything at all. he's still pissed, though, because hoseok didn't answer his question, and he probably never will.

"did you think that leaving for half a fucking year would get my attention, too? because if so, it really worked out for you," yoongi quips, huffing a laugh that hurts his ears with how fake it sounds, how fake it truly is.

hoseok doesn't reply to that, and it's quiet between them for a bit. both of them picking at their food but not really eating anything, both of them having so much to say but staying silent, stubborn as always.

"how would you feel about burning down an important building with me?" hoseok asks out of nowhere, pushing his plate away from himself.

"which important building?" yoongi grumbles, stabbing at his food with a fork until hoseok plucks the utensil from his grasp. yoongi sends his most venomous death glare in hoseok's direction, but it doesn't seem to affect him in the slightest.

"it's actually a laboratory. and setting something on fire sounds like a good time, at least to me."

yoongi's definitely a pyromaniac- this fact is held evident in the many cars he's blown up in his lifetime- and he can't deny that burning something down would most likely help appease his current mood. he can pretend the building is hoseok.

(he's not pissed at hoseok for being hoseok. he's pissed at hoseok for leaving, for basically abandoning yoongi, forcing him back into solidarity and a boring, normal life.)

"is it for a job?" yoongi inquires, wondering who would want to destroy a lab, and why. get rid of research? evidence? better yet, why does yoongi even care?

hoseok sips at his drink and places it back on the countertop, shrugging his shoulders, "nah. i just wanna burn down the place."

yoongi wants to say yes, he wants to say it so fucking badly, but he needs an answer first. something to make his stress and worry from the past few months worth it.

"are you just not going to tell me why you left?"

hoseok pauses in swirling his drink with a straw, sighing and closing his eyes.

"needed a break. had to figure some shit out," he explains briefly, refusing to look at yoongi while he speaks.

"and i did. it took time, but i figured it out, and i quit with the whole villain thing. and now i'm kinda lost, and i feel really guilty about this. but, mostly, i just want you to do this with me," he finishes, finally, finally, looking at yoongi. his lips merely suggest the idea, but his eyes beg and plead for yoongi to go with him, and he can't say no. he couldn't say no if he tried, even if he truly wanted to.

and that's how they end up here, the night late but not lonely, watching the lab from afar as it burns. black smoke furls into the sky and spreads like a thick blanket, hiding their view of the stars.

it feels like some sort of skewed version of sitting in front of a campfire and sharing stories- except the campfire is a burning building, and the stories consist of hoseok saying something downright terrible and yoongi telling him to shut up.

they've been sitting like this for way too long, but he supposes he can find patience within the man across from him.

hoseok looks proud, in a way. like he's doing something he's always wanted to do. yoongi's mind flashes back to those three months when he was so stressed and worried and confused. that huge, horrible feeling comes back to him now, if only for a second, and it's enough to make him curious.

"hoseok, why this building? in the middle of fucking nowhere?" he asks, softly, as to not disturb the quiet surrounding them. and that worries him too; it's never quiet around hoseok, but currently the only noise is the distant sound of flames crackling and growing, the wind rustling and moving litter as if it were tumbleweeds. there's not enough noise to be normal, for yoongi to be comfortable with.

hoseok turns to face him, tilting his head in curiousity.

"i thought you knew about my test tube baby background," he starts off, raising a brow and letting out a 'hmph' when yoongi shakes his head. yoongi didn't know that, but now he wants to. he assumed hoseok was just another mutation of the human genome, a natural mutation. not the product of genetic altering.

"i was born," hoseok pauses to shift around and get more comfortable, "in a lab. somewhere in the united states. and one day, there was a huge fucking fire- more on that later, trust me- and i got out. what a miracle, right? i found people like me from other places, and we eventually got here. illegally, of course. i've been living up to my villain persona since the age of ten."

he tells this clearly and concisely, sounding bored with it all. like he's told this story too many times.

"that's...a lot," yoongi offers, because there's honestly too many things running through his head for him to come up with a better response, something comforting or funny. he doesn't really care that hoseok was basically created in some fucking lab in the middle of nowhere. he does care that hoseok's experience obviously wasn't pleasant there.

