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I've got the feeling

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He tells Tessa that he is like any other inventor- that he’ll eventually make it, that it’s just a matter of time.

But, in truth, there are two things that Cade is actually scared of- two things that are always in his mind.

First, the eventually. That he could indeed make it, at the end, but too late, when his baby girl (his baby) will already have her life ruined (by him, a boy, or whatever) or will be sick and tired of him.

Second… he knows all too well that there’s a good chance (too good a chance, like 99.9% chance) that he’ll end up like people like Nikola Tesla, Antonio Meucci or maybe Preston Tucker. People (inventors, revolutionaries, geniuses) who didn’t make it. Who were recognized decades (decades!) after their deaths.

As he looks from afar at his baby girl leaving with her friends, and he lazily scratches the back of his head (pretending to be as childish, naïve and careless as she thinks he is), he gets ready to get back to work on the “new” truck he found inside that old theatre.

He has a strange feeling, thought, about the whole thing; somehow he thinks- no, he knows- that this is going to change everything, even if he can’t put his finger on how exactly this will work. He just feels like neither of those scenarios will come true any longer.

Deep down, he doesn’t know how, nor why, but he knows that, somehow, when it comes to that “new” truck of his… well, he has the distinct feeling that there’s more to it than it meets the eye.