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Love keeps on loving

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Stiles lay sprawled on the bed. Derek was sitting at the top, playing with Stiles's hair and Peter was lying on his stomach across the bottom, reading a book with Stiles's feet on his back, it was around 11 o'clock and the kids were in bed.

"Yes bitch"
"We need to talk."

Peter looked over at Derek who shrugged, then sat up, pulling Stiles's feet into his lap.

"About what?"
Derek asked.
"About having another baby."

Derek's hands froze.

"Another one? PJ isn't even a year old yet!"
"He will be, by the time the baby is born. And the twins have nearly mastered the potty!"

Stiles answered back.

"Okay? I just gave very flimsy reasons for wanting to bring a new life into this world and another mouth to our table, also given our history, there's no guarantee its going to be just one, and you respond with 'okay?' You're killing me here Der."

Peter chuckled at his mates.

"Well, I'm okay with it. If you want more kids, have at it."
"I can't really do it by myself, and, I'm not the only who can bear children."

Stiles sat up and made space for Peter at the top of the bed.

"I'll leave this between the two of you."

Peter had made it clear to both of them, he had no desire to carry anymore kids, but he would be lying if he said he didn't want a few more. They had the space, they had the money, they had endless amounts of unconditional love, so why not ?

"Are you saying you don't want to be the one to 'bring a new life to the world'?"
"I do, believe me I do, but it's too difficult and I'm drunk on endorphins, and I never remember it. It's much more fun for everyone if you let us have at you."
Stiles leered at him.

"What if it we made it pain free and enjoyable for everyone? Would you do it then?"
"In a heartbeat."

Derek pulled him into a kiss.

"What would this entail ?"
"Some of our wolf jizz, a cup and a syringe."

Peter smiled broadly. He'd seen the same porn video and knew what Derek was planning.

Stiles thought for a few minutes.
"Sounds fun."
He captured Derek's lips.

Peter thought. Pregnancy suited Stiles. It also suited Derek once he got his head around it. Derek never got the happy pee stick moment.

"Why don't both of you try?"

The two men pulled away from each other, pupils blown and lips swollen.

"Wha- mmm?"
Derek pulled him back in.

"Derek! Let him go. We're not finished yet!"

Derek pressed one more kiss to Stiles mouth, then reluctantly let him go.

"I think you should both try and get pregnant."
"You do realise that even if we both only have one that would result in nine kids, right? Over half under the age of 5?"
"What's one more?"

Stiles was absolutely beaming. Now he'd get the wonderful pregnancy feelings and the joys of a pregnant mate.

"We should space them evenly. Like a few months between each one."
"Is that a yes, Der-bear? "

Stiles flung himself at him as Peter laughed.


The next day was charged with sexual tension, they still had some form of sex most nights but there was something special about knowing that tonight they would fall asleep in the early hours of the morning, bathed in afterglow with sore muscles and whispered 'I love you's' ringing in their ears.

Peter turned around to face Derek in the morning before the alarm went off and cuddled him close. Stiles got in the shower with him and soaped every inch of his skin. They eye fucked at the breakfast table. Derek's goodbye kiss from Peter was so passionate it caused Nick and Carrie to exclaim "ewwww gross." Stiles lured him away from the kids in order to completely wreck him, it was nothing short of pornographic.

Even once Derek was gone to work, Peter found it hard to keep his hands of Stiles. He kept wandering into the kitchen, or the sitting room, or the backyard to press little kisses with just the right amount of tongue to whatever bit of uncovered skin he pleased and to touch him all over. As soon as he put the kids down for their naps, and of course Micheal and Morgan had to put up a fight, he raced into Peter's study and jumped on the chair straddling him.

Peter was kissing him so fervently that Stiles thought he was trying to eat him alive, so much tongue, so much teeth, so much spit, so much fire.

"I love you. I love you so fucking much Peter."
"You too, I love you too, God, I love you."

Peter moved away from Stiles's mouth and kissed and sucked at his neck. Stiles gripped his head, fingers threaded through his chocolatey locks.

"Call Derek."
Stiles whispered breathily.
"You call him, I'm busy trying to make you come in your pants."

Stiles fumbled around for Peter's phone in his front pocket, giving an appreciative squeeze to his prominent bulge, while dialing Derek's number.