"yep. that's not even all of it, but i'll spare you the details."

hoseok's face goes blank for a second until he snaps out of it, coming back from wherever he was. he clears his throat, "what about you? where did the great min yoongi get his powers from, huh?"

yoongi hums, "i actually worked in a lab. i thought we were developing a serum for...i don't even know. can't remember now, and it doesn't really matter, because it turns out the same lab was hired under a chemical-weapon manufacturer instead of a research company, go figure. cover was blown by one of the other lab assistants, and instead of disposing of everything correctly, they just dump the lab on me and that assistant. and of course i'm the only that got exposed to their  fucking chemical compound and got fucked up. i don't even know what it was, how it works, but i'm still pissed."

hoseok nods and chuckles a bit, scooting a bit closer to yoongi while he's not paying attention.

"wow. so, basically, terrorists for you and crib snatchers for me. what a wonderful, wonderful world we live in."

yoongi can't help but agree with the vast amount of sarcasm in that statement, shrugging and disregarding the lightning shooting up from where their hands touch.

"what else were you going to tell me about the fire?"

"oh, yeah. that," hoseok mumbles, rolling his shoulders back and looking back at the huge fire in front of them. he looks- he looks pretty like that, despite the faraway look in his eyes. it makes almost too much sense that hoseok looks his best when doused in light from something they set ablaze together.

"it was kinda part of my 'training' i guess? well, no. more like an experiment; "did our mutation work?" and i didn't die or whatever, so they figured out that it did work. but it fucking sucked for that to happen to me, so now whenever i see these labs and figure out what they're doing in them, i just kinda," hoseok gesticulates an explosion with his hands, snorting a bit after his attempt at making a sound effect to go with it.

"you were- you were stuck in a burning building for an experiment?"

that explains all the scars on his back, but hoseok said he was ten when he left the states, so that means he was just a fucking kid-

"think i should get a shirt? one of those 'i survived' ones, y'know, like the ones you can get at amusement parks for the rides that make you shit yourself. 'i survived the insane scientists who created me.' isn't that catchy?"

yoongi kind of admires the way hoseok turns his background into a joke, something to laugh about instead of cry over.

"i guess it's catchy," yoongi replies, and from then on it's comfortably silent between them. hoseok nudges him with an elbow, jolting yoongi out of his daze.


the man in questions looks at hoseok and raises a brow, almost intimidated by how dark hoseok's eyes look at the moment.

"you know what else we should do? other than brooding over our sad, sad lives?"

"leave before the fire brigade shows up?"

"well. yeah. after this, i promise," hoseok replies, smirking as he pulls yoongi closer, closer, until their lips brush and their legs are on top of the other's, and it's-

it's okay. more than okay.

it's been awhile since they did this, but hoseok still tastes the same, still fists his hands into the collar of yoongi's shirt to rope him in until they can't tell where one of them begins and the other ends. yoongi remembers exactly how to slip his tongue past hoseok's lips and make it messy in a way that has them both moaning ever so softly, knows just how much pressure to apply with his teeth as they gently clamp down on hoseok's lower lip.

it's honestly ridiculous that he's getting so worked up over a fucking kiss, especially considering how he's literally had his lips wrapped around hoseok's cock, and vice versa, and it never made him like this.

jittery. weird. like his hands are in the wrong places and his lips are too chapped, not to mention how terrified he is at the mere thought of one of them fucking sneezing right now.

so, nervous. he's nervous about some casual lip-locking with his nemesis. wonderful.

"now that we're through with whole sob story thing and you know how fucked up i am, wanna go to my place? i still got energy to burn off, if you're up for it," hoseok breathes out, pulling away the slightest bit and looking at yoongi with a half lidded, wandering gaze.

'illegal stuff then fuck' is back, and yoongi's truly never been happier to have hoseok straddling his thighs, nipping at his neck and kissing yoongi until he can hardly even breathe. it feels right, feels like something he could never have, but it's there. it's real, tangible in the best of ways.

they somehow make it back to hoseok's apartment without crashing the car, and now their clothes are thrown haphazardly across the room as they're tugged off- well, not all the clothes.

"y'know, these leather pants are much more attractive when i'm not struggling to fucking peel them off you," hoseok grits out, pulling with all his might to get the material down yoongi's legs.

yoongi huffs in frustration to match hoseok's tone of voice, "then don't take them all the way off, dumbass."

"oh, you're a half-clothed kind of guy now. nice," hoseok grins, and he's palming yoongi's erection before yoongi can even think about replying. he can't help the moan that bubbles past his lips, the way his hips buck up into hoseok's touch.

he can't help that he likes the man he hates, can't help that he would set the world on fire if only to see the way hoseok looks against that backdrop. hell, if hoseok asked he would probably do it in a heartbeat.

