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The Peaceful Riot.

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November 1915, Potsdam - Germany :

It's dark and cold outside. The bombing in the distance stopped. A man, out of a house, hold a baby wrapped in a white sheet and a thick blanket. He wears a large suitcase and placed it violently on the back of the car. The baby is not crying because of the cold and wind. He is sleeping. He sleeps and outside it's the war. The man gently placed the baby in a basket on the back of the vehicle. Then a woman holding another baby in hers arms, slamming the door, appears. The baby was crying and it began to snow.
- I'm sorry, said the man riding in the car.
- I beg your pardon, really, the man continued by starting the car.

The car rolled, disappearing into the snow and darkness.
The woman, tall and blonde, collapsed to the ground, on her knees, hugging her baby against her heart who continued to cry. And the woman murmured to the wind:

- Give me my baby ... .give me my baby.


December 1940 Paris - France, University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne :

She held her bag and books against her chest while walking in the big hall of the university lecture halls. Her blond curls covered by a black beret fell on her shoulders. She walked in a hurry, afraid of being late. German soldiers were walking in the hallways. Armed and in uniform, cold, distant and unfriendly ....
She turned and saw a small group. She smiled and waved her hand in the air.
- I was looking for you….and afraid to be alone. My mother wanted to tell me something...
- Don’t worry. Come on, let's go. We can’t be late.
The group sat in a row of the Richelieu amphitheater and opened their book and notebooks. Some students were talking, some laughing, others were reading or waiting.
Suddenly, the front door slammed and seven Germans troops entered the ranking in perfect symmetry to the teacher's desk.

- We are going to start the class you have no ri...
- We have no right to what Mr. Fournier ?, replied a voice with a strong German accent. Sit down and shut up.
The old man did.
- BE QUIET EVERYONE, put your things and get out your ID card. The first who speaks or asks a question will immediately be under arrest.
- But…what do they want now ? Burn our books wasn’t enough for them? The blond whispered to her friend on the left.
- I do not know Delphine, I do not know ...
- Ladies ! There will be no further warning, screamed the German.

Delphine, stiff, turned and put her ID card on the desk. There was a silence…a heavy and disturbing silence.
- I am Oberleutnant Hans von Smarken of the Wehrmacht and the people I'll call must get up, no questions asked and wait for instructions.
Oberleutnant unfolded his paper and listed the names. In the seventh name, the girl on Delphine’s left stands up. In the nineteenth, the boy on her right stood up in turn. At the front last name, the girl three places next to Delphine stood too. Delphine, sitting among his friends, was lost and did not know what to do.
- Following the anti-Jewish measures on the Status of Jews from October 3 snuff by the state, the people standing are encouraged to get out of this university, to give back their certificate attached to the university and to abandon ALL their search and papers. Please report to the exit and we will escort you up to the nearest police station to review your records. Any protestation will result in an immediate execution.
Von Smarken put away the paper and snapped his fingers. The soldiers moved towards the students standing and took them by the arms without letting them time to pick up their stuff. Delphine was speechless and terrified.
All left the room except the lieutenant who stood in front of the assembly. He slammed his gloves against his hand and rearranged his cap.
- Well ... have good day, he said, smiling.
A tears felt on Delphine’s cheek.


January 1941 suburbs of Lyon - France :

It's cold but the sun hits against the lenses of his glasses. He rubs his forehead. He waits, hands pressed against the Colt 45 he hides in the back of his pants. He looks at the rails, wires extend and two thick plates of a whitish color are bonded to either side of the rails.
He turned around and saw one of his friends. A tall, burly with a two-day beard man.
- Hey, Young Harry, what's up?
- You scared me. I expected that René arrives.
- Do not worry. There is no longer a Boche here. The three died. Tom guards the entrance of the forest.
- I need to connect the trigger cable package.
The man tapped him on the shoulder. Harry jumped again. The train has to go in exactly three minutes. To explode and disappear into the river. Harry ascended the large rock near the bridge. He saw two soldiers making their rounds tower and two soldiers stationed near checkpoints. He was sweating. Suddenly a woman, blonde, wearing a yellow dress appeared. He watched and bit his lip, worried. Her quietly approached the first soldier and broke his neck from behind. Then he saw another man, less beefy than his friend who executed the German at the other checkpoint in the same way that the blonde. He hide the body in the small cabin and pulled a gun just like the blonde. In a perfect synchronization, both shot at the last two soldiers of the bridge. Harry waited for the signal.
The woman in the yellow dress crossed her arms over her head to the left end of the bridge, while the other man positioned himself far to the right.
The train was there. In a few seconds it will be gone.
1 ...2 ...3 ...4... Harry leaned all his forces on the detonator and a huge explosion followed by an impressive shock made literally explode the train who fell through in pieces into the river. The faces turned. The man took the blonde girl in his arms…he protected her. Wrap the arms of his friend, the young woman watching the scene with wide eyes, smiling.
Harry did not smile. He waited again. It was not finished. Another explosion sounded, and the rear of the train exploded in turn. There he could smile. The mission was over and nobody died.
- Harry !
- Tom ! Neil !
- Come on, . The plane will wait for us.
On the plane, the big man got up and below his seat, he found a bottle. It was whiskey. The plane was moving a lot and all uncomfortable seats moved too.
- Ladies first, he said, pleased, Aurora take that.
She smiled inRené’s arms.
- Even you Young Harry.
The big man ruffled the hair of his friend and his glasses fell.
- Soon you'll be a man. But….not now.
- Thank you Niels, he said ironically. Thank you.


January 1941 coast of Brest, France :

- We must drop the bombs now!
- No ! We’re too far! Half of the bombs will end in the ocean. STOP IT!
- We have no more time Cosima, aircraft of the Luftwaffe are behind us, we have already lost an engine ... we shall release them now or we will all die here.
- We can carry on! We need to advance further, we're almost there. We must continue !


- Cosima, dropped the bombs now, we just lost a propeller, said the man, looking out the door of the plane. And it rains !
- NO ! It has not come to anything. We must bombard where we were told to do, Jorgen !

"Target at 375 meters," said the radio from cockpit.

- You see Little Brother? You'll be on time at the movies tonight ...

Jorgen smiled and unfastened the straps of the first series of flying bombs. On large shells we can read "From our King, with Love. Denmark. " on them.

- In ... 5 ... ..4 ...... 3 ... ..

"Target at 125 meters."

- ... ..2 ... ..1. LONG LIVE THE KING !

The bomb fell is crushed to the Bretonne beach. A deafening noise shook the plane and Cosima caught herself against the wall, laughing.

- Those bastards will understand now.
- Obvs, she said laughing.
- Stop your nonsense and send the others.

The young man took care of the other series of bombs. Cosima and Jorgen looked through the plane’s door. Smoke mushrooms, tons of sand and hundreds of projectiles invaded the skies of French Atlantic coast. They smiled on seeing the Germans blow up buildings just in front of their eyes. The two young siblings slapped in the hand and the plane turned around to return to England.

- The Brits ...we won, said Cosima in her helmet.
- Call us again like that Little Girl, and the next bomb will be you, replied the voice of the pilot amused.
- Peace and chill guys ...Peace and chill.