"~Hello Peter~"
"Hello handsome, wrong husband."
"~Hello Stiles~"
"What are you wearing?"

Peter tugged at the bottom of Stiles's jumper."

"~A white shirt, with dark blue slacks, and a grey tie, same thing I left the house in.~"
"What colour is your underwear?"
"~grey boxers~"
"And what has those grey boxers in a twist?"
"~Mrs Rostinelli. She wants another wing added to the house.~"
"You ask me, she just wants to look at your ass some more."

Peter growled loudly into Stiles's abdomen and sat up.

"Send Ruiz."
"~She specifically asked for me.~"
"And you can do the plans, but Ruiz will do the photos and the meeting. You're busy."
"~Doing what?~"
"Being a happily married, homosexual man who doesn't like being ogled by an unsatisfied suburban housewife."

Stiles smothered his laughter, Peter was right, that cunt better keep her claws to herself.

"Anyhoo, we love you very much and Peter is sticking his hand down the back of my pants as we speak, care to join or are you busy?"
"~I love it when you talk dirty, Stiles ~"


Peter rubbed a finger against Stiles's hole.
"Derek. How do you want us to make to love to you tonight?"
"Why do I get fucked and he gets made love to?"
"Because if we made love to you you'd call us sappy and tell us to hurry up and spank you already."
"Good point. Hurry up."
"~I'm just about to walk into a creative meeting with Tanya, and I'm already fighting a semi.~"
"~life of a busy----"

The end of his sentence was drowned out by PJ's wail. Stiles sighed.

"Just leave him Stiles, he'll go back to sleep."
"He was fussy this morning and didn't drink his bottle. He's hungry."

He climbed off Peter's lap and went to get a yoghurt for the 10 month old.

Peter sighed. Hard as nails and neither mate free to fix it.
"~Peter, I really have to go.~"
"Of course, will you remind Tanya that she needs to send me those forms for the renovation on city hall?"
"~Yes, love you.~"
"Love you too."

Peter hung up and looked down at his crotch. If you want a job done you have to do it yourself.


Stiles had come to realise that his children hated him and didn't want him to be happy. That was the only explanation as to why they were being so difficult and preventing him from having the mind blowing sex he'd been planning all day.

"Morgan Laura Hale!! Get off your brother and get into bed. If I have to come in here one more time then no more candy for a week!"
"Daddy! Noooo! "
"Yes, not even from grandad or grandpa. Now get into bed."

He heard Maria in the hall.
"Back to bed Maz."
"I'm thirsty dad."
"Be quick about it, then. Wait....what did you call me?"
"Since when am I dad?"
"Daddy sounds too babyish."
"But .....but..... you are my baby."
"Think of it as a nickname."

Stiles sighed.

"You need to warn me about these things. I'm not prepared for this. Is Pop and Papa too babyish?"
"Yes. But we can't think of what else to call them. Do you think they'd mind if we called them Derek and Peter?"
"Yes, they would, get your drink and go to bed. We'll talk about this later."
"Nothing to talk about."
"Drink. Bed. Go."
"Goodnight Stiles."
"I was just trying it out."
"Go to bed."
"I'm thirsty."

He rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Then get your drink. I'm going to bed. Love you sweetie."
"Love you daddy"

Stiles smiled as he walked away. They grow up so fast but she was still his little girl.



Stiles sunk his hands into the soft flesh of Derek's hips. He was behind Derek, hips pressed flush against soft, hairy, cheeks, smooth torso sticking to hairy back with sweat, panting against Derek's shoulder blades as he thrust in and out, trying to keep in rhythm with Peter, who was below him, spewing filth while pistoning in and out.


"So tight, Der. So perfect.....gonna swell....swell with our cubs.....belly full and drooping.......breasts full of milk for us......such a good mate...... so good.....never gonna stop Der..... gonna keep fucking you.....untill you're full you'll burst."

Derek groaned as he came all over Peter's stomach, collapsing on his chest. Stiles pressed down against him.

Stiles groaned loudly and Peter thought he'd hurt him but then felt the warm liquid.

Stiles flopped off Derek and kissed Peter as his knot formed.

Once the knot was full formed, Peter manoeuvred them onto their sides and Stiles plastered himself against Derek's back, kissing his neck.

They fell asleep like that.