"i missed you, dickhead," yoongi confesses, bringing up his hands to pull at hoseok's hair with just enough force to make him whimper.

"knew it," hoseok replies smugly, but the cockiness doesn't last long as yoongi teases the waistband of his boxers, snapping the elastic.

"shit, yoongi. please," hoseok huffs against yoongi's collarbone, biting down on his clavicle when yoongi simply teases him with feather light touches. yoongi can't keep it up for long, because he's impatient and hard and hoseok's right there, with blushy splotches littering his chest and cheeks, voice rough and demanding as he asks for more.

yoongi quickly wraps a hand around them both, hoseok's own palm overlapping it as they move in tandem, frotting and grinding. the friction is fucking glorious, and yoongi scrapes his nails down hoseok's back, reveling in the rough groan he exhales.

"don't do that too much. i'm sensitive there," hoseok complains, and yoongi just repeats the action again out of pure spite, smiling coyly against hoseok's parted lips.

"can i just," hoseok mutters, shifting to straddle yoongi's thigh and groaning shamelessly as he makes contact with the leather.

"leather fetish? really?" and as much as yoongi sounds amused, his cock twitches at the sight of hoseok rutting against him so desperately, lewd noises leaving his throat and making yoongi want more.

"shut up," hoseok hisses back, wrapping his precome-slick fingers around yoongi's cock and stroking to the same pace as his hips.

all yoongi can feel is hoseok, only conscious of hoseok's skin against his own, slick and hot, hoseok's moans lingering in the little space between them and making a home in yoongi's ears. his nerves sting and he has tunnel vision as he gazes at hoseok in all his glory, practically glowing in the dimly lit bedroom as he gets himself off.

"like what you see?" hoseok manages to teasingly ask, increasing the pressure around yoongi's shaft and running his thumb over the sensitive underside again and again, taking the words from yoongi's mouth before he can say them, stealing his voice until the only thing left is harsh panting and low groans leaving plush lips.

he doesn't know where to put his hands, whatsoever- they shift from hoseok's thighs to his waist to his back, always moving, always scraping and pinching and clutching desperately.

"babe- fuck. do that again," hoseok whimpers as yoongi roughly palms at his ass. yoongi quickly obliges, kneading the soft skin and thrusting up into hoseok's tight grip. he tries his best to keep from shutting his eyes as he gets closer, wanting to keep looking at hoseok, watch as he winds tighter and tighter until he snaps.

yoongi grabs the back of hoseok's neck, tugging him down to bare his teeth against the pulsepoint in hoseok's throat. he loves the way hoseok's heart is beating just as quickly as his own, if not even more so, rolling through his chest, his entire body, like thunder. 

"shit, yoongi. you're fucking gorgeous like this," hoseok praises, cutting himself off with a loud keen after yoongi bites none-too-gently at his shoulder.

he almost hates himself for being rendered speechless at the onslaught of pleasure and the way hoseok looks on top of him. he can't find anything to say, so he simply clutches hoseok's jaw with one hand and uses the other to roughly run his palm over the leaking head of the hoseok's cock, hoping it conveys how much he likes this, how much he likes hoseok.

hoseok's hips stutter along with his breaths, thighs trembling from stimulation and exertion, and he comes with a low groan of yoongi's name muffled against his chest, shuddering as he rolls his hips through it.

"you fuckin'- you got cum on my favorite pants," yoongi complains, and hoseok simply rolls his eyes and mumbles "get over it" as he wipes it off with a corner of the bedsheet.

he quickly moves down yoongi's body, only offering a gentle kiss to the deeply-flushed head as a warning before he takes all of yoongi's length into his mouth, wasting no time with teasing. he deepthroats yoongi almost too easily, rubbing at his perineum with his thumb. yoongi can't take the wet heat around him, swallowing him down. he's completely unable to prevent the way his hips buck up into hoseok's throat.

hoseok traces his tongue along the shaft as he lets yoongi fuck into his mouth, gazing up at him through thick lashes. yoongi's hand grips hoseok's hair tightly, and it's the only thing grounding him to reality as he tips over the edge, spilling down hoseok's throat with a soundless moan, low whimpers ripping through his rough throat as he trembles. his vision goes dark, and at first he thinks that maybe his orgasm was just that powerful, but then hoseok is straddling him again and laughing- he's laughing, and yoongi doesn't know why.

he leans down to kiss yoongi, incomparably soft and gentle in contrast to earlier, tasting bittersweet.

"you made the lights go out, babe. i think you broke everything in my house that's plugged into an outlet," he whispers, tone amused and smile wide.

yoongi feels warmth creep over his cheeks, mortification running through his veins alongside the aftershocks of his orgasm, because he just came so hard he caused a fucking power surge. he hasn't done that since he was a teenager.

"that's actually kinda sexy. and now i have a new goal: next, i make you accidentally knock out all of the power in the building. and then the city. the country. you're gonna feel so fuckin' good," hoseok promises, nudging yoongi over to make more room on the bed. yoongi feels so weak, so vulnerable in the presence of the man beside him. it's a good thing, though. a nice feeling. that compliments the air of something new, something they can work at and improve and ultimately master.

he feels like this for the man who tugs off yoongi's pants because he's too exhausted to take them off himself and throws the clothing across the room, like it greatly offended him somehow, and that in turn warps his perspective into rose-colored glasses, in a way. like he could only ever see hoseok as something lovely, something complex and something so very like himself. it's refreshing to not be so alone.

hoseok settles down beside yoongi, tucking his chin against his chest and leaning into yoongi's touch on his back, tracing slow, winding circles into the flushed skin.

"hey, yoongi? i get it if you wanna like, leave. forever. i'm probably too fucked up to be dateable, not to mention the worst person to date, for you, anyway. plus, the scars take away from my gorgeous face and gorgeous-er ass. what a shame," hoseok voices, the roughness of his throat covering up the lingering insecurity in his words.

"hoseok," yoongi mumbles, trying his best to move hoseok into a position that allows yoongi to actually see his face. it doesn't work.

"hoseok-ah, look at me."

the brunet pays attention to yoongi's domineering tone, quickly shifting to look at yoongi with tired eyes.

honestly, he feels a bit stupid. if yoongi would've just gotten over himself and his nonexistent emotional insight, his inability to let himself be happy, he could have been doing this much, much earlier.

but, as it goes, yoongi decided to be a dick and keep his thoughts to himself. like the way he feels when hoseok smiles in the middle of the night or cackles while committing a felony or rolls his eyes in fake-annoyance when yoongi tells him to fuck off. it's something different, something strange, and yoongi likes it. likes the warmth that overcomes him whenever he's in hoseok's presence, even though he's annoying most of the time and has the worst pick up lines in the world.

yoongi isn't good with talking about his own spiral of feelings or confessions or just people in general, but he's willing to try harder. he surprised that diligence truly is a quality of being 'boyfriend material'- at least, he hopes it is. he really, really hopes it is.

"i'm just as fucked up as you are. and your scars are actually pretty hot."

"hot as you wearing leather?"


"oh, so as hot as you wearing nothing. got it," hoseok chuckles, playfully running his palms down yoongi's bare skin. yoongi swats his hands away before he gets riled up again from something as simple as hoseok touching him like that. hoseok withdrawals, keeping his hands to himself, and it's quiet. he's fairly positive that hoseok's fast asleep, but then he speaks up, voice hardly audible.

"hot enough for you to say yes when i ask you to be my boyfriend?" hoseok asks quietly, eyes wide and inquisitive as they look directly at yoongi. it's almost a rhetorical question, because yoongi would say yes, no matter what.

"debatable, but worth trying."

hoseok smacks his chest, but quickly kisses it better when yoongi mutters something along the lines of, "sure, why not."

"i knew you'd say yes. i'm irresistible."

and yoongi doesn't argue against that, because, well, hoseok isn't wrong. not in the slightest.





("we're not wearing these. these are fucking ridiculous."

"but babe, c'mon. look. they're perfect for us."

yoongi inspects the necklaces dangling in front of his eyes. couple necklaces, apparently, considering how each one has half of a heart as a pendant. they're so cheesy-

"see? they say 'partners in crime' when you put them together. it's practically meant to be."

sure, meant to be, but also one of the cringiest things yoongi's ever had the displeasure of seeing.

unfortunately for him and his dignity, it's hard to resist hoseok's bright eyes and wicked grin. the same one yoongi finds himself falling for more and more as days go by, often berating himself for falling into the same trap, the same trick, that everyone else does when they see hoseok's smile.

yoongi snatches one of the necklaces out of his boyfriend's grip, and rolls his eyes at hoseok's yelp of delight as he clasps the chain around his neck.)